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It's Complicat ~ Kooza

By Simply_Random
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Simply_Random     106d ago

Serena carried a USB Drive with her at all times. It's how she vlogs. Something she decided to do after escaping Owe’s grasp and carrying a fighter of an embryo. Well, now it's a full-blown baby that's still developing. She never says where she was located. More like what her day consisted of and documenting the pregnancy and some of her journey. Especially the doctor visits.


Serena promised to wait a while before contacting anyone. Eventually, she sends a picture of Joe licking the side of her belly. A weird habit he picked up recently. Thankfully his doggie breath isn't bad... Yet. The braxton hicks have gotten worse. Especially on the day Owen appears and is making his move. Serena wasn't going to stay put. It took a while to out on a wig and a few face fillers to change her face. Putting on contacts were the easiest things ever. Along with getting access to a roof and setting up to be a sniper. She even has a spare earpiece to listen in on things. It wouldn't hurt to have an extra backup. Despite her being extra pregnant and getting ready to pop.


Seems like today is the big day. The meeting. Owen is going to proclaim his blood rights. He isn't alone. He got two snipers of his own setting up on the builds entrance at 8 o’clock and 3 o’clock. Some of her family members are around. One is selling ice cream. The other is dining outside. Her grandpa is dressed as a homeless guy sleeping near the bus stop. She's going to hack the cameras later to get a picture of it. One of Owen’s illegal marriages of a wife is by side. She looks like a fighter. Familiar too.


The second he stepped inside she began to get a Braxton hick. It better stay as a fake contraction because this isn't the time to give birth.

KoozaGavin Rollo   106d ago

Gavin Rollo

Gavin was in his office when the message came through. Stay put. It was from a burner number most likely affiliated with one of Serena's parents. Kaitlyn had been keeping a closer eye on him over the last few days and it was putting him on edge, paranoid that something was waiting for him around every corner. Or someone. His staff were none the wiser, going about their shifts with the usual monotony they seemed to thrive under. Try as he might, Gavin couldn't quite focus on his own work the same.

The curtains to his office windows had been drawn shut to prevent outside eyes from prying in while he scanned his sister's business accounts for any signs of activity. It was just as radio silent as she was. Had he become an only child already, so soon after Luke's death? “Where the hell are you, Cassie?” he muttered under his breath.

“Sir?” His secretary's voice broke through the silence via the intercom. “We have people downstairs trying to enter the building but they've been stopped by security. Do you want to let them through?”

Fuck no, he didn't want to let them through. The text flashed before his eyes again. “Under no circumstances are they to get access to this building, do you understand? Tell security whatever you have to, but they are not to enter the building past the lobby.”

What the actual fuck was he supposed to do now? His office was near the top of the building, there was no way to escape if he needed a quick out. Only the front doors were going to work. Unless…

Heading out the back emergency stairwell. Meet me where you can down the street, he texted the burner phone number, going directly against the advice to stay where he was. Unknowns trying to get into the building.

Simply_Random     100d ago

It was weird to watch everything from a distance. It was easy to see who belonged to who. Owen kept looking around while on the phone. Most likely confirming everyone was in position. She sent a quick text to her cousin to give her the scoop. She was quick to relay the message to everyone else.

Now she had no clue what was going on with Gavin. He was smart to close the blinds. It was difficult to see what he was doing. Fuck. Who's talking to him? Someone better is keeping him informed and safe. Her heart began to race. She can feel beads of sweat forming on her forehead.

She hears her family talking but no one mentioned Gavin in any way. Time for Plan D. Another quick text to her cousin and an eye roll later, Joe was released from her car. There goes her baby. God speed and be safe! Are else her and her ranging hormones well raise hell if someone hurt her dog. Joe was sent to go look for Gavin. He had on a mini backpack that contains a burner phone, an unmarked gun with 3 extra bullet cases, as small first aid kit, and a Devil dog. She’s wishing for that Devil Dog right now thought. It took Joe 15-20 minutes to find Gavin. He did have people trying to stop him. The dog tried opening the door but it was locked so he did the best next thing. Bark and scratch the door. Being Serena’s fur baby he got annoyed quickly and growled a few times. Especially when he had other humans trying to figure out how to capture him. He faced the other humans showing his canine teeth. Back paws kept thumbing the door. He’s probably ready to bolt out of there to find his pregnant human.

Serena got impatient and began to call the burner phone no luck. The anxiety is making her have a contraction!

“Relax. He’s my emotional support dog.” Lynch says walking by flashing a government badge. It took Joe a while to relax. He’s only met Lynch a handful of times but he does dislike her. Lynch knocks on the door, “Open up Gavin and don’t make me ask twice.” lynch of course being her rude self was ready to bust open the door. Lynch wasn’t apart of the plan. But she knew the family couldn’t agree on anything. Not to mention she’s not just saving her because she likes but because Serena seems to be doing the things she always wanted for herself. A life with someone who adores and accepts her for who she really is… she envies her. Lynch hears the phone ringing again and goes to get the phone in Joe’s backpack. “Hey baby cakes. I’m phone. Just trying to have a meeting with Mr. Rollo.” She says waiting to pass the phone to Gavin. They need to hurry up and leave before shit hits the fan.

Kaitlyn was on her way to Gavin dresses as a cleaner. A sigh of relief escapes her seeing Lynch.

KoozaGavin Rollo   100d ago

Gavin Rollo

Lynch was one of the worst surprises to find on the other side of the door, not including Joe. He wasn't sure what the dog's feelings towards him were but if he was there then that meant Serena was close by. “What are you doing here?” he ushered her cousin inside along with Joe. “I'm trying to get the hell out of here.”

If the psychopath cousin was there it meant bad news. Lynch seemed to only show up whenever there was trouble to be had and with the group gathering downstairs in the lobby, it seemed like trouble was hot on her heels. “Where is Serena? Joe wouldn't leave her behind, would he?”

Oh god, was she in danger? Was she in labour? Is that why Joe was here, to fetch him to go to her? “Alright whatever the hell is happening we need to keep moving. My security is only good for so long and if they're outnumbered, we'll be fucked.”

Joe seemed to be on alert at all times, aware of the precariousness of the situation. It could go in any direction at the drop of a dime. Christ, if Serena's pup was killed in the crossfire then Gavin would never forgive himself. Snatching the burner phone, he held it to his ear. “Serena? Is that you? Where are you?”

Simply_Random     99d ago

Serena tried the breathing technique to control her contraction. She couldn’t tell if she’s in labor or it’s all fake. How can she even tell? Fuck.


There goes Owen. The show is about to begin. A silent gun battle began. This wasn’t looking too good in her eyes. Radio silent with her family. She didn’t like that one bit.


“Welcome to the party. You need to start leaving now. His snipers are active.” Serena hisses in pain. A sigh of relief escapes her slowly hearing Gavin. It was enough to make her cry. “Hey lover boy. I’m around. Never truly left. We decided to stay close for when I go into labor.” She informs him. It was hard to contain her pain. Especially on the angle she’s in. She can feel her feet swelling. Ugh.


She began to mutter curse words after curse words as she adjusts herself. “You. Need. To. Leave.” She says between breathes, “He’s heading up. I can see my mother. She’s about to create a smoke bomb. Get ready to run with them.” Her eyes widens. Owen is on his floor already. Why isn’t her family jumping into action? Why is he there already?


“We may be too late. He just got off the elevator…” Serena turned on the laser to her gun. It definitely scared her mother and she hide. Serena used it to send her a quick message in Moris code. Kaitlyn quickly finishes the smoke bomb and runs towards his office. Serena began to shoot a few rounds making Owen and his people duck the other way. She can’t hear the screaming but she can see the commotion going on. She can hear the police sirens from a distance. She needs to go now. As much as she would like to help some more she can’t move as fast as she would like to.


Yup, packing up and getting down took forever. Now that she’s swelling and body is aching. She’ll head to her hideout and soak in the tub. Hopefully Lynch and Gavin doesn’t tell anyone else that she contacted them. At some point Joe did leave on his own accord. He’s going to find his owner. Which he did when she decided to pullover because of a contraction. Truth be told she almost shot him when he jumped in the car from the passenger window. He may have also peed in the car. Lovely.



It didn’t take line for their channel to get interfered with. David must still be working with Owen. He knows her. How she goes about his missions. That fucker is going to die a slow painful death.


She did what she had to, to get Gavin to safety. Her life did flash before her eyes when she saw a red dot. She instantly knew what it was and hid behind a column. She didn’t bother shutting her eyes to see glass scatter around her. She wanted to know which side they’re shouting at her from. That was until she saw the moris code. For fuck sakes! They could hand a trader amongst them because how is Owen several steps ahead of them?


