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When I Met You In The Summer (-BeautyFromPain-)

By SmileBright
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Years after graduating college, Muse A feels stuck.  Working a nine to five desk job, every day seems the same and they can’t remember a time where they were actually happy with their career.  It’s time for a change, but they don’t know where to even begin as far as starting to make it goes.  When they overhear a conversation two coworkers are having in the break room about a summer camp for adults, however, their interest is piqued.  A quick google search and hundreds of dollars later, they’ve signed up for a summer in the mountains with complete strangers that promises to make them feel like they did years ago, when things were easier.

Camp is everything they hope it would be too.  From the moment they arrive, all the stress from work and life in general is completely forgotten.  Muse B is a counselor at the camp, roughly the same age as Muse A, who helps show them that they still have the ability to enjoy the simple things.  



Muse A: SmileBright: Roxanne Noella James

Muse B: -BeautyFromPain-: Kalilah Whitlock

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Roxanne Noella James

Brunette hair was pulled up into a bun as the woman jumped on top of her suitcase, before zipping it up.  She released a breath as she finally got it closed, before taking a minute to continue to sit on the suitcase.  She pulled the brocere off the table next to her, looking it over once more.  Timber Lake Camp: Adult Summer Camp! was plastered in big letters across the top.  Was this really the right move?  To take the entire summer off from her 9 to 5 assistant finance job to have fun?  Roxanne couldn’t remember the last time she had fun.  But, she had already paid the hundreds of dollars to do so, and it was non-refundable, so she was stuck.  She stood up from the suitcase, before picking it up and rolled it out her bedroom door.  She had a plane to catch.  

Leaning against the plane seat as she flew the short route to Maine, she began thinking about this whole adventure.  Sure, it was a bit of a luxury to fly when she could have driven, but she wanted to do things she had never done before, such as fly in a plane.  She had never been to summer camp as a kid, so everything would be a new experience.  And being newly single after a six year relationship almost 7 months ago now, this would be a great chance to meet people.  Maybe meet someone.  

If you told Roxanne she would be going to summer camp a month ago, she would have laughed in your face.  She was in a job she wasn’t even happy with, but heard her co-workers talking about a summer camp for adults.  A place to let go and have all the fun that normal summer camps have; secluded from the outside world for the whole summer.  That day, she signed up and paid for the non-refundable trip, and slightly regretted it. Hopefully, it was everything she was hoping it would be.  Maybe she could actually try relaxing and have fun.

After the flight and short Uber ride to the pick up area, Roxanne felt like a teen all over again.  She stood around with other people her age, waiting to be picked up by the bus they were instructed to wait for; a ‘full camp experience’.  The bus came and Roxanne sat alone, staring out the window as other adults chatted and began making friendships.  She had a hard time really getting her footing somewhere, and hoped that the rest of camp wouldn’t be like this.  She’d have to step out of her comfort zone eventually, right?

Once at the camp, the ‘campers’ were given a packet.  Cabin assignments, schedules, lists of counselor names, and activity sheets.  She looked down, trying to track down her cabin, which were all named after trees.  The cabins were hard to identify, so she might as well attempt to make a friend at this point.  A woman with fiery red hair looked friendly enough, and she didn’t mind as well that she was attractive and around her same age too.  Maybe they were in the same cabin.  She smiled, approaching her, tapping her on the shoulder.  “Hi,  I’m looking for the White Oak cabin.  Do you happen to know where that is?” she asked, before looking down and seeing the words STAFF written across her shirt. Of course she was going to know where the cabins were.  Now she felt dumb.  “Of course you know, you work here.  Sorry, this whole ‘camp’ thing is new to me. “ she spoke, her voice playful, yet slightly agitated.  

“Roxanne James.” The brunette spoke, holding her hand out to the woman.  

-BeautyFromPain-ѕυммer   22d ago


Today was the day. Today was the day that the camp was going to be opening. The red haired female was looking forward to this day for so freaking long! But then again, she always loved summertime. When the camp opened. She got to meet new people, and watch all these new people just enjoy their time here at the camp. Sometimes, Vivia would run into people that have never went to camp before, so this whole camp thing was a new experience. Vivia jumped out of bed and ran into the bathroom and look at herself in the mirror. She jumped back when she saw the reflection in the mirror. She about scared herself half to death. She looked like a wreck! She grabbed her brush and started to brush her hair. And then she decided that she would straighten her hair really quick and then put on some makeup. Once she done, she felt like she looked so much better. She just loved how her face fit around the shape of her face. She smiled at herself and then shut the light off. She walked back down to her room, and grabbed a shirt and a pair of shorts. She knew that today was going to be a hot one. She grabbed the badge that said staff and clipped it onto her shirt. 

