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Before the Serpent Strikes

By Fushen
Backup thread

September 1, 1943

Another year, another start of term at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

Slytherin prefect Tom Riddle enters his sixth year with blood on his hands.

And someone else has begun to take notice.

Searching for someone to play opposite a young Tom Riddle who is on the precipice of becoming Lord Voldemort.
You can be whoever you like, be it a canon character or an original one and we can discuss more details together.

~This roleplay is for ages 21+ only. Mature themes will be used throughout.
~Illustrated character art strongly preferred.
~Proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation are all expected, but I’m not gonna flog you if you make a mistake here and there. If I’m not trying to decipher a coded message in your posts, we’re good.
~Paragraphs of posts are preferable. It’s a good general rule of thumb to just offer enough to work with – whatever that means to you.
~I expect a partner who is just as capable of contributing to the plot as I am. This is just a rough sketch of an idea, so it's completely flexible. I'd love to collaborate with you throughout this process so we can create a story we both enjoy.
~There is no pressure to post here. Whatever your schedule is works for me. If I haven’t heard from you in a couple months or so, I might reach out as a courtesy checkup, but there’s seriously no rush whatsoever.
~If you find somewhere down the line that this roleplay isn’t for you anymore, just let me know. We can tweak or drop it right then and there, no questions asked.
~Shoot me a message if you're interested!

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FushenTom Marvolo Riddle   91d ago

Tom Marvolo Riddle

Muggles Murdered!

Three Muggles were found dead in Little Hangleton on 22 August, 1943. Though the Muggle authorities had no clue as to who or what may have caused such a calamity, the Ministry of Magic opened an immediate investigation upon learning that magic might've been involved. Aurors were led to the home of Morfin Gaunt, one of the last remaining heirs of Slytherin and a particularly pernicious Muggle misanthropist. He was promptly arrested and presented before the Wizengamot. There, Gaunt freely confessed - one could even say bragged about the murders without the influence of any Legilimency nor Veritaserum. Sources verified that indeed the last spell his wand cast was the unforgivable Killing Curse. Gaunt was immediately sentenced to a lifelong term in Azkaban, his only lament being the loss of a family heirloom during the whole kerfuffle.

The Daily Prophet was wrong about three things. One: the family heirloom - a ring - was not lost but rather stolen. Two: Morfin Gaunt was not the last heir of Salazar Slytherin. And three: he was not responsible for the murder of the three Muggles in Little Hangleton. The truth behind all that misinformation? Tom Marvolo Riddle.

The sixteen year old neatly folded up his copy of the newspaper and set it aside on the empty train seat next to him. In fact, the entire carriage was empty. The other prefects were no doubt catching up with their friends, regaling them with tales of their summer escapades. Tom absently fingered the golden ring inlaid with a small black stone on his right hand. It was a souvenir, of sorts, from his most recent summer escapade - one that no one could know about. Not that anyone would ever dare suspect the perfect prefect. He was everything a good student ought to be, after all: intelligent, charming, and benign.

There was the shrill sound of a train whistle signaling the time. Eleven ‘o clock. In a cloud of steam and a whine of wheels, The Hogwarts Express slowly began to pull out of King’s Cross Station. A couple dozen heads hung out the windows waving a final farewell to family as the train gained speed. Tom's window remained securely shut. He didn't have any family, much less anyone that would wish him well, see him off, or care to kiss him goodbye. At least not any more.

Three faces frozen in abject horror and illuminated by a bright green light briefly flashed across his mind.

Tom thought that the whole taking-a-life thing was supposed to be a much grander affair. True, he'd set the basilisk on that Muggle-born girl last year, but could hardly count that as a true killing since it was the beast who'd claimed her at the end of the day. Eradicating the Riddles, however, had been far more intimate. It was from his hand personally that they'd met their demise. He thought it might change him fundamentally in some way considering how heinous others made the act sound. In reality, however, he found it all too easy to settle into the new world with three less souls to occupy it. The only lingering sensation was the recognition of how simple it was to snuff out a life. Mortality. It was a weakness, a disease. One that he was determined to cure. That thought plagued him far more than the blood on his hands.

The door to the carriage slid open, rousing Tom from his thoughts. He turned to see fellow sixth-year prefect Beatrice Harlow, a Hufflepuff. He rose as she stepped inside, an old fashioned move but one a gentleman would make regardless; he had a reputation to keep. Tom barely inclined his head to her before sitting back down again. “Ah, hello, Harlow," he said in a stiff voice.

Cordial, he reminded himself. He never liked the little Hufflepuff. Really, the entire House was full of nauseating personalities. Added to that, the fact was not lost on him that they sported the largest number of Muggle-born students on campus. They were a soft, bleeding-heart breed. If it were up to him, he'd have as little to do with them as possible. As Tom and Beatrice were both prefects, however, he was required to cooperate.

He moved the Daily Prophet to both hide the headline article as well as make room for her to sit. Not that she'd have much trouble finding a seat. They were still the only two in the carriage. He cleared his throat and, although he didn't much care to hear the answer, he asked, “Did you have a nice summer?”

Meanwhile, Tom had completely forgotten the potions project they'd been assigned by Slughorn to work on together over break. It was less of a class requirement and more to remain in the professor's good graces / lauded ‘Slug Club’ - both of which the teenager needed if he hoped to approach Slughorn with some very specific inquiries…regarding horcruxes.

StolenRelics-вeaтrιce   90d ago


The sounds of young, excited children made the woman's heart swell. There was going to be so many new faces wandering the school halls. Beatrice Harlow look around herself trying to wrap her head around all of this. This was the first time in her life she would be entering the train without Myrtle Warren beside her. The two had been really good friends up until Mytrtle ended up passing away. The thought made the female pause a moment as tears stung her eyes. “Beatrice, honey? Is everything okay?” came the sound of her mother's voice. The female turned her attention to her mother and nodded lightly. Beatrice smiled sadly at the older woman.

