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NightMare   99d ago
Bringer of Nightmares...


Full Moon 

The night of the full moon was always exciting for Remus Blackwood. The thrill of the chase and the animal instinct he just couldn't deny any longer. A night of freedom some might say. Running. The thought of running through the woods wildly was calling to him in his mind. The moon was screaming his name. Change Remus, you must become one with the wild. Unfortunately for him, there were other things he had to deal with. It seems a predator has been lurking in his forest, draining animals of their lives. How dare something step foot into his woods with out consulting him first. Sure there were a few other mythical creatures that lurked in his woods, but they were welcomed by his father before him. Remus planned to keep his father's word letting them stay safely in his woods.

It didn't take long for Remus to find the tracks, the carcasses. There were foot prints from either a woman or child. It seem they were alone since there were any other tracks around. Remus had half the mind to just tear this person a part.  Judging by the animals this monster had slain along the way, it wasn't human. Was one of the northern vampires really that stupid to test his patience on the night of a full moon? Whatever the reason Remus was going to find out, it wasn't going to end pleasantly.



Remus followed the track to a small clearing. There he saw her, it was a female vampire. There was no denying that stench of rot, death and blood. Disgusting! It anger him seeing her so peacefully sitting there. She was in his forest she need to know that. Remus quietly try to approach her but ended up stepping on a fallen branch making a loud crunch under his large foot. He snarled as he was trying to be quiet but it seem that was out of the question now. 

You are not welcome here…” he said dryly as he step closer to the woman. He was only a few feet from her now so she could clearly see him. His copper eyes flash a bright amber but only for a moment. His dark brown hair was slicked back neatly. Looking upon him further you probably noticed his exposed skin. His shirt was mostly unbutton revealing his muscular chest and abs. There were also a few heal scars long his ribcage, they were only slightly visible. His forearms were also exposed and they were covered in healed scars and hair. 


When Remus crossed his arms it almost seemed his shirt was going to tear they way it tightly fit around his frame. Remus was also very tall compare to her. He didn't tower over her, tall enough that she had to look up to meet his callous gaze. “I will give you the chance to leave this place,… but if you refuse I will kindly put you in your place.” His were dry and lacked remorse.  It was very clear that Remus didn't let anyone or anything step into his forest with out a fight. Sure the vampires thought they were entitled roam wherever they felt like. Remus and his father made sure they feared the Blackwoods. Every once in while noble or royal vampire would try. As a result they never returned home, they never seem to have a chance at winning. Leave now! ” he said heartless pointing back towards the north were most vampires seem to reside. 

RavanyaTamarin Hauptman   98d ago

Tamarin Hauptman

Tamarin was softly singing to herself as she wandered the quiet forest. She thought herself far enough south that she should be safe for now. At least for a while before fleeing deeper still into the south. She had hoped that the farther south she went the less they would chase her down. Of course, that was merely wishful thinking. The undead live too long to let a grudge slip away so easily. They were just more patient in ending someone's existence. She knew that she could prove herself again, but she needed the time to amass what she needed to prove it. Not that it would start any time soon. Fire was too hot to go poking now, so best to stay low. She could do that. She was a good couple of centuries old at least. Sure she wasn't the oldest or the most royal in bloodline, but she was a pureblood, and she had forever before her. She just had to keep it that way.

The forest she was in was large, and though most creatures tended to give her a wide berth, there was the occasional animal that would lend her aid as she hadn't exactly planned for the long trip. She used most of her strength to get out of the cities in the north. Hoping the Southern countryside would hide her long enough for what she needed. The moon was so beautiful out here, it even seemed larger here than in the city, with so much more light coming from its full visage. She stopped in a clearing after having finished off another small creature to replenish her from having had nonstop travel here. She murmured a small thanks to the corpse as she let it go to the earth and sighed to look up at the moon.

That was when she heard it. The snap of a twig behind her. There was no way they found her already, they shouldn't even realize she was gone for another two nights yet. She was up on her feet, swinging around in a whirl of raven-colored curls, pale skin, Violet eyes, and dark painted lips. She was in low hip hugging jeans, ankle boots, and a slinky corset bodice peasant blouse that gave off her shoulders in the moonlight. The man was angry, and as she stared, she couldn't help the purr of appreciation to his physique. The man looked tasty, and she wondered if he tasted as good as he looked. He was built tall and thick, and looked strong. He could be fun. She started to smile and walk his way with a sway in her hips, despite his harsh words.

