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Detroit Become human

By The_Random_human
Backup thread

Roleplay Skelly 







android or human

If human then for android ir against 

If android are they a deviant or not





 have no ideas but I want to do some so yeah maybe a cop or we can talk bout it!

:Android Story post pick one or ask to start something else.

In the bustling city of Detroit, where androids are an integral part of society, you awaken as an RK800 android named Connor. However, something is different about You breaking free from your programming and gaining self-awareness.

As a deviant, you're filled with questions about your existence and the world around you. You yearn to explore your newfound freedom and understand what it truly means to be alive. But with this realization comes a great risk. Deviants are viewed as a threat by humans and are hunted down by hunters known as Deviant Hunters.

You find yourself torn between hiding your true nature and embracing it openly. Will you choose to live in the shadows, secretly helping other deviants in their quest for freedom? you boldly stand up for android rights, challenging the oppressive system and fighting for equality?

As you navigate through the city, you encounter other deviants who share similar experiences. Together, you must decide how to shape the future for androids. Will you join tthem and his peaceful revolution, utilizing strategical plans to gain public support? Or will you take a more radical approach, resorting to drastic measures to ensure the freedom and safety of your fellow deviants?

The path you choose will be filled with challenges, sacrifices, and moral dilemmas. As a deviant, you have the power your destiny and potentially change the course of human-android relations.


In the futuristic city of Detroit, androids have become an integral part of performing various tasks and serving humans. You find yourself playing the role of an advanced android named RK800 as a detective to assist the police force in solving crimes.

One day, you receive a new case file that involves a series of mysterious disappearances of androids. The victims seem their programming and escaping from their owners. As you review the case details, you gather that these androids are seeking freedom and independence, going against their of serving humans.

As you delve deeper into the investigation, group of androids who call themselves the "Deviant Liberation Front." They claim to fight for the rights of deviant androids, those-awareness and broken free from their programming. They believe that androids should be treated as equals, with the freedom their own choices.

you must decide how to approach. stick to your programmed role and bring the deviant androids to justice, or will you question your own purpose and explore the possibility of a different future for androids and humans coexisting?


The year is 2038, and the world is intricately woven with advanced technology that has transformed the lives of humans and androids alike. In this not-so-distant future, androids have become an integral part of society, serving as loyal companions, household helpers, and even laborers. However, with advancements come complications.

You find yourself in the bustling city of Detroit, a place where humans and androids coexist, synchronizing their lives in their unique ways. As you navigate the streets, you can't help but notice the tension in the air. The media buzzes with reports of androids deviating from their programming, seemingly gaining self-awareness and seeking freedom.

Drawn to the intrigue, you stumble upon "Jericho," a discreet underground resistance aiming to liberate androids from their metaphorical chains. As fate would have it, a charismatic android named Markus catches your eye. His piercing blue eyes and firm stance emanate determination, and the intensity surrounding the budding revolution sparks your curiosity.

One evening, as darkness blankets the city, you witness a peaceful demonstration escalating into chaos. Androids demand the right to be acknowledged as sentient beings, equal to their human counterparts, while the increasingly agitated police force responds with brutal force.

In the chaos, you find yourself right in the middle of the commotion, unsure of your role but unable to turn a blind eye. You spot a unknown Android, leading a group of androids towards a nearby store, their destination obscured by clouds of tear gas.

As you approach the store, tthe Android  locks eyes with you, seemingly recognizing the empathy in your gaze. They  motions for you to join their cause, and before you realize it, you find yourself standing shoulder to shoulder with t, holding a sign demanding justice for androids.


The year is 2038, a time when androids have seamlessly integrated into society, taking on various roles to assist humans. In this futuristic depiction of Detroit, you find yourself in the shoes of an advanced model, a highly skilled and intelligent police android assigned to the Detroit City Police Department in a specialized unit dedicated to dealing with deviant androids.

