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wιngғιeld мanor

By Dreamer-
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Wingfield Manor is tucked away deep in the mountains of Meadow Creek. The manor has housed so many different people, and families over the years. It was built in the late 1700's, and the owner of Wingfield was killed right in the front hall. Rumor's spread around the small town, telling of how the place was haunted by Andrew Wingfield himself. As the years passed, his descendant's came and went. They wouldn't stay very long, and pretty soon the manor was sold to Louis Draper. He then turned the place into an asylum, and wanted his patients to live within the walls, and to never leave. Little did he know, Andrew Wingfield's ghost was still walking the halls, and sometimes he would end up getting into the minds of some of the people living there, and made them kill themselves.


As the years passed, people came and went through the Wingfield Manor. Some of the people wouldn't ever see the light of day again, and some of them would be able to walk around freely, and tell about their stay in the manor. Now that it's the year 2021, four college students ended up buying the manor, and were going to reopen it and have it house homeless children, and families. The four had grown up together, and they weren't about to let something this amazing go. When they enter the halls of Wingfield, is when things seem to start happening. At first it was little things. Like losing their keys, or finding their phone's in a different room. At first they didn't think anything of it, until they decided to stay in the manor overnight, and see if the stories they had heard were true or not. Something they were soon to regret.


As the females start exploring the manor more and more, it's like they are starting to dig up old ghosts. They end up seeing things that aren't there, and they end up starting to feel like they are being watched. They knew about Andrew Wingfield, and how he had killed himself in the manor. They knew about the suicide's within the walls, and at first they didn't want to believe it, but as they spent more and more time within the walls, is when they realize there's something sinister inside the manor, and they weren't going to leave the manor alive. At least that's the feeling they got. It's something they didn't realize would really happen, but deep down the women knew, they were living their own nightmares, and it was just starting.


The longer they were there, they were learning secrets from things they didn't even know about. Some of the so called Ghosts they have seen, have told them different things. The way they had died, or the way they had killed themselves. Now they are fighting for their own lives. What'll happen when they each start getting suicidal thoughts? Feeling like they can't really get back to the outside world. What'll happen when they realize there's no escaping Andrew Wingfield, and his house of nightmares? Will they be able to escape the nightmare they are living? Or will they lose their lives in the process? You'll never know unless you join, Wingfield Manor.


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The cast of Wingfield Manor.


Annabella Lovewell; Taken

Gianna Rhosyn; Taken


Female Three; Taken


Female Four; Taken


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Dreamer-wιngғιeld   85d ago


A small sigh slipped through the woman's lips. It's been a good couple of weeks since her grandmother had passed away, and honestly it's eating her up inside. She didn't know how to really feel about it. She wanted nothing more than to bring her grandmother back. She knew it wouldn't happen that way, but a girl could dream right? She looked towards the window, and watched as the sun started to rise. She bit her bottom lip, and knew that today was the day she was going to Wingfield Manor. A place for some odd reason, she's been dreaming off. She didn't quite understand why, but she wanted to know. So she made a plan to go, and she kept to it.


Now that the day was upon her, she felt like she wasn't fully ready to go. She wished that one of her best friends was going with her, but the woman had told her no. She didn't want to deal with Annabella and her worrying over every little detail. Something she kicked herself for everyday. She shook her head lightly, as she looked towards her bags. They were packed, and she was finally ready to go. She picked up her things, and carried them to the car. She went and found her parents, and told them goodbye. She would try and get a hold of them later on, and let them knew she made it there okay.


The last person she said goodbye too, was her brother. They hugged for awhile, and then she pulled back, and slid into the car. She started it up, and pulled out of the driveway. She headed to the freeway, and was on her way. The drive would take a good five to six hours, so she made a mental note to stop at least once for gas, and food. Other than that, she was driving right through. Then her mind wandered to her grandmother, and she felt her heart breaking inside of her chest. She was doing this for herself, but the warning from her grandmother rang throughout her mind, but she shoved it aside, and headed towards Wingfield Manor.


Six Hours Later.

When the woman finally pulled off the freeway, she pulled into a gas station. She needed to use the restroom, and this was the bet time to do it. She made sure to have her phone for the address of the Manor. She walked inside, asked for the bathroom key, and went to use the only small bathroom the gas station had. She checked the address, and realized she was about a half hour away from the Manor. She was getting more and more nervous as she realized she was so close. She finished doing her duty in the restroom, and then made her way back to her car, and tucked herself back inside.


