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Mankind has achieved interstellar travel although their home planet Earth is almost uninhabitable, the vast amount of humanity has colonized the remaining planets and moons within their solar system.

Thanks to the ever-increasingly high crime rates of space and because there is no formal law outside of a select few planets, moons, asteroids, and colonies… Bounty hunting became a legalized contract system, in which registered bounty hunters(also referred to as “Hunters”) capture or retrieve a person or object in return for a reward.


      1.  Short paragraphs minimum, quality over quantity. 

      2.  Must post at least once a week.

      3.  Must wait for two other people to post before you may post again.

      4.  This is a space theme rp, so be creative and have fun!

      5.  I crave in-character drama. Make things interesting! 

      6.  Please clearly differentiate when your character is "speaking", thinking, and acting/reacting.

      7.  Proofread your post before posting. It doesn't need to be perfect. It just needs to be clear enough to read and                  understand without us having to decipher every little thing.

      8.  Use that chat or pms to communicate and share ideas.

      9.  Do Not cyber or turn this into a 1x1 rp. 

      10.  This rp is locked to protect it from trolls.

      11.  Fill out the skelly and pm it to me if you want to join this group rp.

      12. Obviously, please don't godmod or metagame. Again I want this to be a fun and creative rp.


One-star bounties must be handled with non-lethal means.  If the target is injured then the reward will be reduced drastically depending on the damage done to the target. Should the target be killed in the process of capture or dead, the hunter will receive no reward.


Two-star bounties require hunters to use lethal action. The bounty target must be eliminated, however, proof of body must be provided in order to receive the reward. If the target is captured alive the reward will be reduced to half.  There will be no reward should the target escape and remain on the run.


Three stars are wanted dead or alive. Hunters may deal with three-star bounties however they please, however, they should not forget that any damage caused to public areas or private businesses will reduce their reward, since someone gotta pay the damages.

Hunters are required to turn in the target's dead body as proof in order to receive the reward. Nobody, no reward. 
The reward doubles if the target is captured alive and turned in.

SKELETON                                        Fill this out & PM it to me if you want to join

Puppeteer: Username

Puppet: Characters name or nickname

Role: Bounty Hunter, Wanted Criminal, Civilian, or Other explain. 

Age: Appearance wise and actual.

Gender/ Identity: Male, Female, something? o.e’

Species: Human? Alien? Just what the heck are you exactly?

Planet of Origin: Be creative this is an “out of this world” kind of RP.

Occupation: What do you do for a living? Galaxy Police? Bounty Hunter? Taxi driver? Interstellar Smuggler? ECT-

Bio: Optional.


Star tier | Try PMing the user and working something out. | Alive = possibly some maiming, no killing. | ✩✩ Dead feel free to maim or kill them to your heart's content. | ✩✩✩ Dead or Alive = either way works

Reason: What did you do to get a bounty placed over your head

Description: Anything in particular?

Last seen: Possible last known location?

Reward: What is it? Is it money? Fame? A trade? What?



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