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By Hana_Panda13
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Twilight meets Charmed

She was magic. She was the gravity that kept him down. The air in his lungs. But he was not the only one who wanted her.

Six years after the Volturi were in Forks, so many things has changed. Most of the Cullens moved to Alaska, but Bella and Edward stayed behind so that their son, EJ, could spend more time with Charlie before they made the decision to move as well. EJ had now stopped growing in what seemed to be his early twenties and training to be on the police force with his grandfather.

Jacob moved away, not able to stay in La Push after the woman he loved became a vampire. He did his part, he helped save her son, even though he too wanted to kill the baby if the Cullens hadn't held him back after he though the baby murdered Bella. He felt guilty that he almost killed a baby so he used that guilt to stay long enough to battle the Volturi if need be and than moved away as soon as he could. Now he's back for Seth's wedding.

Both EJ's and Jacob's lives are about to be turned upside down when a new girl moves to town. 

Getting ready for an all new love triangle with a little bit more magic.

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