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an υndyιng love

By ButterflyRose
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First- He touches you and you light on fire. Your wrist blazes where his fingers meet your skin. The burns don't show, but it's hard to breathe with ash in your lungs. It's so hard to breathe, you're suffocating daily.

Second- It hurts to watch him, he shines. He's brighter than the sun, he's too beautiful for your eyes. It's hard to look at him. It's even harder to look away from him. You're going blind.

Third- Your ears are tuned to his voice, you could pick him out in a sea of thousands. His voice makes pretty singers who sing pretty songs sound dull. His voice makes everything else sound ugly.

Forth- The color of his eyes is deep enough to drown in. He is turning you into a cliched love-wrecked being. You're drowning, always sinking. Down... Down... Down…

Fifth- You know him, you love him, through a thousand lifetimes, across millions of stars you'd find him. You'd never leave him, you love him till death do you part.

Sixth- Darling, what he won't ever admit. Or he's too scared to admit is that he loves you too.

Xylon and Your Name Here have been best friends since they were in diapers. They grew up together joined at the hip. They would do everything together. Go on camping trips, or go to Xylon's parent's cabin for a couple weeks. As the two grew up Xylon didn't realize he had fallen in love with Your Name Here until they were seniors in High School. For their final trip together before they were done, he took Your Name Here to his parents cabin, and pretty much laid his heart out on the table, and Your Name Here turned him down, and told him she didn't feel the same way. Since then, Xylon treated her differently.

When they had gotten home, the two wouldn't even talk to one another. They transferred out of the same classes, and Xylon was cold towards her. Apart of him wanted her to feel the same way, but she didn't. He couldn't change her feelings, but little did he know, she was hiding something dark from the male. Something she didn't want him knowing, because she didn't want pity from her best friend. She didn't want him looking at her differently, and she knew he would if he knew. Little did Your Name Here know, she was wrong on so many levels. Shutting her best friend out, only pushed him away instead of pulling her closer towards her. She ended up moving away after Senior year, to try and heal along with getting over whatever happened to her.

As the years passed Xylon had taken over his father's company. Working inside a bank wasn't what the male had wanted. He wanted to open up his own tattoo parlor, but he was trying his best to please his family as well. He knew that if he did, he would be letting his father down. He didn't want that happening but knew it would be a horrible feeling letting his family down. Meanwhile Your Name Here has moved back to town. She's now a huge lawyer and has made a name for herself. She decided it was time to move back to her old hometown and see if anything's changed. She didn't want to have a huge party or anything but knew that her family would end up throwing her one anyway. She just hoped that Xylon wouldn't even arrive but had a really strong feeling that he would.

When Xylon got wind of Your Name Here coming home, he knew he had to at least see her. See how much she's changed. He didn't want too, because he was still hurt over the fact that she had torn his heart out of his chest, and pretty much stomped on it. So the day of the party arrived, and he's now in the same room as her, and seeing her is bringing back so many memories. He feels like a child again, and Your Name Here is really glad he's there. The two decide to try and have a nice talk over dinner about what happened those years ago. What'll happen when Your Name Here finally tell's him about what happened to her? Will Xylon finally have the love of his life after all? Or will it all come crashing down for the both of them? You'll never know unless you join, An Undying Love.


The cast of An Undying Love.

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ButterflyRoseυndyιng   71d ago


Today was the day the Jenn was finally coming home. Xylon was a little bit nervous because he didn't know what her parents were thinking. Was this a really bad idea? There was so many other thoughts running around in his mind that he couldn't really think straight at all. He sighed as he looked up at the hospital one last time. He hated this place with a passion but he had promised himself he would enter those doors as long as Jenny was behind them. He then remembered that it was also Rohana's dad's funeral as well and his heart dropped.

He had promised himself he would always be there for her. But right now he had Jenny to worry about. He grabbed his phone and sent her a quick text message. Ro, I'm sorry I'm not able to be there today for you. I know you and I had made a promise to always be there for one another in times of need. Jenny's coming home today, and you know I'd be there for you if I could. Please stay safe and I'll see you soon. The male read the message over a couple of times before hitting send.

