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The Lord and the Gypsy (CLOSED)

By Ravanya
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She was a gypsy woman, raised in the roaming caravans that traveled and performed for their keep. Her skills were singing and fortune telling, but nothing riled her curiosity more than stories of creatures that weren't human. She wanted to travel away from the caravan to find if the stories and legends were true. As a girl she dreamed of leaving in search of such creatures and stories. But there were not many gifted Gypsies anymore and her gifts were true.


Finally she reached the age of twenty, and decided that she was grown enough and she would follow her heart's call and chase the stories of the world. She would sing and give fortune readings for money as she went from town to town in search of the creatures and stories. What she didn't expect was to find one of the stories was actually true.


There were rumors and stories that a Lord of the Land was an Eternal One, a blood drinker. No one would see him in the daytime, and when he would hold Gala's and parties for the town, he was told to be unearthly beautiful, with eyes bright as moonlight, and skin as smooth as velvet.


There had been times when people, men and women alike, but never children, would wander into the manor of the Count, the Lord of the Land, and would never return. Never seen again. Always off in the night. The people couldn't prove anything, and he was the reason the town was profitable, so they dared not charge him with such devilry.


When the Gypsy woman came to the town, chasing the legendary story, she was warned by the townspeople and still she wandered in. What will happen when she is caught by the Lord of the Land?




If interested, PM me. The story is based on medieval time period looks. Nothing Modern. Illustrated pics only. No Real or Anime photos.

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RavanyaNuana   104d ago


Nuana watched as the land passed by from the back of a hay cart. Her bare feet were up on the cart, and she loosely hugged her knees as she watched the scenery change. Over the weeks she'd watched the mountains become forests, and the forests were slowly becoming the next town of her adventurous journey. She'd learned of many creatures in the world. Fairies, sprites, pixies, ghosts, and some others that were not so nice, but she'd also come across the one fact that tied them all together.....

She had not seen any creatures...…yet...

She refused to give up on her quest, destined to learn of any and all creatures she could before she left this world. When she'd heard the rumors of this next town, she was giddy and excited, but getting to the town had proven difficult. No one would give her proper direction, or take her there. Too many feared the town. She had only happened upon this ride because the man who owned the cart lived in the town, and he did business with other towns from his farm. He had thought the young woman insane but decided that she would find her way to the town anyway and agreed to give her a ride.

She hadn't realized how long the ride would take. She felt stiff and sore, needing to stretch out, but if she did so too much, she'd knock things off the cart. Finally as the sun began to set beyond the forest's ridge, they came upon the town. It was large, with wonderous buildings, and beautiful homes, as well as a busy marketplace. The moment the town came into view, her cheery excitement came back to life in renewed vigor.

The man took her to the town square and dropped her off. She took up her small pack and checked her coin purse. Thankfully she had enough for dinner and a room. The problem was where to find one. She tried to ask a few people, but in this side of town, apparently the people were too posh to address her.

This town had nobles, people who owned the farmlands, or the fishing port on the other side of town. But it seemed that anyone beneath them wasn't worth their time. Nuana stepped into a Dress shop to try and ask for help, and immediately had been shooed away, claiming there was nothing she could afford inside. She scoffed at the door when it closed on her. “I hope your attitude improves!” She cried out at the door with a growling sigh before shaking her head and turning back to the busy city. “Is it so hard to answer a woman trying to find an inn?!” she growled out, earning odd looks from other people on the street.

One man, dressed to impress and show off his money came up beside her then. “Poor thing.... are they being rude to you? Not many of the upperclassmen here are open to strangers.... You are looking for an Inn? Business or pleasure?” he asked with a purr as his dark eyes roamed over her. She was not so naïve as to think the man only wished to help her, not with that look. 

“I am only passing through.... I am looking for an Inn to get a meal and a room during my stay here.” The man seemed to purr at the thought.

“Are you staying long?” he asked stepping too close for her comfort. She tried not to roll her eyes.