She continued to add a few chemicals together, shakes the bottle, and places it in a mop bucket and ran for Gavin. Her head was racing with all the commotion. Lunch was with him. That needed to questioner later but what got her attention was seeing Joe. Why is Serena’s dog here? She lead them to a back office.  She pulls out a mini window breaker/seatbelt cutter to break the glass. There was a movable platform in place thanks to a window cleaning crew that was left behind. She took them straight down.


“To my place.” Lynch says walking to her truck.

KoozaGavin Rollo   98d ago

Gavin Rollo

Every exit he could think of was blocked off or pouring gas into the corridors. How the flying fuck they managed to get out of the building was beyond Gavin but he wasn't about to question the women's skills on survival. Joe had the smarts to bail before things got too intense but the fact that he'd lost track of the dog was worrying and infuriating. He was the one link Gavin had to finding where Serena was. His plan had been to follow Joe until he led the man right to her doorstep but now that plan was shot to hell. 

“What about my employees?” he stopped for only a second before following again. “I can't just leave them in danger, do we call the police?”

It irked him that he was powerless in the situation, even with the training they'd been running him through. Where the hell did Lynch even live? Was she actually taking him to her place or is it a safe house? Would Serena be there? Did he even want to go to Lynch's home, or would it inflict more nightmares like the woman was capable of? “What if he has people follow us?” Gavin got in the truck, making room for Kaitlyn as well. “I'm not a great shot on normal days, let alone moving targets.”

“I'm saying this with all sincerity, I need you to be quiet for five fucking minutes until we're out of here. Stop with the quesitons!” Kaitlyn snapped.

Gavin may have done decently under pressure when prepared but to be completely caught off guard was rattling. He needed to be better. He needed to keep his shit together. He'd start with staying quiet as instructed until they got to wherever the hell Lynch was taking them.

Simply_Random     91d ago

Lynch for her car ready. They did make an unnecessary stop. Wendy's. She wanted some nuggets and got them. Of course got extra meals to feed kai and the others. She's not that selfish…


Lynch for an alert but ignored it. She already figured out what the alert was for. They got back to their neighborhood she purposely avoided his block and quickly went to her home. Her lovely girlfriend was already outside waiting with the garage door open and free.


“The neighborhood is all good. Now where is my frosty?” with the garage door closing, Lynch gave her boo her frosty.

Lynch of course secured the house. Windows closing with metal gates. The TV turns on to show some surveillance cameras. Lynch did disappear but didn't show up empty-handed. “We got unwanted visitors,” she says handing Serena some nuggets.

Serena hugs her mother and was of course greeted with a smack behind her head. Rubbing her head she went to go hug Gavin. Kai was cursing her out in multiple languages. Joe stayed close behind Serena.

“Okay. Stop. I get it. I just couldn't leave. I was just four hours away.” she says popping a nugget in her mouth. Hoping the food would calm her tightening belly. It's not time for the baby to make his or her appearance. Therefore she won't say anything and deal with the pain. They aren't getting closer thankfully.

“You okay?” she asks looking at Gavin, hiding her nuggets from him.

Kai got on the computer. Seems like Owen is getting closer to owning the company. A few people didn't argue about it. They knew the old boss too well. He was a lady's man so it was surprise. Other denied it. Some lived. Some will side a tragic death soon. The family Lawyer is making several calls but yet has failed to reach out to Gavin. There is a number that keeps repeating. It rook kai about 5 minutes to track that number down and hack a few things to see who it belongs to.


She's alive. How did she manage to stay hidden until now? Kai is ready to leave and go to the backup home her family selected for something like this. Lynch probably won't go but that's okay. At this point, Serena needs to go since she stupidly lost the opportunity to leave.

Serena saw the look on their faces. She grabs another container of nuggets before walking away. Time to go back to the hidden basement withing the basement but through the pantry room. “Are you going to stay up here with them?” she asks looking at Gavin, walking backward. “Better grab something to eat. I'm not sharing,” she adds stuffing her face.

KoozaGavin Rollo   91d ago

Gavin Rollo

Gavin raised his hands in the air. “I know better than to get between a pregnant woman and her food,” he gestured to his own bag with a cheeseburger and fries.

In the privacy of the basement the weight of the day finally smacked him. Slumping onto the futon, Gavin sighed and rubbed at his temples. “How the actual fuck did life get so complicated so quickly? Nothing has been simple since you shot me and left. I'd like five minutes without people trying to kill us.”

Food. Food would help. “Do we even know what Owen's plan was today? I hate that he got as far as he did into the building without my security team stopping him. Who knows if he has eyes and ears on the inside, especially with Cassidy's crew. She'd have no problem betraying everyone if it meant she got something out of it.”

His sister was somehow alive and he was going to do whatever he could to find out what her endgame was. She'd been in hiding long enough and now it was time for her to face up to what she'd done to the family, Luke included. At least he was going to get the chance to confront her now. “You okay? You look…tense.”

As grateful as he was to see her, something was off. He just couldn't put his finger on it. “How long have you been with Lynch?”

The cousin in question had made him put a blindfold on until they'd arrived so that he wouldn't be able to find her place again. As tempting as it was to peak along the way, the gun she threatened him with was intimidating enough to follow her orders. “I don't know how long I can stay. If things are going down at the office building I'll need to get my people to safety. They don't deserve to die over this.”

Simply_Random     90d ago

Serena should have grabbed a meal and not just nuggets. She sits on the couch kicking off her shoes. She avoided eye contact hearing his questions. Joe says next to her. Removing any chances Gavin had at sitting next to her.


“I'm just not seeing her for the first time in god knows how long,” she replies showing Joe some loving. He's like every other of when it comes to loving the booty scratches. “I'm okay. Just Braxton hicks. They're too far apart to be the real thing.” she informs him after Joe left her to go drink some water. Seem like all the booty got for him thirty.


Serena got enough courage to look at him. The guilt of having him worry about her and hiding the fact that she could possibly be on labor made it hard to look at him. She doesn't want to lie to him but that's what she's used to. Sadly. Plus what he does her about his life not being the same after she shot him years ago. Ops.


“Not my fault your dad was into shady things...” she mumbles under her breath. She clears her throat to speak clearer though, “He just wanted to put shame on your family’s name. Even though it's normal for wealthy men to cheat and have a child with some random...” she shrugs, “and I think he just wants to get rid of the company and open one of his own to have full power.” To be honest, Serena would've taken a different route.


Serena was getting ready to speak when orange lights began to flash. She mouthed ‘what the fuck’ before getting up to check the computer. They have guests but it isn't her family. Owen... How? Her heart began to race. He left her for dead. Sort of. It didn't take long for Kai to meet them. Tossing Serena an automatic. Then handing them both a bulletproof vest. She's going to look stupid wearing one with this belly. Kai didn't speak. Instead, she got Joe armed with his own best that came with two pockets on each side to carry extra ammo. Serena’s heart was ready to explode for

The cutaneous. Linus has nothing on Joe... No offense. Her pup is ready for battle.


From the looks of it Lynch greeted Owen. Allows his men to expect the house. The disrespect came after they found nothing... Both Lynch and her girlfriend got a beating. One they couldn't win. Then David came in. She couldn't tell who gasped. Her or her mother. The beating went on for another few minutes before they left. They seemed to still be moving which was good but they can't leave the room. Not with someone watching the house. Kai got on the phone to see of someone can come to their aid. For not they need to watch or not watch. Either way they can't leave. Serena was the first one to walk away from the screen. Crying. With contractions possibly getting closer.

KoozaGavin Rollo   89d ago

Gavin Rollo

This was getting all too close for comfort. Gavin forced himself to stay quiet, eyes glued to the screen with Serena as her cousin took the beating of a lifetime. He might not get along with Lynch but she was saving their asses by staying quiet despite the attack, and all they could do was watch. Serena was looking worse and worse by the minute, to the degree that he didn't quite believe that it was only false labor causing her tension but at the same time he knew better than to question her at her word. “What do we do?” he mouthed to her, only to be ignored.

Maybe he should just give himself up. He didn't know Owen personally but if the man really was his half-brother then maybe it would be better for Gavin to sacrifice himself for the sake of her family being left alone. Owen might not even kill him right away. If Gavin could negotiate handing over the company in exchange for everyone's safety, maybe they could get out of this alive and their baby wouldn't be in such constant danger.