He then climbed out of the car and headed inside. There was a bit more chatter in the halls as he made his way to Jenny's room. He was getting more and more nervous. He knew she would be staying with her parents for a little while, but he was thinking about getting her moved to his place instead. He wanted to make sure they were alone first before asking her about it. Once he was outside her door he tapped on it lightly before he walked into the room. He saw her sitting up and a smile passed over his lips.

God she was beautiful. Even with the tubes still, she was breathtaking. “Hey you, how are you?” he asked as he walked over and kissed the side of her head. He sat down in one of the chairs and put his hands on his stomach. He looked around the room before looking back towards the woman. “Do you think you and I would have some time alone at all to talk? I have an idea but I don't want your parents around when I bring it up. Hell, I don't even know when they are coming to get you” he admitted.

It was true too. He wondered where her parents were. He sighed lightly as a nurse came into the room to check on Jenny and then left a moment later. Xylon kept his mouth shut for the time being. He didn't know what to even say right now. The silence was always better anyway. Why was he so nervous anyway? It was like they were back in high school and he couldn't help but remember the time he had first fallen in love with her. He smiled slightly as he looked down at the ground waiting for the time she could go home.




Rohana laid in bed for a little while longer. She didn't want to get up, she didn't want to get ready, because if she did that meant everything was going to change even more. Today was the day that she was going to be laying her father down to rest. She was going to be saying her final goodbye and she didn't want that. She rolled onto her side as tears welled up in her eyes. That's when she heard her phone buzz on the nightstand. She sighed as she reached out and picked the phone up reading Xylon's text message.

Ro, I'm sorry I'm not able to be there today for you. I know you and I had made a promise to always be there for one another in times of need. Jenny's coming home today, and you know I'd be there for you if I could. Please stay safe and I'll see you soon. She knew that Xylon would be there if he could and that's all that mattered to her. She knew that he had Jenny to worry about right now, so she wasn't too upset about it. Now if he was blowing her off cause of some other bimbo she'd be upset.

She sighed as she closed out of the message and set her phone back down. She could feel Tristian behind her and she felt slightly better. The only other person that was keeping her grounded. She rolled over and looked at the sleeping man. Their bond happened so quickly that she didn't know how to really wrap her head around it. He had taken her into his home when he didn't have too. She knew how much it pained him not being there for Jenny. There had been times she wanted to push him away.

She wanted nothing more than to be left alone, but she knew if she did that she'd be losing the only think keeping her going. She reached out and touched his cheek lightly. He was so handsome when he slept. He looked so innocent. He had chosen her and he had stayed. She wasn't expecting him too either. That was something she was greateful for. She leaned over and pressed her lips to his cheek lightly, before she slipped out of bed. She made her way to the bathroom to take a hot shower. Today her world was going to fall apart even more.

She kept the door opened a crack as she slipped out of the sleeping clothes and tossed them into the hamper behind the bathroom door. She then turned on the water and stepped inside. She stood under the cool water for a moment before warming it up a little bit more. That's when the tears started to fall. She leaned her forehead against the wall as she sobbed. Everything was falling apart, and this was the only thing she could do. She slammed her fist against the wall as the tears fell, the warm water hitting her back.

NullificationJenny   71d ago


It felt like she had been in the hospital for years, when it had only been a few weeks. All sort of tests and experiments had followed to make sure the transplant had worked and so far, all signs were positive. The medication made her a bit foggy and the scar on her chest was testament to her surgery but she was keen to get out. The nurses had already been round and removed all her wires and tubes so she felt more free than she had in a while. Her things were in a neat little bag by her bag and she had managed to brush her red hair and tie it up. It still took a nurse to help her get dressed though, which was a little embarrassing.

She dreaded the thought of her parents having to help her with getting dressed and taking her to check-ups. She didn't know why exactly, it just seemed humiliating to her. Not to mention the fuss. The nurses had told her she would need to take things easy but she knew her parents would lock her in bed and make sure she couldn't do anything for weeks. She had a new heart, she wanted to live her life now and do things she hadn't been able to before. 