“No, not long..... as I said, just passing through. I just do not know the town very well....” She could have kicked herself for that last bit. He smiled a grin that could put a wolf to shame. The man tried to wrap an arm around her and lead her off, but she held her bag closely and muttered a curse at the lecherous man and darted off through the crowd, not stopping until she was sure the man was too far from her.

It was then she found an Inn. The price for a meal was fine, but it left her with nothing for the room. She asked if there was any work that could be done to earn the room and the Innkeeper mentioned cleaning, dishes, and possibly entertainment. When she started to curse at him - with very unlady-like words - he held up his hands to show he'd not meant it that way. He had referred to singing for their guests. So as the night came over the town, she would sing songs she had learned from her home, as well as songs and shanties from across her journey the last several years. This Inn held those of wealth and not together, and she sang uplifting melodies of sprites and fairies. She sang of dragons and heroes. But what enchanted the night the most, was a song she sang of the Moon Called lovers.

A story of a forlorn man in love with the Lady of the Moon, every night bringing her gifts until one night she finally took the man, giving him her love, and making him one like her so they could live forever in love. This song always held a haunting melody that Nuana thought brought the night to life in its own magical way. And it seemed to be true the way the people fell hushed to listen to her melody. Women tearing up at the emotions she gave, the men's eyes gleaming with a deep loving affection at the thought of such a beautiful woman to love. It was a song that stirred the night and had even drawn a crowd from the street outside, causing a large gathering in the Inn's main tavern until there was barely room left to stand.

NightMare   94d ago
Bringer of Nightmares...


Lavished and Luxury 

Was all that Issac Astaroth knew, he had seemed to have forgotten all about his mortal life. Maybe he had forgotten that along time ago, or maybe he truly wished not to remember it. Not many people knew about his cruel fate, the towns people all adored him and fell for his disguise. Those who did really did seem to disappear. His family was actually really poor. His mother had died not long after his sister was born. His father worked himself to the bone. When he was old enough he work with his father. It seem fate had other plans for him. Something had taken a liking to him, it was no man. 

Suddenly his father had gotten rather ill. No matter how hard Issac work it seem there was never enough money. Issac was desperate to get the money. A strange man approached him. The man was very pale, and sickly looking. He was cold to the touch, the man offered to pay for his father medicine that ways as long if Issac agreed to be become his. Issac was skeptical of this man but the man bought Issac the medicine with out blinking an eye. Issac accepted and return home with the medicine. He was so happy that his father seemed to be getting better. It didn't take long for that strange man to appear into Issac life again. Issac had no choice but to got with him. Issac was scared but at least his father was recovering. 

Issac wasn't sure what was going to happen to him. They arrived back to the Lord's manor, things took a twisted. As soon as they gotten inside Issac couldn't believe the scene in front of him. The corpses on the floor. The smell of rot and decay filled his nose and his heart be racing he was scared. The Lord simply laughed as Issac tried to run. All the doors and windows were locked. It didn't take long for the Lord to get a hold him. The Lord ripped Issac shirt open with ease letting his now claw like nail drag rough over Issac smooth chest. He plunged his fangs into his neck. He began drinking his blood Issac could feel his body getting heavy as he struggled to free himself. 

Issac fainted when he woke he was shackled in bed. The room was beautiful decorated, and the bed was so soft. Issac neck hurt badly, his  blue eyes dance around the room in fear. Sitting in the corner was the Lord. The man spoke to him, but Issac couldn't hear him or just didn't want to. “It will only hurt a little”  he said, as he approach him. He leaned down biting into Issac neck once again. Issac scream until the lord covered his mouth with his large hand. Once Issac was near death he couldn't move nor do anything but laid there in wait. It was then he felt a warm liquid pour down his throat. Then pain, Issac squirmed, screamed and crying out in pain as his body died. His mortal life was now over. Astaroth was the vampire's name, Issac was his new son. The vampire taught him everything he knew how to lure people and even the hard lessons about letting people live. Eventually Issac got the hand of things. Issac still missed his family often would check on them. When he tried to approach them they had no idea who he was it pained him. Issac asked Aataroth the vampire said that he was the only family he needed. 

