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NightMare   87d ago
☾ Bringer of Nightmares...



Death would have been easier for Jayden. No! It seemed the gods had other plans to punish this trouble soul. Instead of dying completely he was force to live in secrecy barely able to communicate with anyone or anything. In some people terms he was nothing more than an imaginary friend. If you could call him a that is friend. Jade was not that easy to get a long with. When he didn't get his way he seem to go on a rampage. Maybe that was just the beast lurking inside of him, dying to come out a tear things apart. 

Some how or another Jade became friends with you. You didn't seem to mind Jade at first because you, yourself were lonely. As you got older you felt as if you had gotten close to Jade. He seem to be your only real friend that was until you actually got friends. This seem to bother Jade because you seem to want to talk to him less and less and spend time with people you could actually touch. 

As time went on your started having feeling for one of your friends. You confront Jade asking for help and advice but it seem the dirty blonde had nothing to say that was until you actually try to make the move. It seem that Jade couldn't touch people but at time he seem to get control over you. Maybe but whispering sweetly into your ear tell you how fun it would feel you tore into his flesh. Convinced, you almost thought about killing your love interest. Jade had you convinced that killing them they would always be your and no what they could never run away. Of course to you snapped out of that trance seeing the fear on your love interest face. Some how you mange to save your own hide, that didn't seem to stop Jade from trying you seem like an idiot. 

Jade couldn't touch people, he some how was able to touch objects. Touch certain object seem to cause him agony, but moving small things here or there just so you trip or seem rather clumsy in front of other people. Jade enjoyed watching you squirm. It was funny how much you told him to go away. You looked crazy shouting at nothing but the air. “Your an idiot if you think that would really work…” he said dryly look down at you. “You know how many time you have told me to go away? 382 times in total, I am starting to think you don't like me anymore” he said sarcastically  

Jade sighed softly as he closed his pale green eyes. His dirty blonde hair seemed as messy as always. Jade missed being in the real world. When he seemed lost in thought Jade was actually peaceful. Jade turn and looked at you. “Do you remember that promise you made me when you were 10?” he said looking at you curiously.  Jade waiting hoping to hear you didn't. Of course the promise was a rather odd promise. Jade asked you about 11 years ago if you would break the sun mirror. You course had no idea what he was even talking about you, of course you agreed to do. At the time Jade was your only best friend.  

SixthTomo H.   84d ago
I'll only be enough, when I say I am.

Tomo H.

Tomo was your average male, although he wasn't as average as most. Tomo had an imaginary friend that wouldn't leave his side, ever.

When Tomo was a very young child he always had a nack of getting bullied or harassed by others in his class. Quiet, timid, meek, and very small. Always crying in the corner during play time while the others relentlessly made fun of him for being as weak as he was. “Tomo, when will you ever grow up to be big and strong like Higa?” Tomo's eyes filled with tears, every day the thought of death came across his mind. To be never bullied again would have been a hevean sent for him. Sadly, the Gods wanted to play a pretty evil trick on him instead, making his life more depressing and miserable as always. 

Tomo was very young at the time when Jade popped into his life, well, his mind. Only Tomo could see this strange apparition of a dusty haired male standing close or in front of him almost all of the time. Just one day he seemed to appear right in front of him, clear as day. As the small boy blinked and tried rid of the figure standing close by, he only saw a grin. “W-Who are you?” Tomo could only weld with tears as he was unable to comprehend what was going on. 


Years later, Tomo was able to finally understand and hear what that figure had said to him on a regular basis. It's even developed an odd relationship between the two. Gradually thing started to get stranger and stranger. At times, he knew that Jade was screwing with him. Touching things to make him weak and trip; he was naturally clumsy already so it took him quite some time to figure out that it wasn't just his fault. Under his breath he would ask Jade to knock it off only to get ignored, forcing him to burst out with anger after each time it happened; this made him look like an insane person. When it happened he could only hear the gleeful snicker come from an amused Jade. Eventually it would turn away from just making him weak to turning his thoughts to evil. Ideas of killing someone he knew to almost taking revenge out on his bullies from grade school. Everyday seemed to be a new start with threats and ideas. Shaking them off, he continues his normal day in and day out activities. 

