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тalĸιng тo тнe мoon

By Dreamer-
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At night when the stars light up my room, I sit by myself talking to the moon,
trying to get to you in hopes you're on the other side talking to me too.
Or am I a fool who sits alone talking to the moon?


Everley and Your Name Here were two people crazy in love. Well, they thought they were. They dated all throughout high school, but when it came time to go to university, they split ways. Everley went to a prestigious art school in California, while Your Name Here went to Harvard. The split was mutual, and they decided they wanted to do what was best for one another. But of course, neither of them were happy. They longed for each other constantly, and neither could quite find peace with themselves. They would write letters to one another, and sometimes they would do Skype calls late at night just to see the other's face.

Everley moved to Wyoming once she was finished with art school, wanting to settle down and actually make a name for herself with her art. But little did she know that she would run into Your Name Here, who was happily engaged. They found each other, and immediately recognized one another, and their old love was rekindled. They remembered the late night phone calls, the letter's, text messages, and the promises they made to one another. Neither one of them realized they would run into each other once more. They wanted a life together at one point, but now that they are back in each other's lives things are forever different.

What will happen when Everley and Your Name Here have a romantic night together? Will they realize they were meant to be together in the end? Will Your Name Here leave her fiancé? Or will Everley be left to find her own way, without her former lover? You'll never know unless you join Talking to the Moon.


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The cast of Talking to the Moon.

Everley Farren; Taken


Emmaline Sylver; Taken


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This is a closed thread. We know the rules of the site so I'm not going to type them all out. You are more than welcome to read along, but don't bother asking to write this thread because it's being written by Buttercup and myself only. Happy reading!

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Dreamer-мoon   85d ago


"Everley, are you coming out tonight with us? I need a head count" came the sound of her best friend and roommate Madeline. The redheaded woman lifted her eyes from the book she reading. She had just gotten done studying, and her fingers ached from all of the drawing she had done that day. She bit her lower lip lightly debating on it. "Honestly, I don't know" she admitted. It sounded like fun hanging out with the other's, but she didn't know if she wanted to go out drinking. Madeline let out a low growl.


"I honestly don't know why you won't come and spend time with me" she whined. Everley let out a small giggle and rolled her eyes. "I don't know why the hell I put up with you the way I do" she said as Madeline threw herself on top of her. A whoosh of air escaped her lips, and a low groan was heard. God this woman was heavy, and she didn't like feeling crushed. "Come on Evie. It'll be fun! I promise I won't get too out of control" she said snuggling up into the woman's side.


Hearing her roommate and best friend talking that way, made her heart melt. At one point she had really liked the other woman, and she had tried kissing her, but that had been when the two had been drunk, and Madeline made it really clear she didn't like women. Since then their relationship had turned into sibling related. "So? Are you coming or not?" she cooed. Everley let out a small sigh and nodded. "As long as you get off me, yes I will come" she said admitting defeat.


Madeline let out a scream of joy, kissed her cheek and then jumped off of her. "You will have an amazing night tonight!" she said with a grin. Everley rolled her eyes lightly as she pushed herself up off the couch. She then gathered up her things, and shoved them into her book bag. She then made her way to her bedroom and dropped the bag onto the floor. She kicked her door closed and went about rooting around her closet looking for something to wear. That's when Emmaline crossed her mind, and her heart seemed to break inside of her chest.


Thinking about her past lover made her want to stay home, and call her. She hadn't talked to the other in a good month, and she wondered if Emmaline would be upset with her about it. She hoped that wasn't the case though. She shoved those thoughts aside, as she made a mental note to sit down when she got home, and write the other woman a letter. She enjoyed the snail mail more than anything else. She hated e-mails, and texting, but she would do it all for Emmaline if she had too.


For the last half an hour she went about getting ready for the girls night. She could hear Madeline in the other room throwing shoes around, and she couldn't help but laugh at the sound. She sat down to apply makeup to her face, and then found the most form fitting little black dress she owned. She might as well look amazing if she was going out to dinner and then the bar. She just wished Emmaline was there to go with her. She sighed lightly as she finished getting ready for her night out.


Hours Later.

When Madeline and Everley finally stumbled back into their home, Everley was the first one to kick off her shoes inside the door. "I'm going to go and write to Emmaline" she said with a small slur to her words. Madeline rolled her eyes "Still hung up on that bitch?" she asked kicking off her own shoes. Those words stung more than Everley would have thought. Was Emmaline really a bitch? She adored the woman more than anything, and she had to admit that's one reason as to why she hadn't dated since she moved to California.


"Emmaline's not a bitch. As a matter of fact, I'm thinking about going home and seeing her" she lied. Madeline rolled her eyes again and clicked her tongue. "I doubt that" she said as she stumbled to her room and shut the door. Everley stood there a little while longer, before going into her own room. Madeline's words ringing around her head the whole time. Should she still be hung up on Emmaline? They hadn't talked to each other for a month now, and it kind of worried her. She shook her head and shut her bedroom door.


She slipped out of her clothes from the evening and changed into her pajamas. She then sat down and started to write to Emmaline. She didn't know how to really word it at first, but she wanted to get this letter done tonight, and sent out tomorrow morning. She pulled her pad towards her and tapped her pen against the paper for a moment, before the words finally started coming to her, and the moment the pen touched the page, the words seemed to flow, and quickly.


My dearest Emmaline,

I know it's been a month since you last heard from me, and I do apologize about that. School and work has been keeping me really busy. I know we had talked about doing some Skype calls, and I would love to do that whenever you and I get some free time. Tonight Madeline talked me into going out with the girls, and I'm kind of regretting that. Don't get me wrong, it was fun, but I wish you could have been there with me. I felt alone honestly.