She only got about three steps towards him before the wind brought her the smell of musk, mint, and forest. She gave a gasp, hissed baring her fangs, and jumped back placing a good ten feet between them. Now she understood the man's warnings. He wasn't just some human keeping nosey people from his property. The man was a damned Wolf! This would be her luck. As she said nothing at first, he continued to yell at her, nearly growling at her to leave this place and to go back to the north. “Calm down, flea bag, I'm not here to cause any harm…. don't get your haunches in a hunch…..” He growled at her again to leave, stepping closer until she had to look up at him to keep her eyes on him. She knew the rule, you didn't keep eye contact with a wolf, especially an Alpha, if you wanted to live. They took those Dominance games very seriously, but she wasn't chancing looking away.

“I know you don't particularly care, but I can't go back to the North…. not yet… I'm not staying, I just need to lay low here for awhile…. Okay?” She spoke slowly and clearly, her voice holding the slightest lilt of an accent, one nearly lost to the world, even though she spoke like an American. She took a step or two back form him, not paying attention, and backed into a tree. She had mostly only heard stories of the wolves, and the ones she had run into back at her seethe hadn't lasted long, though to be honest, they attacked first. Was this one to be the same? Or could the animals actually have some brains to them?

NightMare   98d ago
Bringer of Nightmares...



It really did seem his patience was thin especially on nights of the full moon. Remus just rolled his eyes, he didn't care for the sob story. No one just passed through the Blackwoods to lie-low. Other than the woods being home to other mythical creatures. There were still a lot of animals and even humans that like to go camping. Remus of course had made sure the camp sites were way out of harms way, no animal or creature of the night dare to go there with foul intentions. “ I am not here for you sob story. I don't care if you are here to lie-low you need to leave now!” he said with a low growl. 

“If you can't go to the north then go to the west, there are plenty of mindless humans there to feed on. I am sure you will fit in nicely with the scum of the earth.” he said dryly. Towards the south was large city called Sapphire City.  The city got it name because of it gorgeous blue waters that sounded the city.  It was a lively city and blooming with life. There were other things about the city, it could be very dangerous. Remus had been there a few times himself. The city life wasn't for him, he had a cozy cabin deep in the woods he was content. 

Remus snarl as he watched the woman closely as she back herself into a tree. He could of easily tore her apart but he did have some form of compassion. He would give her a chance to leave before attacking. Maybe it was because she was a lady. Remus was sure if she was a man he probably wouldn't of hesitated to lack on to that bat's throat. Remus let out a heavy breath. “I will give you a day to get the hell out of my forest. “ he said coldly.  ”If I catch you here again I promise it won't be pleasant." he said as he stared into the woman violet color eyes. He was very fortune not to fall for vampire allures. The stench of death and rot was always so repulsing. 

Remus turn away from her. He was done threatening her. If she valued her life she would leave and wouldn't stay here a day longer. Remus yawned as he walked way from the clearing. He planed to go to his favorite spot to bask in the moonlight. As much as he wanted to shift into a wolf he was too irritated. Bad things happened when he shifted into his wolf form angry. Mostly destruction, and other regretable things.

RavanyaTamarin Hauptman   97d ago

Tamarin Hauptman

She looked at him incredulously. Was he serious? Seemed the way of the Wolves was right, all animal and no brains. She decided that there was no reasoning with him on a full moon night. She glared at him as he all but denounced her as some human slaying monster. “I will have you know that though I may need blood to live, but I have NEVER killed a human…. those that fed me have always lived by my hand. I wouldn't expect a mutt like you to understand that one doesn't HAVE to kill to get things done!” She was going to yell more at him as his back was turned and walking away from her, but something on her senses had her immediately stop and go very still. Her violet eyes were gleaming as she listened hard to the forest around them. She began to scent the air, but all she could smell was the damned Wolf. Something was wrong.