“How about you just leave and never come back, you're making my life miserable by making me look like an idiot on a regular basis,” he whispered walking slowly down the street, “I get that I can't just wish you away, but I wish there was another way to get rid of you.” Suddenly Jade reminded him of his promise that he made so many years ago,"Remind me what it consisted of, I'm foggy."

NightMare   83d ago
☾ Bringer of Nightmares...



Jade wanted to slap Tomo so bad he shook his head. “It seems you have forgotten… You need to break the sacred sun mirror” he said dryly.  “Do this for me Tomo and I will finally leave you alone forever!” he said with a cheshire like grin. Jade was able to display what the mirror looked like to Tomo finding it was another question. Because the mirror could move shifting from place to place. It was going to be a great deal of work finding. The mirror was beautiful it had a very interesting golden frame which it why it was called the Sun mirror.

“The faster you locate this mirror the soon I will be gone.”  he said as looked down towards Tomo. Jade was starting to wonder if this child could even full his promise. Jade sighed softly as he missed painting. Touching things the feel of different canvases. The smell of acrylic paint and oil paints. He missed it all even clay. Despite how difficult it was too sculpt with sometimes. 

Jade looked at Tomo who seemed to be depressing as always. “Just think once I am gone you can live a normal care free life…" he said with a small laugh as he glance young boy once more before vanishing. Being trap and bare seen by anyone frustrated him so much. Oh how he want to carve into some like a jack-o-lantern. The feel of tearing flesh, and red hot crimson spilling out like water. It all brought a small to his crooked face. Jade really did seem to be going madder or perhaps that was the demon that was plaguing his mind. 

SixthTomo H.   66d ago
I'll only be enough, when I say I am.

Tomo H.

Tomo could feel the frustration emanating through his body. “Jade, calm it down, you're fine and I get that you're a little pressed, but refrain because you're draining me,” Tomo slowed his stride and stopped walking completely. “ I don't mean to forget about what our promise all those years ago consisted of, I was a child..” Tomo bit his lip and closed his eyes. “Look, I will keep my eyes peeled for the mirror, but I make no promises that I'll find it in the next year, believe me. I want you gone as fast as you came in, but that won't happen.”

Tomo took a deep breath in and sighed, a little dazed, but relaxed. Suddenly the smell of acrylic paint and canvas filled his lungs. Jade was having a flash back to his painting days. The smell almost made Tomo nauseous. He was never one for the arts, let alone painting. He always remembered the story about a mass killer who would use blood as a medium. Then he remembered that he was hosting his body out to that very person. 

“What in the world would make you the happiest..?” Tomo was curious, but actually had no intention of helping Jade out.  

Suddenly, Tomo dropped down to the ground, covering his ears and closing his eyes. Flashing images flooded his mind. “Knock it off, quit!” Gasping quietly to himself, “Jade knock it off, quit thinking about that!” Tomo's body shook violently at the thought of someone being carved into. His mind filled with images and sounds of people being tortured for sport. Every time Jade even thought of doing someone sinister it would fill Tomo's head with raging thoughts of death. 

Even if it's a small amount, every time it happened, Tomo begged for a release. He wasn't even sure if Jade knew that the thoughts he had were causing distress. At the same time, Tomo also knew that Jade was a big enough ass-hole that he wouldn't actually care about what it was doing to him mentally. Grasping the ground, Tomo attempted to get his balance back and return to normal strides. Taking in deep breaths he calmed down eventually. It took a while, but he knew he would be okay. 

Weakly Tomo walked slowly back to his home, wishing that finding the mirror would only come easier to make this nightmare go away. He slowly crept his way back to his room without stirring his mother's gaze, easily he did this without any issue. Finding his note pad he began to write down the visions he had from Jade. He could only imagine what he was going to say about this; since it wasn't the first time he proceeded to do this. Every detail down to the last moment, jarring in almost a way that it would disturb anyone who would stumble across his note pad. He prays that one day no one would find it; anyone would think that this kid was a potential killer. 