The two lived together for centuries watching the scenery change. Issac was sad when his master told him he was going to sleep for a while. Issac could see the tiredness in his master's eyes. Issac knew that if Asaroth went to sleep he probably was going to get back up. Issac would continue his master legacy with a heavy heart. The one thing Issac missed was seeing the sunrise.

Current Events

Issac didn't often leave his manor that seemed too grown bigger over the past couple centuries. Asaroth stay involved with his beloved town having balls and banquet at his manor. Funnily enough Issac didn't often show his face. He actually would have one of his puppets do it. This trick seem to work well making it seem like the lord aged and even died through the years. Tonight he decided to make his an appearance by even step foot into town. Of course he wore a disguise. People often bow to him and most the woman blushed at his beauty. 

His fare skin, and his icy blue eyes that seem to just make women flush with color. What make him stand out the most was his long blonde hair. It was bright almost sunlight, and very soft. Issac stood in the crow listening to the woman sing. Her song was beautiful, part of him regretted coming out tonight. Sure she was pretty and different from most the women in the town. Issac had a bad feeling. He quickly return to his manor after chatting with a couple along the way. His manor might of been in the town it was a while away. Issac was happy once he got inside he was greeted by the servants that asked him how it went see as how he returned home so abruptly. Issac didn't answer the servant but he quickly return to his room. It was clear something was on his mind.

What was this strange feeling? Issac sighed as he paced around his room. “Of course when I need you… You are no longer here…” he said as he stared at a large painting of the previous lord. He often scream at the painting hope and praying it would answer him. The  previous lord had taught him well. There were somethings Issac would have to learn on his own. How to deal with the loneliness was one of things that he was struggling with. When he got sad he would often think of his family. It was hard standing by a watching them grow and age them not even remembering you.


RavanyaNuana   89d ago


Nuana continued to sing deep into the night, patrons coming and going. She had set out a scarf for tips, and not only did she earn enough for her room and meal, but she made enough to stay awhile. She was beaming smiles, and telling stories with her songs and music as she filled the night in mystery and allure. When the hour grew too late, she bid her new fans a good night, gave what money was owed to the innkeeper and his wife, and went up to her room for the night. There she bathed and dressed for bed, braiding her curls into a single plaited, loose braid so that she didn't wake in tangles and knots. It was a nice cool night, and so she left her windows open to allow the night air into her room.

For awhile, she lay on the bed in her nightgown, watching the moon as it traveled the night sky until she felt her eyes growing heavy and she finally fell asleep. Her dreams were always based on the stories she followed in her travels. Sometimes they were sweet and cute, magical and whimsical. Sometimes they were darker, depending on the story she was chasing at the time. This time she held no dreams as she slept, which was very odd for her. The only thing that stayed normal was that she slept odd hours. Being on the road made it hard to keep a decent sleep schedule, she slept when she could, and where she could. This was the first time in maybe a month that she had slept in a bed, and so she slept long and deep.

It was after noon before she woke, despite the the bright sun pouring in through her open window. She stretched lazily with a groan before sitting up and gazing out the window. She could hear the busy life of the town outside and she decided that she needed to do some shopping. She dressed in her usual attire, silken dress, a scarf draped over her hair once she unbraided it. She had bangles and bracelets to either hand, large earrings adorned her lobes, and layered necklaces with various crystals and charms lay about her neck. Normally it would look goddy or too much, but the way she wore things in her gypsy ways, it was an ethereal look from her people. Her dusky skin and dark curls only adding to the exotic look of her features. 

She kept barefoot most of the time, little anklets adorned her ankles and didn't seem to bother her as she walked through the town to get things she needed. Most people in the town gave her a wide birth, sneered at her. The last was mostly women, and she was used to it. Men drooled over her, some more like animals than men, and those she usually managed to get away from, or tricked. The women were rude and if they ran or owned a shop, she was immediately banned. She had never taken another woman's man, she had never thought to do so, though many had told her that she could if she wanted to. She had never wanted to, she wanted to chase stories of the supernatural and fantastical. Shopping was difficult as it usually was, and by the first rays of evening, she was headed back to the Inn to try and get a chance to entertain again for the night for more money.