Joe even seemed to know how serious the situation was, standing perfectly still and silent throughout the entire ordeal. “You know what the fuck I want so if you want to live, why don't you make it easier on everyone and just tell me what I want to know,” Owen's voice came over the speaker.

Gavin couldn't hear Lynch's response but it earned her another boot to the stomach. Fuck fuck fuck, was she going to be able to survive much longer before Owen got tired of her games and put a bullet in her head? “Serena?” Gavin looked to her for guidance, completely out of his element. 

How secure would other safehouses be if Owen's men were able to track them down to this location? Life on the run was tricky enough as it was, let alone with a psychopath following them from place to place, eliminating any chance of safety they could find. How much longer were they going to be able to pull this off? Especially with a baby on the way.

Simply_RandomSerena   89d ago


It couldn't be helped, Serena gave him the death stare. She doesn't even know what to do. Lynch is or was getting a beating. She's contracting and minutes are shaving off which means it could be the real deal.


Kai muted the screen and pushed Gavin away. He is looking pale from trying to figure out what the hell to do. They don't need him trying to be a hero. He’ll most likely do more harm than good. Lych and her girl were holding each other. Using their nasty shirts to wipe the other's blood off their face. Kind of romantic in a weird way.


Sometime passed. No one was speaking. Serena was laying on the floor with her legs elevated. Kai was watching Lynch slowly move around. Eyes avoiding the hidden cameras. Jimmy finally showed up. He wasn't empty-handed. They even dragged two guys from earlier inside. They didn't even ask them anything before they died. Not by her family but by Lynch and whatever her name is. Now the question is how did he find them?


As if someone else had the same question Jimmy gave Lynch a folder. While holding a gun at her girlfriend's head. Kai couldn't believe what she was seeing. It broke her character. She knew better than to leave the hideout but she did so anyways. There was a yelling much filling the air as she reached the main floor and then it was silent. Lynch pulled the trigger.


Serena wanted to follow her mother but went to watch from the screen instead. Serena whispers ‘no’ in disbelief. “We need to go,” she says watching her family signal for them. She whistles for Joe to follow and began to push Gaving up the stairs first.


“Let's go!”

“That bitch was a rat. She was one of Owen’s past lovers. He knows you're alive Rene. He's furious...” Kai says walking with them to one of the cars. Lynch was already gone. Her uncle is taking care of the house. Clearing the secret room before setting a timer for the bomb. Gavin’s house was going through the same thing. When Serena got in the car they were greeted by Lina & Linus. All their planning was spoiled somehow and now they know why/how. They prepared for this and drove a few out to another remote house.


“We sent a mass email on your behalf to the company. To stay home with full pay and it wants take from their PTO until things are solved. Your staff is safe for now.” Jim says parking when they reach the private gates. One of the uncles got out to unlock the gates.


The surprise kept coming. Whoever went with them was outside the house waiting. It wasn't until the car was turned off when they appeared. Cassidy and... “Your mother...” Serena says looking at the older woman. This day keeps getting fucked up. (Father paid her to stay away. Threatened to ruin her life if she contacted any of them. Especially the kids.)

KoozaGavin Rollo   85d ago

Gavin Rollo

Gavin's head was reeling and one again he was left questioning if he was really cut out for the life that Serena's family unfortunately was tied up in. He loved her, he truly did, but constantly looking over their shoulders for danger and death threats was too much for anyone to handle on a good day let alone the fifth time someone had come for his life. He spent the drive burrowed in Linus's fur trying to remember the breathing exercises his therapist had taught him. When they arrived at their destination, the world spun on its axis once more.

“Mom?” he choked out, unsteady on his feet.

Madison Rollo had long since been vacant from his life but there she was, an older version of Cassidy with Luke's eyes staring right back at him. He wished he could say it was with affection but there was a cold indifference about her. “Cassidy has filled me in on everything you've been up to. You've really turned out to be your father's son, Gavin. I can't say I'm surprised.”

“Bold talk from the woman who abandoned her children for a boy toy,” Gavin snapped back, too tired to deal with attitude from anyone at that moment. “Where is dear old Hunter anyway?”

“Don't you dare accuse me of walking away when your father is the one who demanded it." At this she actually looked downright offended. “He was always on about the money yet when it came time to buy my silence he shelled it out like it was peanuts. Said if I didn't stay gone that bad things would happen. Don't you dare for one second accuse me of abandoning my children.”

“I turned out like Dad, huh?” Gavin huffed, crossing his arms over his chest. “What else has your little Cassie been telling you? Because I'm not the one fighting tooth and nail for control of the estate, I'm just trying to fucking survive long enough to see my kid be born!”

The words fell out before he could stop them and he watched with anxiety as he eyes fell to the very obviously pregnant Serena. “I didn't know you were married…”

“We're not. It's…complicated, okay?” He was eager to change the subject. “Where the hell have you been Cass? Do you have any idea what kind of shit Owen just pulled?”

His sister had the grace to wince. “I didn't know what he was capable of, okay? After Luke died I've just been floundering trying to keep control of everything before you piss it away with your head in the clouds. The real world doesn't wait for idiots like you to get your shit together Gavin, it's the people who are prepared to claw through everything and everyone who survive.”

“Just get in the fucking house.”

Simply_RandomSerena   84d ago


Well, shit Cassidy seems to be handling all of this better than expected. Uncle Jamie comes out smiling behind Cassidy. He thought he was slick but she saw him pinch her butt and the way she grinned... She had to swallow the vomit back down.


Her mother squeezed her should after what spilled out of Gavin’s mouth. Her father was right. He would never accept who she is. Love or not. It broke her heart but she couldn't let it show what he said had an effect. “Well one of our aliases got married...” she whispered to him before heading inside. Seems like Gavin hit a nerve with her family. They're doing their beat to control this. No one knows how powerful Owen is. He keeps one-upping them.


It didn't take long for Kai to start talking to Madison Rollo. It would help to find out what happened all those years ago. Plus they're both Grandma's now so might as well get to know one another. Jamie and Cassidy were obviously flirting but it was horrible to watch. They're trying to keep it on the down low but it's terrible. They're terrible.


Serena left Gavin alone. She got a tour by Grandpa Jim. By the time they got back to the living room the good part of the conversation caught them both. Owen’s mother is also alive. She had the same threat as her. Madison knows where to find her. There are also 3 documents that Owen signed growing up relinquishing his rights to anything related to Mr. Rollo. The last time it was signed it was when he turned 21. When Kai asked how she knows all of this it’s because the mothers are partners. They’re in a polyamorous relationship. Serena couldn’t laugh even if she wanted to. She was in pain again. Gavin’s life is something. Poor guy.


She did excuse herself the second Madison laid her eyes on her. For now she’s going to take a soak to ease the pain. Hopefully Jim grills some food. She can go for some yummy homemade grilled food. Plus, after hearing what she did Madison and Kai may not be staying too long. They’re going to get Owen’s mother. Addison… ah, so his father does have a type. Now she was laughing. That was until the thought of the baby being born soon popped into heard when the baby kicked her rib. Would they even last after the baby is born? Would he fight to get full custody? Ugh! If she could practice holding her breath under water she would. For not thinking of food is what comes her. That and the sounds of Joe’s paws entering the bathroom every 3 minutes to check on her. Luna was gracious and fearless enough to lay on a table that was next to the tub.

KoozaGavin Rollo   83d ago

Gavin Rollo

He was going to throw up. Actually scratch that, he was going to straight up die. Gavin preferred knowing the bare minimum about any of his relatives' sex lives and it was bad enough that Cassidy was all over every guy she came into contact with but knowing that his parents had been in a poly relationship was enough to make his soul want to vacate his body. “I don't even want to think about it,” he shivered, pacing the room. “But I can't not think about it. Why the hell is it burned into my brain?”

“Would you grow up? It's just sex. You're acting like a total prude for someone who got his girlfriend pregnant out of wedlock,” Cassidy took a drink of her martini. “You haven't seen Mom in years and this is how you're going to behave?”

“This is exactly how I'm going to behave! It's not my fault she went missing in action for the last decade and a half and I'm not about to apologize for being the opposite of chill with her being back in my life," he took a swig of his own beer.

“You're being the weird one here. Leave shit in the past and think about the goddamn future for a second. Owen's hell bent on getting the company for himself and if we aren't careful he's going to succeed in wiping us out one by one.”

“That's funny considering you're the one who took a leave of absence we still haven't discussed.”

“My business is my business, Gavin. Go talk to someone else if you're going to be a bitch.”