The door opened and she was relieved to see Xylon. She smiled to him, still a touch hazy from the medication, she felt like she couldn't get a clear grasp on anything when she was like this and she shifted to sit up. 
“Hey.” She breathed as she moved some of her hair out the way and looked to him, “I'm alright, no wires or anything.” She said, like it was a small victory. He really had been such a blessing, she knew he hated hospitals and yet he had visited as much as he possibly could since she had been here and it hadn't been easy for him. 

“Uh…” She looked to the clock, “I'd say you have an hour.” She said to him with a small smile and wondered what he needed. It was no secret her father was protective of her. Her mother fully supported Xylon in most things but her father found it hard to let go, especially given Jenny's heart condition. 
“What's going on?” She asked him as she got comfortable and sat amongst the pristine white sheets. 


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Tristan shifted slightly when he heard Rohana get up. Today was the day, and truthfully he was so afraid for Rohana. It was no small thing to bury a parent so early on. He heard the shower turn on and he sat up, he knew Jenny was due to get out today and despite his feelings towards Xylon, he knew Xylon and her parents would make a fuss of her and he needed to be with Rohana, make sure that she didn't break. Over the sounds of water, he could hear her sobs and he got up, pulling on a tee as he headed towards the bathroom and he didn't knock as he stepped in. 

She really was beautiful, she never saw it in herself. He approached from behind and sighed out softly. Nothing he could say would make today any easier on her, all he could do was be there for her and he reached out, fingers grazing her back as he stepped in, clothed in his sleepwear and wrapped his arms around her, as gently as he could and he held her there in his arms.

“Hey, come on. You'll end up down the drain if you stay under here for any longer.” He said in her ear as he held her close. He couldn't imagine what she was going through right then, he wanted so desperately to help and say all the right things but he couldn't. No words would heal her right then and he pressed a kiss under her ear. He reached out and got her a towel as he turned the shower off and wrapped her in the fluffy material. 
“We'll do this together, I'll be right there.” He assured her. She was the most incredible woman he had ever met, and he wasn't going anywhere. He realised his clothes were soaked and he figured it didn't matter. He would change and everything would be alright. Maybe after this, when Rohana had recovered and Jenny was more able, they could all go somewhere together. 

Tristan cupped her face and placed a kiss to her forehead, 
“I can't do anything to make this all better, Ro. But whatever you need, I'm right here.” He promised quietly. 

ButterflyRoseυndyιng   57d ago


Seeing Jenny not hooked up to the wires and everything else made the male's heart happy. She was finally going home and he would be the one to take her. He watched as the nurse clicked her tongue and made sure Jenny was comfortable before turning to him. “If either of you need anything, please let me know” she said as she bowed her head and slipped out of the room. Xylon hadn't had time to really thank the woman before she was gone. He shrugged lightly as he pulled the chair up to the side of the bed beside Jenny and smirked lightly.

“Do you know how cute you look right now? If you and I weren't here waiting for your parents, and a nurse could just pop in at any time I'd take you right here and now” he said in a husky voice. He meant it too. He wanted her so bad right then that it ached. He knew he couldn't though. He wouldn't force her too either. He was a gentleman after all and he wanted to prove that to her parents as well. When she asked what was going on, he leaned back and put his hands behind his head.

Would it be wise to speak about what he wanted to do right then and there? He sighed lightly as he took a breath and spoke again. “On the way back here, I was thinking about trying to talk your parents into staying at my place with me. It's a lot quiter and not as many people would want to come and see you. But if you're at your parents place you know family is going to want to come over. Along with other people. Your parents would be all for it, but if you stayed with me I wouldn't allow it.”

“That and the only people allowed over is Rohana and Tristan anyway. I just wanted to see what you thought of it before I asked your parents” he said softly. He was all of a sudden nervous about asking her parents. He knew that her mother might not have an issue with it, but her father on the other hand might. He moved his hands from behind his head as he looked towards her. He leaned forward and rested his arms on either side of her legs, and he placed his hands on her lower back pulling her towards him slowly.