NightMare   79d ago
Bringer of Nightmares...


Issac had a hard time sleeping that day. His mind often wonder about that woman and the feelings he suddenly felt. He kept waking up glaring at the large painting that hung in his room. He could hear the servants causing a ruckus. They were getting the main banquet hall all tidy and clean the for the up coming party he was hosting. Of course he would only be making a brief appearance long enough to lure someone away for him to finally have a feast of his own. It had been at least month since he last feast on human's blood. He was mainly subsisting on animal's blood but it just wasn't the same. May it was the thrill? Or maybe to him human's blood just tasted better. 

Issac struggled most of the time when it came to killing his victims. He had only done it a few time since he actually become quiet good at altering peoples memories. It was a fun little game to him down controlling someone else's mind.It was entertaining to say the least. They were his own little puppets in a  way. Issac eventually fell a sleep despite all the noise he heard. 

By the time he woke up the sun had already set and his servants had the banquet all sparkling clean and neatly decorated. They even had a hot bath ready for him, and nice attire laid out neatly fold for him. Issac went to the bathroom to get ready. Issac smiled softly as seeped into the hot water letting his body be fully submerged. There were red rose petal  floating in the bath. Issac was in bliss soaking in the large claw foot tub. The hot soapy water felt good on his cold muscular body. Issac leaned his head back and closed his icy blue eyes. The soon the banquet hall would be filled with people. 

Issac washed his skin then his golden blonde hair, that shimmer like sunlight. Once he was thoroughly washed and rinse he got out of the tub. He dried himself off then got dressed, one of the maids help him brush his long hair. Once he was dress and hair was tired back but a black satin ribbon he enter the banquet hall. The long dark oak table was set nice with hot food and wine. Everything was on a silver platter. Everything seemed perfect. It wouldn't be long before his home will filled with guests.


Issac happily welcome all the people that flood into the room through the double doors. Most the people were of noble heritage. There were a few working men here and there. Of course most of the women happy pushed their way to greet him. Issac laughed softly as he greeted everyone warmly.  “Please come and sit down everyone enjoy a hot meal… and some music” with a small wave of his hand the sound of violins was heard a long with other instruments. Soon the sound of a sweet melody could be heard through out the halls. 

RavanyaNuana   77d ago


The town had been simply buzzing with gossip and rumors of the party the Lord of the Land was to have. It wasn't too often that the Lord held his parties, but when he did they were not to be missed. Nuana had asked the Innkeeper and his wife about it, and they gushed over the food and music, and the way the grand hall looked when you entered. They told her that she had to attend with them, and she was grateful but claimed she had nothing to wear. It was easier to travel lightly. The Keeper's wife had then dragged her into their personal quarters behind the tavern and inn and had gone through some of her own gowns, then helped Nuana to hem it and tweak it until it fit as well as felt like something she was comfortable to wear. Nuana stood before the mirror in a deep crimson gown that hugged her in the bodice and flared out along her hips. There was a slit from midthigh down on her right side. It allowed her easier movement of the skirts, but was still tasteful, though not many women would be that brave here. They thought it too provocative. Nuana was Gypsy, she didn't care. She would have rather worn flats, but the heels kept her skirts from dragging the ground.

Her dark curls were pulled back into butterfly pins of gold to cascade down her back. the sleeves draped down her arms like lowered wings. She paired it with her loing gold dangled earrings, plenty of bangles, and even a small anklet of bells on her exposed ankle. She wore a string of gold around her forehead, and she was set for the party. She traveled with the Innkeeper and his wife, but once they arrived, she was left to her own devices as they went on to mingle with the crowd. Some stopped her to ask if she was the entertainment for the night and she would laugh and smile and shake her head, that she was a guest this go around. She wandered the hall in awe at its design and how clean it was. The smells that wafted the air were heavenly, and she was excited to see what foods they came up with. One thing she realized, though, was that out of all these people, she didn't know who the Lord of the Land was.