Gladly. Gavin knocked before entering the bathroom where Serena was soaking, acknowledging Joe's guard stance. “Please tell me I'm not the only one horrified that I not only share blood with Owen but our mothers were also doing the deed for who knows how long,”  he scratched Luna behind the ears. “It's disgusting, right? Please agree that it's horrifying and disgusting.”

He was so distraught that he couldn't even bring himself to focus on her naked form beneath the water. “I had to step away before I killed my sister. She's suddenly on our side like she hasn't been actively trying to betray me for the last five years.”

Simply_Random     83d ago

Serena groans. “She did find your mother. She knows more than he's letting on. Plus they started their relationship after being exhiled by your father and then being forbidden to see their kids. It make sense I guess.” it is behind obvious that all if this is disturbing every fiber of his being. Kind of hilarious. Her father once told her that Lynch and Kai had sex many years ago. He doesn't know all the details though. Thanks to this it's good to know that they don't have a weird twisted pass like Madison and Addison... Ha.

It took everything in her not to laugh. She needs to be supportive. It took a while for her to get up and out of the tub. She needs to schedule her follow-up for this week. It's been two weeks since she saw anyone... Terrible, when knows.

“Well because we aren't married we might end up as family anyways. Seems like my Uncle Jamie likes Cassidy. I saw him pinch her butt and the look she gave him... They could be the next one to have a baby.” she informs him, wrapping a towel around herself. “Maybe you need a soak to relax. I can prepare one for you,” she suggests rubbing his back.

As if summoned her uncle walks in. “We are leaving. Are you going to say bye to your mother and sister? And maybe stop being a little bitch. They are good shooters and they have some okay moves. Better than Twiddle dumb over here...”

“I heard it took you until your late twenties to even half the shit you do know. You were trained at the age of 5. A late started and bloomer so give him some slack.” she practically growls at her uncle. Serena pushes him out of the way so she can put on some clothes. She can hear Kai and Lynch saying their goodbyes as well. Her heart is breaking again. Serena wants nothing more than to have both Gavin and her mother around when it's time for her to push a football-sized baby out.


Serena could smell something. Whatever it is, is making her mouth water. Jim is probably grilling. He's at his happiest when he does. One of many things that makes him happy. “Come on. Seems like others are leaving as well and I smell food!” her fur babies were the first to follow. She's 1000% sure that Linus was already at the source of the wonderful aroma.

Her suspicion was correct. Jim is grilling. Linus was tied up close to the house so he can stop begging for food and he was upset by the sound of it. Jamie shoved Serena on his way out which caused him to get hit several different ways and by several people. Jim was ready to pull his gun to shoot him but Serena shook her head no before giving him a kiss on the cheek and taking a burger.

“When are you due again?” her mother asks giving her a quick squeeze and a belly rub.

“I forgot actually,” Serena says shrugging.

“... I can't... Okay. I'll try to make this trip go quickly. Stay here. Call me if you think you're in labor. Let's say when contraction are about 20 minutes apart.”

“What if they're like every hour or so?”

“False labor but...” Kai froze, “fuck. You could pop any minute of the day now...” You can see the gears in her head turning. The should I stay or should I go thought.

Everyone seemed to questioning everything. Hell Jim somehow disappeared. Most likely get shit ready in case it happens.


“Stay. I'll go with them and then go do what I need to do.” Lynch rubs the belly for good measures and hugs them both. Cassidy just gave Serena a smile. Creepy. Madison looked like she wasn't debating on what to do as well.


“We still need to pick a name.” she mumbles biting into the pain burger. 

KoozaGavin Rollo   82d ago

Gavin Rollo

Gavin winced. “I swear to god if my sister hooks up with any of your relatives I'm disowning her. I can't allow us to be family unless we're the ones married, that would be entirely too fucked up to deal with.”

Food was a welcomed distraction though he lost his appetite all over again when his mother came into view. The burger tasted just fine though he could only bring himself to eat a few bites. Everything was happening so quickly that he'd barely even had time to think about the baby until Kai asked Serena her due date. “Wait what do you mean you're having contractions every hour? What does that mean? Is she coming right now?”

“How do you know it's a girl?”

“I'm only guessing but jesus christ, why is no one more panicked about this? When does it start getting really serious?”

“If it's only an hour apart then you have plenty of time. You really only need to panic when they're minutes apart. Then you're too fucking late to get to the hospital. For now just shut up and answer her."

Right. Names. He didn't figure either of them were sentimental so family names were out of the question, except perhaps a middle name. “I named my dog Linus, I'm not sure how good my name picking skills are,” Gavin took a seat beside her. “What about Lilah for a girl? Or Esti?”

He hadn't even though of boys names, too hell bent on believing they were having a daughter. His parents hadn't put much thought into his name, basically flipping a coin between Gavin and god knows what else. “Ollie? Aaron?”

Cassidy winced at each name but held her tongue. Whatever caused her to change in her time away clearly meant working on her lack of filter as well. “Yeah, maybe keep thinking those through.”

“What about you?” Gavin put his attention back to Serena. “What names have you thought about? We're cutting it pretty close here.”

Simply_Random     82d ago

Serena laughed. Kair escorted her to sit down. It's not like the baby is going to slip out of her if she continues to stand, but whatever. She's in no mood to fight. Yet. 

“She’s right. An hour isn't bad. Besides it could be because they stressed out. Today we intense. Maybe try going to her early?” lynch spoke as she took over the grill. 

“Stress isn't good. We need you in a relaxing setting. See if you stop cramping. I'll see if we fan get you checked out tomorrow.” Kai was now freaking out. She left to go get her phone. 


Lynch and Serena burst out laughing. Serena had to look at the sky to control her breathing and laughter. “Can't believe I'm saying this but you sister is right… I can tell Lynch didn't like it either but she's holding back for once.” she takes a bit of her burger, “Aurora if it's a girl and maybe… Miles or Axel if it's a boy. I don't know.” finishes her burger as Jim came back. He didn't say anything to her when he approached her. He grabs her and gets in the car. He whistled for Gavin to get in. Lynch and the others got into the car to follow them. 

The drive was short but they reached another house. They went to the basement and boy was it nice. There was even a traveling ultrasound machine. Right then and there she knew what was going on. Q projector was on and we connected to an old-looking laptop that is actually the ultrasound machine. Serena lays down on the couch so her grandpa can do his thing. Be began to measure and check on everything. 

“I shouldn't be looking. I don't want to know what  is...” too late. Fuck.

“IT’S A GIRL!” Kai, Lynch, and Marison shout. They were all practically jumping and air-hugging each other. 

Well, look at that. Gavin was right. He knew it was a girl. Serena is a bit disappointed. She wanted a boy. Boys are easier. At least they now know the gender to pick out her name. 

After the commotion, Jik said everything looks fine. It was when Lynch covered her lower half and just magically had gloves onto see if she was even lated. “Damn Lynch...” Again no warning. Ouch. 

“She”a about 3 centimeters. It's false labor.”

KoozaGavin Rollo   79d ago

Gavin Rollo

Gavin did what Gavin does best: immediately freaked out. “A girl…it's a girl,” a hand went up to grab at his hair. Why did this just make it ten times more real than it was five minutes ago? “Holy fuck, we're having a daughter.”

Aurora. The name would suit her, given that she was basically the only shining light in their lives at that exact moment. Not caring that they were literally surrounded by her family, he grabbed her face and laid a kiss on her lips. “She's going to be so fucking awesome,” he pulled back, grinning from ear to ear.

His stress lessened when it was confirmed to be false labor but 3cm was still more dilated than he'd realized earlier. “That's only seven centimeters away. Oh god, we're seven centimeters away from a baby.”

Her entire family might murder him out of pure annoyance at this point. While they looked at Serena with a sort of proud glow, they couldn't bring themselves to do anything but roll their eyes at his impending fatherhood. “He's lightheaded now but wait until he sees that baby coming out of you. Boy is going to hit the floor before he even realizes it,” Lynch taunted. Hope you're good with blood because there's going to be a lot of it. Among other things.”

The burger he'd eaten was coming back up. Gavin didn't possess the most iron of stomachs but he hoped to god that he wasn't going to do anything embarrassing or miss his daughter's birth. “I'd be the world's biggest dick if I stole the attention while you were in labor,” he grumbled, not wanting to think about bodily fluids. 

Lynch laughed again. “Bold of you to assume we'd give you any attention while you're being a whiny little bitch. She's the one who actually has the hard job here.”

If I faint, none of them will let me live it down, will they?” he asked Serena.

