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SmileBright     79d ago

Savannah looked at Noah as he spoke about how he could be with them more.  "You're supporting your family. You're going to school. Noah, you're here." she said.  “I wish we could all be together so much more, but I think we're doing a pretty great job right now. Charlie is the happiest baby I've ever seen... But a holiday with all of us sounds amazing. Maybe we can go to the aquarium or something.”

She squealed as she looked down at her best friend who had just told her was moving closer to them! “Oh my gosh. I'm so excited. I cannot wait for you to get here!”

She grinned as she told them she was moving in with them as she couldn't be away from Tanner. "I understand completely. It will be tight but we will make it work!" she blushed as she heard the comment about being quiet. "As long as you don't wake Charlie up, I don't care what happens."

Noah Charlie Davis

“I’ll check in with you later in the week but I have to go to finish my introduction work for Stanford.  But have a good night, I can’t wait to be reunited with all my friends!” Megan smiled, before ending the facetime call.   “That is so exciting, I’m so happy you’ll have Megan around to be with whenever I’m off working or at practice.    And hopefully that will give us some more time together.” Noah spoke, wrapping an arm around her waist, pressing a soft kiss to her temple.  

The couple ate their dinner, and Noah gave Charlie over to Savannah as he began working on the last couple of pieces of homework he still had to complete.  He was definitely enjoying his classes now as he moved to sports management from political science.  But his terrible math skills were really setting him back, and his science skills.  He had never been good in either of those departments, Savannah had always been his tutor in those subjects.  

“Babe, is Charlie down yet?” Noah called out, finding where the two of them were and pressed a kiss to both of their heads.  “Want some help?” he asked, taking the very sleepy Charlie in his arms, speaking softly to the baby before he drifted off to sleep in his arms.  He placed the baby down in his crib, before grabbing the baby monitor and bringing Savannah out to the living area.   Noah turned up the baby monitor, before setting it down on the table.  He pulled Savannah into his arms, just taking her in as he held her against him. “I know this probably sounds silly, but I miss you.  I’m so glad I get to be with you and Charlie every day but I hate that I am so busy and we can only be together at night.” Noah spoke, letting Savannah go as he settled into the couch.  He motioned for her to join him, pulling her into his lap.  

“How did I become the luckiest guy in the world and get you and Charlie in my life?”

BooBear96Savannah Grace   39d ago


"I hope you have a good week! Keep us posted on the details. I'll cook a big dinner Friday Night to celebrate! We love you!" she told Megan. She was ecstatic that Megan was moving out to California. They would have the main group together again. She turned to look at Noah with the biggest grin on her face. “Oh I'm so excited that we're all going to be together again.”

It was nice, while they were all busy, they always tried to their hardest to at least have dinner together every night.  “Go finish your homework baby, I'll start getting Charlie ready for bed.” She grinned as she picked the baby boy up. “Momma's big boy looks tired. You had fun at the little play group didn't you.” She grinned and headed into the master bedroom. Since they had Charlie, Tanner was nice enough to let them have the bigger everything. After they went through Charlie's bath time routine, she rubbed him down in lotion and changed him into a onesie and swaddle.  “Oh my baby smells so good.” She looked back as Noah called out for them. “Almost.” she said. She smiled as Noah took the baby from her arms and he quickly fell asleep. “He had a long day today, I think he'll sleep pretty good tonight.”

Her arms wrapped around Noah as he pulled her into him.  “We miss you too honey. But I think we just need to be thankful that at least we get to be together every night. I don't know what I'm going to do when I start taking my classes again, the thought of leaving him at the daycare with strangers literally makes me ill.”



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Noah Charlie Davis

Noah loved the feeling of their arms wrapped around each other.  He listened to her words about missing him too, which made him feel even more awful. He knew it wasn’t that he wanted to miss everything, it was just how things had to be right now while they were in school.  “I don’t think I’d be able to handle it if we had to be long distance again.” he spoke.  It was true, being away from Savannah for so long had been so hard for both of them.  

“Maybe we could find him a nanny or something? Someone we really trust to watch him instead of a daycare.  Or maybe a small family day care where it’s only a few kids.  I feel like I would trust that over a huge overcrowded daycare facility.” Noah spoke.  He knew he’d be banging down doors of any place if anything happened to Charlie.   “But we have time before you want to start going to classes?  Do you have any idea of when you want to start?”

Noah yawned, hating that he was already feeling tired.  He had only gotten home a few hours ago due to classes, baseball, and his job; and he wanted to spend as much time as possible with Charlie and Savannah when he could.  “Only a couple more days and then I have Sunday off to spend the whole day with you and Charlie.” he spoke softly, pressing a kiss to her temple. “Oh yeah, did you guys start that playgroup for parents on campus today or does it start tomorrow?  That will be fun for the both of you, maybe meet some parent friends for the both of us.  I love Tanner and Megan but knowing other people who are young parents would be good for us.” 