“In all honesty it would make me feel better if you were with me. You'd be well taken care of in more ways than one..” he said in a hushed voice. He knew he was tempting fate but he didn't care. He wanted Jenny in his bed and he wanted her to stay there. He looked up into her eyes as he slipped his hands up the back of her shirt slowly, running his fingers along her lower back. The skin to skin contact would make things so much better for her. He just waited to see what her thoughts were about his offer.





The pain was too much. She knew her father had been a piece of shit but he had been the best thing to happen to her. He had taken care of her. He promsied her the world. She wanted him to be there when she took on the world. He wasn't there. He wouldn't be there ever again. Before she knew it Tristian had her in his arms and that seemed to calm her down a bit more. She wrapped her naked body around him, her arms around his neck, her legs around his waist. She buried her head in his neck feeling even smaller than before. She wanted to fully break.

As the male made the small comment about her going down the drain a small, sad laugh escaped her lips. She lifted her head and looked into his eyes. He really was amazing. He had taken her in when he didn't have too. He was helping heal a broken heart that he hadn't caused. He didn't deserve any of this. She knew that Jenny had a huge part in his life and she felt like she was taking that away from the other woman. She let the male put her back down and shut the shower off, and wrapped her in a towel.

The two went back into the bedroom and she reached up rubbing her sore eyes. It was going to be a long day for sure. She stood there in nothing but a towel as water dripped from his clothes. “Thank you Tristian.. For everything. I mean it. You didn't have to stick around and yet you did.. You took me in when you didn't have too, and yet you did.. You don't deserve someone as broken as I am, but I'm glad you've made the choice to stick with me. I honestly can't do this without you” she breathed out.

She meant it too. He really was special and she was glad he had stuck it out with her. She stood on her toes and pressed her lips to his cheek. She then moved towards the closet and opened it. She found her father's favorte sundress of hers. It had sunflowers all over it and she laid it out on the bed. She felt tears stinging her eyes as she let the memory wash over her. The day she had gotten the dress was the day her father had told her it was his favorite on her, and that had been when her nickname Sunflower came into play.

Just thinking about those memories tore her apart again. She kept it together the best she could. She finished drying herself off and got dressed. She then found her matching sandals and slipped them onto her feet. She finished getting ready and made sure she had everything she needed with her. “I'll meet you at the car” she said softly as she slipped out of the bedroom, down the hall and out the door. There were a couple of clouds in the sky and she hoped it wouldn't rain. She stood beside the car, her arms wrapped around herself trying to fully prepare herself for the final goodbye.

NullificationJenny   57d ago


Jenny smiled at him and laughed a little as his remark about her being cute. She didn’t feel cute, she had been cooped up in a bed for what felt like weeks now and she wanted to be normal again. She watched him as he spoke and she was a little surprised. Things had been a little difficult between the two of them, with the surgery and finding one another again but he still wanted to take care of her. He was right, her parents would have the whole street up to give her well wishes and her mother would fuss horribly about everything. She leaned into him when he pulled her close and she couldn’t keep the smile off her face.

“I’d like that.. I’d love it actually, you’ll have to cool your jets though, lover boy. We might have take it real slow.” She said finally and the last part had a teasing tone to it. Xylon would take care of her, and he wouldn’t allow an endless queue of visitors to stream in and he also wouldn’t fuss so much she wouldn’t be allowed to do anything. She needed to get her strength back.


She leaned in and kissed him gently, stroking his cheek with her thumb and pulling back when the door opened and her parents walked in.


“Ah, Xylon!” Her mother, Catherine smiled at Xylon and wrapped him in an embrace, “Oh lord, look at you, you need some weight on your bones.” She said to him and her father, Arthur gave a curt nod to the man.

“Ready, Jennifer?” He asked and Jenny paused and looked to Xylon.


“Actually- I was thinking I might go back with Xylon. It’ll be quieter and I wont be putting a strain on you and mom.” Jenny said and looked to her mother first. She looked surprised but her soft eyes went to Xylon,

“Well, it was bound to happen sometime.” Catherine smiled at Xylon softly and then looked to her husband who looked shocked and disapproving.

