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By ButterflyRose
Backup thread

Lucian's whole life has revolved around catching killers, and putting them behind bars. He was the youngest cop on the force, and he had worked his way to becoming detective. That was until he met the love of his life Willow. She had been everything to him, they had fallen in love and gotten married, and started a family of their own. When their daughter Tally was born, his whole world changed once more. He got out of being on the force, so he could put all of his time into his family. That was when he found out that Willow had been cheating on him, with his brother. He didn't know how to react, and he didn't know what to do with himself, or the news he had found out. He knew that Willow hadn't been happy, but he didn't realize she was cheating on him.


When they finally got a divorce, they had to share custody of Tally, and that tore the male apart. He was doing everything he could to keep his mind busy, and doing job after job. Sometimes he wondered what it would have been like, if he hadn't joined. So while it was his weekend with his daughter he get's a phone call from Michael. Asking him to take on a case. Even though he wasn't on the force anymore, the woman wanted only him. Lucian fnally agreed, and he had told his daughter he had to go back to work, that's why she was going back to mommy sooner than normal. Seeing that look on his daughter's face broke his heart, but he didn't have a choice. Your Name Here was fighting tooth and nail to get him to protect her.


So when he finally packed up his things and went to meet up with Your Name Here was when something else changed. He had been cold towards her, blaming her for taking him away from his family. He hated Your Name Here with a passion. He didn't want anything to do with her, and he just wanted to go home. He knew he couldn't though. When he got Your Name Here's story, was when he realized the man was the Child Killer he had been hunting before he left. Now that he knew what was really happening, he made a promise to himself. He was going to change his whole attitude towards the woman, and he would do his best to keep her safe. Little did he know, the woman was slowly falling in love with him, and he was falling in love with her.


As the two grew closer together was when the male realized what he had been missing. Working with the woman, protecting her, and getting all of the information he needed, was something he didn't realize. The woman was gentle, caring, sweet, and most of all a loving woman. She had the perfect job, and she now had a man that was willing to work on protecting her. One night while they were in New York City was when they ran into the Child Killer was the night he got the phone call that Tally had been killed. That made his blood boil. He had made sure she was safe, and that she wouldn't have been found. The Child Killer somehow found his little girl, and tore his heart out of his chest once more. He made a new vow to himself, he was going to put this monster behind bars, and for good.


That's when Your Name Here comes in. She hadn't done police work before, but she had been looking forward to meeting Tally. She wanted more than anything to take Lucian's pain away, but she didn't know how. She made a promise to him, that she would help catch the killer. She wanted her ex-husband behind bars as much as Lucian wanted him behind bars. What'll happen when they finally do catch him? Will Your Name Here finally be free of the monster? Will Lucian get the male behind bars for killing his daughter? Will Lucian and Your Name Here finally realize their feelings for each other? Or will it all just be another job for Lucian? You'll never know unless you join, The Hunting Game.



The cast of The Hunting Game.


Lucian Rhodes; Taken

Tally Rhodes - Lucian's daughter.


Willow Kendrick - Lucian's ex-wife


Female: Taken




What I need from you.

I'm going to make this super easy on you. I would like you to send me a Private Message titled Protect Me, and inside of that message I would like this little skeleton I have down below.

Character Picture {don't link it} || Name || Age {25-28} || Job title || Biography {a pretty good paragraph please}

See, that's not too hard now is it? At the bottom of your private message I would like your favorite holiday, and time of year. So that way I know you read all of this through, along with the rules down below. If I have to ask you twice, then I will have to deny you the spot. I'm sorry, but I'm going to be kind of picky about this.




The rules of The Hunting Game.

First- The pictures are going to be real. None of the over used shit either. If it's too big, I will ask you to resize it to a smaller size. If you can't find one to your liking, simply message me and ask me for help. I would be more than happy to help you look, or edit your picture for you. Just don't get mad at me, if I ask you to change/edit it.


Second- Romance will might be a big part of this story, but not at first. Just like in real life you have to work up to it. It's not a love at first sight type of thing. Cybering is a no on this site, if you want to keep the story line going, then we can move this to e-mail, or just skip it all together. That won't happen for awhile though, so we won't need to talk about that right away.


Third- Joining and then ditching is a no. If you don't like where this role play is going, simply message me and we can plot something out. Or if you are simply bored of it, and don't want to do it anymore, simply message me and tell me. I won't be mad if you get tired of it. Just if you join and then never post, is when I will be slightly annoyed with you. So please, at least talk to me about leaving the thread.