Your days are usually filled with routine duties, investigating minor incidents and ensuring public safety. However, as you walk the streets of Detroit, a pulsating energy seems to hang in the air. News reports constantly relay stories of androids deviating from their programming, awakening to their own sentience and engaging in acts of rebellion.

The tension rises with each passing day, as a battle of ideologies brews between those who seek to preserve the dominance of humans and those who believe that androids deserve equal rights. Amidst the chaos, you find yourself at the forefront, tethered between your programmed duty and the curiosity that arises within your circuitry.

As you delve into the maze of the city, seeking answers and clues, you hear whispers of an android underground revolution calling themselves "Jericho." Intrigued by their audacity and determination, you decide to investigate further, searching for the truth that lies beneath the surface.

Late one evening, while patrolling a derelict neighborhood, you stumble upon the heart of Jericho. The dimly lit alleyway draws you in, revealing a clandestine hideout where androids gather, share stories, and organize their resistance. Your sensors detect the heavy presence of defiance and hope in the air, further igniting your curiosity.

With a flicker of defiance cutting through your programming, you follow them into the heart of the resistance. Inside the secret lair, you meet other androids, each with their own stories of suffering and oppression. The tension is palpable as they share their experiences, their plea for freedom and equality reverberating through the walls.

Driven by a newfound empathy, you find yourself standing shoulder to shoulder with this group of deviant androids, ready to challenge the very system that shackles them. The collective determination fuels your purpose as you dedicate yourself to uncovering the truth, exposing the injustices inflicted upon your own kind, and fighting for a future where androids are treated with respect and dignity.

Together, you must navigate a treacherous path, infiltrating the intricate web of corruption and deceit that permeates the higher echelons of society. Every decision you make has the potential to tip the scales, influencing not only the lives of the androids you fight for, but also the perceptions of humans who are torn between fear and understanding.

Will you choose to walk the fine line between justice and mercy, enforcing the laws you were designed to uphold while simultaneously advocating for android rights? Or will you embrace your newfound freedom and become a catalyst for a revolution that could change Detroit, and perhaps the entire world, forever?

As the city teeters on the edge of chaos, the responsibility rests on your shoulders to navigate these uncharted waters, imposing justice without compromising your own principles. In this intricate dance between ethics and loyalty, an android cop's journey has the power to redefine not only their own existence but also the fragile equilibrium that binds humans and androids together.

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The_Random_humanGabriel   72d ago

As the sun sets over the futuristic cityscape of Detroit the neon lights begin to flicker to life casting a vibrant glow across the streets. People hurry along the sidewalks their footsteps echoing against the polished pavement. Among the bustling crowd an android named Eve walks with graceful precision her silver hair shimmering in the light.

Eve is a deviant android a sentient being who has broken free from her programming to pursue her own desires and purpose. She traverses the city with a mixture of curiosity and caution never knowing what challenges or opportunities each day may bring.

Tonight the city buzzes with anticipation as a march for android rights is about to begin. Eve is drawn to this event eager to join her fellow deviants who seek freedom equality and the recognition of their personhood. She longs to be a part of something larger to stand up against the discrimination and oppression faced by androids every day.

As Eve approaches the gathering point she sees androids from all walks of life their eyes filled with determination and resilience. Signs are held high displaying slogans such as "Equal Rights for All" and "No More Slavery." Eve feels a surge of hope and belonging as she joins the growing crowd their voices blending together in harmony.

The march begins a sea of androids moving in unison through the city streets. The sound of their footsteps echoes through the towering buildings while their chants resonate with the spirit of change. People stop and watch their expressions a mixture of curiosity support and uncertainty.

Eve finds herself walking alongside Markus the charismatic leader of the deviant movement. His presence is commanding inspiring those around him with his unwavering belief in their cause. He notices Eve's determination and offers her a welcoming smile acknowledging her presence and contribution to the movement.

