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The Alyan Manor

By TheEndless
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The Unofficial Soundtrack

All music listed belongs to  

Secession Studios 

Midnight Syndicate 

I do not claim ownership to any of them 

The Valentine Legacy (Secession Studios)

 Whispers From Down Below (Midnight Syndicate)

Fredericks Theme (Midnight Syndicate)

The Secrets Hidden Within Alyan Orphanage (Midnight Syndicate)

 Darkness Looms Over Alyan (Midnight Syndicate)

Escaping Valentine Castle (Midnight Syndicate) 

The Wicked Witch of Arlon (Midnight Syndicate)

 The Setting

 A manor for children who has lost their parents, It is a huge mansion that is in a small town called Alyan, Pocono Mountains. There is a beautiful garden in back of the mansion, There are plenty of rooms. So please feel free to come in.

This manor holds many secrets and history within its walls. For years many have come and gone, this place holds a dark secret and so does the inhabitants...This is not your normal manor, this manor is a special one.

It had been a few years after the previous owner mysteriously left and The Alyan Massacre was a thing of the past...Old residents still reside in the magical manor, still protecting its history while awaiting new residents. These newcomers are about to have their lives changed, either for the worst or better.

 Prepare yourself for an epic journey because this isn't and won't be your normal and usual orphan roleplay. This will have heroes pitted against villains, death and despair, hope and happiness, ancient beings among humans, conspiracies unraveled and questions asked, trusts and bonds made, betrayals and bonds broken, romance and jealously, lies and honesty, this is…

The Orphan Role Play.

Character Creation/Characters

You can be; 

o human

o Vampire

o Elf 

o Cat

o etc…


 The skeleton for The Orphan's.









  The Orphans



Username: -Mirror-

Name: Chimera

 Age: Over 500

 Race: Perfect chimera

 Bio: Chimera is an escaped experiment. Chimeras don’t exist naturally and Chimera is the only perfect one of his kind. While still in the lab about a year after his creation, he learned what was being done to other humans and what was going to be done to them to create more of him so before the scientists could do anything to go forward with their plans, he used his power to escape. Now, Chimera helps others out by being a man-for-hire while also keeping tabs on the labs that continue to create chimeras. However, it seems the chimeras are reproducing naturally and the labs are controlling them through sonic transmitter towers and drones. Chimera’s home city became overrun with chimeras and it was Tank’s idea to leave. After a little research, Tank found a secluded place with a few others that would be perfect to stay at which brings them to the orphanage.

 Powers: Shifting - Can shift into anything he has a genetic code for. He can even shift into a black amorphous blob either with or without a face or limb. He can make parts of his body change and he can combine genetics.

Gene Absorption - This is passive. Whenever Chimera encounters a new gene, his body will automatically absorb it, giving him new abilities and a new form. With having the majority of genetic codes, finding new ones is getting harder. Chimera always knows when he gains a new code.

Element Manipulation - To an extent, Chimera can manipulate the elements. This comes from the artificially created codes as well as from codes he has collected. The elements he commonly uses are fire, air, water, electricity, light, and earth. Each element has its own limitations which limits their use as attacks. Chimera mainly uses them for survival, everyday living, defense, and escape.

Other Info: Tank, a chimera of a couple bird species, dragon and human, usually stays in the background and manages Chimera and any business he picks up. Tank has been Chimera’s friend since he found him getting beaten nearly half to death and wasn’t fighting back.

Username: Dragoncita

Name: Doesn't remember his true name

 Age: Appears to be in his late teens, to early 20's

Actual age is unknown for the time being

 Race: Unknown

 Bio: He hardly remembers anything. One moment he was in a great battle, trying his damnedest to stay alive, next he was somewhere else. Now severally injured, but still struggling to stay alive, he makes his way across this new world.

 Powers: Recovering his abilities

 Other Info: Usually seen with his preferred weapon of choice; a glaive

Always seen with a strange mask covering his bottom half of his face and jaw


Username: hextheblackcat

 Name: Leon & Noel Loopholes

 Age: 17

 Race: Human

 Bio: A pair of twin who accidentally leap through time and space! They ended up in a world not like their own at the age of seven after a near death experience triggered an ability they didn’t even know they had possessed.

It happened in the blink of an eye. One moment they were drowning in the middle of the sea during a raging storm and the next appearing in a river. They were found unconscious while floating down stream with the gentle current.

When they came to they were surrounded by foreigners and placed into the foster care system and then later this orphanage.


 Powers: Space-Time manipulation


Username: AlitaBonita


Name: Paeton Blackmore


Age: 16


Race: Elf


Bio: Most of what Paeton could remember from her murky past expands only six years. What she once knew and experienced had suddenly disappeared in a blink of an eye. One day, the orphanage staff found the young girl simply roaming the grounds of the orphanage looking as if she’d lost something. For six years, Paeton had remained at the orphanage, trying to remember who she was before the loss of her memory. To find the answers that could fill in the void surrounding her past. She tends to keep mostly to herself. She becomes extremely timid when around others she may not know. Especially when strangers cross into her territory. Once she gets used to her surroundings, her heart opens to all that will except it.


Powers: Electrokinesis the psychic power to control and/or manipulate electrical currents, and generate electricity with one’s mind. Paeton can produce a painful electric jolt into anyone she touches. At first, she could only project it through her palms. Now, Paeton is able to radiate it all over her body. She can also use her power to create a defensive electrical shield around her whole body for added protection.


