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NightMare   87d ago
☾ Bringer of Nightmares...



Eriol existence was something consider taboo. In most eyes he was something that shouldn't existed. He was hated by vampires, werewolves and even humans it seemed. For the most part he seem to fit in with humans that was until he got the undeniable thirst. That thirst over powered all of his senses. Eriol was always on the run, never stay in one place for too long. It was hard, he was tired. All his life he heard people say he shouldn't exist. Deep down he just wanted somewhere to belong. Someone to love him unconditionally like his mother once did. 

His mother was a human that happen to fall in love with a vampire. Of course their love was forbidden and kept secret. That was until the vampires found out. His father and mother tried to get away but they were both slaughter mercilessly. The only way he was able to escape was before of his father. His father had made it appear as if he was a human child. It seem to fool the vampires. Just like that everything he loves was just gone in a blink of an eye.



Despite growing up on the streets for a while, Eriol seem to be taken in here or there. He was able to go to school and live like a normal human. That was until the day he turn 18, then the lust and thirst came. He attack someone he care about deeply. He didn't kill them but he hurt them. Ever since then he had been on the run. Here was in what seemed like a forest or some sort of nature reserve. It felt nice hiding in the lush canopy. Enjoying the stars , the moonlight, and even the breeze. 

Little did Eriol know you were lurking around, that he had enter your territory. Eriol had climb into one of the large tree making a small shelter out of large leave and branches. It felt nice, listening to the sounds of the forest. That was until you approached him. Eriol heard the growling and in a low voice. What are you doing here? His heart began racing there was no way a human would notice him so this had to be one of them. Eriol peeked out of his make-shift shelter so see you standing at the base of the tree. 

AndroAndroidFenire   87d ago

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AndroAndroidFenire   87d ago



     Since his birth, Fenir was taught the traditions of wolf-folk. When to howl, how to howl, who to mate with, what territory was theirs, how to hunt, and the many rules and regulations their culture followed. The humans had it all wrong. There was no freedom in wolf-kind. None of these sat well with the young upstart. Fenir found himself causing trouble left and right until it eventually got him kicked out of the clan. 

     This led the young wolf to set out on his own. For the longest time, the moon cycles had plagued him. Without the protection of a territory and clan to call his own, he found himself hunted. He had never gotten the luxury of a ‘normal’ life. Never would Fenir be able to attend schools or hold down jobs, or so he thought.

     Time passed and he learned control over his lycan form. Now able to hunt small animals and dear to suit the inner beast that clawed at him. It was hard to keep tame when every waking moment he saw humans destroying more and more territory around the world. What right did they have taking ancestral land like that? Luck was on his side one day when a position for the ranger at a national park came across his awareness. He had made friends with another lone wolf in a city some time back with a unique set skills. This wolf could create any document one might need to pass in human society. In quick measure Fenir had his qualifications perfectly match the job. He was hired on the spot.

Present Day

     The moon was growing fuller each day that passed at the reserve. Some years had passed since he'd first taken up this position. There wasn't a large number of other rangers, and no one seemed to ask questions about Fenir's strange comings and goings. The most they figured is he'd went deep into the woods to patrol. They weren't wrong. 
     Fenir was out now, making rounds along the territory he'd established. There were other true wovles that lived in these parts. At first they hadn't trusted the half-breed. It had taken sharing a few kills over many moon cycles for the creatures to finally warm up to him. The wolves of the reserve still refused to share territory with Fenir, though granted him safe passage. 

     A strange new smell wafted through the air. That's odd. He'd done this numerous times before and never had he smelled anything like this. Fenir was deeply familiar with the scents of his territory, making the intruder easy to sniff out. The blond wolf crouched low, following the trail. Eriol was spotted moments later. The wolf in him bristled at the very sight of this unknown creature, while his human half kept his body low in some bushes. When it looked like the creature was finally feeling safe, he strode out. 
     “What are you doing here.” So close to the moon, his voice held a low growling tone to it. The hairs on the back of his neck stood on end mimicking hackles. Fenir's chest was bare, showing sun-kissed skin and plenty of marks from old battles. The pelt of a large wolf was tied around his waist. Canvas pants covered his legs from the worst the forest brush had to offer. Piercing amber eyes pinned Eriol in place. His gaze was intense. It looked like Fenir was doing his best not to murder the intruder on sight.

NightMare   86d ago
☾ Bringer of Nightmares...



Eriol peered down at the muscular figure. The figure demanded to know what Eriol was doing here. “ I was just passing through resting here for a night or two that is all…” he said softly. Eriol was a very skinning looking, his skin was pale but not pale enough to be a vampire's. His ivory colored hair seemed unkept and even his clothes looked worn and tatter.

His pale blue eyes stared into the wolf's amber color eyes. “How pretty…” he said in a very softly. “Look I mean no harm just let me rest here for a while before you know it I will be gone.” he said softly. Clearly Eriol wasn't frighten by the young wolf that threatened him. Sure many he was being foolish and not fearing the monster that stood before him. How could he? When all he did was hate them. He hated them all, shunning him and telling him just to die. It anger him and mad his blood boil with rage. 

Eriol sighed softly as he looked towards the sky. Oh the full moon no wonder this mongrel was so angry. Eriol sighed softly as he closed his eyes. He was so sleepy, sleep was calling his name but there was no way that was going to happen with that wolf down there constantly yapping at him like a whiny little lap dog. Eriol sighed softly narrowing  his eyes. “Why are here shouldn't you be busy running with the wolves…”  he said with a soft sigh.