Simply_RandomSerena   79d ago


simultaneously they all said no. Jim could be on his death bed and with the last air from his lungs would be that Gavin was a bitch and passed out when his great-granddaughter was born. Hopefully, he doesn't pass out because she’ll kill him. He wanted a girl and now he's getting the girl. Let him see what happens during labor. Can't have them doing this again any time soon.


“3 cm isn't much. Kai was 3 cm with this one for 3 weeks. She had to be included to get this stubborn girl out.” Jim casually says out loud. It was obvious he was trying to calm Gavin. Either because he knows how it is to be a first-time dad from experience many moons ago or to calm him down before he kills him.


Serena was given the okay to get up. She just can't leave the compound which was obvious but she didn't want to be a smartass. Not when she can go into labor and they'll take their sweet time to help her. Would they do such a thing? Yes. Without a doubt.


Now they need to also pick a middle name. Ugh. Jim was the one who told everyone to give them some privacy. Wait, did he just smile for 0.5 seconds? Aw!

Serena waited for them to be left alone. “So hear me out. Aurora faith. Faith is a beautiful name that complements the name Aurora, which means ‘dawn’ or “‘light.’” Would it be weird to tell him until they get married she'll remain a princess? Although she's no princess. She's a warrior.


“Also, not my place to say anything but you should spend time with your family. They may leave tonight and we don't know what will happen to them. Owen is more powerful than we thought... He could be on to us already. You may not like them but they seem happy for you and for this little girl...” she excuses herself to use the bathroom.


Serena was ready to go back to the main house. The food is there.  Jim and the others said no. This will be their home away from home. They'll send someone with hot food in a few. Serena nods as she pets Joe before sitting on the swinging chair on the wrapped-around porch. This is heaven. She heard of a place like this. Stories told by her grandma. No one ever told her now she really died. Jim doesn't even talk a lot about it. Kai refuses to talk about it as well. Jamie was with Cassidy. Their not-so-secret giggles made her want to vomit. Both grandmas looked like they were planning something. From the looks of the sparkle in their eye, it's baby related. Not Owen. Kai, Lynch, and Madison stayed behind. Jim, Cassidy, and Jamie left in one of the cars. From a distance, she can see Luna running. Oh her beautiful first fur baby. She can't wait to snuggle with the cat. Now the question is where is Linus?


“Smells like it's going to rain soon. Enjoy the outside. It's supposed to rain all week.” Lynch shouted looking up at the sky.


Serena was safe on th porch. Luna eventually made it but Joe kept stopping her from joining her. Her sassy cat outsmarted her guard dog and he wasn't happy. He kept huffing and puffing. It was adorable. “Feeling relaxed? We can be like those old people watching it rain under a blanket and drinking warm apple cider or something.” Serena jokes petting Luna who curled her body around the belly. She would tap her belly when the baby would kick or move. She can tell the cat is freaked out but amused. “Think Linus will save us some food? Because I will fight him for a burger.” she jokes again. Sort of. She's starving... They need a grill back here too. Unless they have one somewhere and all they need are some groceries.

KoozaGavin Rollo   77d ago

Gavin Rollo

Now that the baby had her name, Gavin couldn't wipe the dopey smile off of his face. It made her all the more real. He didn't even mind visiting with his mother though it was hard to pull her away from Kai and their planning. It had been years since he'd been face to face with his mother and Serena was right; they needed to make amends now if it was ever going to happen. “You seem excited,” he gripped a beer bottle in his hands, nursing the drink.

“I didn't think any of you would give me a grandchild,” Madison shrugged. “Truth be told I didn't think I'd ever care about having one but now that I know she's on her way soon I can't help but look forward to it.”

“If we allow you to see her,” Gavin reminded. “There's over a decade missing between us. I'm not comfortable just giving you access to my baby when I don't even know who you are anymore. There's a lot there to unpack.”

“There is,” she conceded. “You'd be a fool not to be protective of your child. I had no choice but to stay away, Gavin. Your father was a powerful man. I figured it would be best to listen to him before things got worse. He knew dangerous people.”

“And you don't? I'd rather not know about your little throuple situation but the fact that I have a half-brother who is out to kill me is a serious topic we need to discuss. Did you even know he existed?”

“Of course I knew. But how could I know how he'd turn around and become a monster like this? You make it sound as though I tried to organize this with him.”

Maybe he was being unfair but the doubt was still poisoning his thoughts. After Cassidy's betrayal and reappearance, Gavin couldn't help but wonder if his mother had anything to do with it. “It'd be nice to have you back,” he broached the matter carefully. “But it can't be until after Aurora is here. I need to focus on Serena and the baby right now, not whatever drama we have from our past. Is that a deal?”

He held a hand out for her to shake, which she did after a moment. “Deal. Go find your girlfriend or whatever she is right now.”

Simply_RandomSerena   77d ago


Kai was over the moon. She always wanted more kids but David made sure she didn't. Despite her thinking she's still young to be a grandpa and disapproves of Gavin and his noodle arms and brain, the new addition to the family is what they needed. What she needed. Part of her wished David was here to witness all of this crazy shit but he's on a different team. Jim is all about power as well but he will NEVER betray or give up on his family like the way David did. 

Kai went to help prepare for a late dinner. It'll give Gavin some one on one with his mother and Serena some time to relax. Although she wouldn't mind if the baby girl made an appearance. It'll motivate everyone to kill Owen so their lives can go back to normal. When it began to pour seconds after one of the loudest thunder, everyone but Serena went inside. She was always an old soul. Loved watching it rain since she was a baby. How she has to count between the thunders for… Crap, what was the reasoning again? 

Kai walked outside to hand Serena a cold can of flavored seltzer water. Serena wasn't alone. She had her fur babies. Minus one. Gavin’s dog. Hopefully, he didn't get lost. They did watch the way Gavin ended the conversation with his mother. Kai and Serena made a similar confused face before shrugging it off. It's not their business. Well for now it's not Serena’s business. It will be eventually. 

Another thunder shook the sky and it made Luna jump. Serena took that as a sign to go inside. Lynch packed a lunchbox before waving off. Kai stayed but Madison didn't. Kai stopped lynch to drive her. Kai announced that shell be back. Tomorrow. Serena nods and went to the living room to watch some TV. 

Yet again they have the place to themselves. It's easy to get lost in the fantasy world of being happy and in love with no after th. After all, that's how they got pregnant, to begin with. It's not like they can get pregnant again…

“How was the talk with your mom? Were you nice?” she asks occupying both her hands to show Luna and Joe some love. They seem to like each other and instantly began to follow Gavin's every move with their beanie eyes. “We can relax for now. Wait until the others get backs. How are you feeling?” there was a lot more she wished to ask. It seems like he holding a lot in. He may explode soon by what she heard earlier  

KoozaGavin Rollo   76d ago

Gavin Rollo

“Why do you automatically assume I wasn't nice?” Gavin parked himself beside her. “I am the dictionary definition of nice, always. Sometimes. On occasion.”

It was tough to say how the mood between he and his mother was after her sudden reappearance but the fact that they weren't immediately ripping each other to shreds was promising. Maybe Serena was right and he should make amends without holding on to the bitterness of her previous abandonment. His father was a secretive man. Gavin believed without question that he would have bribed his mother to stay away from the three children but at the end of the day, he doubted he'd ever be able to do something like walk away from Aurora, and he hadn't even met her yet. He'd rather die than abandon her.

“I'm…hanging on. It's a lot to deal with but I signed up for that, didn't I? Plus your family has been nice enough to keep me alive so I don't think I have it in me to fight with them anymore. I'm mostly just paranoid about my mom and Cass. She's been gone so long I don't even know how to have a mother. What if this is a trick of hers? And can we even trust my sister's motives at this point?”

Cassidy had never been the most trustworthy to begin with, even as kids. She was the first to rat him out whenever he was doing something wrong, and the first to be smug about their father's praise - seeing as she was pretty much the only child who got it. “You and Aurora are my priority right now. I'll make up with them in time but I don't think I can focus on building those relationships when the two most important ones are right in front of me. I'm still angry that they both vanished. I'm sure they had their reasons, and my mom says my dad is behind hers but it still feels like a slap in the face. Luke just died and now they're suddenly wanting to be a family. It just doesn't make sense.”

He took another swig of beer. “What do you think I should do? If anyone knows what a fucked up family situation is, it's you.  Share some of that wisdom with me.”

Simply_RandomSerena   71d ago

Serena didn't look at him. Her face expresses it all. Therefore her words can say one thing but her face will say something else. To be on the safe side she'll just scroll through the TV guide to find something to watch.

