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The Home (FxF apocalypse)

By mushroomchick
Backup thread

    M/C was a normal girl who had good grades and was slightly attractive. She was a good kid who never insanely misbehaved. This all changed when the robot apocalypse started.

     Hello? Is anyone- can you hear me? The robot apocalypse has started. We made a big batch of robots and they’ve gone rogue. Send help, send- 

     It cut out. That was the last M/C heard about the apocalypse. 

     People were fleeing to Florida, the most populous destination. But not thinking logically, M/C family fled there leaving M/C behind. She had to take a risk and run to the neighbors house who hadn’t already fled. 

     She pleaded for them to take her in. They did eventually. Y/C got to meet their daughter. Y/C was reluctant to meet her. She was a troubled kid who didn’t care much about anything except privacy . So when M/C arrived she was full of demands and rules.

     M/C followed these rules and seemed to be distant from the family, who in 4 days would flee to Canada, the least popular location. 

     Will they family survive or will they have to go back to the home?

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