NightMare   55d ago
☾ Bringer of Nightmares...



Jade stay silent after Tomo said to back off. He sighed softly as he closed his emerald colored eyes. He really didn't know his thoughts and memories were playing in Tomo head like a movie. He let out sigh as he followed the boy back into his room. When they both enter the room Jade disappeared by stepping into the mirror that was in Tomo's room. At least when he was in here Tomo could get some rest. Jade sigh the mirror world wasn't the same as the real world. It was dual and grey except for all the mirror that looked into other peoples rooms. 

There were only a few that Jade could go through not many people could see him like Tomo could. Jade sighed softly as there was a strange mirror that had a faint red tint to it. As Jade stepped through it he smelt a familiar smell. The smell of blood enter his nose causing the demon inside him to stir. Jade wasn't always a demon. He was just a normal human once. Jade could only vaguely remember his life before let the tiger demon take over his body. What they didn't look at was the people that Jade slaughter. Sure most the people he killed had money were able to afford cover ups for a lot of shady things. What was so wrong with end those types of people? Of course it was way he did it. Why should he be nice to monsters like them? 

As Jade step farther into the room the scent of blood got stronger. As a vision played out before him. It was him many many years ago. The ebony hair boy was often covered in bruised and cuts thanks to his father abuse. As he looked at the younger version of himself he remember the all pain. His father was a heartless man often beat him for no reason. Jade shiver as he step farther into the mirror world. It was then he seen it the strange demon that had once answered his cries. The demon pledged to him but only if Jade did was he wanted. Of course at the time Jade was only 16 what choice did he have? He accept the demons wishes. 

It hurt letting the demon enter his body and soul with doing so a large tiger tattoo had appeared on his back. Other things about him started to change. Whenever he got anger red cuts would appear up down his arms and legs they would also bleed until finally he lost all control over his own body. After Jade slaughter his own father things became to change even more. He changed his name and even his look. He became a blonde, and even bulked up by working out more.

Jade continue to walk farther into the room until suddenly the room shatter hand fall hard into Tomo room. Lucky for him he landed right in Tomo's lap. “Hi…Tomo” he said. What Jade had not realized was the fact that he appear younger than he normally did. He appear as himself when he was teenager. His hair was dark black color, he was also very slender. There were still strange markings on his arm. The red strips that resembled a tiger. They were fresh and even still bleeding slightly. Jade let out a soft sigh before smirking a wrapped his arm around Tomo in a loving manner. It was then he seen himself in a mirror and mutter under his breath. “How troublesome…" wait was he actually able to touch Tomo more? Jade couldn't help but tease more by gentle place a soft kiss on Tomo's pale lips after all he was already sitting his lap thanks to that strange mirror he fallen through. Why did he end up back here? What was happening to him?

SixthTomo H.   52d ago
I'll only be enough, when I say I am.

Tomo H.

Tomo watched as Jade returned to his mirror only to lay down and closing his eyes for a moment. Thoughts looming through his head as he took in deep breaths. How the hell did he ever get stuck with someone who would think of such cruel things? He often thought about why and what reason Jade would even do it. There's parts of him that always wanted to trust him, but the thought never crossed his mind. All he would remember were the flash backs of blood curdling screams and splatters that covered the walls. There was no way he would ever trust someone like him, ever. 

Eventually Tomo decided to roll himself to face the wall, concentrating on his own thoughts of the day. What only felt like hours were only mere minutes before he sat up right in his bed. His legs dangled off the edge and his feel barely touched the ground. He was always made fun of as a younger student for being as short as he was. He barely caught up with half of the girls in his class. Blinking rapidly, he tore the sense of sleep from his mind and woke up. “Where the hell did he go..?” He noticed that Jade wasn't there anymore. He sat idle, watching and waiting for his ‘companion’ to come back.