With a glance in his direction, she knew he was overthinking. Did she make him question how he handled his mother's sudden appearance? Probably. Does she have the right to tell him what to do in such a situation? No. She'll follow his lead. If he doesn't want his family to be in Aurora's life then so be it. He better not regret it later down the road.

It was nice to hear she's a priority. Her and their unborn baby girl. A small smile slowly grew when the realization of what they were having is finally known. The baby finally has a name. Finally. Now she can plan accordingly.

“Offended. I know my family isn't the greatest bunch but not everyone is evil...” She says finally settling on a cooking show. “Our family is different. I can't tell you how you should handle your family’s situation. Just know I'll support you with whatever you decide. I already know David is going to die. Betrayal on my mom's side of the family is... Let's just hope you don't get reckless. If I was yo leave you you'll be safe. But if it was you leaving me after all of this... No matter how much I beg and threaten them I won't be able to help you.” it came out as if was nothing to worry about. He won't leave them. Right? If he did he most likely won't see his daughter as much. They'll be traveling. Can't say if it'll be for good or to hide but traveling is definitely on Aurora’s future.

Serena turns to finally look at him. This is somewhat important. “Death changes people. Perhaps losing one of her kids because of the person she used to love made her risk coming to see you and Cassidy. I could be wrong but I would scorch the earth for all the babies I birth. Let the system them they can take me to jail. The second I hear something happened or they need me I'll be by their side within 24 hours. That's just me. I have the pull. I don't know about your mother. Your sister... She... I don't know. But now if my uncle and she gets married we'll get a double family out and at the end of the day you'll go to your side and sleep alone...” Serena grins. “ 

 Luna was quick to boop her belly feeling the baby move. It didn't feel great. The baby is kicking her ribs. Unless the baby is a zombie and is chewing on her ribs... Nah…

Her head drops on the head of the couch. It feels good to relax. To breath. To not worry about anything. Most of all not be alone. Just thinking about it is giving her the sniffles. Joe replies by licking her tears. His way of telling her not to cry. Joe is the best, most good dog ever. No one has seen her cry as much as Joe has.


This needs to end. Owen needs to go down. Why can't they do it? It still hurts to remember how her father betrayed her. He's most likely giving Owen the intel on everyone. They need to work smarter. Different. Perhaps Gavin’s innocent mind can work? He can make the most ridiculous plan that may work.

Then can they live? Be happy? Get married if they don't die? Ugh. Why can't her mind shut down? It needs to relax. Or is it because she's too relaxed that something needs to be running?


“If we were to get married, what kind if wedding would you want?” she asks staring at the ceiling. With all that happened, Serena doesn't want a wedding. A quick visit to the courthouse, exchanging vows, and then going on their honeymoon sounds ideal. Everyone probably wants to go back to living their own life. To be gathered again so soon for a wedding and a marriage they most likely won't accept is stupid. To soon.


Serena shifts uncomfortably to find a better position. “We should go for a walk in the morning. Get a first-hand glimpse of the land. What's around? Basic. Hopefully, we can wake up early.” she says rubbing her belly and yawning. Right on queue. Being pregnant is exhausting.

KoozaGavin Rollo   71d ago

Gavin Rollo

Serena was right, he had to make the decision for himself though she would support what he chose. He couldn't imagine what it would be like to lose a child but he already knew if anything happened to Aurora it would rip him to pieces. Maybe he would give Madeline a chance after all. With enough of Serena's family being fully prepared to harm anyone who threatened the baby, he couldn't see her trying anything risky. He just wouldn't trust her to be alone with the baby once she was born.

“My ideal wedding?” Gavin had never quite considered that question before, given that after their initial breakup he had forsaken any chance of marriage out of pure spite. He couldn't imagine them with a big fancy affair. Probably not even a traditional reception. “Honestly I'd be fine with a few witnesses and then a party afterwards with immediate family. Weddings are so over the top I'd rather not get caught up in planning for over a year and then spending tens of thousands on a single day. That or Vegas. We could get married by Elvis.”

The second suggestion was more of a joke but also sounded quite fun to him. Everything else was so serious in their lives, he'd prefer if their wedding was more fun than stoic. “We'll get up and go before the others wake up,” he agreed, reaching out to massage her shoulders. “It'll be the only alone time we're going to get around here for a while.”

It was hard to say what they'd find - if they found anything at all - but it would be a good idea to get a layout of the land while they were bunkered down. Gavin only hoped that the long walk wouldn't jump-start labor while they were away from the house. “We should probably bring Joe with us,” he mused. “We'll need extra security just in case. Linus wouldn't exactly survive a long walk so it'll be best to leave him here. If he made it five steps out the door before laying back down I'd be surprised.”

The differences in their two canines was hysterical to say the least. Joe was a true guard dog, ready and waiting for any sign of attack to engage in battle. Linus on the other hand would look at intruders as new friends, licking them in search of food crumbs. “Luna, you'll be in charge of Linus while we're gone,” he reached out to scratch the cat behind her ears.

Simply_Random     70d ago

Serena struggled to get up. It didn’t help that Luna added extra weight. “Or we can go to Japan and get married by Pikachu.” She would rather that than Elvis. Although Lynch could do it. But she would trust her. Years later on her death bed Lynch could say she never sent the papers… Serena can imagine it now!

But she likes the idea of doing something small a quick courthouse wedding and then a backyard party or something. It sounds amazing. Plus wearing white while having a baby sounds disastrous!

“You’ve been with my family for how long? Most of them don’t even sleep properly…” waking up before them is a mission impossible. Normally she wouldn’t care but she’s pregnant. Due any day now. “Also what do you mean? I’ll take the baby for a stroll. Let he get used to the country like lifestyle. Plus she’ll need the vitamin D.” She says stretching. “With that said I’m going to bed. Especially since we need to try to wake up early.” Serena prays that this little girl lets her sleep tonight. She’s been active at night lately. Like there’s a neon sign saying club belly… ugh.

Serena left to go take another shower before going to bed. She replaces the bedding before getting in. She’ll wash and put them away tomorrow. Right now she’s ready for bed. She grabs extra pillows to help prop her up at an angle. So far so good.

Serena was so tired she doesn’t remember knocking out. Last this she remembers was getting into a comfortable position. Aurora wake her up around 4:45 by using her bladder as a kicking bag. She did end up getting ready for the walk before waking him up gently. Can’t startle him. “I’m ready. Go get ready.” She had to get ready first. She takes forever now. She can’t even tie her shoes if her life depended on it. She’s going to useless if something was to go down now. Her and her big belly will get in the way. It’s so bad Gavin will be more useful and that stings actually.

“I’ll make you a cup of coffee.” Something she also misses. Water will do just fine for now. Joe was right by her side since she woke up. He was closer than normal. It didn’t bother her though. She went to the kitchen to make Gavin and cough and grab a bottle of water. Hopefully the bacon she’s pulling out will be defrosted. Y the time they get back. She looks for a pen and a paper to write down what she sees and estimate about how far it’s from the house or whatever is close by. Jimmy could’ve told her everything she needed to know but he didn’t. Perhaps finding out she was having fake labor symptoms and that she’s having a girl distracted him.


Before they could even leave for their walk Jimmy was outside the porch. Loaded.

“Good morning great grandpa. What are you doing?”

“Daydream. What do you think?” He looks at her all dressed. “Where are you planning on going?”

“Walk around. See what’s around the property…” she was cut off with a scuff. He pushes her inside before going to his car. He is old school so he had a physical copy of the lands layout. He began to tell them where the cameras are, hidden motorcycles and two cars. Just past the direct behind their house; about a 30 mins walk, they’re a lake with a boat. He told them everything. He stressed how he doesn’t want her to go into labor when they don’t have anything for the baby. It’ll take a day or two to get a few things. In the mean time he’ll start breakfast and ordered her off her feet. Gavin will help with breakfast. He’s most likely going to give him another talk. Poor Gavin.

KoozaGavin Rollo   65d ago

Gavin Rollo

So much for an early morning outing. Gavin resigned himself to the kitchen, following orders as breakfast was prepped. He should have known someone in her family would have been awake at such an ungodly hour. Then again, Jimmy showed them the layout of the land on paper so it wasn't a total bust. “Here, have something to eat,” he slid a plate of bacon and eggs towards her, hoping it wasn't going to trigger any morning sickness. Could women get morning sickness this late in a pregnancy? “We can always go for a walk later.”

“Like fucking hell are you taking a severely pregnant woman on a trek around the middle of nowhere,” Jimmy snapped, smacking his elbow with the wooden spoon her was holding.