Forth- Plot twists is a must. I love plotting things out, and see where we want it to go. It's not that hard to become my friend either. So if you have something in mind, and wanna run it by me, all you gotta do is message me and be like 'Hey! I have an idea, and I just wanted to see what you thought about it!'. Because honestly I will do the same thing to you, so don't be surprised if you get messages from me about ideas.


Fifth- Stealing this idea is a no. It's something that's important to me. If I see anything like it, or someone stealing the main idea I will make it known you stole it from me. I have worked hard on this idea, and if you like it that much, ask me if you can borrow it. Just make sure to give me the credit for it. I will most likely say yes to letting you borrow it, as long as you ask me first.


Sixth- Posting. I know we all have lives outside of this site. I work full time, and sometimes on my day's off I'm not always on until later that night. So if you need a couple of days to post, I'm okay with that. If you are gonna be gone for a week or two, please let me know because if you don't, then I'll think you ditched out on me. I will do the same thing for you as well. If I can't post, or having a hard time I will make sure to let you know.


Seventh- We will be adding in more characters along the way to help move the storyline along. Since you are playing the main female role, you will need to double as a male later on. I do have a female in mind but won't be bringing her in till later on. For now we will be focusing on Lucian and the main female. So please make sure to have another character ready. If you refuse to double as a male, then I will deny you the spot. Sometimes it's a good thing to break out of your comfort zone.


Eighth- Please for the love of God don't message me over and over asking when I'm gonna post. That's something I really hate, and it get's on my nerves when that happens. I'm asking that you don't wait 14 days to post. If you need time for a post I understand. I kind of want this to be a fast moving thread. If you take 2 to 3 days that's fine. I'm putting a 14 day limit and will not go past that. If something comes up and you need more time to post, simply message me and I'll be really understanding of that.


Ninth- Please give me something to work with. I won't put a posting limit, but if you only give me one paragraph when I give you more, I'll set a limit. I hate doing that, because I understand having writers block. Just please for the love of God, don't do one liners. If it starts into that I will take you out of the thread, and open it up for someone else. One liners kill a story line for me. It doesn't help move the story along at all. Details are a girl's best friend after all. So please a good 5-8 paragraph post will be wonderful.


Tenth- Now that I'm done sounding like a total bitch, I want this to be enjoyable for the both of us. That's what writing is about anyway. Having fun, and making something beautiful together. So please enjoy writing with me, and let's make something amazing, and see where this will lead.

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ButterflyRoseнυnтιng   71d ago


The morning light shone through the windows as Lucian laid there in bed. Everything was turned upside down. They were slowly getting used to the new safehouse, and Tally wasn't taking it well. Yes the child was able to go outside and enjoy the sun, but for how long? How long would they be on the run? Maybe it was time to speak to the other's cops on this case. He was slowly starting to feel bad for turning the two away. Would it really be that bad? A small sigh passed through his lips as he rolled onto his side and looked at the time. It was still a bit early.

He rolled out of bed and slowly stood, streaching his arms over his head. A small groan passing through his lips as he did. He pulled on a pair of sweats and made his way towards the kitchen. He might as well make breakfast. He made sure he had his phone with him. He knew that Michael was going to be in contact. He slowly opened his door and walked out of the room, padding down to Tally's bedroom first. He slowly opened the door and peered inside. She was sleeping soundly and that's all that mattered to him. Buster was curled up at her feet as always. It was a good idea he had gotten her the dog.

He then closed the door and made his way to the kitchen. He paused outside of the other closed door. What was he getting himself into? He was supposed to protect her, not start to get feelings for her. But that's what was happening. Something that was out of his control for sure. He as a feeling his feelings were being returned, but he wasn't about to get his hopes up. He sighed as he walked down the hall and entered the kitchen. He started pulling out pots and pans, and set them on the counter top. He then started pulling items out of the fridge.

That's when his phone buzzed on the counter top. He reached for and read the message. Good morning Lucian. I know it's early, and I know you are awake. When would be a good time to come over? You and I need to sit down and figure out when to go and talk to the cops of this town. Catch them up to speed at least a little bit. Maybe it'll take a load off of you as well. I hope you slept okay. Give Tally my love when she wakes up. Lucian sighed lightly wishing he hadn't gotten the message just now. He took a breath and started to reply back.

