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MourningGlory     78d ago
Lady of the Night


'Well done, brother darling. Mummy would soo love this. 'Bout time this boring little town got a wake up call. Aaand the bar.' Elisha responded to her big brother's text. She had seen him getting edgy and wondered when he would slip up. She herself had been slipping up quite a bit as of late. Already had three kills hanging over her head. The sad part was they had been such pretty girls too. Not that her brother knew about that. Hell no one knew about it but El herself and that was the way she was keeping it.

The ONLY reason she found herself in the bar was the fact that it was 5 o'clock somewhere and she needed a drink. Well a few drinks as she was trying to decide who she could charm the pants off of. Yeah that was right.. Both she and her brother absolutely LOVED to charm people only to have their fun with them. Though unlike her brother, she made it known that she would prefer a nice chick over a dick any day. There was just something about the ladies that did it for her.

And long manicured pink nails tapped on the bar with a smile coming to her lips as a young brunette with the most gorgeous green eyes took a seat. El noted that she had long legs and that her clothing left nothing to the imagination. The only problem was that she looked stressed and seemed to have a ring on. "Is there something the matter? You look like there's something on your mind. I wouldn't mind listening if you wouldn't mind sharing." She said as she motioned to the tender to send the woman to her side a drink. And just like that, the woman began to spill her heart out. It really had been TOO easy but also it meant that she had found her next "friend".

Sirens came blaring down the street and there were multiple. She really had wondered when they would be coming as her brother's home was not far from the bar she had been inhabiting all morning. "I'm sorry to cut this short, beauty.. But I promised someone I would be meeting them.. If you ever need an ear or just a good time, call me." She said with a sweet smile as she wrote her number on a napkin and slipped out the back door, having charmed the tender into all sorts of free drinks earlier to where they were literally on him. Disgusting but at least she didn't have to pay for the drinks that had been had.

"So what did she do this time? The last one got all loving in one night and wanted to have your babies." Elisha said as she came up behind her brother, KNOWING where he would choose to hide before going back home and playing his game. This wasn't their first rodeo but it was proving to be more fun and gave her more hope that they COULD stop hiding in the shadows like insects. This town needed a wakeup call and she was bored out of her mind waiting for it to come.


Sleep wasn't an option for the man. The night was his domain as he did so love to move among the occupants of the street. Unlike his sister, Percival, Eric as he preferred to be called stayed away from bars or clubs. He didn't much have an interest in trying to date mortals but he so loved to get inside their heads. Use their wants and their desires against them. The part of doing that that sucked was the matter of not being able to kill. They were meant to keep low profiles and no one believed in them anyway. Damn boring and he wished things were more spicy. But things were what they were.

Percival had been out until about three or four as he had been playing with his abilities and powers. A true child of the darkness and yet he was not free to be himself. Not really in this damn, quaint little town. But something deep down knew that things were going to become interesting. After all, it had been quiet in the town for SO long and that usually meant something would happen. What was the saying? "You can't have peace without war, darkness without light, and balance without chaos.." There was more he was sure but that was what stuck out to him.

The male lay on his bed until he heard the trickling of water and knew that his sister must be home. And that in mind, the man sat up and grabbed his clown mask as it was time to have a little fun. She fucking hated clowns which to him was amusing as hell since she WAS the daughter of one. Soon he was in the doorway behind her and laughing when she spotted him and screamed. "You are such a fucking asshole" She yelled as he took off the mask and let it dangle from his fingers. "You know I have too. You and your fear of clowns is quite entertaining and I have to have my fun somehow." He said, gaze locked on his sister. Pandora flipped him off, and shoved her way past him. "Come on Dora, it's not that bad. You are a child of a fucking murdering clown, and you can't handle a joke?" He asked as he followed after his sister.

She seemed in one of her usual moods and he knew better but he couldn't help it. She was the only one he could be "real" with. "No! You know how I fucking feel about that shit. Yes I'm his child, but that doesn't mean I have to like them". She shot his way as he all but tossed his mask on the kitchen counter. Yup, too far and he knew it but again he could not help the chuckle as he apologised for it. "Do you really think this is a game Eric? Are you really that childish right now? You aren't even asking how my night went! When you clearly heard me storming into the house, and then crying a lot of the night! You are a God damn prick sometimes"

He knew that her night had been shit from those words and the taunting needed to be back off on. "So how did your night end up going?" He asked as he got himself a mug of coffee and kept his gaze upon her. And when she told him, the man sighed. "You're way too good for that shit sis. You should just teach them lessons when they pull shit like that." He muttered, sipping from his coffee and soon the sirens could be heard racing down the street and his sister was out the door.

Well something finally interesting had happened. And Eric stopped at his sister's side as the both of them watched the stretcher being brought out, the smell of blood thick around the covered body. Something they would be able to smell being who and what they were. "Bet you pretty boy over there had a field day." He muttered to his sister as his arms crossed at seeing Andrew and then a girl walk up beside him and stop. His sister maybe? The town was small and looked like things were about to liven up.



