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卩ㄩ尺Ꮆ乇: 卂几卂尺匚卄ㄚ

By Yourlocalhoodiefrien
Backup thread

The night of the annual purge arrives, You are off to seek revenge on a drink driver who killed your love one…mother/father/girlfriend/daughter--- whatever…that is your main goal but of course, you have to survive the Purge…but right now you had to find supplies, food, medical stuff, and weapons before going out there to survive and complete your quest to find that drunk driver. Its been a couple of hours since the purge had started, you had no luck of finding any supplies that you need…things took a turn when footsteps can be heard behind you, turning around to see the 4 or 6 killers that go after survivors…all you can do is hide and wait for the killers to pass by but…while doing that…you were cornered by them…you had a feeling that you wouldn't survive in this situation. All you can do now is fight them off, luckily you did have useful weapons on you so you have the advantage to make it through. The fight between yall went on for a couple of minutes, managing to kill a few of them but more kept coming…having wounds on you and they are pretty bad…loosing blood as you feel dizzy, until a you see a blurry figured on top of a building with a gun, couldn't tell who it was until…you went unconscious. All the sound can by heard, more fighting and multiple gunshots…

 Few hours later…

Groaning in pain…waking up slowly from being unconscious when hearing a faint figure kneeling in front of you…hearing a voice from them…

“Hey…you alright there?…”

…Who is the person that you see?…

…You choose…


Astrid Wilson



Tyrone James

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