“I'm as good as I'm going to be. Just thinking about Mytrle and how I wish she was here with me. It's been a rough year, but I know she'll want me to keep a smile on my face and my head held high" she said lightly. Her mother nodded lightly as she wrapped her arms around her only daughter. “I know it's going to be hard, but you've done everything you can to keep her memory alive. Now go and enjoy your new year at school” her mother said with a warm smile.

Beatrice couldn't really blame her mother. She had been locked in her room for some of the summer, screaming her heart out. She did break a couple of items back home, but they were easily replaceable. After the long talk she had with her mother one night she knew that Mytrle would want her to keep her memory alive. She would do that for the woman and the rest of the Warren family. She wrapped her arms around her mother once more and hugged her tightly. “I love you so much momma” she breathed out.

“I love you too my darling. Now go, before you get left behind” the woman said as she let the younger girl go. The sixteen year old reached up and wiped a tear away as she made her way onto the train. She thought she heard her name being called and then spotted one of her brother's running towards her with his arms out streached. She hurried off the train and scooped him up into a hug. She smothered his face in kisses and the boy giggled, and hung onto her neck for a moment still giggling.

“You be a good boy for momma. You'll be coming next year I promise you that” she said kissing his temple. “I know. I can't wait for that day to come. I love you Bea, so much” the child said. That made the woman's heart swell even more. “I love you too Theo, so much. Now go and watch momma and help take care of the baby okay. Shoo” she said as she set Theodore back onto his feet. The little boy nodded as he waved to his sister, and then ran back over to their mother's side. She climbed back onto the train and waved goodbye.

The female walked over to one of the windows and leaned out. She waved until the train left the station. She then pulled her head back in, took a breath and made her way to the Prefect's compartment. She trailed her fingers lightly along the walls as she walked. She heard the excited voices of the younger students and she couldn't help but wonder what ones she would be taking under her wing this year. Would it even be worth it? That thought wasn't supposed to cross her mind. She felt at a loss without Myrtle here.

She remembered the times they would find the best compartment and just laugh and tease the other the whole way to school. She paused outside of the compartment for a moment and took a breath before walking inside. She wasn't at all surprised to see Tom already there. He didn't have anyone and she knew that. She nodded lightly towards him. “Hello to you as well Riddle” she said as she shut the compartment door behind her. She didn't like the feeling of being alone with him for very long, but what could she do about it?

She watched as he moved the Daily Prophet to make room for her. She sat down next to the male and turned her attention to the window. Was he really trying to make small talk with her? She was kind of surprised about it. They were supposed to work on a potions project together that summer, and she hadn't gotten a single word from him. She shifted in her seat to face the male. “The Summer was different this year. But it was good none the less. Thank you for asking” she said slightly. She didn't know what it was about the male.

Was he just trying to play nice? Or was he really wanting to talk to her? The few times they've run into each other in the halls she thought he hated her. With how he looked at her. This wasn't the place to think about things like this. She was curious though as to why he never responded to her letters. “So, what do you think Slughorn will say when he finds out we didn't do our project like he had advised us to do?” she asked in a small voice. That might not have been the best wording, but at least the question was out there finally.

FushenTom Marvolo Riddle   89d ago

Tom Marvolo Riddle

“Good. That’s good,” he said lamely in response to her assessment of her summer. And Tom was grateful that she did not return the question in kind. Instead, she mentioned Slughorn’s project.


The assignment had completely slipped his mind over the summer. He’d received her owls, of course, but he’d always resigned to getting around to responding ‘eventually.’ Then, after becoming so wrapped up in figuring out his heritage, it slipped to the wayside entirely. In the grand scheme of everything else that had happened, it seemed so small. He wanted to disregard it entirely, but he needed the Potions Master’s favor.

Tom pinched the bridge of his nose, irritation painted clearly across his face. His jaw was clenched, his eyes squeezed shut, and his brow furrowed. On a deep inhale and exhale, however, it smoothed over into neutrality almost as quickly as the vexation had come over him. “That's right,” he muttered, still with a hint of bitterness. “Admittedly, I’d forgotten about that.” He didn’t apologize for the oversight nor for leaving her letters unanswered.

He heaved a heavy sigh and leaned forward to rest his elbows on the tops of his knees. Tom looked thoughtful for a moment. “Slughorn needn’t find out, though. We have until, what was it? Second week of school, I think, to get it done. We can still produce something.” It was a tall order to say the least. They had been tasked with altering the effects of Amortentia, the most powerful love potion in existence. Of course, it wasn’t real love. In truth, it was more of an infatuated obsession rather than true affection. Therein lay the assignment: manufacture true love – or, as close to it as a couple of sixteen-year-olds were capable of, anyways. They were the pair of the brightest minds in school, after all.

“Even with our N.E.W.T. classes this year, I expect the earlier weeks of school should be slow enough for us to get together during free periods or after hours.” He flashed his shining emerald and silver ‘P’ badge with a sly smile. “Prefects don’t have to abide by curfew, after all.” Prefects only didn’t have to abide by curfew because they were supposed to make sure the other students were. It’d be an outright abuse of their powers to disregard that fact, but oh so too easy for the pair to sneak into an empty classroom or corridor to work during nightly patrols.

Tom raised an eyebrow at Beatrice, briefly looking her up and down. He wondered whether she’d have the stomach to break the school rules. She didn’t seem the type. But he needed that project completed and only stood a chance in such a short amount of time if he had help doing it. He switched tactics.

