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-Decay-.Fire.   93d ago

I suppose I didn't say anything in person. Maybe that's because it is just the way I am. Non confrontational and all.

But I realized that I am tired of dealing with this silence.

You already know I dislike him, but maybe I will make myself even more clear now.

I hate him.

If he wants to talk shit then I don't want to be anywhere around or near him.

I love how he wants to talk about how we shouldn't have a cat when his dumb ass wants to buy a car and he's struggling with the house.

Fuck that shit.

He has a car.

He doesn't need another one.

I'm tired of being understanding and the fact that he doesn't really seem to like Chris… Well that grates on my god damned nerves too.

I had fun yesterday, but I do have to admit I wasn't exactly comfortable.

Everyone is struggling right now. So I don't want to hear it from him about not being able to fix the fucking cat.

I wish I was braver because I probably would have marched in there and said something. Then we would have probably been banned from the house.

I stay quiet because I care about you wolfy. You are my best friend and the only one to really have stayed around. I have no one else…

But sometimes… He's just too much…

-Decay-.Vampire.   90d ago


They walked back towards camp together. Side by side. Him exhausted from the days activities. His green eyes were on her, but they held a cold and hateful glare.

“You know who I am now.”

His voice was hollow. Odd even to her at this point. She didn’t respond out loud only nodded. She felt like speaking may only irritate him further.

“I’ve seen incarnations of you before… They always lead him into madness… Insanity… He becomes a different man… All your incarnations do is hurt him. You will do the same. I know you will. I won’t stand for it.”

It was clear in those harsh words that he was threatening her. Even though he was exhausted the burning hatred in his eyes didn’t seem to lessen. Instead it only seemed to intensify.

“I will do anything to stop him from going mad… I will do anything for his happiness… I love and adore him. He is my father… I will be watching all that you do.”

As the camp grew closer he fell silent. His anger and irritation stayed marring his lovely features.

Sol didn’t speak to him the entire time simply listening. She had no fear of him though. A lesser version of his father, but yet she could feel the hatred coming off of him.

When they parted ways she looked back at him curiously, but he was no longer looking at her. He had picked up void and was going to lay down.

She wasn’t sure she was doing to stay completely quiet about who he was. With his lingering hatred for her… Maybe he would end up being dangerous.


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