What felt like an eternity, finally something happened. He could see Jade's hand reaching out, just barely touching the inside of the mirror. “What the hell is he do-” ,Tomo barely got the words out before it shattered in front of him. Shards flew at him. Closing his eyes he waited for one shard to hit him, but there was nothing. Keeping his eyes closed he could feel a sudden weight on his lap and then heard someone speak his name. Quickly, the pale male opened his eyes. There was someone on his lap, a younger boy. His hair was dark, arms bleeding, un-phased by the crimson dripping down onto Tomo as the male wrapped his arms playfully around him. This made him nervous, he was never one for blood. 

He heard his soft voice, was this man on his lap Jade? He could only assume. Before saying anything or even muttering out a word the boy softly pecked his lips; he was caught off guard. If this was Jade there was no way he would just outright do that. Would he? Tomo looked at the black haired male and said nothing. Keeping his eyes on him, all he could do was stare, feeling the warmth of was he only assumed to be blood dripping onto his shirt.


NightMare   44d ago
☾ Bringer of Nightmares...


“What is the matter speechless?” he said softly as he stop smooching Tomo's pale lips. It was nice to be able to touch him for once. Jade sighed softly as he notice Tomo's face become more pale. It was clear he wasn't happy about the situation he was in. Perhaps it was the blood that was scaring him the most. “Sorry… I don't think I can make it stop… but don't worry the stains will come out… Or maybe they will disappear when I do…I am sure I don't have much time like this…” he said softly as he whispered into Tomos ear softly before kissing and nibbling on his ear lobe. Jade couldn't resist leaving a small mark on Tomo. He pulled the collar of Tomo's shirt down just enough so that he could leave a small mark on the side of Tomo's neck. He was gentle didn't break the skin, he only left a small bruise with his mouth. He was sure this was making the pale boy very uncomfortable. Jade let out a soft sigh he stop nip at the boy neck. He then whispered back into Tomo's ear. “Beside don't you want to touch me? I mean you can hit me now if you wanted to… You probably won't get a chance like this again…" he said softly.

The boy still seemed to be frozen in place. Perhaps it was because he just randomly fell on top of him? Maybe it was because he kiss him so abruptly. There were many thoughts that were swirling through Tomo's mind. He could tell by his facial expressions. Jade sighed softly as he rolled carefully pulling Tomo so that he was on top of him. Jade looked up at the surprised boy who continued to say nothing to him. “Look I know you want me gone… For now just pretend to like me? It gets lonely being trapped in world of the mirrors…I know you are lonely too…” he said softly pull Tomo down closer to him. Jade thought about kissing him but decided against it. Instead he held Tomo laid head on his chest and Jade stroked his hair lovingly. 

Jade remember holding someone like this before. That's right he had someone he loved, to it seem to bring back a painful memory. A tears slid down his cheeks, he turned his face away so Tomo couldn't see him cry. Jade wasn't always a monster but no one would ever see or know that side of him. The world has painted his picture, he will always be a monster. Jade quickly pushed those thoughts aside as he looked at Tomo he wasn't sure if the boy had fallen asleep or was just still shocked to be held by a monster. Jade wasn't sure how long this would last but it felt nice. Tomo's bed was rather soft and it smelt nicely of Tomo's scent. 


SixthTomo H.   33d ago
I'll only be enough, when I say I am.

Tomo H.

Tomo sat there, baffled by the man in his lap. Keeping quiet, allowing the thoughts flow through his head; he felt soft lip against his skin. There was a killer in his lap, a killer touching him, a killer kissing him. A monster was in front of him, bleeding, touching, talking, and kissing his skin. Tomo's body was completely frozen in shock. His touch felt cold, but warm at the same time. Icey but it burned at every touch. The man in his lap felt light like a small animal just sitting there for attention. Jade's lips touched his ear, this made him shiver. His voice shocked him out of his system; blankness engulfed his mind. Time, why was he worried about time..? He practically jumped into his lap out of a mirror and his concern is his time with Tomo? Lips, teeth, and then pressure. His neck was being touched again by Jade. No words escaped from his mouth. Shocked he was still frozen in dismay and fear. What was Jade planning? His mind and heart raced with every second he spent with this man on his lap.