A smile came to pink lips as she looked over to the man who had picked her up on the side of the road. She had been out late and she needed a ride home. Or rather that was how this little adventure had begun. But then the two got to talking and little by little Trinity was getting farther and farther away. It was like she was being pulled back into her own head. And that was NOT a good thing. It meant that Alexa was about to take over and a blood bath was sure to follow.

Silence fell and it was becoming awkward. That was when Travis took his eyes from the road for just a moment and looked over at who smirked back at him and brushed her hair back. "There's nothing wrong darlin'. I was just thinking about the good time you and I were going to be having tonight." The petite strawberry blonde with the sparkling blue eyes and rose tattoos said with a purr as she let her eyes roam over the male. Oh god it had been TOO long since she had had a "pound of flesh" and she was really itching for it.

Hours later when the pinks and oranges were coming with the morning's sunrise did bright blue eye blink as the strawberry blonde looked around. She seemed to be in the woods but couldn't remember how she had gotten there or what she had done. And it was when her eyes rested on a male's body that was lying face down in the mud by the stream's bank did Trinity have to stifle her scream. 'No! No! No! Not again!' The young woman thought as she scrambled to her hands and knees and used the ripped shirt at the male's side to help her turn him over. What she saw when she turned him over made her even sicker to her stomach. Both his throat and heart had been all but ripped out and there was a note written in blood that read 'Mmm this one was even tastier than the last. Keep them coming Tiny ;) --A

Trinity crumbled the note and stuffed into her pocket and stuffed the ripped shirt into the mini backpack she had with her and all but fled from the woods and made her way home. Thankfully, it was still early enough that not a lot of people were out. Which meant not a lot of people would see her drenched in the blood of the man she didn't even remember killing.

When she got in, Trinity hoped that her brother wasn't up yet. Or was it she hoped he wasn't home as the siblings were often out doing their own things. But that hope was all but dashed when she had closed the front door behind her and apparently her brother had heard it. Because not even seconds after the click, Theodore was calling out to her and asking if she wanted a sandwhich. If she hadn't been feeling so sick to her stomach after what Alexa had done, the strawberry blonde would have all but jumped at her brother's offer. But as it stood, all the tiny young woman wanted was to make her way up the stairs and to hide under her comforter and forger the world.

With a soft sigh, Trinity made her way into the kitchen and all but flinched as Theodore looked her over. The look in his eyes said he had seen right through her. He could tell something was bothering her and his words proved that when he asked her what it was. Oh good God she wished that she could lie to her brother. She really did. But there were two reasons why she couldn't. The first reason was he could read her better than anyone else in the world could. And the second reason was the one that scared her more; he would absolutely lose his shit.

The silence between them was starting to grow awkward and she knew that he was waiting for her to speak. "Alexa...she...she took over again." Trin whined as she hid her face in her arms which had been folded on the counter in front of her. She knew with those words that Theo would know that someone had been killed the night before.


When he got home in the morning, Joseph noticed immediately that his sister's car wasn't in its normal spot. His first thought had been to call her and see where the hell she was. But that thought immediately left him. They weren't children anymore and did have their own lives even if living under the same roof. All he could do was hope that she was safe and that she would be home soon.

With a sigh, the male grabbed his bag and headed into the elevator and up to the seventh floor. Hobestly, he was still trying to wrap his head around the night before.

He had been at work, bartending for the close as was usual for him. There had been an attractive man he was talking to. One that was just slightly older than he was. And the more he talked to this man, the more attracted he became. Well, when he was off work, Samuel, the man he had been speaking too and mildly flirting with while working asked him back to his hotel room. Oh god he knew that he shouldn't have gone, but he had. Things had started normal enough. More drinks, more flirting. But then the urges hit. The same urges that he grudgingly called the "Dahmer" genes. And before he knew it, he had some fun with the man and he had killed him. He had also cut off his middle finger and taken it back with him. Sick, but he had wanted something to remember the lovely Sam by. After, Joe cleaned up the room and made sure there were no traces he had been there.

A ding and he shook his head coming out of his thoughts. He would have to tell Mila what he had done when she got home. He knew she would hate him for it, but he couldn't hide things from her either. So the male of twenty-five retreated to his room to wait for his sister.

