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|Muses and Ideas|

This is a place for plot thoughts, Character Creations, Skelly Layouts. I have been out of the game so long I am unsure of how to get back. I have plenty of ideas and need a place to put them out there. I can only hope know one steals what I work hard on.

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YEWAN     85d ago

Still a work in progress…

Myths and Fairytales all start from something, something that was once very real and feral. We all know the myths on Vampires being the soulless undead that feed on the blood of humans, though that myth had been fabricated by humans who realized that they were at the bottom of the food chain. Humanity fought back without being civil like they claimed to be. Eventually war broke out and extinction was amongst all involved. Humanity, Fae, Vampirism, Were, and many more were on the brink of nonexistence. So, amongst the myths there was an agreement to retreat and hide in the shadows and so they were forgotten about and over centuries were turned into the myths we know today. 

Werebeasts have been around for a long time but only a few species still roam and intermingle. Werecats are very neutral and very secluded species, they make appearances and grand council meetings and have helped in wars. Their specialties include healing, agility for their graceful like demeanor, and Security. Most of the Werefoxes were placed in other werebeast packs due to their smallness, their packs were often picked off and killed for their fur. Normally once killed a werebeast would turn back to his human appearance, but not werefoxes. Then you have the werewolf, this giant oversized wolf that mingled into human society more often than one would think.  

Like all Werebeasts they live for the Moon Goddess. Selene is a sentient being that created the werebeast and loved all her children no matter the species. She created them to have a perfect match called a Mate. Only once will one find their true mate, but under certain circumstances will Selene be kind enough to grant a second chance. She isn’t heartless. If one cannot find their mate, they cannot bare an heir unless they wish to adopt.  

Along with the Moon Goddess all werebeasts follow a hierarchy. Alphas are the leader; they can use a force to make those under them submit. Now most Alphas rule alone but when they find their mate it is she that will rule as an equal and she is called a Luna, the heart of the Pack. Second in command is the Betas, they are second in command and lieutenant to the warriors. Speaking of warriors, you have their commander and the one left in charge of training, The Gamma. After that you have the healers, normal werewolves of men, women, and children and after that you have the omegas. They are normally used and beaten for being weak but only under an unjust Alpha, they could be so much more if you give them a chance. 

Our story take place in a well-off Pack called The Moon Paw Pack, it has survived as long as it has by accepting and adapting it way of like with accepting other species 





Werebeast’s name: 


Species: Wolf, Fox, Feline, Halfbreed 

Pack Position: 


YEWAN     84d ago


Name:  Estella Lynede

Werebeast’s name: Cordea

Age: Twenty-seven

Species: Halfbreed - Wolf/Fox 

Pack Position: Omega-Luna

Second Chance Mate: Alpha of the LavenPaw Pack

Bio: Noah and Patricia Lynede were one of the many cross mates. Noah Lynede was an Alpha wolf of Silver Moon Pack and the Moon Goddess chose the daughter of an alpha of a werefox pack that had disbanded for protection. An all black alpha wolf Mixed with an all white alpha fox would make a very leader like pup that was going to loved by everyone. It wasn't long after they were together when Estella came into the world. Normally once a werewolf turns 16 they are able to meet and shift for the first time and from then are able to sense their mate as well. Werefoxes are a but earlier with this prosses but only by a year just like were cats are a year late. The moment Estella was born she had complications, she was born far too early. Her shift was unexpectantly early at the age of five. The shift almost killed her but with her parents help she was able to make it through but whatever cause the shift and the fact that she had to be fed beastbane that would subdue her she could hear her beast but wasn't able to shift after that. 

YEWAN     81d ago

This can be switched out for any type of nobility….. Still a work in progress..