BooBear96Savannah Grace   18d ago

Savannah Grace

"I could never go back to being away from you. That's why I transferred to Stanford, so Charlie and I could be with you. Plus I don't think I could take my classes at UC and have a baby to raise alone." It made sense, not that it mattered. She and Charlie would go wherever Noah went.

"I don't think we could afford the Nanny, but I wouldn't have a problem with a small family day care. I want to start looking now, so we can be picky. I start classes next semester, so we have a little over a month to find one. I'm doing the accelerated path. It'll be hard, but I'll graduate six months early, and then I can work and be with Charlie until you graduate.. and then we go to New York. If that is still the plan." she explained.

She smiled weakly as Noah yawned. "Come lay with me. You look exhausted. We can go to bed early." she mumbled, tugging at his arm so he would lay with her. "It was today! We actually had a great time. Charlie made a little friend and so did I! We're meeting them at the park tomorrow."

Noah Charlie Davis

Noah was definitely tired but was trying to hide it best he could.  His eyes would shut for a second before he’d wake himself up.  “No babe, I’m fine.  Perfectly awake.” Noah said, followed by a yawn.  So much for trying to hide his tiredness.  “Okay, maybe I’m a little tired.  I just want to be able to spend the time I have with you, with you. Not sleeping.” Noah spoke, taking her chin with his fingers and pressing a kiss to her lips.  “See?  Kissing you is much more enjoyable than sleeping.”

Noah was happy that Savannah found a mom to hang out with, and even Charlie had a little friend too.  “Oh, that’s great!  Gotta be nice to have someone for Charlie to have little playdates with.  How old is their little one?” Noah asked.  As she began to answer, Noah was seriously nodding off.  He did want to stay awake and hang out with her, but sleep was seriously about to take him over.  He was happy he was already showered and he could just hop into bed with Savannah.  “Do you mind if we go to bed? I promise I’ll make it up to you soon!”

Noah fell asleep almost immediately, after making sure to give Savannah a kiss goodbye and softly called out to Charlie goodnight.  The next morning he was up early to get ready for classes.  Charlie was actually fussing, and instead of making Savannah get up to tend to him, Noah scooped him up. “Babe, do you want me to grab a bottle for him, or do you want to feed him.  I have plenty of time this morning.” Noah spoke to Savannah softly, waking her up with soft kisses all over her face.  

Noah held the boy in his arms, bouncing him lightly to hopefully calm him a bit before he ate.  He wanted to make sure to let Savannah choose how he was eating, by bottle or by her.  He also noticed his diaper was full, so he was able to change him as well before he would eat.  Noah felt good knowing he could help Savannah in the mornings that he had a slightly later class than normal. “Oh, if you want your new friend and their little one to come over after you guys go to the park, feel free!  They could have dinner with us if they’d want, I’d love to meet them.” Noah spoke, a smile on his lips as he re-dressed Charlie and picked him up, helping him calm down before he ate.

BooBear96Savannah Grace   18d ago

Savannah Grace

Savannah smiled softly as Noah tried so hard to not fall asleep. "We will have all of Saturday Night and Sunday to spend togehher. You need to get some sleep, honey."

No sooner than they had gotten into bed, Noah was already almost asleep. "Go to sleep. I love you." she whispered, cudding into him. She grumbled inchoerntly as Noah kissed her awake. "What time is it? I need to feed Charlie." she said as she sat up in bed, trying to wake up. She could hear Charlie crying, but she was sleeping so soundly.

"I want to feed him." she said, leaning back against the pillows. "I like getting to spend this time together in the mornings." she explained. She nodded when Noah said it was ok to invite their friends over. "Are you sure? Do you think we should wait till a weekend?'

Noah Charlie Davis

Noah walked over with a freshly changed Charlie as he handed him over to his mother.  He seemed happier to have her feed him anyway. Charlie usually was a bit fussy in the morning, but his mother usually calmed him down almost instantly.  “I’m glad I was able to help you a little bit this morning. He’s all changed and you could stay in bed.” he smiled, pressing a kiss to the top of Savannah’s head.  Once he handed the baby over, he lifted his arms over his head and stretched out his body.  His body was sore due to all the baseball he had been playing.  

Noah looked back to her when she mentioned waiting.  “No, I don’t mind it happening today.  I know Tanner and I are usually gone all day until dinner anyway, it will give you someone to hang out with so you aren’t lonely. And besides, I’d like to get to know any other parents on campus.  Totally cool.” Noah smiled.  As a surprise, Noah held back that he wasn’t working today so he could come home a bit earlier than usual.  Why not have one extra person (and a baby) for dinner?  