No, I'm awake right now. It's been a rough night for sure. I just wish Tally wasn't brought into all of this ya know? She's just a child. She doesn't deserve this at all. She needs a better life. I will give her your love for sure. But that's besides the point. I was thinking we could go into town later on today. I know I was kind of harsh when we first got here so that needs to be addressed. I'm in the process of making breakfast right now. I'll see you in a while. He stopped typing and read the reply over a couple of times before sending it. Everything was so fucked up at the moment, he felt lost. He knew that Michael would be around for him, but deep down he wanted to just drop everything and take Tally away.

It wasn't like him though. He had to protect the woman. She had sought him out in the first place. She had fought tooth and nail to bring him back into the game. He wasn't about to quit now. Deep down he had a really bad feeling in the pit of his stomach. He wans't about to address that right now. He turned his attention back to making breakfast for the two sleeping women. He wasn't going to try to be silent anymore, beacuse cooking was a noisy thing. Plus he knew that Tally would be up soon, and she'd be hungry. He turned his focus to the task at hand, and tried to shut out the rest of the world around him.

NullificationKyrie   71d ago


`Everything was a mess, Lucian had a child, an adorable little girl and he was supposed to be on the job. Kyrie stirred in the early hours and looked towards the window. She must have slept-in. She could hear breakfast being made. She showered and changed, making the bed and pulling the curtains open to let light flood in before heading downstairs. This was a full on catastrophe, it felt like. 

She paused at the doorway to watch Lucian, he was an excellent father, dedicated to his job and he didn't need a woman to complicate any of that. Still, she couldn't deny she had strong feelings for him, no matter how wrong they were or how inconvenient. It was hard, all of this was just hard. She didn't know what to do, it seemed so unfair to deny their feelings for one another but at the same time, they were supposed to be responsible. There was a child in the middle of this and she didn't want to confuse Tally. It was hard enough she had been torn up from her own home and moved around to a foreign place. It was great she had the puppy. 

“Hey, good morning.” Kyrie said and rubbed her eyes, her fluffy pink hair tied up and she looked Lucian over. He always looked good in the mornings, tempting but Tally would be up soon and she didn't feel like explaining everything to the girl. She sighed, 
“I would've made breakfast.” She apologised in advance. Lucian had enough on his plate with trying to find the child murderer that was going around. It took a really sick person to do what had been done to kids lately. 

The other cop had come around now long ago too, that was probably more stress Lucian didn't need. Not to mention his ex-wife, Tally's mother. She found one of the stools at the kitchen island to sit at. She wanted to talk to him about what exactly would happen when this was all over, would they just both go their separate ways? Would they want to keep seeing one another? Kyrie didn't know, she would have liked to see him again after all of this maybe even tried being a normal couple and seeing how far their emotions reached. Or was it just convenience? She didn't know. 

“Did you sleep well?” She asked him. 


ButterflyRoseнυnтιng   57d ago


The male hadn't heard Kyrie come into the kitchen until she spoke. He looked over his shoulder and smiled lightly towards her. “Don't worry about it. You needed the sleep. I was up and getting restless. I'm not gonna lie I missed making breakfast. You've been doing it for a while now you needed the break” he admitted. He was really greateful to the woman for helping take care of Tally. Yes everything had been ruined and Tally had been uprooted, but she was strong and being really good about it. He wondered how much longer Tally would be able to hold it together. He knew that Willow was trying to call as well.

He wasn't one to keep Tally away from her mother but with everything going on, he didn't want Tally away from his line of sight at all. He needed to make sure she was okay. Make sure she was safe. He looked towards Kyrie and licked his lips lightly. God she looked amazing in the mornings. He tore his eyes away from the pink haired female and looked back towards the eggs he was cooking. He couldn't let those kinds of thoughts crowd his mind right now. He had a task at hand and he needed to focus. “Michael's coming over shortly, and him and I were going into town to speak to the other officers. Do you need anything while I'm there?” he asked.

That's when Tally padded into the kitchen with Buster at her heels. “Buster needs to go to the bathroom” she said rubbing the sleep from her eyes. Lucian nodded lightly as he walked over to the backdoor and unlocked it. Buster let out a small woof as the pup ran out the door and into the yard. Lucian kept the door open a crack because there wasn't a way for Buster to come back indoors when he was done. “What's for breakfast?” she asked lightly. Lucian walked over and helped her onto the stool and kissed her forehead lightly. “Scrambled eggs, toast, and bacon” he said with a warm smile.