AndroAndroidFenire   86d ago


     A stranger dared to rest here. It was one of his favorite places to go whenever he had the chance to. “Your smell is rancid and stinking up the place. You never got rite or permission to set up where yer at.” The audacity of it all had his voice growing less patient by the second. If this thing thought a small plea would change his mind, he was wrong. Even after taking in the tattered and thin appearance. It looked like it hadn't eaten in weeks, and like it hadn't had a moment's rest for some time. A twinge rang his stomach.

     The lack of fear and then idle comment about his eyes caught Fenir off guard. Compliments were not something he heard often outside of the usual from the human rangers. Those eyes narrowed dangerously thin. It looked like the wolf-kin wanted to pounce on Eriol right then and there. Fenir kept himself rooted to the spot, not looking to make any quick or foolish movements. Even while Fenir was in such an aggressive stance, the stranger spoke softly and remained calm. What a mystery. “An' I mean you harm, even if you've got a sweet tongue. Get out. This is mine.” His voice grew gruffer with the last word. ‘Mine’ was a favorite of the beast. It would ring in his head for hours at a time.

     When Eriol looked toward the moon, Fenir was able to see the male in a different light. With the pale moon beams glancing off the sharp fears of a thin frame. Beautiful. The word wasn't meant to be thought. This is an intruder of unknown origin. He needed to leave, especially before the moon took him. 

     Any sympathy he might have been starting to fear was erased at the last comment. A sore spot. Fenir growled deep and stalked forward. “None of yer damn business. I'm the one who owns this land. I'm the one askin' questions. What are you? What is your name?”

NightMare   86d ago
☾ Bringer of Nightmares...


Falling Feathers

Eriol listen to the snarling wolf. So this was his spot? It was getting annoying listen to the wolf just snarl and growl at him. Eriol knew he had no strength to fight. He simply sighed as he slowly stood up on the branch balancing his slender frame. His ivory hair fell in front of his face but he swift and delicate brushed it back.  “My name…” he said softly as he looked down at the wolf in surprise. 

He smiled softly but then looked sad as no had asked him his name in a really long time. “My name… it's Eriol but people normally call me by such fouler names… As for what am I that is none of your concern, even I have a limit to what I will answer."  he sighed softly as he icy blue eye seemed to be filled with sorrow or an emptiness. 

Eriol was up fairly high enough that if he jumped down he would defiantly break something, that is if he hit the ground that is. Eriol sighed softly as he jump from the branch elegantly. Before he even got close to hitting the ground he shifted in a white colored owl. Leaving only a few ivory color feather behind. He soared over the wolf head as most knocking him backwards. 

Eriol flapped his large white wings rising higher and higher into the night sky. It didn't take long for him to be above the tree tops. Everything seemed to be going great until the beautiful white owl got hit by an arrow. It seemed that the vampires that were tracking him were still hot on his trail. 


Eriol could feel himself falling and there was nothing he could do about it. His left wing had a sharp silver arrow in it. Eriol crashed into some tree before finally hitting the ground. Eriol shifted back his human after he hit the ground. He was hurt bad surely had broken a few ribs but what hurt the most was the arrow in his arm. He pulled it out letting out a small gasp from the pain. It wouldn't take long for him to heal the broken bones maybe a night or two but the arrow he was hit with seemed to be poisoned. 

Eriol laid silently weeping in pain. Surely this would be the end of him. There was no chance of getting up and running. “I'm sorry” he whisper to himself. He had promise his mother that he would go on and live a happy life. His life seemed to be nothing but a curse. No matter where he went he was never welcome.


AndroAndroidFenire   86d ago



     Fenir watched as Eriol stood. The other's movements were slow and nonaggressive. It really means no harm. How strange. Even after all the threatening, it looked like Eriol had no intent to fight. His shoulders relaxed slightly. The creature was now behaving rather strangely. Instead of scared, nervous, or terrified it looked surprised and then sad. Somehow Fenir found himself thinking of the creature standing there as entrancing. 

     It took the creature a moment to answer. Only part of it was satisfying. Eriol had the guts to stand up to Fenir in the way he did. “Eriol…” Amber eyes peered into the icy blue. That is, until Eriol jumped off the branch he'd been standing on. The instinct to catch the other kicked in. When Eriol turned into a snowy owl, Fenir had his hands ready to catch the man. All he caught was a rather large wing to the face. “Fuck!” That didn't feel very nice. Between the shock of seeing a pale man turn into a large snowy and the strike to his sensitive nose, Fenir was only able to see Eriol's tail feathers as he rose above the canopy. 

    Well. The growly and gruffing must have worked. “Good riddance. I don't need strange beautiful things. Not at all.” His own hate for most sentient creature kept him from admitting the longing he was starting to feel. He'd been alone for a very long time. To hear just a piece of Eriol's sadness stirred emotions he'd kept hidden. 

     The moonlight seemed to shift after a moment, glinting off ivory feathers like freshly fallen snow. Fenir crouched low to the ground, observing them. They carried Eriol's sweet scent. He'd been lying when he said he found it revolting. Gently, large hands picked them up. They were soft. Much softer than his fur. Fanir put them in a satchel hanging at his side quickly, almost shamefully. Just as they were out of sight he could feel the burning. Lava ran through his veins as the moon steadily climbed its way towards its peak. No sooner did the burning start that he heard a shree followed by a loud thump. “Not. Good.”