The boy straightened, running his fingers through his thick, black hair. He offered her a warm smile that didn’t quite fully extend to his eyes. “I think it would be exciting, don’t you, Harlow? A race against the clock to complete the impossible. Only, I don’t think it’d really be impossible. Not for the two of us.” He angled his body to face her more fully. “If I had anyone else as a partner, perhaps. But I’ve seen your work in class. You’re a talent. Truly.” Tom was very good at sounding genuine. And, in a sense, he did mean it. It was a simple fact that no one else’s marks came as close to his as Beatrice Harlow’s; they were often neck and neck. It was no mystery why Slughorn paired them together.

“I know it. Slughorn knows it. But we pull this off? It won’t only be the school, but the entire Wizarding World that knows it. You’ll have your pick of whatever career you’re after from there.” He chuckled lightly. “Seems a bit silly to reach that point from a school project, I know, but I mean it. Slughorn’s famously connected, after all. Plus,” he paused, waiting until her eyes met his. “I can’t do it without you.”

Tom Riddle felt like vomiting. Still, he continued, “What do you think?” The sound of approaching footsteps just outside the compartment indicated they might not have much private time left for Beatrice to decide.

StolenRelics-вeaтrιce   76d ago


Beatrice knew that the male was laying it all on thick. He had ignored her letters the whole summer, and now they were cutting it close. Too close for her own liking. She did let him speak though. She didn't dare turn her eyes towards him as he did. There was something that drew her in. Something that made her feel like she would buckle under the pressure. As he spoke about their roles her heart dropped into her stomach. Was she really thinking about breaking school rules just to get this bloody project done? She sighed lightly as her eyes finally locked on his.

“As much as I hate to say this.. We don't have much choice in the matter. Tonight after lights out and everyone's in bed meet me at the south corridor and we can slip into one of the classrooms and at least get it started” Was this really what she wanted to do? Not at all. Was it something she would do? Yes, because it had to get done. She had thought about doing all of the work herself but knew that Slughorn would know that Riddle hadn't lifted a finger to assist her. So after the hundreth letter she had sent and got unanswered she had given up.

She was about to speak once more when she heard footsteps outside the compartment. A couple of other Prefects walked into the compartment and both their faces feel seeing Riddle there. They both nodded to Beatrice though and sat across from them not saying anything. The air in the compartment was all of a sudden smothering and all the woman wanted to do was escape. Her mind then went back to what Riddle had said about the two of them being paired together. He did have a point after all. She had been told she was one of the brightest in her year.

She wasn't really one to take the compliments but right now she did. She was dying to know though. She shifted so she was facing the male, her knee bumping against his. “I'm curious, how much did it kill you to admit that just now?” it was kind of nice to hear if from someone else around her age. She heard it all the time from the professor's but never from someone in her own year. It was kind of strange in a way. Even with it coming from the male beside her. The two had butted heads for years and would both compete for the spot light.

She wasn't one to really do something like that, but something about Riddle rubbed her the wrong way. She wanted to outshine him. He was pretty much the rule breaker of the school and she was the goody two shoes. At least that's from the whispers she's heard in the halls from the students. She was also worried about the N.E.W.T's this year. What was she going to do after she was done in school? Riddle had so many good points and with the other's in the compartment now she couldn't really talk more about it. She shifted away from the male as she looked out the window. 

The train jerked slightly and soon they were pulling away from the station. Deep down she felt like something was bound to change, but what type of change? That's something she didn't know. Was she scared to think of what it was? Yes she was scared out of her mind. She was also worried about getting caught. She just hoped that Riddle would hold up his end of the deal and do as he had suggested and meet up after hours.

FushenTom Marvolo Riddle   69d ago

Tom Marvolo Riddle

Tom blinked in surprise. He hadn’t anticipated Beatrice accepting the arduous task of completing the project under such dire time constraints so easily. Still, he smiled – genuinely this time. Nothing pleased him more than getting his way, after all.  “Excellent,” he murmured under his breath just as the compartment door slid open to a pair of other Prefects. He paid them no mind as they took their seats, and they seemed content to do the same toward him. Instead, Tom’s mind began to whirl with what he and Beatrice might need that night to get started on their project. 

Until her knee bumped into his.

His thoughts rattled, he slid his gaze back to her. His lips twitched and tightened at her unexpectedly cheeky comment, but not out of annoyance. Tom was only just able to suppress the chuckle she surprised out of him. “Oh,” he said on a drawn-out sigh in order to recompose himself. “Don’t you worry your pretty little head about me, Harlow. I’ll live.” She turned back to the window, and he turned back to his thoughts. But not before shooting her a brief sidelong glance.

The other Prefects slowly trickled in the more distance the Hogwarts Express put between itself and Kings Cross Station. Soon enough, the compartment was full of all the representatives from the Houses along with one Head Boy and Head Girl from each as well. The Heads of Houses went over the duties of the Prefects for the year: maintaining curfew, discouraging magic in the corridors, securing out of bound areas, aiding younger students, leading by example, etc. Their many rules and regulations barely registered to Tom, however. He was miles away in his own mind.

Before long the Prefects were sent off to patrol the other carriages to ensure everyone kept a lid on the magic and didn’t get themselves into any trouble on the train. It was rare that any sort of skirmish ever erupted, but with the recent death of a student still looming over the heads of those whose parents allowed them to return to school, it was better to be safe than sorry. Once again Tom found himself partnered up with Beatrice against his will. He wrinkled his nose at the pairing – wouldn’t he have to spend enough time with her as it was already?! – but did as he was told all the same.