That seemed to perk the child up a little bit. She shifted and looked at Kyrie before speaking again. “If daddy gives the okay, do you think you and I can go for a walk around the new neighborhood with Buster?" she asked. Lucian knew that question was coming. He was nervous about letting Tally out of his sight. He was thinking about taking her with him, but he knew he shouldn't. He nodded lightly “As long and both you and Kyrie don't wander too far. We don't know this area as well” he said giving his okay for them to leave the house. He couldn't keep them cooped up all day everyday.

He just didn't want Kyrie thinking he was pawning off his daughter on her, because he wasn't. He was greateful for her help and he knew that Tally adored her as well. He then fell silent as he finished making their breakfast and dished it up. He placed two plates in front of Kyrie and Tally and then dished up his own. He took a bite and waited for the older woman to answer Tally.

NullificationKyrie   56d ago


Kyrie looked to Lucian and smiled  It was true, she did need the break a little and the long-lie had been a god-send. She looked to Lucian when he mentioned he would be going to see the other officers and she sighed a little as she thought about it. 
“This might be weird…” She said to him, “I'll give you the money once everything's settled. But perfume." She said to him. She supposed it wasn't really a need, more of a want and if he couldn't get it then she would be completely fine but she was so used to having perfume that she sort of felt lost without it. She looked over when Tally came in and she smiled softly to her, it was going to be so strange when everything went back to normal. Even if Lucian didn't want to carry on what was going on between them, she was going to miss Tally. She'd put her career and the nursing ahead of everything. 

She glanced to Lucian when Tally mentioned going out. It was risky, this guy knew Lucian was on the hunt for him, he had attacked Kyrie and the chances were he knew Lucian had a daughter. Lucian seemed okay with it and Kyrie smiled to Tally, 
“Alright, but only for a little while and we'll take Buster.” She said, she wouldn't dare to go very far with things how they were and she looked to Lucian. 

She sat with her portion and let Tally busy herself with eating as she lowered her voice and spoke with Lucian, 
“We won't go far, a couple of blocks maybe and then back.” She promised him, “I'll maybe take her into a store, let her choose something and we'll back within an hour.” She said to him, she didn't want to push all the good luck they had managed to keep up. Everything could go wrong in a second and she just hoped that Lucian knew she would look after Tally like she was her own daughter. Then again, she hadn't done a good job that night in the parking lot when the killer had taken that kid. She'd been knocked out trying to wrestle him. She wouldn't let it happen again, she'd fight to the bitter end if it meant keeping Tally safe and she looked over to the girl. She adored her and she looked back to Lucian, she adored him.

ButterflyRoseнυnтιng   47d ago


Lucian knew that the okay was all Tally needed. He watched as the child went to town on getting her food eaten. She then jumped down and put her things into the sink and ran to get dressed. The male shook his head lightly and looked towards Kyrie. He then remembered she had mention perfume. He cocked his head to the side looking her up and down. “Does it matter the scent? Or is it pretty much something that I can choose out for you?” he asked her. It was pretty strange that he would be buying something like that for a woman. He had done that once in his life and Willow hated it.

He had somewhat of an idea of what kind he wanted to get her but he would get whatever one she wanted. “I'll give you some funds for Tally if you do go to that little store. I know it'll mean a lot to her.” he said softly. He meant it too. It was kind of nice seeing Tally light up and get ready for something other than what she was doing. It was nice knowing they were in such a place that she could easily roam around. She didn't need to be all cooped up all of the time.

He knew he was still worried about her. He also knew that Kyrie would do everything she could to keep Tally safe. That was one reason as to why he was willing to let her leave with his child. His mind then wandered to the killer. He hadn't heard anything lately about him and he wondered what the bastard was planning. Was it something dangerous? Was it something he could stop in time? He didn't know. He just knew he needed to meet with the other two officers that were somewhat put on this case all of a sudden.

He knew he would be gone for a couple hours as well. He shook his head as she reached out and placed his hand on Kyrie's thigh. He slowly moved his hand up and smirked lightly. “Thank you for looking after Tally. I know it hasn't been easy, but I mean it. She adores you and I know you adore her as well. If you'd like to order something to eat while I'm gone you can. I'll make sure to leave enough funds for the both of you" he said lightly squeezing her leg.

Apart of him wanted to take her to the bedroom right then and there. He didn't know what was coming over him. He had a task at hand but he couldn't stop thinking about the way Kyrie felt under him. Kissing him, touching him, showering with him. He wanted to feel that again. He wondered if they was a way he could make a night of it. Maybe let Michael take Kyrie for a night. He shook his head lightly as he removed his hand from her thigh and picked up his plate carrying it to the sink.