     Fenir raced through the brush easily, following his nose. It was easier now that his muscles were aching with unused energy. Running freely through the woods like this is what he lived for. There was nothing more exhilarating than jumping fallen logs, finding paths no one else might see, and tracking your prey. Prey! How he longed for a good hunt right now. Instead, he was running towards Eriol. Why? Instinct. That's what he'd tell himself at least. 

     The closer he got, the more he could smell. The acrid tang of silver was distinct. A low growl rang through him. First an intruder, and now he's bringing silver into my territory! It only got worse. Next the smell of about three  to five vampires entered his realm of detection. They were closing in on… something. Now he could hear Eriol silently weeping and- apologizing. What did he have to be sorry for? That didn't make sense. None of this did. Then it hit him. Those vampires were closing in on this creature! 

     “What are you doin' apologizin'?" Fenir had skidded to a halt beside Eriol. The stench of silver was strong. A silver arrow sat close to the ragged form of his intruder. Now that he was this close he could pick up fainter scents. Poison. I don't know what kind, but I'm sure this arrow was dipped. 

     Vampires were closing in slowly but surely on them. They didn't have his tracking skills, but they had managed to find this rascal somehow. There was a good chance they would do it again. Persistent bastards. They always are. “Why are they hunting you? Never mind that.” Fenir winced as his blood boiled hotter. His breath was coming in shallower breaths. “We need to leave. Now. Know. Where to go.” 

     Without permission or warming, Fenir lifted the other easily. It was a bit rougher than he'd normally manage, but with the wolf breaking out, time was of the essence. “You're lucky.” His voice was low and gutteral now. Fenir said nothing else, just took off running. He did his best to keep a safe distance from them and the vampire that hunted Eriol. With speed, skill, and a dash of luck they would make it to a cave hidden behind a waterfall.

NightMare   84d ago
☾ Bringer of Nightmares...



 It hurt, the pain raining through his veins was worse than a knife. The stinging feeling, the fading from consciousness and reality was getting harder and harder. He just wanted to sleep his eyes were getting heavy. Eriol cough and blood starting to drip from his mouth revealing two ivory sharp ivory fangs. He breathing was starting to fade but he was still alive. It was hard to heard what Fenir was saying. Eriol shudder as he felt his body being lifted up. He open his icy blue eyes only to see a blurry figure. It hurt suddenly but felt being lifted and suddenly himself being carried. It was hard to make out what the man was saying. 

“…Wh..Wh”  was all the word or sound he could form at the moment. He gasp for breath it was getting harder to speak. The arrow didn't hit him in a vital spot but the fall and poison were getting to him. His body couldn't heal fast enough. Not with out fresh blood and a lot of rest.  When Eriol heard the sound of water he open his eyes to see a familiar figure vaguely standing before him. “Y-You..should of just left me.. y-you will be in danger…" he said in a very winded and raspy breath.

Sound of water 

Eriol had no idea where he was he could smell damp mossy rock. He could hear the sound of the water flowing. Perhaps that is what woke him up was the cool water that, they traveled through. He shiver as he felt cold suddenly. Everything hurt but the wounds were very slowly starting to close. He couldn't move, he could finally speak with out gasping for air. He was very thankful that he Fenir had chosen to help him in the end. Even thought wolf had made it very clear he wasn't welcome here.

“Why?… Why did you chose to save me?" He said softly as he looked towards Fenir. “You do know they won't give up until they find me? He said with a soft sigh. ”Thank you for helping me… if you care for this park as much as you seem to then you will probably want to give me up… they will tear this place apart looking for me…"  He sighed softly as he looked away from Fenir. Surely the man didn't want his park torn to shreds. Those vampires were relentless. He was sure he had at least another night or two before they found him. 

Eriol was so tired he could help but to close his eyes icy blue eyes. Everything went black it was actually silent, is this what sleep felt like? Was he sleeping right now? It was like a weird sensation had come over him. His mind seemed to be put to ease. All the sounds around him seem to soften. Is this what it felt like to rest with out worry? Why shouldn't he fear the wolf that helped him? There was still time for the wolf to just hand him over? If he did hand him over was he dead. Of course the rationality came to his ease mind that no he wasn't dead.

AndroAndroidFenire   82d ago


The Run

     Fenir focused on running, silent the whole way.. Strong legs pounded forward, and thick arms held Eriol close to minimize any jarring movements. When he glanced down as the creature hacked crimson lines, there were fangs. A vampire? No. He doesn't smell like a vampire. Not exactly. This close to the creature he could start to pick out some of the scents that clung to vampires. Stale blood. The cold. Ice. And yet this was not a vampire. What have I gotten myself into? He's definitely wounded badly. I don't think he'll die from this. They probably wanted to take him alive. Or their aim was shit. 

     Holding onto Eriol like this, he could feel how light the other was. It was too easy to whisk him away through the woods. Part of him knew he was growing more attached by the second. The longer he carried Eriol, the deeper the beast claimed him. Nothing was free, and Eriol would pay a toll.


     The wolf was thankful he didn't have to fight any vampires in this unfavorable condition. Carrying a wounded creature and being outnumbered was not ideal. Behind the waterfall, they'd have time to recover at least. 