She started it up, and pulled back onto the street. She checked the time, and timed herself getting to the Manor. Sure enough it took her a half hour, and she was here. She looked up at the building, and her breath caught. It looked amazing, and it was kind of run down. But that's why she was here. She was going to bring it back to life pretty much, and she was going to make sure it sold. That's when she noticed some other cars coming up to the manor. She thought she was going to be alone, but it was like a weight was lifted. She wouldn't be alone. She would have company.


She climbed out of the car, and waited for the other's to pull in. She leaned against it, and plastered on a smile when the other's pulled out. She waited till they were out before speaking. "I thought I was going to be alone, but I'm glad I'm not. I'm Annabella, and welcome" she said with a warm smile. She hoped the other's wouldn't get too butt hurt that she was here. She wrapped her arms around herself, waiting for one of the other's to speak. The silence washing around them, getting slightly awkward.


The sound of glass breaking made the female jump. Her eyes flew to the closed door, and knew any moment now she would hear her brother come storming up the stairs, and towards her room. Sure enough five minutes later, the sound of his feet hitting the stairs made her heart skip a beat. She didn't have time to lock the door, before he was throwing it open, his eyes blazing with anger. "You better not fucking tell mom or dad about this" he snapped. She felt a cold shudder run down her body. "What are you talking about?" she asked, her voice shaking a little bit. The male closed the door behind him, and moved towards her.


"One the glass breaking wasn't my fault. I got wind of you sleeping around with my best friend, and I don't like it. You know damn well you shouldn't even be seeing her. She doesn't like you" he snapped. That's when the smell of booze hit her nose. The male was drunker than shit, and she didn't want to deal with it. She stood and pointed to the closed door. "Get the fuck out of my room, or I will get the cops involved, and I don't think you'd want that. I know I sure as hell don't" she hissed. The male looked towards her and narrowed his eyes, a small smirk passing over his lips. "You and I both know you wouldn't do that" he said, his words slurring a bit. That's when the male attacked.


Gianna didn't have much time before he was on top of her. She let out a scream but he cut her off by covering her mouth, the look in his eyes scared her more than anything. "I promise you this won't hurt a bit" he said. That's when she heard the sound of his zipper, and she struggled even harder against him. He was stronger, but she was faster. She reached out and grabbed her bedside lamp, and smashed it across his head. The male let her go and let out a yell, as he rolled on the floor his hands on the back of his head. She saw the blood, and it seemed to please her a bit. "You keep your fucking hands off of me" she spat out.


She then grabbed her things, and made her way out of the room. Then she stopped in the doorway and looked at her brother. "Plus, she loves when I go down on her. She loves the way my mouth works, and she hasn't complained about me being bad in bed, so get your damn facts straight" she spat out. That seemed to piss the male off more, and she booked it. She ran straight to her car. She pulled the keys out of her pocket, unlocked the car, threw her things into the passenger seat, started the car and peeled away from the curb, right when the male came running out of the house. She was finally free from the monster of a brother.


Eight Hours Later.

Gianna didn't really have a place in mind, all she knew as she had to get away from that brother of her's. He was no longer her brother, and she hoped he knew that. The way he treated her, and made her feel like she was a worthless piece of shit, she was done. She knew if she hadn't gotten out of there when she did, he would have raped her. It wouldn't have been the first time either. She shook her head lightly trying to clear it. Her heart was hammering inside of her chest, and she wanted nothing more than to call her mother, but she was dead and buried six feet under.


As she was driving she came upon an old manor. A place she hadn't seen before. She pulled into the driveway and shut the car off. She looked up at the manor and held her breath. It was a beautiful place, and she knew she would feel safer here. She shut the car off and climbed out. She then spotted three other people, and she cocked her head to the side. She was barefoot but she didn't care. She walked over to the three, when the first one spoke. She shrugged her shoulder's lightly. "Honestly don't be sorry. I didn't realize this place was here until now. Hell I didn't realize where I was going anyway" she admitted.


She wrapped her arms around herself, as she looked towards the other's before her. That's when her eyes fell on another woman, and she smirked a bit. She wouldn't mind sticking around this place now. Someone did catch her eye, but she wasn't about to let on about it. "I'm Gianna, but you can call me whatever you guys want" she said lightly. She kept her arms wrapped around herself, as she waited for someone else to speak. It was kind of getting awkward, but she kept her mouth shut at least for now.


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