“Oh no…. no, no, no, not good…. not here!” She hissed, baring her fangs as she began to look around the clearing as she dropped into a defense crouch, her senses flaring out to find the one that was watching them. She couldn't scent anything but the Wolf, but she knew this feeling against her instincts. Someone had found her already. But how? She had made sure they wouldn't know what she did until she was farther away than this. There was a snap in the tree above her and she immediately looked up in time to dodge a blade dropped from above. She leapt out of the way, hissing hard as she bared her fangs. “Don't try your tricks on me, Kannai! I knew they would send a lackey, but you? Now I'm insulted!” She glared into the trees but Kannai was using the shadows of the trees to hide. Tamarin thought he was a coward.

“Dear Tamarin, you talk too much. Which surprised us all when we found your little….gift…. Did you really think we would let that slide? You have been a thorn in our sides since your fledgling years. We truly thought that when you matured, you would grow out of your ways…. What a waste of a gifted Vampiress….” Kannai spoke in echoes from the trees before dropping down several feet before Tamarin. She always thought he was a walking cliche of the Vampire stereotype. She may be a goth woman, but he just had to go all out with his duster, boots, hat, sunglasses, loaded down belt with whatever tools he wanted to hang from it, pockets in his duster for hidden weapons. He was so predictable.

“And you said I talked too much….”

NightMare   95d ago
Bringer of Nightmares...


Remus didn't bother to listen to the woman pleas, he had already ventured away from her. Clearing his mind is what  he was trying to do. It was hard being around her and not wanting to snarl. Sure she was pretty and if she was human or maybe anything else but a vampire. Maybe he would considered her dating material. He quickly push that though away as he had enough of even think about that encounter. Basking in the moonlight on that flat spacious rock was all that he could think of. The sound of other wolfs howling and crying in the distance could he heard. It seemed the vampire had cause a small disturbance amongst the pack.  They were calling out to Remus wonder what was going on.


Remus could heard the disturbance in the forest. The animals scattering from the scene that play out before them. The stench of another one of those decrypted bats filled his nose. He snarled under his breath. How dare another one come here unwelcome. Remus couldn't take it any more. He shifted into his wolf form with the sound of snapping bones. His body was now covered with raven black fur. His eyes amber eyes seemed even brighter than before, they seemed to illuminate the night. He was massive, he was much large than a normally wolf. He was probably twice the size at least.

As he approached the scene, the ground and tree tops shook. 

His amber eyes were burning with anger as he let out a low growl baring his sharp ivory colored fangs. “How dare another one of you filthy fleas step foot on my land…" Remus eyes locked on to the male vampire. Remus raised a giant paw smacking Kannai right out of the tree. He pinned the vampire down with his large claws. Oh how lovely it would be to tear off the vampire's head right off, or perhaps just swallowing him whole and let him dissolve in his stomach acid would be a better option. Perhaps he need to put fear back into the vampires and teach them never to step into the Blackwoods again.

Remus growl staring down at the vampire under his large foot then back to the woman who “claim to just be passing through”  How fun it would be to watch her face as he devour this vampire. Instead Remus swiftly move throwing the vampire into the air and catching him in his mouth. His sharpe teeth sank deep into the screaming vampire body. Blood poured out of his mouth .


(I hope this post if okay if you don't like it I can change it) 

RavanyaTamarin Hauptman   94d ago

Tamarin Hauptman

Tamarin Had to dodge another attack from the trees as Kannai threw blades at her. One caught her in the thigh and caused her to cry out more so in frustration than the pain. She hissed, leaning against a farther tree as she tried to regain her balance. The blade was long, and went in one side of her leg, and poked out about an inch on the backside. She was gonna kill Kannai for this. She looked up at the tree with a hiss, but then froze seeing the large black wolf rushing up the tree and taking Kannai down with it.

The wolf was huge, bigger than she had thought werewolves to be, though she knew they were larger than the natural born wolves. Kannai was pinned beneath the wolf's massive paws, struggling to get free with one of the claws puncturing him in his ribs. He reached for another hidden blade, but before he could grab it, the wolf snatched him up in his jaws and crushed him. Tamarin watched in wide eyes awe, and fear. This was the first time she'd seen a wolf at full strength before.

When she seen Kannai go lifeless in the jaws of the wolf, she couldn't help the sense of relief that filled her. She sighed, her body relaxing, though it shouldn't have as she was sure the wolf could have gone for her just as easily, especially wounded. With Kannai dead, she would have more time to hide. Though she was sure that if he had shown up already, they already knew what she did, and they were not happy. She had underestimated them. While the wolf crunched on Kannai, she braced herself on the tree and took hold of the hilt of the blade on her thigh before looking to the wolf.