     Fenir's skin was radiating heat at this point. It almost seemed to pulse with power. When they ran under the waterfall, the cool wetness felt refreshing to him. He sank slowly to his knees in the dimly lit cave to set Eriol down. There were plenty of thick patches of moss around the cave and covering the rock that rested under the other's head.  

     Eriol's words elicited a low chuckle. “Me? In danger? You've  got no idea who're yur talkin' to.” The next created a confused look on his face. Fenire hadn't stopped to think about his actions. His body had simply told him to do so. After so long, one learned to listen to those gut instincts; even if they often led to trouble. Not only that, but was Eriol still concerned for his safety and that of his park while being the one barely able to speak again? What a strange thing. Most being you met these days were selfish entitled pricks. Not Eriol. 

     It looked like right as Fenir was about to reply, the not-vampire fell into a dream. Fenir's own shoulders relaxed. Eriol's breathing was steadier now, and the wound looked as if it had started healing on it's own. It was slow progress still. “Rest now. Don' worry s' much. Stay. Rest." A hand was placed on the other's chest. After a few moments, Fenir began the process of taking Eriol's blood-soaked shirt off. He knew a few herbal poultices to help the healing process.

     This thing was definitely of magic origin. There wasn't any bleeding to staunch. Why was he going to far for something he had just tried to chase away? Because it's alive? These questions could be answered later. There was little room for rational thought now. Fenir just needed to find the herbs, chew them, apply them, and then he could hunt.  HUNT! Not yet-  Before leaving to find the herbs, the wolf gathered large bundles of moss to cover Eriol in. Without a shirt, he didn't want his charge to get cold. 

     Fenire didn't have to look far for what he wanted and returned a short while later. He had been chewing the herbs the entire way back. The herbs were spat into his hands before being palmed into a more reasonable paste. “Don't m've. This'll. Help. Pain." Old wolfs of his pack had taught him this trick. It worked on silver wounds and some minor poisons. When he spread the paste onto the slow-healing wound there would be a sting followed by relief. There had been several times that Fenir had done this to himself. A satisfied growl left him, pleased with his work. Hopefully the not-vampire could rest even easier now.


NightMare   80d ago
☾ Bringer of Nightmares...



Eriol woke to the sound of bird chirping, and sunlight. The sunlight felt nice since he was actually cold, but at the same time it gave him a headache. Eriol looked around the small enclosure they had hidden in. He slowly sat up pushing the moss away. He wondered how long he been sleeping. Judging by how he felt it had to be at least two days. It had been a long time since he actually gotten a goodnights sleep. He was feeling much better than before. He notice the green colored paste and dried blood he left out a soft sigh. It was defiantly time to bath and groom himself a little and his his poor clothes. Eriol looked around the wolf was no were in sight but he was sure he was close. Eriol got work mending his clothes, and washing them waterfall. Thankfully for him since it was so sunny no vampire would be able to find him easily. It gave him time to alter his scent and throw them off his trail for a least a bit.

Eriol was thankful to have some horse's hair and a needle hidden in his hoodie pocket. He fixed his shirt, pants and even his jacket. Once he was done mending all of his clothing he carefully pulled thing out of his jacket pocket and place them aside. Once everything was set aside he began washing his clothes, once they were clean or at least clean enough he carefully hung them up letting the sun and breeze drying. He then stood under water fall in nothing but this underwear. He sat there for a while. He wished he had some soap but unfortunately he had run out of that a while ago. All he could was extract a little bit of fragrance from a few whiled roses that were laying around. 

Once he and his clothing were dried his slipped them back on. Carefully gathering everything and slipping them back into his jacket pocket. Once he picked up a worn red colored rag he couldn't help but to shed a few tears. Inside the rag was a pendant that his mother gave him. It was a small ruby pendant  with a silver chain. This silver was different, it was blessed by the moon or something like that. It didn't hurt or burn if he touched it. He wasn't actually allergic to silver but the poison they had put on the arrow. 


Eriol wished he could he of thanked Fenire properly but he needed to go. He knew if he didn't leave the vampires would start to gather. They truly would turn this park upside. Eriol slipped out of the hidden passage. The sun was really bright so he shifted into a cat. Of course like most the animal he change into they had a pale complexion. He shifted into a cat, with long white hair. He felt a little better in this form but he still had to keep going. He needed to get away from here and out of the park. 

Running in this small form  made it difficult. Before he left he made sure to leave a small gift. Where he once laid was nothing but a bed of vibrant red roses. That seemed to be almost bloomed. They would bloom as soon a the moonlight hit them. Eriol struggled getting over some of the long grass but he had made it at least a good distance away from the waterfall. He could no longer hear the sound of running water but what he could hear in a great distance away was a train. If he could maybe sneak on that maybe he could get away from the vampires for at least few days. Why did the thought of leaving the park hurt? 

What was this strange feeling and sting he felt in his chest. His icy blue eyes looked back towards the waterfall with such a sorrowful look. Well as much a sorrowful look a fluffy white cat could have. Eriol had finally made to the edge of the park. It was almost sunset by this point. Eriol sighed as he felt a familiar pain. His stomach started growling, he sighed softly as he shifted back into his human like form. He then stepped into the large city that seem to be blooming with life. Eriol was a bit nervous because most people made fun of him because of his ivory colored hair. Eriol icy blue eyes looked back to the park. He sighed again as he walked the city doing his best to blend in with the crowd. His stomach was still growling at this point it was embarrassing. 

