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By BlazeKing1875
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Wherever you are, and whatever you are doing, stop it for a moment. Take a second to breathe and forget about what worries you. Now I would like for you to try to imagine this with me, dusty red rocks and teal-green waters with matching dusty gray-teal skies. The trees you pass by bleed with red ashes and dust.

Moments before life on this empty rock, Styea stood still, quiet with only the brrr of wind, water and rocks. As the seconds pass suddenly this rock becomes a mother to not one but TWO one celled organisms. One born deep in the icy waters of the polls while the other burned in the gasses between two twin volcanoes. The warmer cell is now known as the Delatope cell while the colder is the Milatope cell. Each cell grew and eventually reproduced into two, then four. After thousands and thousands of years each cell grew into their own complex trees of life. The only thing these two species shared was the rock they walked on, completely unable to interact and procreate with the other bloodline. Another thousand years later and this life has developed two intelligent races, one from each tree. The Milatope bloodline created the Tillia race, skin gray, green and tan while the Delatope bloodline made the Madus race with red, gray, dark gray and dark red skin. The Madus are hard headed, literally and figuratively; what they lack in brain power they gain in physical strength and their armor-like skin that covers most of their body, normally with extra protrusions like horns, claws or wings. On the other hand, the Tillia, are a race of schemers who are absurdly smart and can easily trick the hard headed Madus.. They also have softer skin and a long, cone shaped tail to help them ‘eil’ through the water. The Tillia bloodline live near colder climates to keep their skin hard, and they need the water, living without it for a period of time means death.

These two were the first to speak and understand thought, bridging the border between the Delatope and Milatope bloodlines. Sadly the two races refused to get along, and for better or for worse, the two started a seemingly never ending war.
The war killed hundreds at a time but the end was nowhere in sight. The Tillia have the mind to make complex traps and the Madus have the strength to burst through them but amongst the bloodshed, lost in battle, some from both sides decided that this bloodshed was pointless and soon decided to leave the fight all together..

With the new form of conversation, the two bloodlines merged into beautiful children known as the Gorix. Unlike everything else on this moon, this is the only mixed blood species, the only to say that both the Millatome and the Delatope cell’s ancient ancestors. When the word spread about the new birth of mixed life, no one knew what to do with this information and the Tillia took the hesitation to their advantage; quickly fleeing to their ice caps to build thick walls to hide behind. Seeing the fight has ended, the few Madus also retreated into the hidden corners of the world. The Gorix bloodline like to call this an ‘age of exploration and expansion’, but the pure blooded races are still on the edge of their seats, itching for war.
The Gorix skin tones can be anything between the two races and their features can vary between the Tillia and Madus depending on their history. Colors are flexible within the set boundaries of the other two races. Most don’t have tails or wings, but you can depending on your heritage. One unique quality that the Gorix gain, is that they can choose to be hermaphrodites. This means that gender means very little to them, as they can be anything they want. To clarify, they can not change the shape of their body, only what sex they wish to have, and it’s not a simple process.

That was all ancient history though, things all the children of this planet know, whether they believe it or not. So now we’ve moved on to the present day. Gorix now span the majority of Styea, there population more than both of the purebloods combined.

Now, walking down the bustling streets of the cities, it’s easy to note the lack of government but the life energy is strong! This world is complex, dangerous and the explorations that await you may be never ending~! Not all good can last forever though, soon bringing a new form of fighting to everyone's mind. Born in Lapok as a Madus mutt, Magdalena is widely known to be a warrior with few losses, even throughout her childhood the rumors do her good, striking fear into the hearts of the people that hear her name. As an adult She married a Tillia leaning Gorix named Theodore and built a wall around her castle known as the Crinudel. From here she ruled over her people, ever expanding her rain of fear.

She had only one child and of course raised him to be the warrior and tyrant she is, but this child was always an oddball. Born in the same, now bigger city of Lokeah, the neighboring cities can claim to have seen him much more than his birth land. As a child he wished only to explore and help out the people, not to fight, though he definitely was good at it. The training was brutal, some of the homes closest to the Crinudel claim curses over the cries into the night. Sometime around here the world started becoming obsessed with the Crinudel, waiting for the next news with impatience. Then, at her son’s 15’th, the gates were opened for a party to show off her son’s golden implants over his horns and amazing manners. This is when the world found out Madalena’s son’s name as well as Theodor’s son. Keegan and his half brother Ezra.

Keegan showed the impression of being strong and kind with a lot of presence while the other seemed quite meek, his gray skin allowing him to fall into his brother’s shadow. As far as the country knows, suddenly Magdalena banished Keegan for unknown reasons. A suspected lover has been rumored, as well as a relatives death being placed on his head, but no rumors were ever proven. While the cause was never revealed, The banishment was displayed and passed down as a form of fear management. Keegan was challenged to show his faith but ended up badly burned in battle with his mother. It’s been around five years now where no one has heard from Keegan, and his family has gone quiet.


If you are interested in joining please ask, I don’t bite. There are many current roles that need filling as well as new characters needed for the plot to continue.

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