Illegitimate children weren’t asked to be born and if they aren’t ever found, or killed, and manage to survive the cruel world they usually live in poverty. Most men of nobility tend to go behind their wife's backs to get a little something on the side mostly because their marriages were arranged for them to keep their titles pure and families stay in wealth and status. 

most illegitimate children grow up living a hard life if they have a chance to grow up at all. In poverty there are illnesses and the environment that can put them at risk. What in some cases immobility that aren't able to bear children will accept an illegitimate child as their own just so the man will have an air or may be able to marry the child off to keep the lineage alive. 

Our story takes place in an empire that is said to have the blessing of a dragon. The emperor and every emperor before him have what they call the gift of the dragon. It is said that they are ruthless on the battlefield and come out victorious every time, the strength they wield doesn't seem ordinary. It is time now for the Crown Prince to take over, the council isn't too hung up on the idea even though he is the only heir to the throne he is not from the Empress. Most of the people on the council favored the Empress it was their idea for the emperor to take this highly educated Fair Lady of a noble family as the emperor consort. 

YEWAN     80d ago

i. Science and experimentation creating something new within humanity. Mixing DNA is not what is in normality, but all of a sudden half human/ half beasts were created. It took them thousands of tries before they were successful if created a few….

ii. A sort of Magical type academy that hosts all types of ages. A small few that are well into age are having to start at the beginning with learning magic because they weren't brought up into like other witches and wizards but have been sucked back in…..

iii. Science mixed with magic don't normally mix but in this orphanage some strange voodoo is happening to these innocent children and they don't think much of it because it has been happening since they were orphaned as babies. No matter how many children come and go the experiments never get the chance to find families……

iv. Reincarnation: Adults living in the body of a children, Present dying and then waking up years before death to prevent it from happening, Dying and waking up as some else from a book or something, Reincarnation works in so many ways.

v. Time Travel: Choose a time period and it works going vice versa with past to present and so forth.

vi. A Family that adopts children with holy like abilities that can be trained to fight demonic creatures.

YEWAN     80d ago

Magic type RP Skelly


Age: Above Twenty





YEWAN     80d ago

Name: Nimora Falkner

Age: Twenty-Nine

Gender: Female

Element: Water and Air

Familiar: Snakes, and other Reptiles

Bio: She doesn't know of anything before she was adopted. She grew up relatively normal, she went to school, college, even entered the work force as any normal person would have done. It was a dark and stormy night when things went terribly wrong and the magic she had with in her erupted uncontrollably.

YEWAN     69d ago

The Meadow Quadruplets

Presley Meadow


1st Born


Mature and a Natural born Leader

Loves her sisters dearly, Animals, Strong will to protect innocent beings 

Hates anyone who will hurt her sisters, Rudeness, Ignorance

Will do anything to protect her sisters and they tend to get along but fight like most siblings do.

They all spent time in the nique

She was the first to be healthy

Leighton Meadow


2nd Born


Fiesty, Anger issues, Spitfire

Loves her sisters dearly, Reptiles 

Hates anyone who will hurt her sisters, Bullies

Will do anything to protect her sisters and they tend to get along but fight like most siblings do.




Ainsley Meadow


3rd Born


Calm and Collected

Loves her sisters dearly, Food, Respect

Hates anyone who will hurt her sisters, People in general

Will do anything to protect her sisters and they tend to get along but fight like most siblings do.



Sydney Meadow


4th Born


Childish and Inncent

Loves her sisters dearly, Sweets, Believes in people, very trusting 

Hates anyone who will hurt her sisters

Will do anything to protect her sisters and they tend to get along but fight like most siblings do.



Yewan     61d ago


Avians - Composed, calm type clan. They live on a large floating island. The avian kingdom worship the winged goddess. They have feathers mixing in their hair. Golden, Browns, Greys, White, Blues are amongst them depending on the type of bird. They don't show public affection and even in private there still isn't much there. It's not in there culture.