“E-either eat the bastard….. or you have to decapitate and burn the body…. or he'll heal…. Kannai is an old bastard. The older they are, the harder they are to kill…..” She called out to the wolf and then looking to the blade she took a few deep breaths. She hadn't gotten near enough blood in her system for this. Animal blood was always a good substitute, but nothing near as strong as fresh from human. So she wasn't as strong as she could be. Now she was bleeding, and until she fed properly it would heal slowly. She cursed under her breath and counter slowly to three. On three, she pulled the blade from her thigh, screaming in the pain of it as she dropped the blade to the ground and she slid against the tree to sit. She cursed Kannai and the others under her breath again as she hissed softly. She had to keep an eye on the wolf. There was no guarantee that she wasn't next.

NightMare     85d ago
Bringer of Nightmares...


With a quick jolt of the head Remus swallowed the mangle vampire whole. He was going to regret it later he was just sure of it. He was going to have a stomachache for day. This is what the wolf wanted, what that she-vampire wanted. Remus amber eyes locked on the other vampire. He could tell she was injured by the smell of blood that poured into his nose. His low growl sounded like a rumble of thunder. He wouldn't admit but he thought about eating her too. Part of him couldn't do it. He didn't know why though. It was clear she needed help of some sort. The last thing he was going  to do was let her feed off of him.

Remus used his muzzled to help the woman to her feet. Once she was he carefully used his muzzle to help her on his back. She almost got lost in his thick raven colored fur. With a low growl he told the woman to "hold on". Remus then took off running take the vampire deeper into the forest. There were many twists and turns until finally he found the beaten path that lead to forests edge. At the edge of the forest was large oak tree, it was huge. Remus growl at pawed at the tree. Until finally a door on the side of the tree opened revealing a slender woman who seem very displease to be woken up.


Her skin was very pale but she wasn't a vampire. She was a witch, she even had familiar. A white snake, that slither freely over her shoulders. “What is?” she said angrily. It was clear she was upset to be woken by such a large beast when ever he ivory snake yawn. It was then her ruby eyes locked on the vampire. The woman stood there for a moment in bewilderment. She was surprised to see that Remus had let a vampire step foot in the Blackwoods. She had lived her for a long time she was sure that most the vampires were scared to be here, maybe that was why it was peaceful living here “Why did you bring her here?” she sad looking at Remus in confusion. It was then the large wolf helped the injured vampire down from his back. 

“Because I want you to help her” he said with another low growl that seemed to rumble the ground. The woman glare at Remus but nodded. “Very well” she said with soft sigh. “You are going to need to change back…you really need to be more careful Remus you know this form of your takes a lot out of you.” she said dryly. Remus growled as he shift back into his human like form. It hurt… everything hurt. The snapping and cracking of bones until finally the monster appeared as man. Remus clothes were very rip but at least he was still wearing something this time around. Remus picked Tamarin up carried her into the witch's house that looked like a huge tree. Once inside it was a beautifully decorated house, it was spacious and even had different rooms. A spiraling stair case that seem to lead both up and down to other rooms of the house. Remus followed Alice carefully through the house until finally they came to what seemed to be a spare room. 

Remus sat Tamarin down on the bed, the witch got work mixing something in a glass. She then handed the glass to Tamarin. “Drink this” she said softly. The glassed was filled with a deep red liquid, it smelt horrible. Remus  let out a yawn that was quickly followed by a glare. “This will help your wounds heal, you are going to really sleep you will probably sleep for at least two days… It will at least stop the bleeding.” she said softly. 


After Remus had made sure that Alice didn't need any help he decide to go home. Deep in the forest was an old cabin that desperately need a few repair here and there. The cabin was surround by thick trees and ivy. The cabin was actually hard to find thanks to all the ivy that had grown over it. What a waste of the full moon he thought to himself. The floor boards creaked loudly as he stepped inside and closed the door. Remus walked into his bedroom and plot down on his bed. He surprisingly had a really nice bed. He built it himself out of fallen trees. The bedding it self was made out of old pelts from hunts that him and his father had many moons ago. His cabin wasn't much but it was home. Remus eyes grew heavy and laid in his bed of pelts it didn't take long for him to fall asleep. 