AndroAndroidFenire   79d ago



  As Eriol slept, the beast inside Fenir crept out. His bones shifted and grew. Skin melted away to reveal hairy arms. It was honestly a painful and unpleasant process. Over time werewolves learned to deal with the pain unflinchingly as Fenir had just done. When he stood, the wolf had to hunch to not hit his head on the top of the enclosure. There were some werewolves that turned into giant versions of their natural cousins, while others took more humanoid forums. Fenir was of the latter.  

     Rational thought left him for the most part while like this. Fenir's human self took a backseat. It had taken years to not be completely controlled by his beast. Now they could work together, mostly. Glowing yellow eyes turned to look at the creature he had just saved. Drool dripped from the corners of his mouth as hunger ate at him. No. He couldn't eat this thing. What if it gave him indigestion? Yet…. No. Fenir gave a sniff before leaving the safety of the waterfall to hunt. 

     Amber eyes glowed in the moonlight as he stalked his prey. The area they were hiding in was a lush part of the forest. It didn't take long to find a doe all on her lonesome. She was injured and had fallen behind from her herd. Fenir stayed downwind, stalking her into his striking range. Within seconds the werewolf used his powerful legs to jump onto the doe's back. He sunk long fangs into the back of her neck, killing her almost instantly. Blood. Meat. Delicious. It wouldn't do to eat here though. He picked up the body and started the journey back to the falls. Maybe his pale one would wake for a meal? 

  Such was not the case. The doe kept him fed for two nights as he stood watch over the unconscious body of his intruder. A strange fondness had started to grow in the wolf's chest for the wounded creature. With ivory hair and pale skin, Eriol was captivating. Even his scent had grown on him. It was floral, vampiric, and most of all, one of a kind. His own scent was that of cedar, dirt, and fur. By the time Eriol would leave, Fenir had his scent memorized forwards and backwards. Even the beast had grown to care somewhat for Eriol. As the night grew cold, Fenir would sit close to the other to share his heat.

     By the morning of the last day, Fenir had run out of food once more. During the full moon he would need to eat more than usual to keep up with his larger form. It was time for another hunt. Leaving the cave had become more and more difficult. The threat of the other vampires was still in the area. If anything, they were closing in once again. This made him worry about the vulnerable being hidden behind the falls. They would find them soon. 

     Fenir was returning with a rabbit in hand when something hit him as strange. The air felt empty. A shiver ran up his spine. He entered the cave slowly and found it empty. Well, almost empty. There was a rose bush about to bloom. It was one of the most wonderful shades of red. “No…. He's gone?” An ache started to eat at him. It looked like Eriol had recovered enough to leave. He should be happy to be rid of this burden. After all, the vampires were after him, and none of this was his business. So why did he want to run after him? Chase Eriol down and teach him not to leave again. 


     Werewolves were known to have a possessive nature. It didn't matter if it was land, food, or other beings. Once they laid claim to it, there was little that kept them from whatever that was. Fenir would forever blame the beast for his current actions. Nothing logical happened to make Fenir want Eriol more than any other he'd run into. Why him? Why now? He'd lived his life alone and enjoyed it that way. Everyone was kept at a distance. Now he was closing the distance between him and what had to be Eriol. The dhampir had changed his scent sure, but not enough to throw him off. 

     Fenir was too late. He saw a fluffy white cat shift into a familiar form and then stroll into the city. Of course, Eriol would go there. It was like he was trying to piss Fenir off. The woods offered protection for creatures like them. Humans were disgusting creatures that weren't afraid to make your life miserable simply because their own life was. Awful things that needed to be erased. How they had become the top sentient species on the planet he had no clue. Perhaps it was their sheer numbers.

     The sun was setting too fast. There was no way he could go into the city tonight. He'd be shot on the spot. A giat wolf-man running around the city was an invitation to be killed. Fenir growled in frustration at the corner of the woods. His Eriol was walking away. As the moon rose, Fenir shifted once more. He was still standing at the edge of the woods. A low mournful howl grew in his throat until it was echoing off the city walls. Some of the citizens looked around, concerned about wolves being so close. 


     Eriol had every right to be concerned about the humans. At night all of the ruffians were called out to play. Drunkards and malicious individuals wandered the city at night. Despite Eriol's efforts to blend in, one of the less savory individuals shouldered the smaller male. “Hey! Watch where yur goin' ya fuckin' f--. Get ur ass outta here.” One could smell the alcohol on the human's breath. The stranger's face was contorted in rage and hate. “Now y' gotta apologize fer what uv done now.”


NightMare   75d ago
☾ Bringer of Nightmares...



Eriol was rudely shoved by some drunk asshole. Eriol icy blue eyes locked on to the taller figure. He wasn't going to play these useless games, food was food right?  “Pay you say…” said in a sweet like honey voice. As he lured the poor bastard into a secluded alley way. Eriol didn't hesitate to bite the man neck hard. Digging his sharp ivory fangs into the man throat. Eriol didn't kill the man but he was surely wasn't going to be betting back up any time soon. Eriol made sure of that. Eriol lean the man against the rusting dumpster. He would of gladly thrown him in there, but there was no time for that he had to keep moving. “Gross” he said as he held his throat. The man blood tasted like dirt. Most human's blood tasted bad because of all the garbage they put in their bodies, but there was no time to complain about that now. Eriol quickly left the alley pull his hood over his head. He was thankful that no one noticed his crime. Eriol was no monster he didn't kill the man he simply knocked him out in a more savage way.