Noah sighed as he looked up to the clock.  “I do have to start getting ready for class.  Statistics at 9 am, whoo.” Noah spoke sarcastically.  He started getting dressed, making sure his baseball bag was packed as well.  He usually dropped it off before class so he didn’t have to carry it all day.  He was able to get ready pretty quick, not having to shower or do too much in the morning.  He fixed his hair in the mirror quickly before heading over to his fiance and his baby.  “Bye my loves.” he spoke, pressing a kiss to both of their heads as he headed out.  “I’ll give you a call around lunchtime to check in.  Love you.” he spoke, grabbing his backpack and heading out the door.  

After Noah’s first three classes, he had a break for lunch and grabbed his phone to talk to Savannah.  “Hello my love. How are my two favorite people in the world?  Is our son growing up too fast again?” he teased, grabbing a sandwich and a bag of chips to eat while he had a break.

BooBear96Sophia Grace   17d ago

Sophia Grace

"While I appreciate everything that you do.. You could've stayed in bed baby. You have a long day ahead of you."

Savannah nodded, hearing Noah was ok with dinner tonight. "Okay. I'll text them. Burgers or Pizza? What sounds better?" Charlie curled into her after he was finished nursing. She smirked as Noah began getting ready for school. "I hope you have a great day, honey."

After Noah left for his classes, she and Charlie took another nap. They didn't get up until around ten, and by that point it was time to start getting ready to go meet Danny and his son for their play date.
"Hi honey! We're getting ready to go to the park to see our new friends!' She turned the camera so Noah could see Charlie. "Still chubby as ever."

The play date with Danny and Lucas went great, it mostly consisted of them pushing the strollers around the park, they agreed to come over to the apartment for dinner though, which she was excited about. She hoped that he and Noah hit it off!

Noah Charlie Davis

Noah was happy to be able to check in with Savannah and Charlie throughout the day.  Being able to take a few minutes to talk to them and tell them he loved them, it made him feel better about being away for so many hours a day.  Noah was able to get through his other two classes that day, and all he could think about was getting home and seeing his soon to be wife and their baby.  He was also excited to meet Savannah’s new friend and her baby as well.  It would be nice for Savannah to have another mom friend to spend her time with when Noah was in class or in practice.  

Noah got out of his last class, and made his way back to their shared apartment with Tanner.  They both had their last class together so they made their way back to the apartment together most days, especially when they didn’t have practice or work.  As they entered, Tanner was in first as Noah followed behind him, laughing at whatever Tanner had just said.  “Oh, are we intruding on something?” Tanner spoke, his voice full of confusion.  “Oh, Savannah’s friend is having dinner.  Nice to meet y- Who the hell are you?” Noah asked, his voice playful until he met eyes with the man sitting on the couch, their son resting in a pillow next to him.  

Noah went over and scooped up Charlie in his arms as he walked in, looking to find Savannah.  “Savannah, who is this guy in our house?  I thought you said you had a mommy friend, not some random dude and his kid?!” Noah yelled softly, his old jealousy urges coming back in full swing.  They both hadn’t had an argument like they had before since Samantha and Clay had been in their lives.  But seeing a random man in his house around his kid, that made him pissed and jealous.  While he was off in class, he wasn’t loving the thought of his soon-to-be wife around another guy.

BooBear96Savannah Grace   3d ago

Savannah Grace

The play date was amazing. The babies loved being outside, Charlie was definielty going to be a nature baby. They pushed the babies through the entire park, which was a few miles. So they got a good walk in. Savannah showered as soon as they were home, Danny and Lucas went to their own house to freshen up.

They showed up about an hour after Savannah had gotten home herself.

Dinner was in the air fryer, dessert was in the oven. She had to run to pee so she had put Charlie on the couch beside Danny. "I'll be right back! It's just nice to have a a bathroom break without someone whining because I'm not holding him!"

She headed into the bathroom, it was nice to have a break during the day- even if it was only for five minutes. It was great, until she heard Noah yelling in the living room.

"Noah Charles! Do not yell when I have guests in this house. You're going to wake the babies." she said as she walked out of their bedroom. “This is Danny, the parent I met at the Mommy, Daddy and Baby group Charlie and I started going to.” glares were sent in Noah and Tanners direction before turning to Danny. “I am so sorry, I cannot apologize enough.”

Danny smiled weakly but shook his head. “It's fine, I completely understand. I would probably freak out too if I had a girlfriend and walked into a strange man and a baby in our apartment.”


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