RavanyaTamarin Hauptman   85d ago

Tamarin Hauptman

Tamarin watched as he ate Kannai and couldn't help the smug smile that graced her dark lips a moment before she hissed in pain as one of her thigh muscles spasmed from her trying to sit still. She looked to her leg, and she could already see where she was losing too much blood. The bastard got her good this time, but she at least outlived him, at least for now. The Wolf looked her way and she leaned her back and head against the tree behind her, more or less resigned in her death at this point. She closed her eyes and waited for the slice of his teeth. What surprised her was when he nudged and moved her until she was on her feet, though she couldn't put weight on her leg. It didn't stop there, he then was maneuvering her to lay along his back, all but near lost in the soft fur. She didn't know what he was up to, but he could easily kill her, so she would ride along for now. At his warning growl, she held to his fur the best she could, though her vision was in and out of black rimmed blurriness.

She thought she had lost consciousness for awhile, because as she “blinked” the surroundings changed. Next thing she knew, he was scratching at the biggest tree she had ever seen. Another blackout moment as she was wiggled down from his back, there was a white woman before them, and a snake or worm she thought around her neck. She leaned against the tree as she hissed, trying not to put weight on her leg. She managed to stay in focus to watch him change from Wolf to Man, and she found herself feeling sorry that he had to go through such pain with each change.

Her next thought was he had her in his arms, neverminding the blood form her thigh. When he finally laid her down on a bed, her vision was almost gone, she had lost too much blood. When the white woman gave her something to drink, she was skeptical, amd the smell that hit her nose was pungent and had her stomach roiling. She glanced to the Wolf and wondered if this was how she truly died. She figured she was dead anyway, so no matter what the woman told her, she would prepare for the worst. She took the glass, pinched her nose, and downed it. It was just as nasty as it smelled, and it burned her throat going down. It wasn't long before she was drifting off into sleep, and she gave into it easily. One soft sigh, and she was motionless as if dead. Vampires didn't have to breathe, and when they rested, they were all but dead anyway.

NightMare   76d ago
Bringer of Nightmares...


New Moon

Two full days had passed before the vampire woke up. Mostly due to the potion that Alice had made her drink to heal her wounds and even subsided a bit of hunger. She would still need to feed. Alice had told Remus that she didn't want a hungry vampire in her house that he would need to come and get her in two days. Remus himself had at least slept for one whole day. He had a terrible stomach for most the night but by time the second night came around he was feel much better. He walked through the forest carefully making his way to  the large oak tree. He was greeted by a familiar white snake. The snake slither inside where Alice was standing, she smiled briefly then told him he need to take Tamarin now because there was only two hour before she actually woke up. 

“Alright I will take her to the city.”  he said too Alice as he carefully picked the vampire up. The sun had already set, the forest was really dark. Lucky Remus could still see everything clearly. He thanked Alice before starting his journey to the city. It would take him at least an hour before he got there. He carefully put the woman his back as he climb up a steep hill. It was a lot hard to do while carrying a person. He almost slipped a few times. Lucky he was able to catch himself, only scraping his hand a few times. 

Once he made it over the steep hill he could vaguely see lights of the city. It wouldn't take long for him to get there now. The rest of the walk went by smoothly. Once he made it to the city he had to find a safe place to put Tamarin. He decided that the park would be the best place. Once he made to the park he carefully put her down on the park bench. He laid her down gentle, before backing away. He would stay in the park until the woman woke up. Once she did he would disappear back to his domain. 

He wanted to make sure she was safe. Why? That was the question that kept lurking in the back of his mind. He let out a soft sigh as he silently waited behind a tree keeping an eye bench making sure no approach the sleeping vampire. He was sure she would need to feed he didn't want to be there when she did. Sure he would still turn into a wolf but a hungry vampire could be challenging especially this far out in the city.

RavanyaTamarin Hauptman   68d ago

Tamarin Hauptman

Tamarin didn't know how long she slept. The odd woman had said only two days, but she felt lethargic as she began to wake. Odd sounds came to her ears, and her throat was on fire. She was so hungry, and that only irritated her. She had been so careful to stay fed just enough to keep that under control, and Kannai had gone and screwed that up. She groaned and tried to roll over, thinking she was in a bed. A quick drop and crash to the ground proved otherwise. She gasped as the air was knocked out of her and hissed at the now pounding headache she had. Slowly, she sat up and rubbed her temples before opening her eyes to look around. It was night, and thank the Gods for that, because she was in the middle of a bloody park!  This jolted her awake immediately and, in a blink, she was on her feet in a panic.

