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Isaac Blacksun (Song)



Vigil Aasimar

Cleric Death Domain

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Tiefling Name: Song

Given Name: Isaac BlackSun


Bard [Spirits]


A young bard that grew up on the streets. Tieflings weren’t exactly wanted or treated particularly well. It was hard to be on the streets and being so young didn’t make it any easier. 


One day in need of money he decided to steal something out of a shop. He was a teenager at this point. What he stole ended up being rather insignificant at least to him. It didn’t yield him any money either.


Later on in life it would start to get troublesome for him though. They wanted what he stole. The guild did. Apparently it was something important to them or worth something to them.


He started masquerading around as a human male bard named Isaac Blacksun. He hopes that this keeps him hidden from those that want what he stole.


The problem is… He doesn’t have it anymore. He had heard it speak to him and he had returned it to the grave where its original owner was now.

Stole a Haunted Music Box

Secret Knower

The box was important hidden at a merchants shop. Was chased by those of the council. Unknown to most even the Baldur's nobility that had agreed to help Candlekeep was that the box had the guardian spirit of the previous “Warden.”
Herron was once a warden of Spiral. However he had fought beside Zariel in the battle of hell and against an archfiend lost his powers. That box was to help him in candlekeep to become an Arch Wizard once more and aid Faerune. Now that former warden has chosen Isaac instead.


DM Story Notes: 

Tied to Azmodeus

A warden is a role beseeched by Aravandor. The arch angels defended the realms and perhaps Zariel was once involved in this process in some way or form.


Former Warden Spirit or Spirits:


Herron's wife Leishiel (Layshell) Warden before Herron.

Yael's Ghost has split a piece to the mortal realm while at the citadel. This piece is now with Isaac. 

Former Warden: Zariel perhaps? 




Blood Hunter 



A young Vigil that didn’t understand what being a vigil really meant. He was born to parents that didn’t want him. They sold him to a group of people that turned children into slaves and blood hunters.


Amon became a slave to the pain and the power his blood could invoke. He let people just tell him what to do. It was like he didn’t have his own mind half the time. He was the perfect soldier though. He never talked back. His blood hasn’t fully mutated yet, but he showed promise.


Upon finding out what a vigil does and what it is supposed to do he headed out to find his ward. He only knew by the feelings he was getting close or too far away from where this person was.


If anyone was worth working for, maybe it was the one he was supposed to protect.


He has been subjected to abuse since he was a child. This is the first thing he has done that was of his own free will.

Secret Knower:
Captain Zodge


DM Story Notes: 

Mother had served beside Zariel. And left to fight leaving the father with a “Burden” in which he had sold. His mother is alive but lost currently in hell. Though she is a guardian angel.. A lesser angel than Zariel. 


As for his Blood hunting powers he was experimented on. By whom? Still working on that.





Fighter [Battle Master]


She came from far away. Wilderness. She doesn’t know much about city life. She learned a lot about this place, but one thing that she didn’t like was how the people around here seem to really rely on the older families. She didn’t like that too much.


It just seemed like commoners weren’t treated as fairly. So she started to try and find ways for these families to not have so much of a hold over everything. To implement change, but not everyone wanted change did they?

Secret Knower: Edmund

Former Freedom Fighter

Edmund's family the Dragon's Bane have long been involved in the old families of Baldurs Gate. Edmund was told they needed to be stopped. Fey savages and outlanders. Vikings and brutes. Edmund had practiced and studied the blade.

One day he confronted a strange Satyr woman one that much looked like Nia. Her mother, she was soft.. But wild and beautiful. 

He couldn't bring himself to stop and cut them down. Fleeing from some of his guards who had saw his actions as cowardice and were ordered (Unknown to him by his brother) to execute him. In that strange forest.. He had found a strange dark blade. Upon taking it.. Something in his blood.. A distant ancestor awakened and a pact was made.. One made to survive. Nia's mother had vanished but not before leaving her journal.. That had spoke of her last family.


DM Story Notes:


Fey Related history

Gonna hear in Baldurs Gate a piece of the Fey Wild has vanished a rumor spread from an Eladrin. (Volo perhaps) Herron will worry that the balance is being disturbed even further and will wonder how Nia is feeling. As a native from the Fey she can certainly feel something is off (only if she focuses) 


Red caps

Mad Caps

Night Maggie may take note of her Fey Ancestory. She has made deals with Arch Fey to complete her goals.  



Arthur Companion Arc

Due to Lathander being his god there is some tie to Zariel her former lord. She will blame Lathander for not interfering sooner.

He wants the blood war to end the eternal conflict to be over. Perhaps a dream.. That is impossible for the cosmos but it's.. What Zariel had wanted. Lathander may reach out to others to aid Arthur.


Maybe add Raya's story with him.


The former warden, a failed successor to his wife Leishiel and now he looks to train the next warden.