“I'm not saying I'm taking her on a cross-country hike,” Gavin grasped the aching bone. “I'm saying a bit of fresh air will do her good. We can't keep her cooped up, she hates sitting in one place for too long.”

“You telling me you think you know her better than I do, boy?”

“Save me,” Gavin sighed, falling into a chair beside Serena. “And here I thought I was just starting to get along with your family.”

He'd barely slept the night before, waking up at every sound in fear that it was Serena going into labor for real this time. It didn't help that Linus and Luna were competing to see who could fit in the bed with them at the same time. Gavin nearly elected to sleep on the floor just to get more than a half-hour of sleep. “Any rumblings from Aurora yet today?” he kept his hands to himself though he wanted to reach out and feel if his daughter was kicking at the sound of his voice. Wishful thinking of a father completely wrapped around his baby girl's finger already. “Jimmy is right though, we need to start getting supplies for her, and clothes. I don't suppose we can just order everything on Amazon and ship it to a PO Box? If any one of us gets caught out in a store looking for baby stuff, Owen will have a hay day.”

Simply_Random     64d ago

This is it. She loves seeing this. Abuse and all. It made her heart ache. Filled with love. Serena laughs. “Grandpa I need to walk. Not enough to induce labor but to get some fresh air and stay active.” She leans over to kiss his cheek. “You are. That’s him being nice.” The second those words came out of her mouth Jimmy glares at her for a few seconds. 

“You’re not allowed to leave without your dog and he better be strapped.” He says pointing the spatula at her. All she did was nod. He let out a grumbling sound before grabbing his plate and heading outside. 

Serena eats a piece of bacon watching him before turning her attention to Gavin. “Go on. Feel the baby. You’re the only one who doesn’t have to ask permission for she’s part of it. Plus you’re the reason why she’s up. I think she likes the sound of your voice.” She turns to have the belly face him. She can hear Jim mumbling to himself. He tends to do that when on a porch. He talks to his dead wife as if she was right next to him. If Gavin thought he was nuts he should’ve met Grandma Lucy. She’s crazy. She most likely would’ve shot Gavin and then show up a week later to have sex and apologize. Granted she thought about that too. One last round in bed… she shrugs off the thought. 
“You can attempt to go with them, but I’m sure they’re on it. Somehow. I do have a new house on Hawaii   Nursery set. It’s plain but all the furniture is set and a handful of gender-neutral clothes.” she looks out the window. Jim was gone. She grabs another piece of bacon. Despite her eating bacon right now she wants a caramelized bacon. Yum. 


God, this pregnancy got her eating things whenever she wants. It may take forever to bounce back to her normal self! She seems to only want the bacon and eggs. The pancakes, not so much. “Let me know when you're done eating and ready for a walk. I did not take up early to be up for no reason.” Serena gets up to look at what they have. Bingo. Ingredients for a cold chia latte. Yay “Chia latte?” she asks him as the began to make some from scratch. Might as well make it a big batch so she doesn't have to make it again.  

KoozaGavin Rollo   62d ago

Gavin Rollo

It was weird. Mesmerizing but weird. He could feel Aurora moving around under Serena's belly, squirming like she couldn't quite get comfortable. “Does it feel strange when she moves around? She's gotta be bumping into stuff in there.”

The fresh air was nice when they finally managed to get out of the house for their walk. Growing up in the city meant very little outdoor adventures aside from bike rides but he could really get used to being out in the country surrounded by nature. Their idea to run away to the UK countryside was getting better and better. He could adjust to being a farmer. “I've never seen so many trees,” he walked carefully behind Joe, who took his duty of protection so far as walking ahead of them. “Even the air feels clean.”

It still felt like they were being watched but he was fairly sure it was just his typical paranoia fueling that, since Jimmy had shown them where all the cameras were ahead of time and they were well away from them at that moment. “I'm honestly surprised my mom cares so much about getting to meet her. She never seemed like the grandmother type. I still don't trust my sister around the baby but my mom might be okay. I'm still thinking that whole situation over.”

Pushing his luck a little, he threw an arm around Serena's shoulders. “Look at us. One big happy fucked up family. Who'd have thought?”

He was scared shitless about becoming a father but it was also the most exciting thing that's ever happened to him. Well, the most positively exciting thing anyway. They just had to survive long enough to get the chance to enjoy it. "I'm betting twenty bucks that you'll go into labour in the next 48 hours. Do you think she'll be here in the next week?” 

Simply_RandomSerena   61d ago


It wasn't long after the chia lattes were done that they went on a walk. At the late stage of pregnancy, she needs to remember not to get lost in thought during this walk and walk herself into active labor. “You should smell the real country air. The smell changes from cut grass to fertilizer, to cow shit and so on,” she tells him smiling. It's so confusing but relaxing.


Serena kept looking around. It only made Joe do the same. He was copying her but she was just looking for the cameras and see what was on the land that Jim forgot to tell them. So far she hasn't spotted the cameras or found anything out of place.


“They won't be alone with Aurora. I'll make sure that there are at least 2 to 3 of my family members with them. An extra for Cassidy some she's dating my uncle.” she doesn't like that they may be a thing. Even if they are fucking it's still disturbing. That's not a way to get the family together. Unless Gavin did something to him and this is how he's getting his revenge. She was close to becoming some bitch stepmother. She ruined the entire family instead… perhaps it should be a story she doesn't tell Gavin about. Can't have him think she may leave him at the alter as well…

Serena glares at him. This is one big happy fucked up family but to say she’ll pop within 24 hours. Gr!

“I’ll give myself another week.” She says tapping her chin with her index finger, “and I’ll wager… hm… you changing all the diapers for two weeks. A month would be too much. Deal?” She asks extending her hand for him to shake.  Ugh. Does he really want her to pop so soon? He’s confused about his mother and sister. Then there’s Owen. Her family. She’s not ready. As much as she wants it to be over and feel like herself again, terrified!

Serena can’t help but feel like she’ll mess up her daughter. Instead of teaching her the ABCs her daughter will be stealing or picking locks… she’ll create a ninja baby. Or just be a bad mother in general. She liked her childhood. At times traveling was annoying because she couldn’t stay connected with the people she made friends with. What if they can’t take care of Owen and they have to constantly move around? Gavin may end up dying from how exhausting it is to be constantly on the move and having to fight for your life.

She stops walking to  bury her face in his chest. She could feel the tears stinging her eyes. “I’m scared.  Scared to be a mother. Everything else I’m used to. What if i fucker her up? What if she wants a vanilla life… what if I give her bad advice? Instead of getting even by sleeping with another guy or his best friend I have her sell his organ?” Serena said everything in one breath. After speaking she felt her her stomach drop and the shakes began. He could be right. She could pop soon. She’s not ready!

KoozaGavin Rollo   57d ago

Gavin Rollo

Gavin wasn't expecting the sudden shift in mood but he was ready to soothe her as best as he could. It wasn't often Serena showed her fears and he wasn't about to screw up the moment of venting by making a lame joke or brushing off her concerns. “She's going to love you,” he rested his chin on her head. “I know for a fact you aren't going to fuck this up because we won't let it happen. I don't know what the hell I'm doing either but we both love her more than anything and that alone says we aren't going to screw her up. We're going to love her and raise her and teach her how to be a badass but that doesn't mean she's going to be messed up. She'll just have a different kind of childhood. Neither of us had normality but we came out semi-decently didn't we? And if she wants a normal life then we'll figure out how to give her that.”

He couldn't see how any child of theirs could possibly want a normal life but he had to admit that he'd prefer if their daughter didn't grow up constantly fearing for her safety. Then again with the amount of family members on Serena's side that would burn heaven and hell to the ground for that little girl, Gavin wasn't entirely worried. Pulling away, he wiped under her eyes to catch any tears. “We're new to this. We're figuring shit out. One thing I know is that we're going to make a fuck ton of mistakes trying to navigate all of this but that doesn't mean we're going to be bad parents. That just means we're trying our damn best. Okay?”

Impending parenthood was absolutely terrifying. He understood where she was coming from, and it raised some fears of his own but he meant every word that fell out of his mouth. They wouldn't fail at this because they wanted to succeed more than anything. “Aurora is going to be just fine, and so will we. And I fully agree to the terms of your negotiation. Diaper duty it is, if you win the bet.”

He'd gladly change all the diapers for the next year if it meant Serena would be happy. Having a kid they hadn't exactly planned for at that moment was going to uproot everything in the middle of a life or death situation. Whatever Gavin could do to pacify Serena's anxiety as well as his own was worth an attempt.

Simply_RandomSerena   56d ago

Serena hates feeling weak. She hates opening up. She hates that she is crying for something so stupid yet here she is feeling everything. Feeling her walls or perhaps just her world tumbling down.