Serpentine - Emotional, agressive type clan

Yewan     61d ago








Elven Princess of the Sky


White Hair || Golden Eyes || Feather Crown adorned with Precious Jewels || White dress with golden trim and a sheer overlay || Normally bare foot with a golden anklet




115 lbs


Usually calm and collected || Kinda unapproachable || Gives off a snooty demeanor || Has a very kind and trusting side if you got to know her || When Angered watch out || Like most Females if crossed has a petty side || Holds the weight of the world on her shoulders




Yewan     61d ago

Name: Aziz Aldeross

Nickname: Lucifer, Devil, Fallen Angel

Age: 25

Gender: Male

Height: 6"2

Weight: 180 lbs

Occupation: Mafia Assassin

Appearance: Black Hair || Golden Eyes || Decked out in tattoos || Muscular yet lean

Temperament: Easily Angered || Aggressive in all manner || Very straight to the point

Yewan     60d ago

|| Quotes ||

“Beauty may be dangerous but Intelligence is lethal”

“I hate that some people get judged for being real while others get loved for being fake”

“Everyone wants happiness, no one wants pain, but you can't have a rainbow without a little rain”

“Sometimes you become a villian because no one appreciated you as a hero”

“Good days? Work Hard. Bad days? Work Harder.”

“I miss you a little louder on my silent days”

“He treats you the way he wished someone would treat him so don't be annoyed when he keeps on asking if your alright it's because no one ever asked him those”

“You can't go back and change the beginning, but you can start where you are and change the ending”

“Train your mind to be stronger than your Feelings”

“People don't listen they just wait for their turn to talk”

“Every smiling face is not a Happy Soul”

“I wonder how many strangers Hate Me because of how someone else described me to them”

“If you are easily provoked then you are easily controlled”

“Always remember no matter how useless you feel you are always someone's reason to smile”

“Never push a loyal person to the point where they no longer care”

“Why should I apologise for the Monster I've become? No one ever apologise for making me this way”

“You will never find your wings till you decide to fly”

“The mind replays what the heart can't delete”

Yewan     60d ago

Name: Evaty Yu

Nickname: Yu-Yu, Eva, Queen

Age: 400

Gender: Female

Height: 2 Inches

Weight: 1 oz

Status: Monarch Fairy Queen

Appearance: Light Purple-ish Red Hair || Green Eyes || Monarch Wings 

Temperament: Easily Angered || Aggressive in all manner || Very straight to the point

Yewan     57d ago

Picture Link: {Not fully linked} || 

Character Name Caspian McCoy

Character Age Twenty-three

Likes Painting, Justice, Hiking

Dislikes Crime, Alcoholics, Spiders

Job Police Rookie 

Family History After Caspian was born, he lived like a normal child. His mother was a stay-at-home mom that took great care of him. His Father was a police officer in the small town. He was close to getting his promotion for the chief spot since the old police chief was stepping down. When he was about five, it was around the middle of the school year when his dad picked him up early. He didn't understand the large hospital that he was taken to. He didn't understand why his mother was sleeping on a weird looking bed. His dad just said his mother was sick but would get better. Even after three years she didn't get better, instead she passed away do to an aggressive type of cancer. It had spread so quick. The Chemo did nothing to hold it at bay. After her passing thing began to change, his father began heavily drinking and even lost his job on the police force when he showed up intoxicated. Life at home was difficult. The physicality didn't start until he was in high school. He was always a good student so he wouldn't insure his father's wrath but it didn't seem help. 

{10+ sentences. A pretty good paragraph. If it's not I'll ask you to add onto it} || Biography {10+ sentences. A pretty good paragraph. If it's not I'll ask you to add onto it}

Yewan     49d ago

Almost like DanMachi

Families with certain traits that the Gods Favor. The families don't really like the favoring sure they get abundance of good things but then there are the monster attacks and stuff. Notmally when a paticular

Yewan     48d ago

Welcome to the Rabbit Hole. 

It's a quaint little Cafe by day, Bar by night. 