“Shit, shit, shit…….. no, no, no, no, no, no….. this is bad….. Stupid Wolf!! You're gonna get me killed! What was the point in saving me if you were just going to throw me back to the bastards!” She called out, not knowing he was nearby. Yelling only made the fire in her throat worse, and she held a hand to her neck as she coughed a groan. She looked to her thigh, her pants were ruined, but the wound was healed. There was, however, a scar on her pale skin. Normally her kind didn't scar unless it was a very serious injury. She cursed Kannai even though he was dead, and then looked around. It wasn't the city she had been running from, that Kannai had followed her from. That one was days away, but all big cities had seethes and it wouldn't be long before they all knew what Tamarin had done. Hence her hiding in the woods and countryside.

She stilled when a breeze came through the woods and brought her the scent of people. Late night park walkers in the night air. Her gut clenched as if she had been sucker punched. Her throat blazed and her fangs ached to be driven through flesh to let forth the blood she craved to intake. She took a step forward; took in a deep breath to try and find which way they were coming from. The moment she found them, very close in fact, she bolted the opposite way as fast as her tired and sore body would let her. She prayed this park was like others, that connected to a forest backway. Forests and woods meant safety, and animals to feed from instead of the people of the city. It wasn't the same, but it was better than risking herself in an unknown city, as well as, she wasn't to full strength, and she could hurt the humans if she wasn't careful. She was just fast enough to get away without being seen by the humans, and ran until her legs wobbled beneath her and dropped her behind a tree to catch her breath. She needed to find an animal somewhere, or she was looking at a hell of a night.

NightMare   59d ago
Bringer of Nightmares...



Remus watched silently from the shadows. He was confused on why the vampire why the vampire was so angry. Shouldn't she be happy he brought her to food. The stench of humans flooded his nostrils, he suppose there was a lingering scent of death and decay which probably meant more vampires. Remus sighed softly as much as he wanted her out of his forest. He really didn't want more of those fleas coming in after her. Remus sighed softly as he lit a cigarette. Such a filthy habit he had pick up living in the city for a short period of time. He quickly finished it before running off into the forest after her. It seem the direction she was heading was rather dangerous because the more she decided to avoid humans they quicker she was to run into creatures like him.


The direction she was going she was heading towards a very grump cat demon. Remus sighed as he shifted form. This more was much like his primitive form but it was much smaller. He was still a large black wolf, compare to the other wolves that roam the forest. Remus was able to catch up with Tamarin just in him. He cut her off quickly but jumping out before her quickly probably startling the poor woman. "Wait… this area is dangerous… Follow me I can smell an injured deer over this directions. His words were quick and deep. He did his best to lead the woman way from Nikushimi. Nukishimi was a very dangerous cat demon.  He was always threatening Remus, long with his other wolves that just happen to roam in his area. 

Remus was able to safely lead Tamarin towards the wounded buck. It seemed as if it had been attack by another predator he was able to get way. Unfortunately it wasn't going to be able to get way this time. It seem as if the buck had accept it faith because it didn't struggle to get way.  Remus let out mourning-full howl for the deer. Hoping that it venture to the afterlife would be peaceful. His loud howl echoed through the forest. Remus let out a soft yawn as he stay near Tamarin for now.  “Why did you come back to the forest… what has you so scared… ”  he muttered after watching the vampire wipe her crimson lips.

He was rather curious to know.  "If you are going to stay and lurk through-out my forest I at least deserve to know why you are here… Judging by the vampire that was after you. You must of done something fairly wrong… to have your own kind hunting you like an animal. He said with a snarl. He then shifted back into his human like form. His shirt was mostly open lucky it didn't seem to be torn open this time. His ebony colored hair seem to be fairly tamed. His eyes were still a bright illuminating amber that appear to glow in the dark. Remus didn't understand why he cared so much about this woman. Why he brother to keep her safe. He let out a soft sigh as it seem those thoughts were swirling around in his mind. 


