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Operation: Red Light (CLOSED)

By TheEndless
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On June 14, 2017, 8:40PM a strange phenomenon occured deep inside a forest within the Rockies of Colorado simply known as the Red Light Incident.

A group of campers ended up disappearing the same day and more strange things began to happen over the year such as hikers never returning or other campers.

This prompted the US government to act and seize control of the forest.

Over the remaining year they set up a cabin as their headquarters deep within the forest and scouted out the area for any strange anomalies.

During September 20th, 2018 at an unknown time the agents there were simply nowhere to be found as if they had vanished off of the face of the earth.

During this time the US Government pulls out and control is taken over by an unknown organization who sends two people at the cabin.

Over the rest of 2018 this organization gathers knowledge about the Red Light Incident and the disappearances.

March 20th, 2019, "The Organization claim to have solved The Red Lincident and claim that is was someone within the woods using a red bulb lantern to lure cabin stayers out of the safety of their walls to kidnap than brutally murder them in the woods, it is also Speculated that the person was a Cannibal which was why no bodies were ever discovered when search teams were deployed, the organization could proudly state that the brutal murderer is behind bars and due to pinneding trial their name will not be released into the public, all evidence will be announced and released with pinneding trial.

July 18th, 2019, 9:00PM the two researchers at the cabin end up vanishing but their disappearence is quickly swept under the rugs and are quickly replaced by two more people.

It is now October 16th, 2019.

Two people live inside a cabin in the woods watching over the entire complex and forest.

They have been briefed about strange creatures that inhabit this very forest who have been killing anyone who they stumble upon.

How soon before the cabin fever sets in and these two turn on one another before they uncover the secret of The Red Light Incident and the mysterious organization that hired them?





Rules have been set in place


1. Keep watch over the monitors in the cabin. They will alert you if any creature is within the area

2. Never leave the cabin at night under any circumstances. The creatures are nocturnal and are more active at night.

3. No one else besides the two assigned agents inside the cabin. The creatures are known shape shifters.

4. If you hear knocking at night DO NOT open the door or investigate.

5. If you hear a familiar voice outside of the cabin during the day or night DO NOT investigate. The creatures can mimic voices.

6. If you see any red lights outside of the cabin during day or night DO NOT investigate. These are used as lures by the creatures.

7. If you happen to see a third person inside the cabin you are to ignore this person and avoid eye contact. Alert your partner as well. DO NOT INTERVENE

8. If you happen to come into contact with the creature by physical contact calmly and bravely remove your weapon from your holster and firmly press against own temple. You are dead either way.

9. You are to send any strange reports to the following computer dubbed Athena.

10. If you happen to see a trespasser and have confirmed they are not a creature, calmly tell them they are trespassing before calmly disposing of them.


These rules must be followed with utmost importance. Failing to do so will result in your and your partners termination…


Character Creation



Appearance: (Real/CGI/Anime)

Weapons: (Nothing too powerful)


Multiple characters allowed to be made by either user




“Red Lights”





All music listed belongs to Avery Alexander & Secession Studios. I do not own any copyright or claim ownership of the music. Here are the links to their channels:

Avery Alexander

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Operation: Red Light

The First Night

The Organization

The Second Night

Unwanted Visitor



Athena Hacked

The Third Night

Proctor. Henry Miles (Not all There)

The Inconsistenties

Going Rogue


The Fourth Night

Kill Squad

The Truth Revealed

Scaling The Rockies

Apollo Facility

The Truth of The Red Light Incident

The Organization Strikes

Not Over Yet…

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