“Arthur why don’t you chat to Xylon outside?” Catherine said, Jenny didn’t need the stress and she started to help her daughter make sure everything was packed and she had all her medicines.


Arthur grunted and stepped outside, waiting on Xylon before looking him over.

“She’s had a heart operation, son. Not a grazed knee. She’ll need looking after, properly. But you know all that don’t you?” He sighed and looked in the room to his daughter. She was his only child, his only daughter and his most precious gift.

“I remember seeing you both together, you were inseparable when you were younger. She’s my daughter, Xylon. One day you’ll understand if you’re lucky enough to have one of your own, you’d move the earth for her.” He said with a small smile as the older man looked to Xylon.


“I can see you’re serious about this and about her. But I have one condition.” He commented, “If you have a falling out or it all gets too much, just bring her back to me. Don’t hurt her or leave her alone, I won’t hate you, just bring her back to me.” He said to the man and clapped him on the back,

“Otherwise, she’s a grown woman and she’s chosen you, I used to hate how she spoke about you all the time. At dinner, after school… You’re a lucky man, son.” Arthur said to him and folded his arms. It was hard to accept his daughter was growing up, living a life and probably starting a family all her own soon.



Rohana was so fragile, Tristan was worried she might break altogether and he wouldn’t know how to put her back together. He found a shirt and suit pants, dressing as respectfully as he could. He glanced over to Rohana and saw her in the sundress. He wanted to tell her she was beautiful but it didn’t seem appropriate. He was so worried for her and he needed to be rock today, he had to be her mountain and he would do that.


He fixed his hair and combed it back before fixing up himself finally. Rohana hadn’t eaten, he had noticed but he also understood why. He moved outside and looked over the beach view. It was beautiful here, he had always loved the beach and Rohana made it so much better. She made everything better. He grabbed his keys and locked up before heading out and looking to Rohana. She looked so small, so fragile like a baby bird with its wings clipped. He couldn’t make this better, he’d do anything to say the magic words to make her feel better but he didn’t know them and Rohana would have to weather the storm but he’d be there with her, right at her side.


He approached and wrapped his arms around her, holding her close and he placed a kiss on top of her head,

“Hey, I’m not going anywhere okay? I’m going to stay right at your side for as long as you need me, and as long as you want me.” Her father would be so proud of her and the woman she had grown into. She was beautiful and graceful, Tristan didn’t ever want to let her go.

“Come on, we’ll take it slow.” He said to her softly and kissed her cheek as he opened the door for her and then moved to get into the drivers side. He hasn’t known her father and if Rohana wanted him to wait outside then he would.


He made sure the drive was slow, so Rohana could take her time to adjust and get her bearings before seeing other family and facing a funeral. Jenny was getting out today, he was sure he would find time to go and see her in a week maybe, Rohana needed him right then and he was sure her parents were fussing over her. He was still unsure about Xylon but he trusted the other man to look after Jenny. Maybe after all this they would all take a vacation somewhere together. Tristan could even offer up his beach home and they could all spend some time together.



ButterflyRoseυndyιng   47d ago


The male didn't know how lucky he had gotten. He had everything he could ever wish for. He was just surprised the Jenny was so accepting after everything that happened. He looked into her eyes and smirked lightly. “I know, I know. You won't be able to do anything like that for awhile, but I can still please you in other ways” he said with a smirk. He kissed the female back and soon it was broken, and her parents were in the room. He had to remove himself from Jenny when her mother came over and hugged him. The male hugged her back holding onto her a moment longer.

Cathrine was like his own mother in so many ways. He then looked to Arthur and nodded lightly. He ignored the part about Catherine telling him that he needed to put meat on his bones. He really didn't. He shoved his hands into his pockets as he walked out of the room with Arthur. He leaned against the wall as the older man spoke. He looked up towards Arthur and nodded. “I know where you are coming from. I'm pretty sure my dad would have been the same way if I was a woman.”

“I promise you I'll take the best care of her. My mom did want to see her when she left though, so I will let you know now we will head to my parents place and then I'll get her home and in bed. I promise you sir I'm not going to hurt her. I lost her all those years ago and I'm not planning on losing her again. It's like fate had a hand in all of this. If things do turn south I'll make sure she's back in your home before you know it.” he promised the older man.