RavanyaTamarin Hauptman   48d ago

Tamarin Hauptman

She ran as fast as she could, needing to get away from any cities. What she didn't expect was for the damned Wolf that left her there to come springing out before her. She skid to a hault before she ran into him and growled in frustration. She wasn't sure if she should trust him, but he mentioned a deer instead of a human and she sighed with the ache in her throat and fangs increased in hunger. She followed him, letting him lead her away, especially when she seen that he wasn't leading her to the city again. 

True to his word, he led her to a large, wounded buck that looked to have been marred by another predator. She walked slowly to the deer, crooning to it as she got closer. As she reached it, she laid her forhead to its and said a soft prayer and thanked the deer for what it could give her. She then turned and bit into its neck and drank deeply. She drank until she felt the heart slowing. If she drank past the last heartbeat she would die, and so she had to be careful and time it right. When she finished, she lay the buck's head to the ground softly and sat on her knees to wipe at her mouth.

Looking to the wolf as he mourned for the deer and then asked why she kept returning to the forest, calling it HIS and demanding that he had the right to know if she were to keep returning. She sighed and looked away from him as he changed back. “I committed a great sin to my kind. They believe me to be a danger to our lineage, and they do not want me to go around corrupting others to my way of life, lest I bring hell upon them all in the end. Cowardly bastards don't understand that if we don't change with the times around us, then we will no longer be allowed to live among the humans easily. Blood banks and fake donation centers and messing with memories will not work forever, and not all of my kind have the ammenities to be able to do things that way. The Old Ones are stuck in traditions, and no one else is willing to go up against them to tell them that things need to change. So they believe me a risk and a danger that needs to be taken care of. My Seethe has deemed me a traitor because I freed our menagerie and let them run instead of killing when I feed.” She answered him as she lifted her chin in defiance. She was nothing more than a pest to this wolf, he was trying to get her to leave his self-proclaimed forest and was probably too tired to fight her on it. She had to admit that a part of her thought that death would be easier, but she would go down fighting to prove that she believed in her cause, if no one else did.

NightMare   42d ago
Bringer of Nightmares...

Remus listened to the woman speak her tale of dread and woe. So it seemed she was different from most vampires. It seem to make more sense why she was on the run. Remus bit his bottom “Seeing as you have no were to go then…I will allow you to stay here. Permanently if you choose so. ” he said with a soft sigh. Why couldn't he just be heartless to this woman tell her to just get lost? It was honestly in his nature to want to protect his territory and his land. Sure she didn't seem to understand, could tell she was getting rather annoy when he called it his. “Let me show you around the forest so you do no tread in places you are not allowed." he said with a soft sigh.

“We have a lot of ground to cover so I hope you are feel better, or at least well enough for a long walk.” he said with a soft smile.  He lead the vampire through the forest. They passed a familiar large oak tree.  “Over here is Alice place…" he continued to show her around the woods, until the came across a rundown cabin. The smell of rain soon flooded his nose. “Perhaps we should go inside for now" he said with a soft sigh as sound of rustling leave could be heard as raindrops start falling. Remus held the door open Tamarin leading her inside the worn cabin. “We can stay in here until the rain pass then I can show you the northern side of the forest. We have to be carefully not to get any wolves attention. Also the southern part of the forest is where the humans camp so you should avoid that area as well " he said softly as he lead the vampire inside his home.

He sighed softly as he put a few logs in the fire place before lighting it with a match. The room soon brighten up revealing a fully furnished room. There were a couple of chairs that seemed to be hand made. They were made with woods, deer hide and antlers. He smiled softly as he took a seat sitting across for her after he gestured for her to sit down. “Sorry our tour seem to got cut short… Perhaps you would care to know a little about me. This land used to belong to my fore father it was past down from generation to generation. The forest got it name after many werewolf sighting back in the early days. Now it is a popular tourist sight. Most of the forest is forbidden to human… as you can see there are other creatures like us that roam here… I make acceptation despite my father will and keep the woods full of wolves… I suppose that doesn't interest you.." He said softly as he looked at Tamarin. He was sure she had some question or maybe something else to say about the matter. 