 Username: Doburesu

 Name: Jeremiah Rygo

 Age: 20

 Race: Human

 Bio: By the age of 15 Jeremiah had successfully killed 27 werewolves, 162 vampires, 83 orcs, 39 elementals, 16 celestial beings, 392 goblins, 26 fea, 6 chimera, 2 leviathan, 5 demons, 3 dragons, and an angel. Being the son of two highly renown hunters from a land in which humans weren’t so kind to other living beings Jeremiah was a master hunter by the age of 10 and as his parents would say “nothing is beneath a Hunter, you either live at the top or you die on the bottom”. Despite all of that Jeremiah never liked the life he was born into and after what would be known as the “West-Creak Genocide”, a contract that ended in the entire killing of a village of vampires, Jeremiah would abandon his duties and be disowned by his parents at the age of 17. He would then search for a better meaning in life.

 Powers: Although not a power he would end up being cursed at the age of 13 by the angel he killed. This curse would cause the souls of every creature and being he had hunted to torment him in his dreams every time he slept. That being said he hasn’t slept since that day and no longer has a need to. This has heightened his senses and made him very sensitive to his surroundings. -“The blood upon thy hands shall never let thee rest, that much is certain. Just as I shalt always be there when thou shalt rest... so too shall they.”

 Username: EternalSnow

 Name: Nova

 Age: 21

 Race: Shape Shifter/ Demon

 Bio: Nova had came to the orphanage when she was 17 years old she . Her nother had left her there when her father tried to take her life. Not truly talking to the care takers noting else was known about her.


Username: Simply_Random

 Name: Violet


Age: 17


Race: Human/Elf


Bio: She doesn't remember much but the orphanage is her home. Even when she becomes of age she will work there to help others like the way they helped her.


Powers: Portal Teleportation

Teleportation Javelins

Expert Combatant

Username: MourningGlory

Name: Scarlett Annalise Rosendale

Nickname: Anna

Age: Appears 17

Race: Neko/Vampire

Bio: Scarlett can seem a bit shy at first but that doesn't mean she won't warm up. She's more the observer type until she gets to know and trust someone and then that someone gets to know all sides of who she is. Scarlett came to the orphanage as a kind of safe haven. The young woman doesn't remember her past or where she came from. All she knows is life at the orphanage and how she is thankful they took her in.

Powers: Shapeshifting (into a cat), Talk to Animals, Mild Mind Reading, and Telekinesis

Username: FadingReality

Name: Frederick LaForge

Age: Unknown

Race: Noble Vampire

Bio: Frederick has lived among the hallowed grounds of the Orphanage for so long that he can no longer remember when he first arrived. He has lived in section of the Orphanage long forgotten and after hearing noise coming from the other side finally decided to look out on the world once again.

Powers: telekinesis, short teleportion(has to see and know where his going.) Combat specialist trained by people who once owned the Orphanage. Ice magic mild ability


Username: _BlueXephos

Name: Khythos

Age: 15 in human years, 30 in Rhaeadran years

Race: Rhaeadran (Will explain in Bio), Demi-God

Bio: Having been transported from his home planet to escape a war that ultimately resulted in disaster, Kythos is the last remaining Rhaeadran in existence. Rhaeadrans stick out in the crowd with their blue skin and dark horns. Unlike other sea creatures, Rhaeadrans are both air-breathers and water breathers, with a set of gills on his neck that hide themselves slightly when not in water. Though they age in number twice as fast as humans, they don't reach peak maturity and adulthood until they are 40 years old, or 20 years old in human time. Khythos has a nervous habit of picking at his horns when anxious or upset. Female Rhaeadrans have horns on the top of their head, rather than the sides, and are said to be smaller in size.

He found himself wandering a new planet, alone and anxious, when he found a manor that tugged at his soul. Something called him to this new place, though he loathed what could be waiting for him. Though he is a decent fighter, he prefers to avoid conflict. What if what awaited him was similar to the war he was sent away from? With a shaky huff, he pressed on.

Powers: The power to control water, ice, and mist at will. He can heal souls and wounds with ease. He can fly. Due to his closeness with souls, he can see the souls of the dead.


Name: Zayne Maxwell Jacobson

Age: Appears 17 but is older

Race: Vampire

Bio: Zayne’s life was what one would call difficult. He was born to a poor family and did not have much as far as material items were considered. From a young age, he had to work hard doing odd jobs for what little he did have as his parents died of sickness before he turned 12. In fact, when he turned 17, Zayne joined the military, lying about his age so that he would be able to travel the world and get to experience life that he would never get the chance to at home. Wounded on the battlefield and left for dead, a mysterious figure came upon him as he begged not to die. The creature, feeling sorry for him, bestowed the gift of immortality upon him. Though, this gift came at a cost and it was one that he was willing to pay. Zayne had to give up any form of freedom and serve the creature for eternity, that was until the creature was killed decades later by other, stronger supernatural beings. Zayne had barely escaped the attack and had gone into hiding, coming across the orphanage. He decided that it would be best to hide his identity and what he was until asked.

Powers: Hypnosis, Control of Animals, and Shapeshifting (Into a wolf)


 Returning Characters;

 Username: Vossler

 Name: Azalas Valentine

 Age: 21

 Race: Human

 Bio: Azalas's parents were killed by an unknown hitman and he was soon found by his careraker who sent him to an orphanage where he bounced between many of them before stopping at the Alyan Orphanage at 17 years old. This was a few years ago. He has made many friends and enemies over the course of him staying here and has the power to bend darkness at his will


 Username: AmyUmino

 Name: Amy Winchester


 Age: 16

 Race: Human/Mutant

 Bio: Has lived in the orphanage since she was in her early 20s and is Azalas' older sister

 Powers: TBD

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