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A cold winter and spring....

By Italian_Cat
Backup thread

1 on 1 rp unless more then one person wants to join but it will be protected after a person joins and taken off the main page so no one else tries to join, it is a just a angst rp with a lot of things so if you aren't comfortable with a slow rp or a rp with gore like blood and things then don't join it, also you try doing weird ships then no because I only do that as a joke with friends, I also will have most likely sensitive topics like kidnapping, threatenings, torture, maybe SH idk yet how dark this will go I will be making the plot go on, so I will be most the characters NO overpowered characters or being so powerful it isn't fun

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Italian_CatSpain   92d ago
Overworked Online Parent


Spain was sitting outside his house looking out at the ocean leaning back in his chair a cigarette in his left hand as he looks out with a steady gaze leaning on his right hand that was against his cheek his arm was leaned against the arm of the chair he sat in thinking of what to do as the wind blew his hair some to tired to have put it up this calm morning


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