As if summoned, a voice called the crowd to be silent, and offered that dinner was ready. To come and eat and enjoy the music. Then the night was filled with a sweet music that she had never heard before. She found herself more entranced in the music than the food, though the meal was far better than anything she had ever had before. When the meal was done, many couples would take to the floor and dance around to the sweet music. Nuana, full from her own meal, and a little tingly from the wine, was off on the sidelines swaying to the music as if it were her own heartbeat.

NightMare   71d ago
Bringer of Nightmares...



Issac smiled softly as he mingled with the crowd. At first glance it was hard to tell who he was, it didn't take long to see all the woman draped around him. Some of them were them ogling over his beautiful blonde hair that draped over him like a river of gold. They were all so happy to see that it was actually down not tied up in a bun or pony tail. Other were begging him to dance despite they glare they were getting from their husbands. Issac let out a soft laugh and dance with a few. It didn't take long for his pale blue eyes to see Nuana. She truly was stunning, it only made his hungry, and questions get worse. 

Issac would have to feed soon before he even had the chance to approach her. There was just something odd about her. Perhaps it was because she wasn't from here? The fact that she smelt strongly of herbs and spices must of meant she travel long ways. Issac would have to chat with her soon but first things first. It was time for his hot meal, it was easy to lure a maiden away from the crowd but getting away from the crowd was the problem thankfully most the people were on the dance floor. 

The Garden

Issac lured a cute brunette woman outside and into the garden. The garden was filled with roses of many colors. Some where red, some where blue and there were even some yellow roses. Some of the roses even began to cross breed making some very interesting colored ones. The woman was in awe by this romantic sight. She blushed as the two dance carefully in the garden. The moon was full shinning brightly in the sky above them. Issac lead the woman deeper into the garden until finally they made it to the center. In the center of garden was a statute, that was surrounded by small body of water. The woman asked Issac who that woman was he lied telling her that it was his father.

The woman then asked if he was lonely. He let out a soft sigh as he sat down on ledge by water. The smell of roses was heavenly. This was not heaven. He answer the woman he was lonely. He had been lonely for quite some time now. There was much he could do about that with his master being gone. Before the woman could ask him and more questions he swiftly pulled her into his firm arms. She giggle as he softly began kissing her exposed neck. The dress she was wearing was rather revealing. It exposed her neck, and a good amount of her bosoms. She blushed more until she felt a sharp pain that caused her to cry out. That was until he place his hand over her mouth. Issac began drinking, sucking woman blood out rapidly. He then pulled way and carefully laid her down. She was near death and surely would died if he hadn't pulled way when he did. He easily alter her memories and lead her against stone ledge he was sitting on. 

He made sure not to let any of the blood get on her dress. He licked the small puncher wounds just to make sure not excess blood came out. Before he left the woman alone he made sure to place half empty wine glass on the stone ledge. Thankfully he had one hidden in the rose bushes long with a bottle of wine. He carefully tucked the wine bottle away before returning back to the banquet. Before sneaking back in side he quick ran a hand through his hair. Once he was back inside. He smiled softly spoke to a few women. He then came across Nunan. He smiled since he had just feed he was feeling more lively.

“Would you care to dance?” he said softly and sweet as he held out his hand. His nails were well groomed, along with elegant slender fingers. There were no wounds or callous to be seen on his hand. Since he was in fully view. He was wearing simply yet elegant clothing. An off what puffy shirt, black pants and shoes. Draped over the top of his shirt was an oriental rope that he had gotten from kind visitor from foreign land. He normally wore his kimono like robe when ever he held gatherings. It was different and made him stand out. Maybe because it was bright red and decorated with camomile and lotus blossoms. Only reason he was given it was because the visitor that held his hand real how cold he felt. It was a kind  gesture Issac made sure the foreign visitor had pleasant stay. Issac could no longer remember the reason for the mans visit but he was happy with just his gesture of kindness. 