The two were instructed to start at the back of the train and work their way up towards the front. The work wasn’t hard. It mostly involved peering into the other train compartments to ensure that everyone within was behaving themselves. Most were. Students sat across from each other either chatting about their summers, playing games like Exploding Snap, or stuffing their faces with sweets from the trolley lady. And some weren’t.

Somewhere around the tenth carriage from the back there was a commotion. A young child cried out before being quickly silenced by a smattering of shushing. Tom exchanged a glance with Beatrice before leading the charge to the compartment in question. Yanking the door open, he found some of his Slytherin associates, – he’d never gone so far as to call anyone a friend – Charles Avery, Renard Lestrange, Elias Rosier, and Fletcher Nott with a terrified redhead first year boy. All heads snapped towards Tom. There was a moment where the older kids anxiously looked as though they’d been caught red-handed, but they instantly relaxed when they realized who it was that had come to call.

“Ah, good to see you, Riddle,” Avery commented with a genial grin. “Come to meet our new little mudblood friend here?” He clapped a hand on the back of the first year who was trembling from head to toe. Tears welled in the young boy’s eyes as he looked to the Prefect in a silent plea for help. Tom didn’t immediately offer any.
“What’s happening?” he inquired coolly, looking around at them all in turn.
“Nothing of note, really.” Avery shrugged nonchalantly. It appeared that he’d noticed Beatrice standing at Tom’s shoulder. Plausible deniability. “We just felt bad that Rory hadn’t grown up with magic, so we took it upon ourselves to show him a few tricks. Harmless stuff. He liked it – didn’t you, Rory?” The redhead nodded nervously, his eyes now darting between the four Slytherin sixth years.
“We heard crying.”
“Maybe you heard it further down, mate. No one’s crying here. We’re all just having a bit of fun.”
“Maybe,” Tom muttered skeptically. He paused a moment before continuing, “I suppose we ought to check that out then.” He looked like he was about to turn and go before he called over his shoulder, “Want to come help us, Rory?”
The redhead immediately bolted up from his seat and rushed over to Tom. He was about to throw his arms around Tom’s torso in a hug, but the teenager deftly deflected the movement and ushered the child towards Beatrice instead. He gave the other boys a stern look before stepping back out and shutting the carriage door again. While there was more than enough evidence to reprimand them or even start taking points away from their shared House, Tom let the matter lie.

“We should find him a new carriage,” the boy suggested without comment on what had just transpired. He motioned for Beatrice to lead the way with Rory.

StolenRelics-вeaтrιce   62d ago


The female felt a small smirk tugging at the corners of her lips at the males responce. She looked up when the other's filled the compartment. She shifted a bit when a Ravenclaw male sat down next to her and smirked towards her. “It's going to be an interesting year. What do you say to finally agreeing to going out with me?” the male asked. That made Bea's stomach turn. She wasn't really in the mood to date and to be competely honest he rubbed her the wrong way. She didn't feel safe with him. She was going to be polite though. She shifted to where she was facing him a bit.

“I'm flattered you'd think about asking me out again this year Clarke. But I just can't. I have so much on my plate as is I don't think I'd even have time for that” she admitted. She didn't know what other way to let him down gentely. The dark-haired male narrowed his eyes and was about to speak when the professor's walked in and started going over the plans for the year. They were all paired up to make sure everyone was on their behind behaviors. When she realized she was with Tom she felt a bit better. She stood and followed him out of the compartment shuddering a bit. She wondered how well Clarke was handling the rejection.

She didn't have time to worry about that as the pair started at the end of the train and made their way to the middle. She stopped and said hello to a couple of other's in her house along with making sure the first years were being taken care of. That's when she heard the noise in the compartment. She walked up behind Tom and peered over his shoulder towards the older boys in Slytherin house and her eyes fell on the smaller boy. Her blood boiled at the sight, but she kept herself in check as Tom seemed to have a handle on it. When Rory was let go, and the way Tom avoided him made her wonder what was really going on.

She wrapped her arms around the shivering boy as he clung to her side. “Everything's okay now sweetheart. You're safe, those boys won't hurt you.” she said softly trying to calm the first year down. She looked over her shoulder at Tom with a questioning look in her eyes. What were they supposed to do with him now? She knew she wasn't going to let him out of her sight, even when they got to the school she would do everything she could to keep him out of the other's way. “Let's get you something to snack on. Your names Rory correct? I'm Beatrice, or Bea. Whatever you want to call me you are more than welcome too” she said with a warm smile.

Rory seemed to calm down a bit as he reached up and wiped his nose with his cloak. He nodded at her question about his name being Rory. “Yes ma'am it is.. I don't like those boys.. They wouldn't leave me alone.. I don't know what they were planning, but I don't feel safe.. I want to go home and not come back..” he said as a small tear slipped down his cheek. Bea stopped and knelt down so she was more on his level. She put her hands on his shoulders and looked into his eyes before speaking softly. “Don't let bully's like them get away with it. You do have a voice and you can use it. If you don't feel safe then you find someone older and tell them."

“There's nothing wrong with going to a professor or to a Prefect like Tom or I. Whatever house you are sorted into you will be well taken care of. You are going to love it at Hogwarts. If anything you already have a friend in me okay? If you ever need anything have your Prefect, or a Professor come and find me” she said softly as she wiped the stray tear from his face. Rory nodded lighlty as he threw his arms around her neck. “Thank you Beatrice. I sure hope I'm in the same house as you” he said into her ear. She wrapped her arms around him and hugged him tightly.