Vivia remembered what it was like to be a camper. When she first came across the camp, she was in a really bad time of her life. Her ex was beating on her and Vivia didn't have a mean bone in her body. She had no idea how to defend herself. But she was able to be away from her abusive ex for 2 months. And who knew that was all she needed? Vivia smiled when the camp director was the friendly one that showed her around and was just super friendly to her. Vivia opened her whole life to this woman, and she completely understood her. Ever since then Vivia has been single. She never wanted to be in a relationship again. Something in that relationship took something from her and she wasn't sure if she could actually do that again.

Viva shook the bad thoughts from her mind, and then she grabbed her keys and then headed to the camp. It was nice that she lived in the same city and state of the camp. She felt like it would be such a huge hassle if she had to fly there. At first she had too, but then she moved to Maine, and the rest was history. 

When she pulled up she a bunch of cars already parked. And she recognized a lot of the cars. A lot of people went back to their homes at the end of the day but not Vivia. She still loved to enjoy the two months away from her everyday life. She walked through the gates and smiled as everyone greeted her. “I'm so ready for this year!” 

It was a couple hours before the campers were going to be here. She set up the envelopes in ABC order so it was easy for people to find their envelopes. Everyone else was taking care of the refreshments. She smiled big as she saw the buses starting to pull up. “There here!” She yelled loud enough so that everyone could hear. 

Immediately, campers started to pile out of the buses and went to Vivia's stand first to get their envelopes. She then heard someone talking, and she turned around and smiled real big. “Well hello there! No worries, a lot of people think I'm part of the campers. It looks like your in Pine cabin. That was where I was too when I was a camper. My name is Vivia Denali. I can show you to your cabin, if you like.” 

Roxanne Noella James

Roxanne smiled back to the woman, nodded when she mentioned showing her to her cabin.  “That would be great, thank you Vivia.” she spoke, letting the woman take the lead.  Timber Lake felt like she was right in one of those coming of age movies where teens find best friends for life at summer camp.  Different people hugged while seeing friends they hadn’t seen in a while, while others were already mingling on the porch of their cabin making new lifelong friends.  But Roxanne felt out of place, was this really something she should even be doing?  Was she being stupid even trying an adult summer camp out?

The brunette tried to take note of the different cabin names, in case they would come up when she hopefully made a friend or two.  She had read somewhere they tried to pair up cabins by gender and age groups, so hopefully she could find someone her age in her cabin to befriend.  She followed behind the red-headed woman, who was gorgeous as well as friendly, to her cabin.  She caught up with her so she was walking side by side with her.  “So, how long have you been coming to camp?  This is my first time, ever.  I never did camp as a kid either so I am a total newbie, which you can probably tell.” Roxanne spoke.  She definitely looked like a newbie.  Her heeled shoes weren’t helping as she walked in the gravel, and she was happy she had packed sneakers she could change into once she at least got to her cabin.

As the cabins in the woods came into view, she could see the names along with a painted picture of each tree next to the name.  Pine was easy to spot, which was nice.  “I guess this is my stop huh?” she spoke.  “I guess I’ll see you around. Unless you have to come in and talk to everyone inside.” Roxanne spoke, giving her a small wave and a pressed smile. She was able to get her stuff in quickly, and find a bottom bunk, which she was hoping for.  She quickly grabbed her sneakers to change into, before standing up to find someone to talk to.  

A group of girls motioned for her to come over, which she was glad about because she wasn’t sure she’d be able to do it herself.  Roxanne was not one to take initiative very much.  As soon as she was in the conversation, the weariness and worry she had about camp was gone.  Everyone was so nice, and she knew she would always have at least someone to talk to.  One of the girls in the group was her top bunk mate, so she was glad she would be sleeping under someone she already knew as well. 

Not very long after all the bunks were full, they were called over the PA system for dinner.  When they got to the dining hall, they realized they had all been split up, seemingly to make sure people meet people not just from their own cabins.  Name cards had been at everyone’s table, along with two counselors to help initiate conversation between the new campers.  Even though Roxanne knew they didn’t serve alcohol until later, she wished she could have a drink now to calm her nerves about meeting new people again.  

Looking at the nameplate next to her, one was a man’s name and one was Vivia.  That was the gorgeous red headed counselor from earlier.  At least she knew her a little bit.  As she sat down, Roxanne gave her a smile. “We meet again.” she spoke softly, a smirk playing on her lips.  The group began passing around the plates for dinner, each grabbing portions of each thing laid out.  Roxanne did not want to be the one to start the conversation, she would leave that to someone else.  


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