RavanyaNuana   59d ago


Nuana had a few ask to dance with her through the night, and she would agree. She even had a small boy of seven ask to dance with her and she agreed, earning smiles and laughter form the crowd as they went along the floor. The music was wonderful and added to the hum of the wine she felt as though she could fly through the night. She still hadn't figure out who the Lord of the Land was, though it seemed to be his party, he was not to be seen that she was aware of. Surely he wouldn't take offense to it with her not being from this town. She took turns out of the next couple of songs to let herself recover on the sidelines, letting couples take the slower more intimate songs of the night. When she had a moment, she leaned into one of the patrons form the Inn that had been in and out of conversation with her for the night and had asked them with a sheepish smile on who there was the Lord.

They looked around the large hall and couldn't quite spot him from where they were, so they tried to describe him. Regal, pale as snow, and hair so golden it rivaled the sun. She wondered if he truly looked that way, or if they oversold such a thing in some kind of fawning over their Lord of the land. There were stories that he was mysterious and beautiful. He sounded like too much of a story to be true. She smiled and listened, either way, she loved a good story. And so she was caught up in their tales when someone's voice caught her attention. The look on the patrons' faces said who was behind her asking for a dance. She turned to look to the man behind her, and her heart skipped. She hadn't realized just how true and yet unjust the stories of the Lord of land was. He had beautiful features, piercing eyes that reminded her of a winter frost, and hair that rivaled a divine god in its golden color. She had to swallow the sudden air in her throat a moment before offering a shy and sweet smile.

“How could I say no to such a sweet invitation?” She said gently taking his hand. His skin was cool and soft, where her own she was sure was rougher than a Lady's hands should, but in being a Gypsy, she had to make her own way in the world, and so she wasn't as soft handed as most the Ladies in the ballroom. She let him lead her out to the floor, and she felt many, many eyes on her and it caused her to flush slightly. She was used to being center of attention, she was a performer for her meals most nights. But there was something different about now, when so many eyes were on her, because of whom was at her side. She kept her smile in place, and listened as the music started up in a beautiful song.

NightMare   50d ago
Bringer of Nightmares...



Issac was happy when the woman agreed to dance with him. He delicately took he hand and then lead her to the center of the room. Issac was used to all eyes on him. The way the people move out of his way willingly, it was very rare when someone dare to stand or step in his way. If they did it never end well for them. Issac smiled softly as he lead Nuana into a dance. Dipping her gracefully as the melody  hit their ears so sweetly yet delicate. Perhaps this song was meant for couples with how the music played but Issac couldn't help it he was enjoying every second of this dance. Nuana was just as beautiful as she was the night before. She was gorgeous, her darker skin tone pop amongst the  gold color accents and jewelry she wore so elegantly. Her dress she was waring was stunning. Issac has to stop himself from staring at her. 

“Are you enjoying my party so far?” he said softly as he lead the woman into a slower dance as the music shifted into a slower pace song. Issac could hear some of the other women whispering amongst them selves wonder when it was going to be their turn. They could wait because, he was actually enjoying himself. He not seen or met someone so beautiful before. Issac tried his hardest to be kind but him being a vampire made then difficult. He had been breaking hearts for centuries. This time was different, this time she seemed to have caught his heart. She didn't know it yet maybe he wasn't aware of it either. 

“I can tell you are not from these lands since it is our first time meeting. Please enlighten me, and tell me about yourself. What is your Name?" he said softly hoping the woman wouldn't be shy. Despite the rouges that crept across her face he could see the fire in her eyes. He could tell she was strong woman, he was sure she had a story to tell. “Some of the town's folk said you are a great singer?"  he said softly looking into the woman's eyes once more. “Would you like to perform for me? I think it would be a great way to end the night…" he said smiling as he look at Nuana was a warm yet gentle gaze. Behind the sapphire colored eyes was a hunger that was slowly growing each moment those to shared. Issac did his best to push those feeling aside.

RavanyaNuana   32d ago


They took pose to the music to start, and he posed her already into a deep dip. She could feel the strength in his arms as he easily held her in pose without threat of dropping her. She let him lead her through the dance as they would glide gracefully along the floor. “Ah, so you are the famous Lord of the Land I've been hearing about. The rumors do not do you justice, Sir.” She smiled to him and gave a slight bow of her head in respect during their dance. “My name is Nuana. It is wonderful to finally meet you. Something you probably hear often, but your home is absolutely wonderful.” She smiled brightly, despite the flush to her features. 