He knew he would be the same way whenever he had his own daughter. He was just glad that they were still on good terms. There had been many nights where he had turned to Arthur asking about Jenny and asking what he had done wrong to push her away when she left. He was just glad that he had another chance with her. The two then walked back into the room and Xylon walked over and wrapped an arm around Jenny's waist and helped her stand. “Let's get going. We have one stop to make on the way home” he said lightly.

He took the bag that Catherine handed him and he smiled at her. He kissed her cheek lightly before speaking again. “Like I promised your husband, I'll take good care of her. Nothing's going to go wrong. If it does, she'll be back in your home, and you'll never hear from me again” he promised the woman. Catherine nodded as she hugged her daughter goodbye. Xylon helped get her into the wheel chair that the nurse had provided. He then handed her the bag and then gave her parents one last promising look before walking out.

He felt like he was finally free. He knew he was bound to have a long road ahead of him but it was worth it. He leaned down and kissed the top of her head. “I told mom when you were out we would go and see her. Then I'll get you home I promise” he said into her ear as he pushed her through the halls and out to the waiting car.




Rohana wanted nothing more than to fall into the ground and never come back out. This was the final goodbye and she didn't think she could handle it. She wanted to just not go. She had done everything in her power to make sure daddy was taken care of. People didn't see the man he was behind closed doors, not even Xylon knew half the story. She looked up when Tristin came outside. She leaned against him slightly wishing she could just vanish all together. It was going to be a long day for sure. She was lucky enough to have the male by her side.

She let him help her get into the car and she buckled herself in. Today couldn't get done fast enough. She turned her gaze out the window as the male drove. She knew she needed to say something, but what? She was at a loss for words at the moment. The drive didn't take long and soon they were there. She looked up at the building and felt tears sting her eyes. She couldn't do this. She wanted to run the other way. She would let everyone else say their goodbyes, but she didn't want to be one of them.

She bit her lower lip lightly as she looked at the building before her. She sighed lightly as she unbuckled herself and climbed out. When she did she was approached. She looked over her shoulder to make sure Tristin was out of the car before turning to her aunt. The look on the woman's face was pure anger. Rohana's heart dropped into her stomach. “Hello Aunt Janice” she said in a small voice. “Don't you ‘Hello Aunt Janice’ me young lady! This is your all your damn fault! If you hadn't been out and about fucking someone your father would still be here!”

“You are nothing but a horrible person. My only brother is gone because of you! You don't understand how many times I told him to just drop you. You were old enough to live on your own at eighteen. I had told him over and over again to come home! That you were a fucking tramp like your mother had been. Did he listen to me? No he didn't. He decided to stick around for you. I don't know why, because you are nothing but a horrible piece of shit. After today you are not longer my neice.”

“You are no longer allowed to come around the family. Period” the older woman spat. She reached up and slapped Rohana across the face and hard. Rohana's eyes filled with tears as her head snapped to the side, her hand flying to her stinging cheek. She wanted nothing more than to yell at her aunt but she kept her mouth shut and her eyes trained on the ground. “You are worthless, and nothing but a damn whore. You shouldn't even be apart of this family but you are. Just stay away after this” Janice hissed and stormed off towards the building.

Rohana stood there a moment longer before she finally lowered her hand from her face. She took a deep breath before she turned to Tristin and lost it. “I can't do this.. I can't face them.. If my family is going to treat me the same way as Janice just did, I can't do this” she sobbed out. She rounded the car and threw herself into Tristan's arms burying her face into his chest fully breaking. Her body shook with the sobs as a whole new hurt washed over her.

NullificationJenny   47d ago


“Are you alright? He’s barely left your bed, do I dare say it’s love?” Catherine smiled when Arthur took Xylon outside, no doubt to give him a fathers talk. Jenny smiled to her mother, when wasn’t it with Xylon?