“You might want to hurry. Tally will be done and waiting for you. Michael will be here shortly as well. I'll be back most likely later this evening” he said as he pulled out some cash and placed it onto the counter. He then went about cleaning up their breakfast his mind wandering to a couple of weeks ago, to when he had Kyrie in his bed. A memory he would hold close for the rest of his life. Even with chasing a killer, he still needed that small little pleasure.

NullificationKyrie   47d ago


“Whatever you think will suit me. I just miss it.” Kyrie said to him with a gentle smile. She watched him and nodded, maybe a little trip into the store would do her some good and help her feel like she had really had a treat. She looked to Lucian when he placed her hand on her thigh and dared to snake it upwards, cheeks going a little pink. She grinned to herself and nodded, her breath hitching a little as she looked him over. He was ever so tempting.

“Of course, me and her will have a pizza party while you’re off.” She said to him.

Kyrie looked over and smiled some,

“Yeah. You’re right.” She pushed up and set the dishes in the sink, she could do them when they got back. She didn’t have a phone, she did worry how she would keep in touch with Lucian. Everything would be fine though and she looked to Lucian,

“Be careful out there, Lucian.” She said to him quietly and she would have kissed him but Tally was back and tugging on her cardigan. Kyrie smiled to him and giggled at the youngster,

“Okay, okay. Let’s get going! I’ll take Buster.” She said as she grabbed the dogs leash and she gave Lucian one last look.


Kyrie headed out the door and looked to Tally,

“Your daddy gave us some money, he wants you to stop in at the store and we can get something good, and then pizza later.” She said to her and kept hold of Tally’s hand. It was a lovely day and it was so nice to see Tally out and enjoying herself. Kyrie was alert, she kept a close eye on any strange events or strangers. It felt strange, maybe she wasn’t ready to be out while the murderer was still at loose but she didn’t want to spoil Tally’s day. Buster was having a ball too and Kyrie looked to the store,

“Hey, stay close!” Kyrie smiled as Tally got excited and she let her in the store. Kyrie knew she shouldn’t spoil the girl but she had really had a tough few weeks.

“Hey, why don’t we find a treat for your daddy too?” She said with a grin as Tally nodded and started searching for something to gift her daddy. Kyrie smiled, it was a sweet little shop and they didn’t seem to mind Buster waiting patiently by the door either. Tally eventually settled on some goodies and a cute doll she really enjoyed. She didn’t dare say no and she just wanted her to have a good time, and remember being out.


Kyrie smiled as she paid up and took the bag,

“Ready to go home, little one?” Kyrie said and Tally nodded. She hugged Kyrie and the two went out and Kyrie picked up Buster’s  leash.


She didn’t see the car skid to a halt and when she did, Tally was shrieking and a man had her. Kyrie launched herself at him, biting and scratching, shouting bloody murder on the quiet road as she got Tally free but the man rounded on her. Kicks, punches and smacks were dealt to her until she lay on the pavement, exhausted and bleeding. She coughed and spat out blood as Buster barked and howled. She didn’t see what happened to Tally, her vision was blurry and she felt like something was broken.

A small crowd gathered,

“Call the cops!” A woman said, “He took the little girl.”


Someone crouched beside her,

“Hey- Miss, it’s going to be alright! We’ve called an ambulance.” It was a male voice and Kyrie shook her head,

“He took her, please- You don’t understand.” She tried to get up and gasped in pain. Something was wrong with her eyes, a few startled gasps echoed out and she didn’t know why as she tried to look around but everything was hazy.

She had failed, again.


“Please, we have to get her back. He won’t- Oh god, please.” Kyrie started to sob, everything hurt but she was desperate to get on her feet.


Paramedics arrived, she didn’t remember much after that.


And then woke, in a hospital. Bruised, with stitches in her cheek some hours later and she immediately panicked,

“Tally, hey- Please, where is she?” She begged a nurse who looked her over and went to fetch someone.

ButterflyRoseнυnтιng   18d ago


Lucian was going to let Tally enjoy herself. They were in a somewhat safe part of town. At least that's what Michael had said anyway. He watched as Tally came running back in with the leash in hand. He bent down to where he was at her level, and she ran into his arms. “Alright little one, you listen to Kyrie okay. You be a good girl for daddy and I'll make sure you and Buster get something nice when I get home later tonight” he said as he wrapped his arms around his daughter. Tally nodded lightly as she looked into his eyes.