I know I might sound like I'm rambling and I am. I'll make sure not to make this letter too long. I did end up changing my phone number, which I will send you as well. I hope this letter finds you well and safe. I'll talk to you soon hopefully.

Forever Yours,

She read the letter over a couple of times before finally sealing it up, and taping it shut. She then padded her way out to the mailbox and slipped it inside.


She lifted the little red flag on the mailbox, and then made her way back into the house. It was chilly out, and she was tired. Her head was pounding and all she wanted to do was sleep. She hurried back into the house, slipped back into her room, slid under the blankets, shut the light out and laid down. Hoping that Emmaline would reply back, and soon. She laid there a moment longer before sleep finally washed over her, and her dreams were filled of Emmaline and their time together back in high school.

MourningGloryEmmaline Sylver   64d ago
Lady of the Night

Emmaline Sylver

Bright blue eyes stared up at the ceiling and the glowing stars that she had stuck to it. They were her way to always see the stars and the moon. And her way to remember the girl she loved and yet had not even heard from in…was it days? Weeks? No… it was going on a month now. And that really had Emmaline worried as before she and Everly had talked almost every day…or at least every other. They used to be the first one that the other told EVERYTHING to and she really, really missed those days. Constantly Emmaline found herself wishing that she could relive the days when she and Evie had ALWAYS been together. They had started out as best friends before they had been lovers and dated all through high school.

'Come on Em…you need to get it together. You still love and miss her like crazy. And you are going to. She was your first everything. But this was for the best. Y'all promised that just because you split you'd still be friends. She's probably just been busy just like you have…' Or those were things that Emmaline TRIED to convince herself of. The truth…Em just thought that Ev had forgotten her and all they had once been. And deep down that thought killed her.

“Emmaline, do you have…..?” But the words of Christina stopped as the woman saw her staring up at the stars on the ceiling. “Oh honey…are you really putting yourself through this again?!” Chris asked as she crossed her arms and leaned in the doorway forgetting all about what she had come to Emmaline for in the first place.

When no answer came, a loud sigh came from the doorway and before she could protest, Christina was pulling her up and off the bed. “That's it! You're getting your pretty little ass out tonight! No more moping about like a lovesick puppy. Billie and June are downstairs waiting and you are going to get ready to go to the club with us tonight.” It was an order and Em could see she was NOT going to be getting out of it no matter what she happened to say.

With a defeated sigh, Em nodded and gave a weak smile. “Alright Chris…I'll be down in fifteen.” Came soft words as the other woman merely nodded to her with a look that said “You better NOT make me come back up here and drag your ass downstairs.”

For a moment, bright eyes stared at the now closed door and she shook her head. The last thing she felt like doing was going to a club where she KNEW that her friends were going to try and set her up with anyone that they could just to get her out of the funk she seemed in. The thing was, Em didn't mind her funk. She didn't want anyone else…all she wanted was her darling Everly. She had TRIED over and over to make that known to Christina, Billie and June. But it seemed to always fall on deaf ears. So now here she was stuck getting her ass into a red dress that came to the top of her thighs and hugged her in all the right places, putting her hair up into a ponytail, actually doing her makeup, and getting into silver toe heeled sandals she absolutely detested just for a night out her friends would NOT be letting her out of.

                    Hours Later

Christina was completely drunk by the time they got home. It was amazing to Emmaline that her roommate was still on her feet and still able to speak at all. She had NEVER seen anyone drink so much before. It was both amazing and terrifying. But she guessed that was what happened when a challenge was issued and you had three older brothers. Not that Em would have known as she had been an only child growing up.

“Okay Chris, time for bed.” The young woman said as she helped the other woman back to her room and into bed. She watched her for a little while to make sure she would be okay before she went to her own room. Once she was in her own room, Em kicked her heels off and went straight for the bathroom to wash her face of the makeup she had done earlier that night. It was only when she was getting out of her dress did a slip of paper fall out of the top. A slip of paper that aparently had been slipped in while she was dancing with…some girl named Rebecca. And it was when she picked it up did Emmaline realise it was a phone number, Rebecca's with a little note that also read “call me” on it.

A sigh slipped from Emmaline and she shoved the slip of paper in the drawer and went to her bed and slipped into her pjs which happened to be a white tank top and short white shorts. And when she was dressed, Em sat on her bed and sat down holding the stuffed bunny that Evie had given her on their first date. God she missed her. And she was hoping to hear from her soon. She really was. It was with those thoughts were silent tears slipping down her cheeks and she reaches for a cloth she had on the bed and used it to dry her eyes before she pulled her notebook out from under her pillow. She was going to write a letter to Ev as she knew the other girl much preferred hand written notes to electronic.

Dearest Evie,

It's been too long since we last spoke. I miss the sound of your voice…and I miss all the late night conversations we used to have. Everything is so different without you. My roommate decided to drag me out tonight…and I mean it felt like I was literally dragged. Somehow I also got some girl's number. Don't worry…I don't intend to do anything with it…You're the only girl for me..

Ugh! I'm sorry. I know this sounds like I am completely rambling. Just I don't know what to say. Other than I miss you like crazy and can't wait for the day we get to see the other again..physically..not just through skype or video calls.

But until that day, please stay safe and healthy.

With all my love,


Emmaline groaned softly as she reread the letter that she had just written. She did sound like a damn love sick puppy…but that was exactly what she was. She just hoped Evie wouldn't be too pissed at her for mentioning the going out thing. With a shake of her head, Em did slip the letter into en envelope and make sure it was completely sealed before leaving her room and slipping it in the mail box and then going back inside and snuggling up to her bunny again and staring at her glow in the dark stars. Her last thoughts before drifting into sleep were of Evie and their last day together..


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