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ShieldHero-     105d ago

Doctor's Research


Changing the druids.

Trying to gain immortality through roots or undeath.


Studying the vampire himself and the dark powers.


Strahd is allowing the doctor to do this for amusement.

He has created several false bodies of himself with this research.


Doctor will be there if approached early enough.

New stat block.

The Butcher (CR 5)

HP 80
AC: 16 (Chainmail)

STR: 18

Con: 16

Dexterity: 10

INT: 8

Wis: 12

Cha: 12


+ 4 con

+6 STR 

Skill proficiency's

Perception: +4

Insight: +4

Med: +4

Athletic's: +6 


Multi Attack with harvest/execution/dagger 

Harvest: Striking with a scythe forward 
To hit: +7

Damage: D12+4, causes bleeding afterwards. 1d4 at the end of each the creature's turns unless a DC10 med check (DC 20 if want to use a bonus action instead.)

Bonus action: Can shove as a bonus action, setting up for execution. Harvest on prone target's is execution causing them to fail one death save instantly if it knocks them. 

Reaction: When receiving damage he can swing back at the attacker! (If melee attacker)

Can bonus action attack with a dagger instead. 

+8 to hit

1d4+5 damage


Below half HP his reaction attacks has advantage but the next attack against him will also have advantage. 


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