“He’ll look after you, he’s a good one.” Her mother said and looked over as the two men came in and she smiled a little to him. Jenny stood with Xylon’s help and eyed the wheelchair, buffing a little but long distance walking might prove to be too much and she smiled to him as she settled down and her mother watched them both.


“Take care you two.” She said to them and kissed Jenny’s cheek. Jenny looked to Xylon as he started to push and she raised an eyebrow,

“Your mom?” She smiled, she did like Xylon’s mother and she relaxed some in the chair. It was cold outside and she looked herself over. She was in her pajamas and she looked to Xylon as she made her way into his car,

“She won’t mind me being in my pajamas?” She said with a small laugh. She was sure nobody was mind, she had just gone through surgery and everything else. She settled in the passenger side and relaxed a little, it felt good to be out of the hospital and she reached over to take Xylon’s hand, giving it a squeeze.


“Thank you.” She murmured, her parents were both wonderful but she would get more rest and healing with him than she would back home. She needed to rebuild her strength and take medications but she didn’t want to be on bed rest for the next year because her parents would be so scared. She wanted to be able to cook, get dressed, live properly.

“Really, I’m so grateful you’re letting me stay with you Xy.” She looked out the window and then back over to him, releasing his hand so he could drive without worrying.


“I’m looking forwards to seeing your mom, then being back at your place.” She said to him. Nothing was stopping her now, nothing could stop her from living a proper and full life. She had a new heart, she had a free life to live and she wanted to spend it with Xylon, after all the years of doubt and separation, they now had this one chance to make it together.


She had faced surgery and Xylon had been with her every step of the way. She was sure they would have their issues and arguments about lingering old wounds but it was nothing compared to the new life she wanted with him. She loved him and desperately wanted to make up for the years they had been parted.




Tristan looked to the woman, Janice, he figured. He watched and balled his fists as she met Rohana with malice and anger. The things she called her niece, the slap. Tristan stepped forwards and was about to give the woman a good earful but Rohana buried herself into him and he wrapped his arms around her, tightly. He held her close and pressed a kiss to the top of her head. He held her as she sobbed and he sighed out. He was angry, the woman had lost her father and her own family turned their backs on her in the most hateful way possible.


“Shh, it’s alright.” He soothed quietly. He knew the woman needed to say goodbye to her father. It wasn’t fair and he decided then and there he wouldn’t allow anyone to step up to her like that again. Not without going through him first.

“You have every right to be here, Ro.” He said to her quietly and placed a kiss to the top of her head.

“You have to say goodbye, Ro. Don’t let them get to you and I swear, if anyone comes near you again, I won’t let them close.” He said quietly and cradled her for a moment.


He leaned down and cupped her face, gently wiping at the tears there.

“I promise, it’s going to be alright.” He said to her and stroked her cheek.

“You’re not what they say you are Rohana, you’re bright, intelligent, beautiful and wonderful. Your father would be so proud of the woman you are.” He murmured, “And if you doubt that, then know that I am so proud of you.” He said to her and kissed her cheek. He couldn’t imagine how difficult this was for her.


He slid his hand down to hers and took hold of it. They could stay at the back, she could go to his graveside and say goodbye when everyone had left but she needed to say her farewell to her father, and get closure.

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Xylon knew that his mother wouldn't care at all. She knew that Jenny just had surgery and she was wanting to see the woman more than anything. The male shook his head lightly and squeezed her hand. “Mom won't mind at all what you're wearing. Hell you could go fully nude and mom wouldn't care. Now dad would be a different issue" he said with a small laugh. He adored his parents more than anything and he knew that his father would have an issue if Jenny walked into their home naked. Plus he meant it as a joke. He didn't want Jenny being naked around anyone but him.

He turned his head towards her when they were at a stop light. “So I was thinking when we got back home, you and I get into bed, and make that bed ours. I promise I'll take it slow, but I need you Jenny.. I need you in more ways than one” he breathed out. He didn't want to push her too quickly, but he meant it. He needed her and this time they were going to do it right. He was going to take his time with her. Really please her in ways she'd never dream of.