She then pulled away from the boy and spotted the trolly. She pulled out some coins from her cloak and placed them into the palm of his hand. “Get what you want, and I'll be waiting for you” she said. Seeing the boy's face light up made her heart warm a bit. She stood and turned to Tom her eyes narrowed a bit, as she crossed her arms over her chest. “I don't know what those boys were planning but I don't like it. I know they are part of Slythering house, but if Rory's part of it as well. I need you to make sure he's safe. Don't let any harm come to him at all” she said with a colder tone in her voice.

It might not have been a good idea on her part for what just happened, but she didn't care. She was going to make sure the first year was well taken care of. She didn't like how the other's just seemed to back off when Tom was in the room but there was something about Tom that was dangerous so to speak. It interested her to no end. She sighed inwardly as Rory came back and took her hand, and the three finished checking on the other students.

FushenTom Marvolo Riddle   42d ago

Tom Marvolo Riddle

Tom let Beatrice take over comforting the sniveling little first year. Coddling wasn’t exactly his specialty. She seemed to do well enough at it though, he noted. The redhead calmed down immensely as she lowered herself to his level and spoke in a tone that could soothe the most hysterical child. Even Tom could feel his irritation at his fellow classmates levelling out a bit as he focused on her gentle voice. Then she hugged Rory and sent him off for sweeties from the trolley lady. Idly, young Slytherin couldn’t help but wonder what her angle might be. What did she stand to gain from babying some random first year? As someone who only ever used kindness and emotions to get what he desired, the thought of true generosity and sincerity never once crossed his mind. And for that reason, he couldn’t help but scoff at the Hufflepuff’s icy demand.

“I’ll remind you that I’m a Prefect, not a babysitter, Harlow,” he drawled in a voice that indicated he couldn’t care less. “Besides, he’ll be fine. There’s nothing out to get the Muggle-borns this year.”

Tom was referencing the previous semester wherein someone unleashed a monster in the castle that petrified a number of Muggle-born students and even ended up killing one – a girl named Myrtle Warren. Just when it seemed as though the school was likely to be shut down for the safety of its students, the culprit was caught. Rubeus Hagrid – a known fanatic of fantastic beasts – was apprehended and handed over to the school’s administration board by none other than Tom himself. Hagrid only narrowly escaped an Azkaban sentence. Crediting the events to negligence and immaturity, the Wizengamot saw fit to simply snap Hagid’s wand and forbid him from further magic usage. He was subsequently expelled from Hogwarts. Tom, on the other hand, was awarded for his special services to the school…even though it was he who was the real culprit.

The Prefect had no intention of summoning the basilisk again, though. He couldn’t risk Hogwarts closing, not when it was the one place he could truly call home. If the school shut down, he’d be forced to go back to his putrid orphanage; he’d be damned before he had to spend more time there than was absolutely necessary. Added to that, there was one professor who didn’t fully trust Tom’s so-called heroism regarding the whole ordeal: Professor Albus Dumbledore. The Transfiguration teacher seemed to be the only one who could almost see right through his façade. Almost. But, with no concrete proof, the old fool had little more to go off other than speculation. Still, it was worth treading carefully.

Rory returned with a big armful of goodies and an even bigger smile. He took Beatrice’s hand and together the trio completed the rest of their rounds. As Hogwarts neared, the students all began preparations to disembark, gathering their things, changing into school uniforms, final bathroom breaks, etc. Rory remained with the two older Prefects since it was their duty anyways to see first years such as himself across the Black Lake and into the Great Hall for the sorting. When they arrived on the platform outside of Hogsmeade, however, they were greeted by someone else calling for first years.

“Firs’ years! Firs’ years this way!” A deep, booming voice bellowed over the hustle and bustle of the students. Towering nearly a full two heads over everyone else stood the half giant, Rubeus Hagrid. His face was largely obscured by a wild mane of matted hair, but his beady black eyes shone warmly as he gazed down at the frightened looking first years that hesitantly gathered around him. “Don’t be shy, now, c’mon. I’ll be takin’ you lot to the castle. S’alright.”

Tom furrowed his brow. The boy was expelled from Hogwarts, so what on earth was he doing back? And taking over the duties of the Prefects no less! The Slytherin almost made an immediate beeline for the half-giant, but a hand on his shoulder from his House’s Head Boy, Alexander Evans, stopped him in his tracks. “Calm down, special services,” the seventh year teased, poking fun at Tom’s recent award. “You’d think the hero of the school would learn to pay attention in it, right?” Alexander tossed Beatrice a grin as if she were in on the joke too. He turned back to Tom before continuing, “As we said on the train, Hagrid’s back on Dumbledore’s authority as groundskeeper-in-training. He’ll take over first year duties from here on out.”
“B-but he was expelled! Tom sputtered in disbelief. “They’re just going to overlook the fact that his kind are dangerous? That he specifically got a girl killed last year?!” Tom wasn’t actually concerned about the safety of the other students. No, he was much more concerned about his own safety and that of his reputation. If Hagrid decided to retaliate after his framing, there was no telling what damage that would do to his plans.
Alexander held up his hands mockingly to shield himself from the Prefect’s outburst. “Didn’t I say calm down?” He shook his head and shrugged. “Take it up with Dumbledore if you’re so worried. I’m just relaying the info I was given. As for me, I don’t mind letting the giant handle herding duties. You know how seasick I get in those little boats. The carriages are how to travel to the castle in style. See ya in there.” Alexander ran off to catch up with his other friends, completely oblivious to the scowl that etched itself into Tom’s features.

“Well,” Tom sighed agitatedly. “You better run off with them then, Rory.” He didn’t linger to say goodbye nor wait for Beatrice to finish saying hers. Instead, he stalked to the carriages, eyes trained to the ground. And nearly ran into it.

