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Alex_aftonvillain deku   76d ago

villain deku

*sits on my roof drinking wine*

RewriteEXESonic (MHA OC)   70d ago
What do you desire, mortal?~

Sonic (MHA OC)

Sonic, the blue hedgehog renowned for his blazing speed, was thrilled to be paying a visit to My Hero Academia's esteemed Class 1-A. As he stepped through the entrance of U.A. High School, he couldn't contain his excitement. The sound of his favorite tunes filled his ears, energizing him further.

With each confident step, Sonic stretched and flexed his limbs, preparing himself for the day ahead. His vibrant blue quills ruffled in anticipation as he absorbed the atmosphere of the prestigious academy. The walls buzzed with the echoes of intense training, revealing the passionate spirits within the aspiring heroes.

Alex_aftonvillain deku   48d ago

villain deku

gets up and jumps off my roof*



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