Wardens but once known as chosen or even Exarchs are no longer used since the sundering but the council of Aravandor make an exception for a single warden allowed to travel planes and live by the mortals and help guide them.

However Isaac sharing the blood line of Asmodeus may make training him seen as.. An affront to the celestial realm. Herron will work to remind his peers the humanity that may still yet remain in tieflings while slowly conquering is own self loathing to his past failure and the loss of his wife.


Junden Jaystar will recognize his blood.. The blood of the devil. A man he trained.. And tried to fight once before. One that Herron had suspected despite former teasing.

It is this bloodline that has caused a pact to be reached out toward Edmund.

A dark bloodline.


Patron: Glasya, archdevil of the 6th. 
Has a deep love for vampires. Loves the deep bloodline that lies latent with Edmund and finds his plight unique and beautiful. 

However she is still an archdevil of seduction. 

She wishes to one day overthrow her doting father Asmodeus. She finds interest in Zariel and her powers and finds herself growing curious of Edmund's vigil.. Amon.



Knew Sunstar and Yael as Hell Riders and Harruman, Olantheus


Rune Florian

Oliver Pridefall


Cleric [Trickster Domain] [Archdevil Asmodeus]


A young boy born into a noble family. The Pridefall family. They were so proud that they had gotten a cleric in the family.


Oliver’s cleric abilities were a bit odd to them though. As he grew up with these powers he began to use them to perform magic on the streets.


His family didn’t like this at all but when they found out that the deity he spoke to was not a god… Well… They wanted what an archdevil may offer them.


The boy’s life got difficult so he ran away from home and began to perform his magic tricks on the street. There was no one to tell him what to do now or to beg him to ask his deity for things.

DM Notes

Mahadi will certainly be interested in Oliver Pride fall. He will certainly wish to work beside him in the efforts of moving forward.

Asmodeous too will use Oliver to keep an eye on the would be warden. Knowing that his own bloodline runs through him.

In time he may take an interest in Amon as well. 


The Pridefalls were also rivals with the Dragon's Bane for their pride and greed though the Dragons Bane were.. Underhanded in their own ways. As a great family slowly losing favor. 

For his introduction perhaps he's sent to keep an eye on Isaac.





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Upcoming Scenes/review



A vigil, who's mother had was split from Zariel. Like Tymora, the defiance to Lathander to charge forward had caused a split. Trying to fight the chaos of the underworld to free her counterpart.. To make herself old. She was almost merged whole with a corrupted being. A warden a female elf is seen standing to save her in a weakened state. Using the box as a vessal fighting her way single handily through hell. Though severely wounded she made it back to the material plane. Merging her own soul in the box before calling out to he beloved Herron.  

Amon's connection to Edmund helps his connection with Glasya grow but that will slowly weaken over time or perhaps not. (Depends on how the story unfolds.) 

Amon will eventually perhaps come face to face with his old masters. 


Amon will dream of a pair of angels fighting in Hell against unending tide of chaos. It's than that one of these angels will approach him. 

She will treat him motherly, ask how she is been and now her essence is.. Closer to them than ever before. She may not share too much except that she is sorry.. For what had happened when he left. (His mother)

Aria Orlaith is her name the name means lion princess. (As does Zariel but keep that hidden)

She will tell him the origin of his name. “Amon” Secret one, one who can be what others need and require.

But another meaning.. Is faithful and a roaring stream. Her own name means Lion Princess, and she wishes for him to roar out his will to the world while still being true to himself.


Isaac has the infernal bloodline of Asmodeus and now the potential to be a warden. A threat that stands to Asmodeus is his own flesh and Kin. Could Asmodeus use this? Possess a warden under his command? Perhaps he could.

The box has many spirits in it. 12 Major spirits.

Eden: Grumpy eyed man and mysterious.

Laziel: Herrons wife and former warden

Angel: Aria Orlaith

Beguiler: Perhaps hidden lords servant, by the title “Beguile” 

Now connected to the shield, the shield will isolate him and try to work upon him but will more so focus upon Rune. 


He will see an elf.. Laziel old.. Hurt and tired. Rushing through the flames of hell with great haste, coming to a fallen angel, hurt and dying. As another being with flaming wings looks to her.. With desire.. a longing and.. Hurt? 

She saves her battling the angel and the forces of hell. Barely making it out before sealing the angels soul to the box. Laziel will tell Isaac she knows little of that angels history except she fought alongside the Hell riders. (Arthur's tale may help later)



-The Shield's Prime candidate, attuned and will whisper to him more exclusively than before. Offering to free him and offer him new power.  

-His family may come for him once more in search of demonic power. (May be part of the hidden society)

-Asmodeus's cleric and will test his loyality with Mahadi.

-Torm is slowly taking an interest in him.


In his dream Asmodeus will be sitting on a throne with his hand to his chin, he will look to Isaac. Before he can reach out an tell him any thing Talonglow (Talon) will fly in. Only for brimstone to turn to light, he will turn and explain he was Torm's partner in life and try to speak with Rune.


