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ARC Reborn V2

By Kikido
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The Forest

A mysterious place. Paths that seem to appear before you, as if leading you towards something. But what, you may ask? Who knows. The Forest knows all but doesn't let its secrets go that easily. It will lead you to where you need to be and to meet the people you need to meet. The rest, is on your own. But don't think you can just waltz right in whenever you want. The Forest only allows those that are worthy to explore. If you somehow find your way without the permission of The Forest, you better hope you don't find Guardian Ailis. Who is Ailis? You'll meet her soon enough. For now, let The Forest guide you.

The Mansion

A safe haven for those that wish for shelter. Don't worry, there's always room for one more. The Mansion has endless halls, and rooms that doesn't seem possible for the building on the outside. But that's the magic of The Mansion. Just like The Forest, only those that are worthy can enter and find a room. Speaking of rooms, each room is personalized to each person. You don't know which room is yours? Sure you do. Whatever door you pick is your room. You'll know if it's yours or not. Do try not to damage The Mansion though. Yes, it can heal itself, but it would prefer not to. Along with The Forest, there is also a Guardian of this place. Guardian Masuyo. She can normally be found in the library, but don't think she'll be nice if you interrupt her from one of her many books.


The Stone Gates

Mysterious pillars found within The Forest. Just what could they be fore? And who made them? It seems not even the Guardian Ailis knows, or she's just not telling anyone. As far as most know, there are at least four of these. They always have a soft glow about them, as if beckoning someone to come closer. No one is sure what happens if you do approach it as Ailis has usually stopped those from getting too close. There has to be a purpose for them though, right?



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Sarina342     98d ago
Rampant AI

About, how long has it been? Just a few seconds for sure. Right? But what if she had calculated wrong again? Could it have been years?! No, no, surely she couldn’t fuck it up THAT badly… unless… There wasn’t an unless, she was just being silly and adjusting to her new body. It’d been rebuilt. Not just her, but the manor had been redone in this new space. Old, but still new. Shoving herself out of the pod the twins had helped her build, the AI adjusted her joints here and there. Her core flickering in her chest before settling on the hot-pink she tended to prefer. A second approached her, the assistant she’d kept alive during the scrapping. 

“M-Miss, I am sorry for letting you sleep that long. I know you told me to wake you if anyone new arrived but-” the copy was cut off when Alpha lifted her hand to wave her away.

“Don’t care. I needed the rest after all. Lots of odds and ends I am guessing?” She asked while stepping away from the pod that released a hiss as it slowly closed. Exiting her “storage room” down one of the winding halls of the almost never-ending manor, the pair wandered towards the entrance while Alpha tapped at the side of her head now. 

The Ashen Garden still remained the same, aside from a bit more green. The twins must not have summoned their charge in some time. The greenhouse where she’d observed the girl and a monster. The area not too far off where a flooded trench and scrap metal here and there showed where a ship once was. But she smirked and tapped at her head again. Sure she’d love to be a little shit again and observe it all but she shook that away. A menace she is, a menace she will be, but she won’t go prying where she wasn’t likely wanted. An interaction here and there will work. Guidance in the manor or an ear to listen. She could provide that if and when it comes down to it. 

Hell, she’d noticed the feed of her dear assistant guiding a pair of interesting girls ‘Home’. Wherever home might’ve been for the mershark and Ursaid. AI knew she was no keeper of this place, just a being that would aid in keeping it alive. The hard-light grass or trees in some areas certainly showed where she’d tried. She wasn’t the first here by a long-shot, she wasn’t going to be the last, but she was a part of this place. Nor would she ever wish to  label herself as a keeper. That felt like too much work…

Crossing her arms as she stood at the balcony of the steps that faced the entrance, she’d giggle to herself. The Silky she’d summoned was busy still keeping the place dusted and cleaned. She’d hoped to see them again. Those ‘friends’ that she’d made. Maybe even some new blood, that’d be fun. If they survive the forest that is. A soft giggle to herself made the servant tense a bit.

“Look at me, getting all~ sentimental. What’s this world coming to I wonder.” she said before giggling again and straightening herself. The AI had to keep an appearance after all for anyone else who might make it inside. 

SilverwoodChibi   98d ago

A giggle escaped as Chibi ran through the forest barefoot, her boots in hand, glad to be home after so very long. She adjusted the hood of her new jacket hoping her friends and found family were still around to play with.

As Chibi neared the Mansion she skidded to a stop nervous about what had changed while she was gone. Would her friends remember her or had she been gone for so long that she would have to start all over again making new friends?. Chibi didn't mind friends but she knew she had to be careful this time and not let IT out again.

“Otay Chibi can do this! Time to find Chibi's friends!”  Chibi giggled again and started back running towards her home.


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