“You would be correct, I've not been in town long. I usually travel quite a lot, following stories and chasing ‘fairies’ as some may say. I come from a Gypsy caravan. Traveling and such is in my blood, but once I was old enough, I set out on my own travels to find my own path in life. It may lead me to a permanent home, it may take me back to my caravan, or it may keep me traveling until my final days. Only the Gods know the outcome to happen. But I stopped in town to earn some coin and to spend a few nights in an actual bed.” She moved with each of his steps, the music swirling about them, and even changing to a slower song, which pulled them closer together in the dance. She would catch a whisper here or there of the patrons that watched them dance. Some of them were less than nice about Nuana.

Women were jealous, either of her looks, her voice, or of her dancing with the Lord of the Lands. Men would leer at her, and the look in some of their eyes had her wanting to run. Not all were rude or mean, especially not openly while they were in front of the Lord, but there were those out there and she tried ignoring them, especially in hearing the circling rumors that she was just trying to win favor for a bigger coin purse. She might work for her coins, but she had never been a Purse Chaser, and she resented the insult, not only to her, but to her people.

She never let it show on her features, she was used to hiding those emotions from others, and pushing through her performances, so she could do that here, and enjoy herself in this night. He spoke up pulling her from her thoughts, asking if she would sing for his party this night and offered a smile. “I would be honored to perform for you and your guests, Sir. And if you ever wish while I'm in town, I perform at the Inn most nights to pay for my room and meals, I am sure you would be more than welcome to come join us.”

NightMare   29d ago
Bringer of Nightmares...



Issac seemed smiled as she spoke. He listen to hear words closely, “I take you don't need an introduction from me then.” he said softly as their dance continue on. Issac seemed pleased that the woman continue to speak to him with such confidence. She was much braver than the other women around. Who would often just giggle and hardly say a damn thing to him. He understood why people were nervous, but most the women just wanted one thing. “Fairies? So you like the tales of the Fae people" he said with a soft laugh. It really seemed to bring joy to his face when she spoke about chasing fairy-tales. He was also pleased when the woman said she would be happy to preform him. He smiled as the music started too slow. The night was starting to come to an end. Considering the moon had gotten higher in the sky.

 “Alright my dear… It is time to end the night…" He said as he carefully let go of her hands. He stepped into the middle of the room and smiled softly “ Alas my dear guests, the midnight hour is upon us it is time this night comes to an end.” he said. “Please put you hands together for the lovely Miss Nuana." he said as gracefully held his hand out to Nuana. “Thank you Nuana" he said softly as he stepped back into the crowd leaving the floor to her. The music started to play softly in the background. It was a sweet yet slow melody, as the musicians didn't want to over play Nuana. The crowd of people was now watching her closely. 

Issac smiled softly as stood there waiting for the woman to let out a sound. He was sad their dance was over, but it was getting rather late. He need people to go soon. His hands still tingle from where Nuana had held them. They felt warm, perhaps warmer than normal. He let out a soft sigh as the crowd softly whispered to themselves. He decided to move from where he was standing. He happen to be standing by the Inn keeper. He spoke to them softly. “I would like to pay for her stay for the rest of time she is in town" he said softly as he slipped a small bag of coin into the woman's hand. It was at least 30 gold coin which was probably more than enough for a week. He wanted Nuana stay to be pleasant. “One more thing…Would you please inform her I would like to have her up here for a private dinner." he said softly. Before looked back towards the gorgeous woman who had taken the crowd by storm. They was she moved, her hips swaying, as she sound an enchanting melody. 

It was like the beast inside him was starving and just dying to come out. He took a few steps back as the crowd thicken around her. He could still see her but he needed to be carefully. As the thought of his master crossed his mind. “You cannot love her…”  of course he knew that but it was hard. Never had he seen a human so breath taking before. He let out a soft sigh as he back out of the crowd and head out side to get some air. He could still hear her singing but he needed to clear his mind and clam his undying hunger for her.



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