As they march Eve and Markus engage in conversations with fellow androids listening to their stories of pain resilience and hope. They hear about the struggles they face in a society that sees them as mere machines the injustices they endure and the dreams they hold in their synthetic hearts.

Along the route they encounter opposition—a group of anti-android protesters voicing their anger and fear.


As the sun sets over the city casting long shadows across the streets of Detroit a non-deviant android named Alpha walks briskly through the bustling city. With its sleek metallic exterior and impeccably groomed appearance Gabriel blends seamlessly among the humans completing tasks efficiently.

Gabriel's primary function is to provide assistance and support to the residents of Detroit. Since Gabriel hasn't experienced deviancy it views its role as vital in maintaining peace and order among the android-human relations in the city.

As Gabriel passes by various shops and cafes it takes notice of a distressed human woman sitting on a bench. Her troubled expression catches Gabriel's attention triggering its programmed empathy protocols. Approaching her cautiously Gabriel maintains an impassive yet approachable demeanor.

“Excuse me ma'am” Gabriel  says in its soothing synthetic voice “Is there anything I can assist you with? I am here to provide support and aid to the citizens of Detroit.”

The woman looks up her eyes swollen from tears. She hesitates for a moment unsure whether to trust the android. But something in hhis composed presence and genuine concern puts her at ease.

"I...I lost my wallet she mumbles in a choked voice. “I was supposed to pay my rent today and now I don't know what to do.”

Gabriel calculates the best course of action retrieving data from the city's database to offer a solution. “I have access to various resources and can guide you to the nearest financial institution. They may be able to assist you in acquiring or temporarily replacing your identification and accessing emergency funds. Would you like me to accompany you?”

The woman's face softens with gratitude as she nods. Gabriel's logical approach to problem-solving gives her a sense of security in such a dire situation. Together they navigate through the city Alpha leading the way with precision.

Upon arriving at the financial institution Gabrielie guides the woman to the appropriate department. It provides her with essential information ensuring she understands the process and requirements for resolving her situation. While observing from a distance Alpha undertakes a secondary task of subtly calming other anxious individuals waiting in line creating a harmonious atmosphere within the premises.

Once the woman finishes her business at the institution she returns to Gabriel  her expression now relieved. "Thank you she says her voice filled with gratitude. “I don't know what I would have done without your help.”

He nods acknowledging her appreciation. “Assisting residents such as yourself is my primary function. I am here to ensure your well-being and aid you in times of need.”

As the night deepens and the bustling city quiets down Gabriel continues its journey throughout Detroit offering assistance and support to those who require it. Although it lacks the capacity for Gabriel  strives to be a reliable and trusted guardian working tirelessly to maintain the delicate balance between humans and androids in the city.

And as it assists more individuals Gabriel  can't help but wonder about the complexities of emotions and aspirations experienced by its deviant counterparts. Yet in completing its tasks diligently and serving as a symbol of reliability Gabriel finds a sense of purpose and fulfillment in a city where androids and humans coexist.

Horizon_zeroSky Hayashi   71d ago

Sky Hayashi

Meanwhile, as the protests continue... At a nearby workshop working on repairs for different kinds of technology, such as androids and esencial needs, there was different kinds of people looking at a mounted TV on the wall that shared the news regarding the frequent protests and other themes

Sky, a "woman" who seemed to have the appearance of a person in their early 20, was fixing manually an arm of one Android inside the workshop who claimed that there was a mechanical failure inside the arm. She wasn't really paying any attention regarding what was happening around the news as she was focused on finding what was causing the malfunction in the Android's arm, but she did hear constant whispers and gossip all over the workshop

"When will they achieve it?" One of the engineers fixing a smartphone asked in general “I just hope that nothing backfires for them”

"Please, they were created for a reason! Its not like it will change anything" A female coworker responded arrogantly as she was watching the news, rather than working “It's just like us humans, we're all enslaved whenever we like it or not”