Was it minutes or was it hours when she got back? He didn't know but she did knock on his door and he called out to tell her to come in. Joseph was just about to tell her what he had done. But she had dropped a bombshell of her own. She was pregnant and she all but dropped to the floor crying in the doorway. Immediately, the man was up and off his bed, picking his sister up and taking her back to his bed to sit with him. "It'll be okay...I'm here with you..." Fuck...he couldn't tell her. And he continued to try and comfort his broken s



MourningGlory     50d ago
Lady of the Night

WingField Manor >>>Need to Edit

[b Voice:] #bd18e7 [b Picture Link:] [b Puppet Master:] SheDevil [b Name:] Vara Hope Drakos [b Nick Name{s}:] Butterfly, Hope, Ara, Bella, Dragonfly, Sunshine, Sunny, Rose [b Age:] Twenty-Two [b Spot You Want:] Female Two [b Sexuality:] Lesbian [b Worst Fear/Memory:] Vara had an older sister who was the "perfect" daughter. Vivienne had been everything their parents could have asked for and more. But that was before her parents found out how "perfect" Vivi was not. Her older sister as it turned out was a lesbian just like she is. And well their parents found out and threw her older sister out. Completely disowning her and putting her into family exile. Vara had been ten when this happened and now being older she is scared as hell her family will find out her "dirty little secret" and will do the EXACT same thing to her. But she's afraid it will be even worse for her because she lied for years and decieved them all.. A true sinner. [b Family History:] The Drakos Family originally came from Greece with their last name holding the orgin of Dragon or Ogre. So it was needless to say that they were strong willed and knew how to get things done. The catch, they had also decided to convert to Catholicism and so also took their beliefs rather seriously as well. They had shoved it down both their daughters throats, finding their older and most beloved to be...le gasp a Lesbian and so the very face of sin and shame to their family. And so they did what they thought best and sent her to a monastery to try and "save her soul". Doing so, they exiled her from the family and disowned her as well until she could see the error of her ways. It was after their elder daughter was gone did they turn their attention to Vara and begin to put all their time and effort into her. They wanted their younger daughter to be "perfect" and someone they and society could be proud of. [b Biography:] She was never the girl her family wanted her to be. But then, why should she have tried? Her older sister had their parents' love and affection and she was just..well she was just there. Vara was always a slightly sarcastic and sassy girl.. However, when it came to those she loved and cared about, like she did her older sister, Vara would show all of who she was and is loyal and the sweetest thing. Growing up was hard because religion was ALWAYS pushed down her throat and she had to hide who she was. She had been ten when Vivi was sent away and she has NO idea what happened to her sister in the years that followed. Now she wants nothing more than to be there for her friends, to be free to be true to who she really is, AND to help others feel accepted in ways she never did. [pic]

 ~☆☆~☆☆~☆☆~☆☆~☆☆~ [b Voice:] #09fbf9 [b Picture Link:] [b Puppet Master:] SheDevil [b Name:] Rosemarie Elizabeth Reeser [b Nick Name{s}:] Em, Esmee, Rose, Marie, Lizzy, Beth, Reese, Amie, Esther, Cloud, Pixie, Kitten, Eliza, Foxy [b Age:] Twenty-Four [b Spot You Want:] Female Four [b Sexuality:] Bisexual (went both ways but now has a female lean) [b Worst Fear/Memory:] Having the disposition that she does, her bubbly and aloofness kind of got her into trouble when she was sixteen. She had been so in love with her boyfriend of the time and had been convinced she would marry him (a silly school girl's dream she realised when looking back). She trusted Johnny with everything and well that led to one thing and another and she got pregnant. Now she would have LOVED to keep the baby girl, but her momma and daddy had been SO mad at her. It was the first time her daddy beat her and her momma let it happen. And they had been SO disappointed in her. They made her give the baby up saying if she was going to have their help with college and have a life she had to get rid of the child of her now ex (Johnny broke up with her when he found out). The child would be much happier and better off without her and she would be free to start her life again. She had fought them until the last when her parents went over her head and signed the baby girl away and she had been all but ripped away from Marie. [b Family History:] Growing up, Rosemarie was the only daughter of Kenneth and Alexandria Reeser. Apparently she was their miracle child and they loved her more than anything. But there was one problem, her parents were completely overbearing. There were all these rules and they expected her to be the perfect daughter. For a while, Marie tried to be who her momma and daddy wanted from her. She REALLY did but her bubbly and sassy demeanor just was a huge disappointment. Her parents kept trying with her and because of them being the way they were, the older she got, the more she pulled away. And now their relationship is practically nonexistant. [b Biography:] Rosemarie isn't the type of girl who fits the name she was given. She can be calm and collected when it is needed. She can be "mature" and even a "voice of reason" again IF she needs to be. But the real her is playful, sassy, and a girl who likes to have fun. In other words she's the bubbly type who can easily be known as the airhead. Sometimes she has the tendency to be impulsive and follow hers or anothers' idea without thinking it through completely. And her tendency to do that tends to get her ass in trouble. She's typically a sweetheart and fiercely loyal. Truly Miss Pixie would do anything for her friends or someone she cares a lot about.. Her agreeing to Wingfield is knowing what is wanted with the place and wanting to be a part of something bigger than just herself. [pic]


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