Eriol sighed softly as he made his way farther into the city. Finally he had made it to the train station of course he had no money for the train ticket but thankfully he was able to sneak inside. If he could just get a few more miles away from the park then maybe he could get a head start on getting away from those vampire's. There weren't too many vampire families left in this world thanks to the humans. There were still two very powerful families. Of course since he wasn't like them it was their job to put him down. Sometimes he really thought about giving himself up to them he remember the promise he made to his mother that he must keep on living. 

Eriol sighed softly as he looked out the window watching the blurry scenery seemed too put his mind at ease but only for a moment. Eriol got off the train the next town over. It too was a lively little place, that took about an hour to get too. Eriol looked around the town it seemed like this town hard a large park in the center. There he would find shelter only for a night. He was sure there was no wolves here only people. Eriol sighed softly as walked into the park that was dimly light with a few street lights.  From what he could tell the park was fairly empty maybe a human here or there but no great threats. Eriol wonder around the park for a while until finally he found a bench under a large oak tree. He closed his eye blue eyes and drifted off into a light slumber. This had to be heaven, getting sleep and food. For once he felt as if he was in no danger. Of he still  kept his gaurd up. 

AndroAndroidFenir (wolf)   75d ago

Fenir (wolf)


     Fenir watched Eriol lure some drunken asshole into a back alley. His chest grew tight watching the man leave. Something in him said that he wouldn't be coming back. The werewolf waited there for just over an hour before turning to head back to the cave. That would be the last time he'd see Eriol for a while. 

     As soon as he got back, the rabbit he'd left behind was devoured. He'd smelled blood on the air before he left and figured that Eriol had eaten. This was more of a snack for him. Still, he hadn't consumed anything before chasing after his old intruder, and the run back had left him ravenous. It would have to do for now. Without hunger clouding his judgment he was able to notice a new smell. He followed it into the cave and found that the rose bush had bloomed! It was letting out an intoxicating scent that reminded him of Eriol. Fenir knelt in front of the bush, soaking in the sight of petals as red as fresh blood. What a beautiful bush. “Eriol…?” This must have been a present for him. A single tear rolled down the wolf's snout. Feelings of longing beat through his chest. What had gotten into him? Why had he attached to Eriol? It wasn't fair. He let out a gruff and wiped the tear away. Eriol was gone, into the city, and far away. He had a park to take care of and a life to get back to. 

     Clawed hands gently plucked one of the roses and put it behind his ear anyways. It gave him some sense of comfort and familiarity. After that, he turned to leave the cave for good. Clean air carried disturbing scents to him. Torn earth, smoking trees, and vampires. His hackles rose when he realized they were only yards away from the entrance to the cave. 

     “Awww, looks like wolfy made a friend~.” Teased one voice.
     “I believe you have something of ours.” Said the other. There were two vampires perched in separate trees not far away. He could barely make out their outline, yet he could smell them clearly. There was a mocking cruelty to their tone that he didn't much care for. 

    “You're intruding! Leave now. Or face me." His words were gruff and broken in this forum while his threat display was more impressive. Lips curled back into a snarl to reveal impressive k-9s, and claws were held out at the ready. The vampires only laughed. 

     “We know you do. We can sense him here. Perhaps the name Eriol rings a bell?” Fenir's ear twitched at the name. “Ah! You do know him! How cute~ He got a pet.” That was it. In the span of seconds, Fenir covered the few yards between them and jumped high into the air. Powerful legs made sure to get him where he wanted to go. He wrapped a hand around the ankle of a very surprised vampire and threw them to the ground. A fall like that wouldn't kill an immortal, but they could still be stunned. The werewolf landed on top of his target. Wasting no time, he sunk his fangs into the exposed neck of his victim. The vampire tried to speak, but his words were garbled as blood filled his airways. Fenir clamped down harder and twisted his head to rip out the throat in his jaws. This still would likely not be enough so he grabbed the now mostly severed head of his prey and ripped it off. It landed some distance away with a wet thud. 

     The second vampire had time to prepare for Fenir. She had loaded a light crossbow and let loose. The glint of a silver arrow and the twang of a bowstring was the only warning he had to dodge the bolt. It missed him and buried itself in the soft dirt. Amber eyes turned to focus on her. He was a sight to behold, covered in blood as he was. 

     She started to reload her weapon with inhuman speed. Fenir didn't have long before another bolt was let loose. He didn't have the element of surprise this time so power and speed would have to make up for it. He ran at her and jumped once more to repeat what he had done to the other vampire. As he was in the air, the bolt was fired. It grazed his arm, giving him a moderate cut on his shoulder. Thankfully it hadn't pierced him at all. With his uninjured hand, he was able to grab her ankle and throw her down still. Pain radiated through him and made his landing awkward. The skin around the cut was already starting to blister and burn. He needed to end this before the silver took full effect. A cut like this wasn't fatal. It would severely weaken him for a few days though.

      The vampire had gained enough sense to start to get up. Unfortunately for her, he was still faster. There was a struggle for a few minutes to get her pinned. She was unnaturally strong for her size like all vampires, even stunned. Once she realized how close to death she was, she started to beg. Her words cut off midsentence as Fenirs fangs sank deep into her throat. Once again, he ripped out the throat of his prey and beheaded them. 