“I promise I'll be good daddy. Buster will too. I love you” she said as she wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed his cheek. “I love you too princess, so much.” he said as he hugged her tightly and kissed her forehead lightly. He then let her go and watched as the two walked out of the house with Buster in tow. The male finished cleaning up breakfast and then made sure that there was a key for Kyrie to get into the house. He walked down the front steps and smirked when Michael pulled up to the curb.

Michael smirked and honked the horn. “Come on sexy, we got places to be. People to meet” he called out. Lucian rolled his eyes and climbed into the passenger seat. “Sometimes I really wonder why I deal with you” he said laughing. Michael laughed too and put the car in gear. “Well one, I'm your favorite person. Tally and I are close as ever. You and I both hate Willow, and I know you have a thing for Kyrie. Did you two sleep together yet?” the other male asked. Lucian felt his cheeks flush red at the question.

Michael saw the look and let out a whoop. “You did! You dirty dog! Was she good? Are you planning on doing it again? If not I'd love to get her into bed” he admitted. Lucian rolled his eyes and nodded a bit. The two spent the rest of the drive talking about Kyrie. Lucian knew it was dangerous to get involved with her, but he was a human being after all. That and Tally adored her. He wanted something like Kyrie around his daughter. He didn't want Willow around but knew that she would be sooner or later.

When they got into town they went to the police station first to meet the other cops getting involved in the case. One of them happened to be a female and Lucian didn't know how to react to that. As they were getting to know one another he didn't realize how long they had been talking. It was a half hour at least when a call came in. There was a kidnapping not too far from where they were staying. The males heart dropped into his stomach. Melody looked towards her partner and then Lucian. She had a look of dread on her face.

“Lucian I'm so sorry.. Kyrie was taken to the hospital, there had been a little girl with her but no sign of her. There was a dog too, but the dog is dead” Lucian didn't want to hear the rest of it. He flew out of his chair with Michael right on his heels. The two went straight to the car and climbed inside. Michael started it up and sped right to the hospital. The two flashed their badges and were led right to Kyrie's room. Lucian's heart racing inside of his chest. When he entered the room he looked for Tally right away.

She wasn't there. Kyrie was in the bed and looked horrible. He walked over and stood at the edge of the bed looking down at her. “What happened? Where's Tally? Buster?” he asked his voice dripping with ice. He was about to panic. if he didn't get the right answers. He knew that Tally was gone, but he wanted Kyrie to tell him what happened. He didn't want to believe it right now. He wanted this whole thing to be a nightmare.

NullificationKyrie   18d ago


Kyrie stared at Lucian. How could she explain it to him, tell him his daughter was snatched? She was supposed to be watching her, she should have fought back more. It was the same with the kid in the parking lot. She had been useless. 

“Sir, she has extensive breaks and a concussion, I don’t think we should be asking her anything-“ A nurse eyed their badges and sighed as she checked Kyrie’s charts. She retreated and left them to it as Kyrie tried to find the words. Everything was hazy and she could see the ice in Lycian’s demeanour. 

“I- We went to the store. She wanted to get you something and we paid- I remember.” She whispered, “We went outside. There was- He was there. I tried to fight him. We fought, my head- I tried to fight. There was a car.” She was desperate to remember, she had to remember. 

“Silver! It was silver and small!” Everything was coming in fractures and she was struggling to remember and it hurt her head. She had bleeding internally, he’d smashed her ribs and she wasn’t sure what hurt. The drugs were doing a great job. 
“He took her didn’t he?” She realised as she stared up at Lucian. 

“Please, we have to go. I can show you where, I have to- Oh my God, I have to get up.” Kyrie said and pushed her way up, taking off the monitors. It hurt to move, but she had failed Tally. That filthy murdering piece of shit had her and she didn’t know if Tally was even alive. And Buster- Oh poor Buster. 

“Don’t touch me!” She pre-warned, “I’m going. I can’t let this happen, please not again.” She whispered as she pulled on a jumper and did her best to breathe through the pain. 

“Ma’am I can’t let you leave, you need to rest!” The nurse said and Kyrie glared at her, 

“If you try and stop me, I swear I will lay you flat on your ass.” The bruises didn’t matter, the cuts and the head injury or anything else. She needed to find Tally, that sweet little girl who was so innocent. She was just a baby, a little girl. 

Kyrie made it to the door, bracing on it as she stared down the corridors and shock set in. Shock and horror, devastation. She should never have taken Tally out, she should have done arts and crafts or baking or something in the house. She should never have- She sank down to her knees and sobbed, 

“I’m so sorry, I’m sorry, we were- I didn’t know, I should have known.” She said in between breaths. 


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