He will tell him that Isaac being a warden may have piqued Asmodeus and that his bloodline grows in power.. The hellish flames can now be used by him. They may talk accordingly.

In the morning attuned the dream will ask how he is. 


Nia's mother is still out fighting to free the Fey.

Scene: She will see a grove.. Struggling to survive in the pits of hell a grove she feels connected too and.. a hag that offers to lend her aid. She also see's.. A smiling Eladrin.. (Defiler) Standing among the corpses of many Fey creatures. Though the hag will not be by his side.

She can see herself.. And Arthur fighting against this man… and standing across from the hag.

Lathander and Oberron may appear. (They will summon Arthur)

Obberon will tell her of Smiler the Deflier.. losing himself in hell with an expedition of curiosity and adventure.

Only to go mad.. To sell his soul and his Domain of the Fey. That now.. the Fey was fractured due to his madness and he was going to take more. Her mother was a Fey Knight. 

Lathander will say this upsets the balance and Oberron will admit he gave Lathander permission to keep Arthur. That he will beseech them both to restore the Fey from Avernus.



Glasy, will speak to him. But Amon will enter the dream as well.

She will speak of his beautiful blood and that he himself is a beautiful creature and that Amon.. Has “Her scent” 

She will offer Edmund greater power.. A thirsting blade.

That he needs her.. He isn't strong or all that fast truly but… his will his personality. His soul is a strong vessal. That the two should be partners. (She has a harem and will slowly try to garner Edmund/Amon/Zariel) if she can.

She will ask of the angel that Amon has seen but Edmund won't know. She will ask for the capture of that angel. (If she learns much from Amon will say he was abandoned) 
Do this before Amon's scene!

She will also say she will offer information.. To protect Isaac and Rune if they can offer her information on this angel. (If Amon shares anything)



Take Raya's place from story.

Enter Nia's dream. 

Simple but pretty good so far.


"Scene"Herron will be working to talk with the box, as his heart softens from Isaac and others he can finally make weak connections to the box. Isaac will awaken with Herron fiddling with the box as it glows… Slight and weaker than Isaac's but something.

He won't take Isaac's place but preps just in case. Perhaps let Herron enter Isaac's space but only with Isaac's permission.


Herron Notes: Former Archmage under Mordenkainen and the notes below this post as well.



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Isaac Spirit Table NPC's story



Tale of the Clever Animal.  A Fey creature, a Harrigon that fights against the smiler. He stands against the vampire lord but was defeated and turned. 

Name: Ravan, he is a vampire spawn and trapped himself in the box on purpose to not harm others and can be freed. He stands against the vampire lore

2Tale of the Renowned Duelist. Eden was a world reknown duelist. Once a servant to Glaysa a hexblade, he came to fall for her seductions. Slowly he ventured into hell further an further testing his skills. One day however, after seeing his efforts had made no change and he came to lose everyone he had ever cared for he had ended his own life. Perhaps lost of hope in faith in Avernus. He has mixed feelings upon Glaysa
3Tale of the Beloved Friends.  Orag Garland, Viking that stood against the warlords and had teamed up with the hellriders and saw much of the fall. He remembers but no one bothered to ask him. He isn't smart.
4Tale of the Runaway. The cloaked figure is Laziel. She ranaway with Herron after all
5Tale of the Avenger. Haruman, a general who loved Zariel and laments being abandoned. Caring little for devils, and hating Demons and the traitors of the HellRiders.
6Tale of the Traveler.  The first Warden. Artorius Chevalier.
7Tale of the Beguiler. An apprentice of Mahadi, who gave his life. A trade so that Mahadi would save his wife. Though he was almost made a coin.. There was a loophole only his life was needed. He remembers a bright dragon.. Saving him.. Be ending his life. True name Aiden Veil)
8Tale of the Phantom. Othalies takes the form of a phantom a death knights. Who hates Zariel his body forced to fight his soul seeping into the box slowly 
9Tale of the Brute. This is Yael
10Tale of the Dragon. A fraction was left to protect Beguile (True Name Aiden Veil) This dragon is Burney
11Tale of the Angel.  Aria a lost fraction of Zariel's last celestial essence.
12Tale of the Mind-Bender. A Star Emmisary Devourer that is the true origin of the box. Only allowing the Astral and Aravander elves believe it was the first Warden.
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Ekiel Virtue Name Freedom Son

Father- Sirruc Virtue Name Bright

Mother Compassion, Serene.

Lemine- Glee Aiden's Wife

The Burning Cage Tavern

The Ashen Pit Tavern


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Ikaia Vampire Lord

Naruzgon- Zerro Bloodmoon

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0/3 trumpet left

Demon Grinder

5 Hours fuel

12 Damage

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Will get lost on the way back Avernus


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