     In all of the commotion, Fenir hadn't noticed the scents of three more vampires closing in on him. He sat on his knees, panting hard. A wave of nausea hit him and nearly caused his rabbit to resurface. If it wasn't for the snap of a twig, Fenir may have never noticed the new wave of enemies. A quick sniff confirmed the three were far too close for comfort. In this condition, he couldn't take on three at once. It was time to retreat. Where to though? His forest was a fire, that was certain, and they'd be out for blood when they found two of their own dead. Eriol. It was one of the words that made sense to his addled mind. The sun would be up soon, and then he could travel freely as a human without fear of the creatures of the night. 


     Fenir had managed to keep enough distance between himself and the vampires until morning to avoid a confrontation. Once the sun was casting her warmth on the world, he circled back to the waterfall. Pain radiated through his body. Silver poisoning had fully set in, along with whatever the other poison they had put on it. All he wanted to do was fall into a deep sleep. Danger still lurked nearby, however. So he got to work washing his now human body of the blood. He took special care with his arm. As strong as he was, he could help the groans and growls when washing it out. By the end of it he was pale and panting once more.

     “I have to choose. Fuck. Fuck!” His peace was ruined. They would be back with more, and his cover had been blown. “What now?” There only seemed to be one choice. Find Eriol and make the bastard pay. How he'd make him pay he wasn't sure yet. Right now he just had to make it. 

     Fenir groaned as he got to his feet. His wound needed to be dressed. Finding the herbs in the same spot as before, he repeated the process he'd done for Eriol with his own wound. The bottom of one of his pants legs was sacrificed as a bandage to keep it in place. After that, he grabbed the rough sack he'd stashed in the cave and started off on foot. There was a stash of items towards the edge of the woods he kept for emergencies such as these. In it, he'd find a city human outfit, protein bars, bottles of water, and other such essentials. His current sack held Eriol's feathers and other natural trinkets he enjoyed collecting. 

     It took about three hours to get to his stash. Getting changed took a few minutes. He checked over his pack and sighed. There were three days worth of supplies, then he'd have to buy more. His old bag was then put away safely. Not before he removed the snowy white feather. That would stay with him. For tracking purposes only, of course. The beast inside stirred as if to snicker at his denial. 

     The lone wolf set out then. He looked back at his park. It had been home for so long that leaving it felt like leaving part of himself. Change found everyone eventually though, and now was his time. Another two hours later of slow walking got him to the edge of the city. His body felt like led, fighting his every command to move. His father had always said he was stubborn. It seemed that was paying off now. 

     There were so many scents in the city. For a wolf, it could be overwhelming. Some said they got used to it, yet Fenir would never believe them. Cities smelled the worst out of any human creation. He had to stop himself from covering his nose. Blend in. Don't look drunk. Just. Have to. Find him. After an hour of wandering, he finally picked up on Eriol's scent trail from the night before. That was the hardest part. It was easy to follow it to the train station. God dammit! A break in the trail like this was less than ideal. He would have to guess where Eriol got off. There was no real way he'd be able to know without stopping at each station and giving it a sniff. This might take a while…

     Since Fenir held down a human job, he was able to pay for the ticket to board the train. His plan was to get off at each stop until the one was found. The next stop was at a town an hour over. This had been the first time he had a moment to truly rest since the fight. Fenir sunk into the chair and rested his head on the cool window. A fever was starting to build in him. Despite his best efforts to stay awake, he dozed off during the train ride. He was startled awake by the sound of the announcement that they had arrived at their stop. His hands felt clumsy as he gathered his bags. 

    Surprise and relief washed over him when Eriol's scent drifted to his nose almost instantly. Lucky. I don't know how much longer I would've made it if he wasn't here. Everything hurt and still, he carried on. A new sense of urgency passed through him when he nearly stumbled out of the train station. Gotta find him fast. He wasted no time in following Eriol's trail. 

    The sun was on the brink of starting to set when Fenir reached the bench the other had slept on. It was empty. A low whine left him. His energy was fading fast. That bench was looking rather inviting at this point. Some rest wouldn't hurt… Would it? There were still a few hours before sundown when he'd have to worry about hiding his beast. He'd just stop for a second, collect his thoughts, and then keep looking. Scents were starting to become confusing and hazy though. Everything felt like it was spinning. Shortly after sitting down Fenir closed his eyes and sunk into a semi-conscious state. His father had always said he was the most stubborn wolf to ever exist. Now it was one of the few things keeping him going. “Eriol…” His voice was soft, as if lost in a dream.

NightMare   72d ago
☾ Bringer of Nightmares...



It felt great getting sleep it was something that he didn't get much of he actually felt good for once. He woke to the sunlight dancing across his face. He honestly didn't want to move it felt great sitting there but it didn't take long for him to get a headache. Eriol often wonder if he never drank blood then would he get this bad of a headache? It was unavoidable, when he turned 18 he felt it. The thirst that was basically mind controlling. He didn't mean to attack, but he did. He bit into his best friends neck. The two had grown really close since both their parent had died young. He was the only one who stood up for Eriol, but after that incident. Everything changed, vampires, human and other creatures were after him they wanted him dead. Eriol sighed softly as he stood up from the bench stretching his legs. It was time to go, before he continued reminisce all day.  Eriol just wished he could live in peace with ever but that would never happen. 

