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Let's be rp partners and friends

By BrittSehkret
Backup thread

Hi, I'm Britt. I took some time away from the site and have decided to return seeing it's new form. I am trying to reunite with some rp partners I once had and looking for new ones. I like to do . My usual is pairing is, I do double but I have tried M/M in the past before and it didn't work out so good. F/F might be doable but we'll see. I also like to do I also like my partners to be

For original rps Oc x Oc


  • Yu-gi-oh - would be looking for someone to play
  • Shadow and Bone/Grishaverse - Would be looking for someone to play
  • The Vampire Dairies - would be looking for someone to play
  • Supernatural - Looking for
  • True Blood - Looking for
  • The Punisher – Looking for
  • Once Upon a Time - Looking for
  • American Horror Story - Looking for
  • Yu Yu Hakusho - Looking for

These are the only ones that are coming to mind right now, can always ask if I have seen something and I'll let you know. 

Good girl x bad boy

Secret Bad girl x Bad boy 

Teacher x Student

Vampire x Werewolf

Sister x brother's best friend

I have ideas for the fandoms but they are just that ideas! Want to hear my plots? Just ask me and see if it interests you! For originals I like to make a plot with my rp parnter. 

Posting wise: 2 to 4 paragraphs, possibly more depending on what I'm given. I can work with one liners but it doesn't always progress fast. 

interests: Romance, Drama, and slow burn

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