The owner is a Vampire. A being that never sleeps. He runs the Bar every night and only runs the Cafe on overcast days but being set up in a place that is almost overcast 300 out of the 365 days a year means he is seen a good majority of the time. He has lived for quite a while, so he does not eat where he works, and he does not kill.

The staff Vary but aren't fully human as well. 

Yewan     48d ago

Hades' daughter and Aphrodite's Son

Aphrodite: Pink or White or Purple hair. Pink, Purple, Blue, or White eyes {well silvery like}

Body structure for the goddess: boobalicious, youthfulness {Like teen looking not child}, short with curves, draws people to her like a siren,

Her son, same type of hair and eyes can be different combinations. It taller than her. Same youthfulness.

Their hobbies are artistic based

She is flirty, clumsy, can appear clueless but is not dumb.

He is flirty, nimble, smart but not genius.


Hades: black or blue hair, red eyes. Can be pale in complexion or dark. 

Tall and sturdy, with anger issues

His daughter, blue hair, red eyes, pale 

Yewan     47d ago


Married: Hephestus

Aphrodite was able to affect emotions and fertility, and she had power over men and the ability to induce the harvest of crops. She is known as the goddess of love and is said to have been a woman of great beauty.

Although Aphrodite is a powerful figure in Greek mythology, she has her share of weaknesses including unfaithfulness, vanity, jealousy and a bad temper. The Greek goddess of love, beauty, and pleasure, is known to enchant anyone who sees her with feelings of love or lust.

Aphrodite possessed captivating powers of sexuality. Other gods and goddesses were fearful of her potential to disrupt the peace among them, possibly leading to war or conflict. Because of this, Zeus married her to the god, Hephaestus. He was not viewed as a threat due to his ugly and deformed appearance.

Extremely vain, Aphrodite was unsatisfied with her marriage to the ugly god. She was repeatedly unfaithful, known to entertain several lovers, both gods and men.

Her undesirable behavior was the cause of conflict in many relationships. Aphrodite has been known to end marriages by stealing a man’s heart away from his wife or lover.

Whenever someone failed to worship her, her temper would flair. She would often become jealous of other women who were lovers of men who would not succumb to her influence. Aphrodite would cure those who scorned her in love, often leading to their deaths

Aphrodite controlled men with her beauty and her ability to seduce them. She controlled their emotions and was able to make them do anything that she wanted. In addition to seduction, Aphrodite had a temper that displayed massive amounts of anger, rage and hatred. As legend tells it, she was born from the ocean, parented by Zeus and Dione and married Hephaestus. Aphrodite had several affairs with mortal men; her most well-known lover was Adonis. Many worship Aphrodite and refer to her as a sacred prostitute. She had four children: Eros, Anteros, Hymenaios and Aeneas. Aphrodite was a nurturing mother and took many opportunities to expose her children to the world, events and various cultures. With the help of her children, she was able to control a large population with her seductive powers and ability to control the behaviors of men. Aphrodite represents a feminine archetype that is loving, caring, sexual and comfortable in her own skin. She is strong, exotic and attractive, and she has a dark side when necessary.

Aphrodite’s siblings, including stepbrothers and stepsisters, are Ares, Athena, Apollo, Artemis Dionysus, Hebe, Hermes, Heracles, Helen of Troy, Hephaestus, Perseus, Minos and the Muses. These characters are all children of Zeus, the products of his many erotic escapades. Aphrodite’s mother is Dione, according to Homer’s “Iliad.”

Aphrodite is the Greek goddess of love, beauty, procreation and pleasure. The goddess Venus is her Roman equivalent.

An alternate story of Aphrodite’s origin comes from Hesiod’s “Theogony.” In this work, Aphrodite rode from the sea foam after Cronus severed Uranus’s genitals and threw them into the ocean. At times, therefore, Aphrodite’s father is named as Uranus. Plato claimed that there were two different goddesses: Aphrodite Pandemos and Aphrodite Ourania.


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