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F4M looking for someone to play as Kakashi from Naruto!

By renn9333
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Hello there! I'm Ren, a 23 year old woman attempting to find someone interested in playing as Kakashi with my OC.
The main themes of the story would be romance, SoL, angst, and hurt/comfort.
I tend to write about one to two paragraphs per response, third person past tense. I'm flexible on the matter, as I've also written in first person past and present.
Prompt: In the time that Sasuke is away and Sakura and Naruto are training under Tsunade and Jiraiya, Kakashi finds himself with more free time than before, leading him to visit the library more often. One day, he finds someone different working at the library, leading to a budding romance with this quiet woman he had grown fond of over the the course of a couple days, coming in just to see her. As their relationship grows, Kakashi finds out a secret she had been hiding from everyone.

My OC's description:
name: Mariko Nishimura
age: 25
gender: Female
birthday: February 18th

✶﹕**physical appearance** : ✶
eyes: Grey
hair: Long, black, straight
height: 5'3
personality/known info: Quiet and soft-spoken, modest, shy.

✶﹕**about** : ✶
- Books
- Being helpful
- Going out to eat
- Plants

- Being untidy
- being forced into making decisions

background: Markio moved recently after a significant event in her life, starting over Konohagakure, working part time at the library.

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