The carriages that went to the castle had always gone of their own accord. No driver nor beast controlled their direction, they simply went. Suddenly, however, Tom stood face to beak with a ghastly looking creature that was hitched to the carriage. It had a large skeletal body that resembled a horse – save for the leathery black wings tucked neatly to its side. The thing snorted softly, its pupil-less eyes white and staring unblinkingly into the gathering darkness. Tom stumbled back away from it immediately.

“First the half-giant, now this,” he mumbled under his breath. He shot a look at Beatrice as she approached from behind him. “Why do you suppose they’ve gone and gotten these hideous things to pull the carriages this year?” His tone sounded as though he blamed her for their sudden appearance. He made sure to give the beast a wide berth as he climbed up into the carriage. Then he extended a hand to her to help her up as well, a rare gesture coming from the Slytherin boy. Truly, he must’ve been rattled.

StolenRelics-вeaтrιce   31d ago


There were little things that really rubbed the woman the wrong way. One of them happened to be how Tom spoke to her. The way he treated Rory made her skin crawl. It was their job to look out for the younger students. Plus, she wasn't babysitting like he said. She was doing her job, and it was how she was raised. She would always put other's before herself. Even if it was just a first-year student. She remembered the first year she was here, the way she was teased, and no one seemed to like her at first. That was the worst year of her life.

She narrowed her eyes at the male before her. “No need to remind me Riddle. I'm the same level as you are” she hissed. He did have a point. There wasn't anything out to get the students this year. At least that's what she hoped anyway. She quickly shook the feeling off as Rory came back towards them and offered a couple of sweets. “Thank you, little man. That was kind of you, but you keep it. Those sweets are for you. I have my own hidden away for later" she said with a small wink at the child.

Rory nodded and looked at Tom before he offered one to the male. Beatrice shook her head once more and Rory seemed to get the hint and dropped his hand. When they were finished making their rounds Beatrice took the child back to his compartment where she had first found him, helped him get his things from the top of the compartment. That's when she paused when she felt a hand on the small of her back. She froze as the other sixth year spoke in her ear. “Let me help you little Robin” he said sending shivers down her spine.

Bea kept her cool though as she stepped back from the Slytherin and let him get Rory's trunk. “Such a pretty thing like you shouldn't have to lift such heavy trunks. Where's your compartment and I'll help you again” he said with a small smile. Bea shook her head and finally found her voice. “Thank you for the help with getting Rory's trunk down, but I could have managed it myself. As for my own trunk, there's no need for you to help me either. Thank you for the offer” she said as she took the child's hand again.

She hated the feeling of being alone with the other student. She didn't know him as well, and it really bothered her that he could just touch her like that. The way he called her Little Robin as well didn't sit with her either. Rory looked up at her with scared eyes. “Is everything okay?” he asked her seeing the way she had fallen silent. Bea nodded lightly as she looked down at him and smiled warmly. “Everything is okay. Let's get you in your robes and ready to go” she said lightly as she led him back to the Prefect's compartment.

She slipped in and was glad for the small break from the other's. She helped Rory get into his robes and she looked up into the child's eyes and smiled warmly. “You are going to do amazing here little man, I'll check on you whenever I get the chance I promise” she said softly. Soon the train came to a stop and Bea took Rory's hand and led him off the train. When she stepped into the dark she felt the chill in the air, and then she heard Hagrid's voice and her heart swelled.

She looked up at the half giant and grinned. “Hagrid! It's so good to see you!” she said. The male smiled down at her. “It's good to see you as well Beatrice. How was your summer? Everything good I hope. I see you have a scared little one with you. I'll gladly take him” he said as he nodded towards Rory. The boy was holding tight to Bea's hand and she nodded lightly as she looked down at him. She then looked back up towards Hagrid and couldn't help the smile spreading once more. It really was good to see him here.

Last year had been rough for everyone. “My summer was good. Spent a lot of it with mom this year. Next year it's going to be dad's turn. As for Rory, yes he's had a rough go on the train. But I know you'll take good care of him” she said softly. She then lowered herself down to Rory's level once more before speaking again. “All first years take the boats, and it looks like Hagrid here is going to be taking you to the castle. I'll be in the crowd cheering you on. Everything will be okay” she said to the child.

Rory nodded lightly as he wrapped his arms around the woman's neck and hugged her tightly. Bea let him go and left him in Hagrid's hands. She then turned and followed the rest of the other students. Her eyes scanned for Tom and when she found him, she walked up hearing what the other student had said about Hagrid taking the first years. “Honestly Hagrid's the best for the job” she said in an icy tone. She ignored the other as Tom spoke to her. She was curious as to what he was talking about.

As she turned she didn't see anything at first. Then it slowly came into view. Her heart skipped a beat as she stepped closer to Tom's side. What in the world were these ugly things? In a way she was really curious as to what they were. They were pretty scary looking, and she made a mental note to get her hands on some books to find out what they were. She shrugged lightly as she looked at Tom. “Honestly I don't know. I am curious about them though” she said. That's when the student from the train came up to her.

“Little Robin, are you seeing things? Because there's nothing there? They are enchanted carriages. Tom, you really need to not let her talk such crazy talk” the male said as he stood right next to Bea. She rolled her eyes as she looked towards him. She was about to say something but decided against it. The doors to the carriages opened and the students started climbing in. She stepped up into one and slid inside. The windows were squared off with lanterns. She made herself comfortable as she waited for the others to get in. Soon enough they were on their way to the castle.

