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Welcome to Sommerset Academy for Learning Magic, here we teach witches and wizards how to control the manifestation of magic within them. Most manifestation start as young as ten years old when you grow up surrounded by magic. The majority of magic comes from the mana that is within every natural objects, like the sky, water, fire, and earth.

Now those are just the basic elements of Mana but not the only. Most are able to absorb mana from certain elements then they are from others, not saying they can't it's more that they don't absorb large amounts. 

In the world we live in today Magic isn't very common. There are notorious families that are powerful enough to make money off it without exposing the magical realm, but the majority of magic users don't leave the magical realm. There are ways to live on the outside but it takes extensive monitoring and paperwork.

The Magical realm is just a mirrored and more natural version of reality. The magical realm is filled with an abundance of mana not to say that you can't find mana in reality. Just like reality the magical realm has both Good and Evil being. 

This new adventure is about a few witches and wizards that were born in the magical realm and somehow grew up in reality whether it be by a despicable being killing their family, somehow they got lost and separated there can be a plethora of ways to how something like this could happen. Being disconnected from the magical realm did not cut off their mana supply and being in reality just made them absorb it a lot slower. So now you have adults that should be well into their careers having magical outbursts and being sent or more like teleported to Sommerset.

Having to study amongst 10-year-olds having to learn something they should have learned as a child and having to figure out where they belong and perhaps where they came from…


Monay: Mana 101, Herbology (Beginners), Spell History, Lunch, Study Hour, Zoology

Tuesday: Art of Curses, Physical Education, Spell History, Lunch, Herbology

Wednesday: Zoology, Mana 101, Study Hour, Lunch, Physical Education, Art of Curses

Thursday: Mana 101, Spell History, Physical Education, Lunch, Herbology, Zoology

Friday: Study Hours, Lunch, Practice Class



i. No God-modding, don't think you can just strike someone down with one hit.

ii. This is an academy, and your character has never used magic before, therefore no suddenly knowing how to control and wield your magic after one class.

iii. Please give thought and meaning to your posts, no one liners.

iv. Let's be respectful, even if characters hate each other.

v. Let's have fun, just remember no hounding about posting.




Age must be older than twenty

Witch or Wizard





Once done all you need to do is have it on your character and PM me the name of your character to me so I can have a see at it. Once approved then you can request permission for the thread.

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Yewanɴɪᴍᴏʀᴀ   61d ago


It was a dark and stormy night when a little two-year-old was placed on a dimly lit doorstep, a little boney finger reached out and pushed the doorbell before disappearing into the night. A ringing rung through the house as a light flicked on in one of the upper windows, before too long a light flicked on downstairs near the door. It opened a few minutes later to see a middle height man poking his head out looking left and right before looking down, his eye widened in shock.

“Hunny, you may need to see this..” He called out as he fully opened the door to look at the little paled skin, dark haired girl sleeping on his doorstep. “What's going on dear?” A soft voice slowly came up behind him. Her eyes were partially closed as she yawned with exhaustion. “Come on…. Who is at the door so late… What did they want?” She looked up at him before following her his gaze and gasped in shock, she rushed to the small child sort of nudging her husband out of the way. “Don't just stand there like an idiot Jason help me with her!”

Jason stood in a stupor for a moment more as his wife glared at him. Regaining some control back he knelt down and picked up the little girl bring her inside the house as Claire shut the door. “She isn't even tall enough to reach the doorbell, I wonder who would leave a child like this..” His voice trailed off as she looked at the little girl in his arms. She was so frail feeling, and her lips were slightly blue from being out in the cold but she shivered even though her breathing was shallow they knew she was alive and that she would make it…

Time skip to twenty-seven years later…

A knock at the door startled Nimora awake, crawling out of bed she reached for her robe and put it on before heading out her room and down the hallway, through the Livingroom and opening her front door. Her door was barely open when a force pushed it open, knocking her to her butt, be mauled… well licked to death by a black and white speckled newfoundland. “Oops, Pepper down… sit…” A semi tall young man was trying and tugging on the leash of the beast with no prevail. “I'm sorry sis, you know she loves you more then me” He chuckled a bit, dropping the leash he helped his sister off the floor as Pepper when to explore the apartment to make sure nothing has changed. “You need to train that dog of yours better.” She tried to bush herself off, glaring at her brother but his laugh was too infectious, and she ended up laughing at well.

The visit with her brother was always a good time, he made them lunch and they chatted about work, mom and dad's retirement, visiting them together, the new girl he is dating and the fact Pepper doesn't like her very much. After a few hours of catching up, He and a very reluctant Pepper left to run a few errands. Nimora finished cleaning up after lunch and then showered and dressed. She couldn't believe she had slept in so late, though it was very understandable the project she had been working on at work just finished up but ended around midnight. After getting dressed in more decent clothing then her pajama shorts, tank and robe, she then locked up her apartment and set forth into the world on such a beautiful overcast Saturday.

She hopped in her little bug of a car that was parked at the curb almost in front of her apartment. She thought for a moment and decided to walk, she grabbed her bag from the passenger seat and made sure to grab her compacts umbrella before locking the car and setting off. Her first stop of a bookstore that was relatively close to wear she lived. 

The little bell rang out then she walked through the door and was greeted by a smiling clerk. Nimora smiled in return before roaming around, going up and down each isle. She picked up a couple of new Mangas that they got in to complete her collection at home. She also grabbed a couple of fantasy type books before going to pay for everything and leaving. She carried a paper bag wrapped in a plastic one down the street to her next destination.

After being out for several more hours she returned with like twenty bags on each arm, she practically acted like she was a she-hulk until she made it into her apartment and placed all the bags on the floor. Her arms were like Jello as she inspected the indents that the bags made all over her arms. With a sigh she began unloading all that she bought. First was groceries, some milk, eggs, bread, etc. Next was her books since her kitchen and Livingroom are connected, she placed all the books on the shelf in order. Last was a few garments of clothing, there were two oversized black hoodies that just looked really comfortable.

It was almost nine 'o' clock at night when she was done putting thing away, her stomach rumbled very unlady-like might I add. She walked to the kitchen and took a few ingredients out for a grilled cheese and turkey sandwich. After eating she curled up with one of her books on the couch and must have dozed off while reading.

It was a round midnight as her sleeping figure was tossing and turning like she was having a nightmare. That wasn't the only thing, when she started to levitate the whole street began shaking, car alarms were going off, winds had picked up severely, people were panicking, all the while a soft reddish glow surrounded our sleeping beauty. She woke with a thud on the floor and covered in sweat and the natural like disaster stirring up outside stopped when she woke, even the car alarms stopped as well. It was all too strange. Still being rather groggy, she got up off the floor and went to her room to flop across her bed and fall back asleep rather instantly and nothing strange happened for the rest of the night.

Do Do Do….. Ting Ting…. Do Do Do…. Ting Ting…

Her alarm went of the next morning, her eyes fluttered open as she rolled onto her back with a major headache and still rather exhausted. Reaching for her phone, she silenced the alarm and got up going to the bathroom. Once the morning routine was done, she was in the kitchen eating breakfast when she noticed a letter that was slipped under her front door. It was strange because she had a mailbox so why was there a dark navy blue envelope with a goldish wax seal under as door.

Opening the letter exposed of flash of really right light and it was over in an instant. The force of magic used for teleportation can be very overwhelming for those not in practice of magic. The letter transports people that get them to the front of Sommerset Academy for learning magic. Being ripped into the magical realm caused Minora to lose consciousness and she laid in the grass in front of this very large academy, little did she know she wasn't going to be alone.


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