Hit him? Tomo did want to punch him for all of the times he placed those awful memories into his conscious. His fingers formed a small fist as the thought raced through his mind after Jade mentioned it. Lonely? Jade did feel lonely almost regularly, but after he was lovingly blessed by some sick joke by the gods, he never really felt alone. Jade had had been there almost all of Tomo's life. He knew him inside and out. 

Feeling Jade's arms around him and pulling him down on top of him, his body tensed. He was physically here and he could do anything to Tomo. His mind raced, wanting to pull away, but at the same time; the embrace was kind of nice. Even as a child; Tomo never really got hugs from friends or even family members. Perhaps this was a way that Jade was saying he was sorry for all of the horrid things he forced into Tomo's mind. No, there's no way this monster would feel an ounce of sympathy towards Tomo. 

He laid there, feeling Jade under him. He wasn't sure if it was his body heat or Jade's. Telling the difference was almost impossible. He almost couldn't tell if it was his heart racing and beating loudly or Jade actually had a heart. “What do you want? Why are you here?” There were so many questions that Tomo wanted to ask, but his mind kept going blank with every second that went by. Fingers in his hair, he slowly felt at peace, but still wanted to be on guard.  

NightMare   30d ago
☾ Bringer of Nightmares...


Jade listen to the male's shaky voice. It was no surprise he had so many questions. Jade looked up towards Tome. He smiled slightly before answering the young man's questions. “Right now all I want is you… Why I am here currently I do not know… We should enjoy the time we have before I disappear back into the mirror world…” he said softly he carefully sat up holding Tomo in his arms. He carefully sat the boy down on the bed and walked to Tomo's closet where he pulled out a over size green colored hoodie. “Hopefully you don't mind if I wear this.” he said he carefully pulled the hoodie off the hanger. He place the empty hanger back into the closet before shutting the door. He sat the green colored hoodie down before  unbutton his white colored shirt. 

Revealing his slender frame, he wiped his arm with his shirt before tossing it a side. He smirked as he walked over too Tomo. Who was still sitting in the same spot he had place him. “What is the matter… Are you still scared? Look I am not going to hurt you… I don't think I can, even if I wanted to… Rest assured I don't want to hurt… Not right now anyway.” he said as he place his hands on Tomo's hand. Jade blushed softly as he took Tomo's hand and ran it down his bare chest. Jade even seem blushed as the man's slender fingers trailed across his skin. It felt nice, being able to be touched by Tomo. Tomo's skin felt so soft and silky compared to his scarred and bruised skin. Jade had a few scars a crossed his chest but most of them were on his back which seem to be covered by a tiger large tattoo. At this time the tattoo was faint. It was still there but it was hard to see but Jade could still feel it.

Jade paused a the Tomo's fingers seem to find his piercing. The pink rose buds seem so sensitive as the small metal ring was grazed by Tomo's slender fingers. Jade face seem to become even redder at this point. It was as if he was asking for them to be touch with out saying it. Even his breathing change  becoming slightly heavier. It was clear that Jade seem to want to devour you. “Is there anything you would like to do to me while you have the chance?” he said as he let go of Tomo's hands. It was then there was heavy knock on Tomo's bedroom door. Jade seem to sigh as he quickly grabbed the hoodie off the bed and hid in the closet right before the bedroom door was opened.

Jade slipped into the green colored hoodie covering his bleeding arms, tattoos and piercings. The hoodie smelt like Tomo's scent, it was pleasant. Jade waited for Tomo's bedroom door to close and the other voice to disappear. He slipped out of the closet and look at Tomo. “Let go do something fun!" he said as he grabbed Tomo's hand and looked at him with hopeful eyes. It was clear that he wanted to spend time with you. Perhaps if they had enough time they could go on date.  Jade really had no idea how long this was going to last but it was clear he wanted to spend every minute he could with you. 


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