This was their time after all. They were finally thrown back together and he couldn't wait to see what life had to offer. Now that she was out of that place and away from the prying eyes of the doctors, nurses and her parents. Yes he wanted to take her home right then and there, but he had made a promise to his mother that as soon as she was out, they would be there. The male took his eyes off of her and saw the light had turned green. He went thorugh the light and headed to the rich neighborhood.

Ever since his parents stopped working they ended up getting a really nice house in a better part of town. He had been worried with all of the shootings going on in their old neighborhood. When they found this one and there wasn't any shootings happening, it put his mind at ease for sure. “So as you can see mom and dad aren't in the old neighborhood. The shoots got to be too much and I was getting really worried about them being there. Cause I didn't know if mom would have gotten shot, or dad”

“But dad did finally get mom her dream home that's for sure” he said with a small laugh. About five minutes later he pulled into the driveway of the house and shut the car off. He climbed out and went around the passenger side door and opened it. He helped Jenny out and when he looked up his father was coming out to help. “Well look at you! Finally out of that god forsaken bed, and that horrible place” he said grinning. Xylon rolled his eyes and shut the door keeping his arm around Jenny's waist.

He looked up towards the house and spotted his mother as well. She looked beautiful standing there. Roland walked over and wrapped his arm around Jenny and the two men helped her into the house. “I'm so glad you were able to come! I've gotten your favorite food made. The living room is set up and ready for you” she said moving aside. The pair helped Jenny inside and helped get her on the couch. Xylon then sat down next to her. He leaned over and kissed her temple lightly. “We will go home soon I promise you” he said softly. He then leaned back and let his mother work her magic.




The words her aunt said rolled around in her mind. She had put so much thought into this funeral service. She had every right to be here. Tristian was right. She shouldn't let her family get to her like that. She felt him pull back and she looked up at him, nodding lightly. She knew his words were true, but it still hurt. She had been so close to Janice growing up, that hearing those words leave her aunt's mouth shattered her. She didn't want to be here, but she had to say her final goodbyes. She wouldn't bother going to the grave site afterwards.

She took a breath and reached up wiping the tears from her eyes. She tired to smile towards the male but it didn't quite reach her eyes like normal. “I honestly don't know what I would do without you.. I know daddy would want me here and I do have to say goodbye. I know where his grave marker will be. After the service can we just go back home? I don't want to go to the grave site yet” she said softly. She wanted to hide away from the world after this heartbreak she was dealing with.

She meant it too. She would be a lost cause if Tristian wasn't around. She would have tried to kill herself so she could be with her father, and she would have made sure she was gone. She wasnt' going to tell Tristian that though, he had enough to deal with. She took a breath and slipped her hand into his lacing their fingers together. She then took a breath and walked into the building. The whispers stopped as soon as she walked through the doors. She looked around at her cousins, aunts and uncles and her heart shattered even more.

Seeing the anger in their eyes, the way they turned away from her. They were shunning her. She was disowned and she knew it. Robert walked up to her and touched her shoulder lightly. “I think you should leave Rohana. You are just going to make matter's worse for yourself if you don't” he said lightly. Rohana's eyes filled with tears once more. “Are you really going to deny me saying goodbye to daddy? Are you really that heartless?” she hissed. The hurt that crossed her uncles face gave her a bit more courage. She then looked around at everyone again.

“I know you all hate me and I know that Aunt Janice has most likely poisoned you all against me. This is my daddy we are here for. None of you are going to deny me the fact I can't say my final goodbyes to him. I'm the one who planned all of this! Where were all of you when I needed you?!”

“Rohana please. Don't make such a fuss right now. I'm just saying you should leave before something hurts anyone. I do thank you for putting this service together.” 

“You have no right to be here. Just because you planned everything doesn't meant shit. Leave before I call the cops” Janice said. Rohana shook her head as she kept her ground, her hand in Tristian's. “I'm not going anywhere Aunt Janice. Uncle Robert, you both can try and make me leave but I'm not going too. I have a right to be here” she hissed. Right as she got the final word in the pastor walked in and nodded to everyone to take their seats. Rohana moved to the front where she belonged. She snuggled up against Tristan's side as the service started.


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