FushenTom Marvolo Riddle   17d ago

Tom Marvolo Riddle

“’Let’ her? What’re you, five, Dumas?” Tom sneered at Damian, a fellow Slytherin sixth year. “She’s a big girl, she can say what she likes. And, perhaps you’re blind as well because as it happens, I can see the things too. They’re either no longer enchanted, or they never were.”
“Have you both gone mad then? Nothing’s there. You sound just as daft as this bird.”
“Better to be daft than moronic. Maybe that’s why you can’t see them: they’re only visible to those without so much empty space between their ears.” The other boy’s face grew bright red. As one of the lowest marked students in their Hogwarts class, his intelligence – or lack thereof – was always a touchy subject. And an easy target. He was shamed into silence the rest of the ride.

Tom, meanwhile, turned to Beatrice. He leaned in towards her and lowered his voice so as to not be overheard by their other carriage companions. “Since we’ll be separated at the feast and have to tend to our respective first years afterwards, we ought to make a plan for tonight now. I think we should get together at half past midnight. That way, the professors might still be roaming around, but all the Prefects should be in their dorms. Shouldn’t be too hard to get past them.” He smirked at the look of concern on Beatrice’s face. “Don’t worry; I’ve been out past curfew plenty before and no one’s ever been the wiser.”

He couldn’t have very well unleashed the basilisk on the school during broad daylight hours, after all.

“So, let’s say meet by the kitchens around that time. That’ll be closer to the Hufflepuff dormitories too, so you won’t have to wander far and risk getting caught. I’ll come find you.” Tom looked thoughtful for a moment. “I think I know of an unused classroom nearby as well. It’ll be a few floors up from there, but there’s a passageway we can take behind one of the paintings. Or was it a suit of armor? I always forget. Doesn’t matter – I’ll know it when I see it. Anyways, it’ll give us a quiet place alone to map out how we want to tackle this thing. I’ve a few ideas, but it’ll be better to bounce them off of you. What do you think?”

The carriage jostled suddenly as it rolled over a dramatic dip in the ground, sending Tom all but sprawling into Beatrice. Luckily, he caught himself by bracing his arm on the wall just behind her, but only just. There was little more than a hair’s breath between the tips of their noses and Tom suddenly found his filled with her scent. A light floral aroma. Peony, perhaps? He shook his head and straightened himself again; it didn’t matter. He cleared his throat brusquely, opting to act as though nothing had happened. “You were saying?”

Damian Dumas was fuming with rage across the carriage.

StolenRelics-вeaтrιce   10d ago


Beatrice hated the way Damien Dumas was speaking to her. She didn't like the other sixth year for a reason and this was one of them. The way he acted towards her. She also hated being called bird. She was about to speak up when Tom did. A small smile passed over her lips before she quickly looked out the window trying to hide it. She could stand up for herself, but Tom knew how to do the low blows and that's just what he did. She turned and her eyes found the lake and watched as the boats slowly moved away from the shore.she 

She watched as the lights made their way over the smooth water. She remembered the first time she had first ridden in the boat. She was so full of life and excited to be at the one and only Hogwarts. She had counted down the days until she had been able to get on the train and start her new life as a witch. Her parents couldn't have been any prouder of their daughter. She was torn from the memories when she felt Tom lean in towards her, his voice in her ear. As he spoke she lowered her eyes and listened.

She wasn't one to break curfew but for this bloody project she had no choice. She was still upset at the male for ignoring her all summer. If he had answered her Owl's they wouldn't have to be meeting up after midnight. She nodded lightly as she looked towards him. “I mean I don't mind coming to find you, but the classrooms near my dorm do seem to be better anyway and a bit farther away and the professors don't really check them after hours anyway” she said softly. That's when the carriage hit a dip and she realized how close Tom really was.

Her heart pounded inside of her chest as she felt the closeness between the two of them. There was mere inches from the tips of their noses touching. A thought crossed her mind just then. If they weren't from different houses and didn't loathe each other as they did, she would have done something cheeky like kissing the male upon the cheek just to get a rise out of him. She knew better though. There was something there though, a small scent that filled her nose. What was it? It was kind of nice though too.

When he pulled back she was finally able to breathe like normal. Damien looked towards them and narrowed his eyes a bit. “So you'd let Riddle here get all up in your personal space, but yet you refuse to let me? Why's that Little Bird?” he was still fuming about what Tom had said and he still wanted a rise out of the Hufflepuff. Bea narrowed her eyes as she looked towards the male across the way. “If you must know, I can tolorate Riddle. You on the other hand, I just want to rip your eyes out of your head”

“Don't call me Little Bird either. That's a name you don't have a right to call me” she hissed. She hated when Damian called her that. If it was from anyone else she wouldn't mind. But something about the other student rubbed her the wrong way. She then turned her attention back to Tom. “I will meet you at the kitchens. Just make sure you aren't late” she said back as she turned her attention back to the lake. The last boat was slowly starting to dock at the school. The lights were nothing but fireflies from this distance.

She couldn't wait to get out of this carriage and away from Dumas. She was nervous about what the rest of the night had in store, but at least for now she was content. She was glad to be coming back to her home away from home.

FushenTom Marvolo Riddle   8d ago

Tom Marvolo Riddle

At the outburst from their carriage companion, Tom Riddle had half a mind to threaten to Transfigure Damien Dumas into a ‘little bird’ himself if he didn’t stop calling Beatrice by that name. It was less to uphold her honor, but rather to hold her attention. How much work could they hope to get done together if that oaf continued to interrupt them? Before he could get the words out, however, the Hufflepuff was firing back with barbed words of her own. Tom couldn’t help but snicker at the thought of that little bleeding heart getting her own hands bloody to ‘rip someone’s eyes out of their head’; it seemed incredibly implausible. Still, he refrained from interjecting himself into their bickering and left it alone.