Eriol made his way out of the park with ease. He continue walking, until he made it to the outskirts of town. It was finally time to rest again. Eriol sat down under a large tree in a vacant field. Eriol sighed softly as he felt his stomach growl slightly. He was hungry again but there wasn't much he could about. Every once in a while a kind soul would give him a loaf of bread or something to eat. Eriol did he best to avoid everyone. It was then a strange scent blew in the wind. The scent of the wolf tickled his nose for a moment it was soon plagued by the scent of vampires. The sun would be setting soon. Eriol knew things were going to get messy. 


Eriol continue on his way trying to get as far away from the stench as he could. It didn't take long for the sun to set. Being greeted by unwelcoming, snickering and whispering voices was never fun. Soon followed by a sharp pain in left thigh. Eriol winced as he pulled out a small blade out of his thigh. His eyes icy blue eyes dance for the attacking vampire. Unfortunately for him his human eyes couldn't see it. Until another small blade his side causing more crimson to fall to the ground. Eriol wince and felt his fang appear along with his eyes. His normally icy blue eyes changed bright burning crimson. 

Eriol wince as he got hit by another small blade that grazed his cheek. So it seem there were too of them there was no chance of running so he had to fight. He normally try to avoid fighting by running. He was often called cowardly for it, but in reality he didn't want to harm anyone nor did he want to shed blood for a meaningless reason. Eriol sighed softly as he jumped out of the way for a small handful of blades that came flying towards him. Seeing as he didn't have any weapons on him he was going to have to think of something. Eriol swiftly dodge more flying blades. He even try to catch one and throw it back at the bastards but that didn't do much good at all. It simply made them laugh. 

“You pathetic creature… Do you really think you could out run us? We are from the Ironmaw, we are not lesser vampires like those pesky Redmist vampires. Their clan is simple minded and wants you dead…At least our sire wants to examine you before he dissect you.” the male vampire said before jump down in front of Eriol. Eriol could tell this vampire was strong compare to the ones that were hunting him in the woods. It didn't take long before he was surround by this vampire's spawn. Eriol heart was race as he trying to think of what to do. All he could do was shift into his finally animal for that he didn't often shift into.

Eriol shifted into a white wolf he growl. He growled baring his fangs that seem much longer than a normal wolf's. He lunged at a few of the spawns that appear in front of him. He was able to take  down a few of them. Because he was so out number he was pinned to the ground. The spawns chained him up then dragged him into was looked like a graveyard. They walked up to a fancy looking tome that opened revealing a secret underground tunnel. The tunnels seemed endless and reminded him of catacombs with the stench of death and decay. There were many gave and a few skulls here and there. Eriol growl but there wasn't much he could do, at least the were no longer throwing knives at him. What head was going to hurt worse than a knife.

The Castle 

Eriol was roughly thrown to the cold marble floor. Hidden mostly because of strong magic and vampiric barriers was a castle, known as Iornmaw. Of course to humans it had a different name but this castle was so hard to find that no human visited unless of course they were dinner. The castle housed at leave over 60 vampires, at one point in time there used to be 200 vampires here. As time passed some perished over the centuries due age or other forces. The castle was well decorated with gold and silver trinket, weapons, painting of nobles, and many statutes. 

The white wolf head was pushed harder to the ground as a very tell and slender vampire stepped in. The man was dressed in what seemed like simple clothing. Except for his silver toe dress shoes. He had other jewelry like silver and platinum rings on most of his fingers. Some had rubies, sapphires, and emeralds. The vampire also had very long blonde hair his crimson eyes locked on the wolf that was being pinned to the floor by Erin's spawns. 

“Is this the dhampir?” a firm but callous voice said. Victor looked at the white wolf in disgusted by the form it appeared in. The scent that came off the wolf was of vampire and human. A smiled appear on Victors face. At last he finally had what he had been searching for. A crooked smile appeared on the vampires face. The vampire place a hand on the growling wolf's head forcing him to shift back into his human like form. It hurt when the vampire touch him it was like he lost control of his own body. It was then the vampire yank his hard causing him to look up at the man considering his was still mostly on the floor thanks to all the chain the vampire's spawn on him. 

"Fascinating" he said as he look slender male over. It didn't take long for him to violently rip open Eriol shirt revealing his pale chest to the room. Eriol froze as he felt the vampire slender hands trace down his chest gentle brushed against his pale pink buds. Before Eriol could say or react to the vampire's touch. His neck was roughly bitten. The pain from the bit hurt more than normal. It felt weird as more vampire gather around to watch. Eriol felt very light headed, but he Victor pulled away with a faint smile. He greeted the crowd of vampires that had entered the room. 

“Ah…brothers…sisters… tonight we feast on something we never seen before…” he said as he yanked Eriol up be his hair causing him to cry out in pain. Eriol could see the other vampire's surrounding him but at this point there was nothing he could do. At one point felt many bites at once. A few were biting his wrist some even bit his neck or chest. Surprisingly he was still alive or perhaps they were just sparing for a little long. After the crowd of vampires died down it was then Victor that force Eriol to stand. “How does it feel to be devoured by your kind? It truly is a pity you were really once of us…You would of made a great lover…"  he said with a laugh before once again sink his fang into Eriol neck.Victor was going to make sure this was pleasant for him. Sucking his blood slowly and drag his glassy nail over some of the  bleeding bite marks.


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