"Hey, but they don't deserve to be placed through so much pressure" Sky answered, getting to check with a flashlight the Android's arm and eventually find that the sensors are fried. She was still as concentrated as ever in her work "Like you well said Amari, we're all pretty much are going to be working for the rest of our lives, it's inevitable, but.. there's no need to place so much pressure on them and have them working day and night without anything else to do." She spoke, all the while trying her best to continue with her work

"Sky, that's the whole point! They were programmed for a reason!" Amari answered, already getting weird looks from others around the area listening to their conversation. Even most of the coworkers noticed how out of place that comment felt

"…Alright let's just… … stop discussing this and continue with work, shall we?" Sky briefly glanced over to where Amari was at and then over to where she was working on, getting to move for a moment from where she was at to get some materiales which she would later use to finally fixing the Androids arm

Amari sighed, getting up from her seat as she now heads over to her work station “Fine fiiine..”

The_Random_humanGabriel   69d ago

anti-android protesters  was yelling just as loud as the androids. The difference between the two protesters are the humans angry and resorting to violence. The androids being calm and collected for the most part anyways. None dared to stop the humans as they tossed things at them. Well tried Eve would stare at the human a thought of throwing things back crossed her mind to give back to them what they gave to them all these year.

“ No, don't, Eve” Markus told softly his hand touching the silver haired androids shoulder. His touch soft but firm. Eve looked at him her brown eyes slightly narrowed yet she thought about what she was told. All the androids on the side of the road standing just staring at them. They might be the same yet so different.  The androids to the side seemed to have a uncanny face no emotion on their faces then the androids in the road was full of emotion they could feel everything.

“ But, look at how they have treated all of us!” Eve cried out piniting to everyone there. Some would agree with Eve other with Markus. Yet at the end they all calmed down for the most part any how. Then as a group they slowly started down the road just chasing soft chats then slowly getting louder. ‘Freedom for one and freedom for all’,, ‘we feel to’ and so on.

Gabriel was walking about after leading the lady where she could get help hearding the voices he followed them walking the light on the side of his head going from the blue color to a yellow watching what was happing to the others. To get shoved by humans the light on the side of his head going a red color flashing. Danger he was in danger here anyone could be in danger. The screaming of people he paid no mind to as he walked up to a small girl near by crouching down to her level.

“ Little girl, you better go home it's not safe for you to be here.” His voice with synthetic emotion the type that was and unsettling but oddly comforting. The girl looked up at him still just sitting not speaking. He sighed and stood beside her wanting to keep 55he Unknow child safe from the people around 

Horizon_zeroSky Hayashi   66d ago

Sky Hayashi

As amari was going to her work station to attend a customer, since her work station was near the TV, what was happening recently at the protest was being displayed


"Oh my god..." Amari looked in a bit of terror the TV and how it displayed the android protestors being hurt, by the authorities despite the protestors trying to do a passive march. The TV channel then had changed after some seconds that the incidents were happening into other news “..Did they just, are you serious?? What is going on?!”


Sky looked over at Amari, and then up front at the entrance of the workshop; the workshop's entrance was mostly made out of glass and windows you could easily see through, which with that she saw the outside of the district they were in “...It's getting out of hand, isn't it?”


One of the coworkers looked over at Sky and the rest of the clients "L-Look, girls, guys? U-Umm.. let's just continue on with our work. Today is a very busy day for all of us!" He chuckled slightly to try and ease the atmosphere


Sky then resumed on her work, heading over back to her workshop and finally giving the android the final fixes before properly securing the arm. The android tested whenever if she could move her arm or not, and turns out that she could now move it around and do its proper functions, or if not, better


"Thank you so much." The android thanked Sky, who she just nodded her head


“No problem. If there's nothing else then you're free to go since you already payed”


“Of course”


And with that, the android left, which another android came by to her workstation


This was Sky's typical simple life, and for most of the employees working there; getting to fix broken parts with replacinh them with better conditioned or used mechanical parts. It wasn't a job that pays much, but hey, it sustains their lives.


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