Finally, she turned her attention back to him and reassured him that she’d meet him at the kitchens – provided that he wasn’t late. “Just make sure you aren’t caught,” he retorted with some cheek. The last thing he needed was yet another setback. There’d be no way they’d finish with the potion in time if Beatrice got stuck serving detention for being out after curfew. Never mind the fact that it was his fault they were down to the wire on their project.

The carriages arrived at the castle’s Entrance Hall without any other incidents. The students all filed out – Tom still ensuring that he put a great deal of distance between himself and the things hitched to the front of the carriages– and walked indoors towards Great Hall.

As always, Hogwarts was alight with the warm, welcoming glow of candles lining the ancient walls. The subjects of moving pictures stirred at the arrival of the returning students and shouted greetings from their frames. Overhead a handful of ghosts floated and followed their live counterparts towards the grand gathering space. Once inside the Great Hall, there were four long rows of tables meant to seat each of the four Houses. Tom shot Beatrice one last pointed look before taking his seat at the one designated for Slytherin next to the four boys from the train. Avery’s brow furrowed as he observed the exchange, but Tom only gave him the subtlest shake of his head: not here. After a moment of confused consideration, the other boy dropped the matter and went back to conversing with the others.

Not even ten minutes after everyone had taken their seats, the doors to the Great Hall swung open once again and Hagrid proudly led the swarm of small first years through the center aisle toward the teacher’s table at the front.  There was a wave of hushed whispers that followed the half-giant’s return, causing what little of his face was still visible to go bright red, but he marched onward. He left them congregated together in front of the steps of the teacher’s table before retreating to a corner, trying to make himself as small as possible. An impossible task.

Headmaster Dippet, a balding man with an even mixture of both brown and white hair, rose from his chair at the center of the table and silenced the room with a wave of his hands. “To all of you, both new and returning, I extend a warm welcome to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.” A polite applause. “In attending these hallowed halls, you follow in the footsteps of a great many talented witches and wizards before you. It is now up to you whether you should achieve similar levels of greatness. And it starts with our Sorting Ceremony.” Headmaster Dippet withdrew his wand from the sleeve of his deep purple robe and gave it a wave. At the top step, a battered old hat materialized out of thin air to sit atop a wooden stool. “When your name is called, you will approach the bench, put on the hat, and be placed into one of our four famed Houses. But first: a song!”

At this invitation, the brim of the hat opened wide and began to croon its annual self-composed tune about the different attributes of all the Houses and their founders. Tom tuned this out along with the rest of the ceremony. Instead of cheering along with his other classmates at each new addition to Slytherin, his eyes remained glued to Professor Horace Slughorn. There was so much riding on the completion of the potion, Tom realized with a pang. He only hoped he could achieve the results he so desperately desired. And all while in his own world, Tom took no note of the other pair of eyes that remained glued to him in return. The brilliant blue eyes of Professor Albus Dumbledore barely even blinked.

Tom only tugged himself away from the teacher’s table when a magnificent feast suddenly appeared on the plates in front of them. Food of all varieties filled the table: roast hen, steamed vegetables, mashed sweet potatoes, pot roast stew, various loaves of bread, and so much more. His stomach grumbled ravenously at the sight. Tom began to fix himself a plate, but suddenly stopped when he saw Rory trying to wave at him from across the table a few seats down. So, he’d been sorted into Slytherin after all. The teenager wondered how on earth the Sorting Hat saw fit to place that wet sponge into the House of ambition and cunning; it didn’t make any sense. Still, Tom nodded curtly to the young boy before going back to ignoring him.

“New best friend, Riddle?” Lestrange teased.
“Tom Riddle: savior of schools and Mudbloods alike!” Avery sang mockingly.
“I’ve obligations as Prefect,” Tom murmured detachedly, trying to refrain from adding fuel to their fire.
“Can’t be all that different from ours as upperclassmen,” Nott chimed in with a mouthful of chicken. He swallowed it before adding, “Dunno why you got your panties in a bunch bout the wee lad. Thought you’d’ve gone in for that sort of fun, after all.”
“Must be that Hufflepuff piece,” Avery speculated knowingly. The other boys all nodded in agreement.
Harlow?Tom sputtered flabbergasted. “You’re joking, right?”
“She’s as pretty as a picture, Riddle, no harm in eyeing it. About time you’ve tried your hand at getting with someone.” Rosier winked.
Tom scowled and said through gritted teeth, “I’m not trying to ‘get’ with anyone. Least of all a bloody Hufflepuff. We’re both Prefects and we’re both on a project from Slughorn. That’s. It.”
“Then what was that thing with –”
Tom suddenly flicked his wand beneath the table and whispered under his breath, wrapping the five of them within a soundproof charm. They couldn’t hear any other voices, but more importantly, no one else could hear theirs.

“You idiots!” Tom hissed with such vitriol that the other boys shrank some. “What did I tell you before term?” Before anyone had the chance to say anything even more idiotic, he cut back in, “I said that we’re to lay low this year. Do you call tormenting first years laying low?! We’ve too much heat from last year to stir trouble right now.”
“What’re you on about? Hagrid got expelled for all that.”
“Does he look expelled to you?” Tom jerked his head in the direction of the half-giant. “Dumbledore’s brought him back, and he’s not altogether fooled by the story that got that oaf expelled in the first place. So, we need to tread carefully now, not draw more attention to ourselves. I’ve some big plans this year, and I’ll not have them jeopardized by the likes of you lot. Do I make myself clear?” The young boy’s eyes flashed dangerously as he looked at each of the others in turn. Not even one of them responded. “Good.”

Tom flicked his wand again and lifted the soundproofing charm. With an impassive face, he finished filling his plate and began to eat. The fact that he'd inadvertently done exactly as Beatrice had asked in regards to Rory was not lost on him. Not that he'd ever let her know.


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