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(long-term)A new apocalypse;zombies the new earth

By Colem84
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backstory/story:It's been years maybe more ive lost count you lost count. Many new places have appeared and fallen due to whatever is left of humanity instead of these things, zombies walkers hell some runner's. Life isn't easy anymore its all about survival but maybe theres something's left kf the old world we can still have Food, tools, water, love…love its almost forgotten in this world only love left is from the old world husband and wives, fathers and mothers looking after their kin, girlfriends and boyfriend who stuck around. Todays world there really isnt searching or waiting for that anymore, everyone is either selfish or to scared to trust someone, even in the new villages or cities people have created the communities try but the little love there is mostly gets sucked away by greed or lost after the civilizations disappear due horrible management or taken over by others and the flesh eating monsters. Love isn't here and if it is we found it when we found eachother we want to help repopulate and make a brand new world from this broken one.


Description:the world was taken over and people try to keep together in one place we were assigned roommates we have to sleep in a school transformed into a small village to live we soon grew to love eachother.

My socials/places to reach me that isnt here.

Snapchat: classicsans05

Instagram: manyabee.anthony.rizo.1973 & cole_84

Number: (316) 670-8824

 If you have other ideas lemme know

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