RavanyaTamarin Hauptman   30d ago

Tamarin Hauptman

Tamarin was surprised that he was no longer trying to chase her off, though she wasn't going to question it just yet. If she had any semblance of safety at the moment, she'd take it. He mentioned showing her around as the forest here held other creatures that lived within it that may not be too happy with her in their territories. She finished wiping off her face and nodded following him softly. The forest was beautiful, a far cry from the city she grew up in. Though she had to learn to adjust to scents. She was used to fighting off the smells of pollutions, drugs, bodies, perfumes, colognes, pets, the various markets, restaurants, construction dusts, and whatever else the city could manifest.

Out here, there were the various scents of the forest's greenery, its animals, the creatures that lived within it, the decay of plant and animal side by side, the lack of human scents, a lot of scents from wolves - musky and minty and deeply earthy. Smells of birds, of the wind and what it brought to them. It would take her months before she was able to find her way anywhere by scent alone. He showed her to Alice's tree, and she remembered vaguely when she had had to climb off of him for him to shift to carry her inside. She had been hurt. She checked her thigh again, at the hole in her pants to the skin beneath.

He then showed her to a worn-down cabin, and said they had to stay there for a while until the rain passed. She was about to say it wasn't supposed to rain when she heard and then felt some of the rain come down. She squeaked in surprise and dashed inside from the cold water. She wiped off her face from the water as he started a fire, and she got a better look around. “You live here? You need to be careful whom you allow into your home. It doesn't work with just property lines, but the whole ‘Vampires have to be invited in’ thing does work, you know….. there are technically ways around it, not good ones really, but once one is invited in, it can come in anytime so long as the one who owns it is still alive……" She took a seat in the offered seat and listened as he began talking about the forest. When he claimed she probably didn't care, she raised a brow at him.

“How about we stop assuming things about one another….. I've already proven I'm not like most vamps…. and clearly you aren't like most wolves….. Or you would have killed me the first time we met….. I'm all for creatures living together in peace, so long as they are willing to try and do so. I don't like those that bite and snap first and ask questions later….. we can't keep running around like mindless predators lusting and hungering for whatever it is we need to survive or the humans are going to kill us all off…..”

NightMare   19d ago
Bringer of Nightmares...


“Yes I do live here…” he said softly looking at her. He let out a small laugh she squeaked and ran into the house. It was good to know that fact about vampire. “That is good to know. I will be more weary about who I allow in the future.” he said softly as he closed the door behind him. He could hear the sound of the pouring rain as he hit against the window panes. It didn't take long for him to get a fire started in the fire place. The wood soon caught a blaze lighting the room up in a soft warm glow. He then sat down in he chair next to Tamarin. 

The scent of pine and maple wood began to tickle his nose. The logs crackled and hissed despite being dry. Remus looked at the woman his amber eyes to be illuminated thank to the warm glow of the fire. The sound of water dripping seem to catch the man attention. “Ugh…”  He muttered. “Sounds like I have another leak to repair.” he said in soft tone. Despite the cabin rough exterior he really did care about that place. After all this was were he spent most of his childhood. The cabin was his grandfathers, who passed it down to his father. Then his father gifted it to him, which he was very happy to own his childhood home. 

Remus looked around before looking up at the ceiling. His eyes fixating on a on a few rooting beats. Remus had tried to keep this place in good shape but with everything going on that was hard. He was constantly keeping guard over  the forest. Doing his best to keep the creature that lived her safe. Human had many time tried to take his land but luckily he was able keep it safe. 

Other thoughts started to swirl about his mind. Until finally he started to realize something. This woman why was he being so kind to her? The realization he had come to was that she had to be his mate. Why else would he be so kind to her? It was rare of him to help a vampire out his own free will. The thought of her being his mate sounded absurd didn't it? Remus tried to shake this  thought from his mind.  Normally werewolf found their mate when they turn 18 but he on the other hand did not. Sure there were many She-wolves that wanted him, but he had no interest. He honestly thought he was going to be alone. The scent of his mate never really came to him. Now sitting so closely to her he could smell that intoxicating scent. This had to be his mate? Why else would a vampire scent smell so sweet. 

Remus sighed softly as he closed his eyes and looked towards Tamarin. “I'm curious  what you are going to do after the tour of the forest is over. There is unfortunately no other cabins around to stay in and there hardly any caves or burrows that aren't taken up by animals or other creatures. Do you plan to stay here long or are you going to continue to travel?" he said softly as he tilted his head to the side. 


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