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The daycare or whatever

By kaede_akamatsu
Backup thread

Yeah so I haven’t played on here in a long time so I’m starting with something simple but like most of my roleplays there’s going to be angst

You were excited for you new job. Even if it ment you had to work with kids. It didn’t matter to you, you had always loved robotics, so at fazbears is where you belong. So as you enter the currently empty daycare you look around with a smile. A Solar themed animatronic was supposed meet you here but they were no where to be seen. Well you had assumed the daycare had no kids in it right now, but you had to do a double take as you were nearly knocked over when a small creature dressed in red ran past, followed by a smaller one. But then taking a closer look you realize they weren’t children but animatronics

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