Truth be told she was expecting him to make a joke. Anything to make her smile and not cry. Gavin didn’t. His words made her feel some sort of wave of emotions making her cry even more. She was trying so hard to stop! Affirmation his her love style. To be hearing this makes her move him so much more. They will be amazing parents. They will make mistakes and learn from them. It’s the way of life. She should know more than anyone that life always throws a curve ball. Then again creating a baby is different. Raising it is different. It’s new. Fuck, don’t start freaking out again! Rebuild your walls. She needs to be strong for everyone’s sake. Everyone is risking their life because of her.

When he pulled away she kept her eyes closed. She couldn’t look him in the eyes. He’s seen too much of her weakness. As he was wiping her tears Joe judged her heard. At first she thought it was for support so she opens her eyes to look at her goofball being gentle and serious. “Alright.” She manages to say. Ugh, please stop crying. She’s getting annoyed with herself.

Her chest was starting to hurt. Her heart is swelling up with all sort of emotions and her silent cry is making her hurt. However, hearing him accept her terms made her laugh. “Good luck. Kai told me I was a poop shooter. That’s why David started my training early.” A story she regretting telling because eww! Then again he needed to know. It’s more of a warning if anything.

Serena was going to kiss him when she felt something hit her face. Did he spit on her or… then Joe began to nudge her legs. All of a sudden the sky began to change within seconds. A horrible cracking sounds roared in the sky followed by a light show. Before she got the change to part her lips to say what the fuck, it began pouring. Just her luck. Gavin may actually win this bet now. “Run!” She shouts.

The first thing she did was hold her belt before running. God it felt good to have it lifted. It made running slightly easier. It was a good 3 minutes of running before she fell. She tripped over god knows what. landed on her side thanks to her quick actions. She doesn’t know if she should laugh or hurry the hell up. “We’re okay. I’m okay.” She says getting up to jog this time.

Serena can’t afford to get sick this late in the game. Can’t have baby girl coming out sick before of her. Is that a thing?
By the time they reached the house, Jim was pulling up. He already looked angry. “I told you not to go far.”

“You didn't tell us it was going to rain. But we can argue later. I need to get out of these wet clothes before I get sick.” Jim didn't protest. He did however stop Gavin from entering the house. Serena didn't notice for she was already stripping. She can't get sick. Not now. Not when the baby can arrive any minute.

Jim let's go of Gavin. Looks out into the opening. He sucked his teeth as he pocketed his hands. “You did well. She used to be so sensitive. Always wore her feelings on her sleeves… until her grandma died. She saw everything. Begges the killers to stop.” he looks down at his muddy boots, “she always wanted a normal life. Begged for it. Until that night. It was as if a switch got turned on and she began studying and practicing day in and day out.” Jim sighs. He takes a few seconds to go down memory lane before continuing, “I know about the mission. Her first mission. David was the one who gave it to her. Her mission shouldn't have gone down the way it did. He got angry that she was enjoying it. Enjoying you. Living a normal life. Staying put for over a year… I swear there was more to it than just the mission. Especially with how things are going now. You always made her happy. Made her feel some sort of normalcy. Hurt her and I will end you are the rest of your family. Do I make myself clear?” Jim didn't bother looking at Gavin, “I'll be back later. Go change before you make her sick because you got sick. Oh, and the others are coming over to have dinner here.” he casually walks towards his Truck and takes off.

KoozaGavin Rollo   55d ago

Gavin Rollo

It was incredible how quickly Jim was able to wash away the fun Gavin had been feeling and replace it with pure fear when he halted him at the door. “It wasn't my idea-” he started to defend himself before letting the old man speak. 



Out of the entire encyclopedia worth of things Gavin could have predicted Jim would say to him, he hadn't been expecting a roundabout way of thanking him for being the one Serena could go to. The young man waited for a minute for the joke to be over but all he got was a serious threat and that was it. “You're not going to kill me?”

“I haven't decided, just get your ass in there and change into something dry for fucks sake.”

“Did he and I bond? I think we bonded,” Gavin gushed to Serena in the privacy of their room, pulling on a faded old hoodie that just barely fit. “I mean it, it was the nicest thing he's ever said to me. That includes all the times he was in my house. I feel like we really connected out there, he doesn't hate me!”

At least not yet. Give it time, or at least one or two parental fuck ups and Jim was likely to castrate him and leave him in the wilderness to die. “You sure you're okay after that fall? Or the running? Is it safe to run when you're this pregnant?”

His brain spiraled back to the baby books. None of them spoke of running races being dangerous because they never spoke of running races in the first place. “By the way, Jim said the others are coming for dinner. I don't know if that means he expects us to prepare the food but I've gotta warn you, my cooking hasn't improved in the slightest. I pretty much survived on bacon and eggs for the protein the entire time you've been gone. And the occasional packet of ramen.”

What he would give for a three course steak dinner. Fine dining was another thing he missed from life before being on the run. If he requested a t-bone steak from Jim, he was likely to be shot on sight without hesitation. Money had to be rationed now that Owen was probably watching Gavin and Cassidy's bank account action. Gavin had removed enough money to carry on-hand for a while but it needed to be stretched out if they had to flee again, this time further. He was just thankful airports wouldn't question a wad of thousands being handed over for a last minute overseas flight.


Simply_RandomSerena   54d ago


Serena took a quick shower to get the mud off her. She even washed and blow dried her hair. After putting on a fresh pair of undergarments, a casual knee length dress, and socks with grips on them, Gavin came in. He was gushing over him and grandpa bonding. It made her laugh.

“How many times do we have to tell you walls have ears? He’s probably planning to  assassinate you now for telling me. He may wait until the baby is born though.” She says half-jokingly. There's no telling what Jim would do.

She goes to stand in front of Gavin to feel how active their daughter is being. If she was hurt she would’ve be moving but that’s not the case. Serena then kisses his cheek. “We are fine and I'm very disappointed to say that you may… win… this baby is dancing.” She let go of his hands to place them on her lower back. Her lower back began to hurt. There is no telling if it's because she fell or it's just Braxton hicks. Due to the fact she doesn't know whats causing it, she won't say anything. It may or may not bite her in the ass later though. Watch.

When he mentions what Jim told him she sighs. “It means we are having company. Time to clean up and defrost the meats now. It just means to get things ready. I am guessing they may come within 3-4 hours. Come on now. Time to prep.” She began to walk backwards, “But first change. Hurry though. If I do all the cleaning Aurora may make her grand entrance before they get here.” Joe interrupted her by entering with an empty food bowl. He taps her hands with it. A chuckle escapes her when she looks down. “We may not be the ones cooking but we do have fur babies to feed and unless you want me opening that big heavy bag myself…” she didn’t even finish it before she leans against the door frame cursing. “I need to sit for a bit. That back pain shot down to places it shouldn’t have…” she would be so depressed if he won this bet. Praying to the pregnancy Gods she went downstairs to go sit on the long end of the sectional couch. This is where she’ll park it. It’ll be easier to talk with her family and be fed. No stairs for her or unnecessary walking for the next 24-hours. She shifts trying to get comfortable.

Get the house phone. I need someone to check my lady bits because… just know if you jinxed this and I’m killing you after you hold our baby. I’m not ready. I’m not ready. We don’t have anything. Where is she going to sleep? A drawer?” Serena scoots down to sit on the corner to start routing her lower half and some breathing exercise. “I love you but I’m going to kill you.” She sang in harmony with her groans.

Kai and Lynch enters, running. “My grandma senses are tingling!”

Stop. She’s not coming anytime soon. We’re not ready.”

“This is why I’m gay.” lynch says heading to her as puts in gloves.

Yet again without asking, she just dived in. Serena didn’t bother saying or doing anything. It felt weird to have someone she knows to be down there. This may ruin some part of being intimate in the future. Lynch chuckles. Serena didn’t like that. Why is she chuckling?

“Bed rest. You’re still 3. Perhaps 3.5.”

“Alright. Stay put. We’ll clean. Prep for dinner. Gavin your duty is to either go clean the grill or make sure she doesn’t get up unless it’s to use the bathroom.” Kai orders tying you her hair to start cleaning while Lynch takes care of the meal preps.

All 3 pets joined her on the couch. Well 2 of them did. Joe simple rested his head on the couch with his nuzzle on her belly. This better now be his way of saying she’s coming. At some point serena fell asleep. Jim arrived earlier after finding out they had a delivery scare. Kai had to calm Jim down because he was going to beat up Gavin. He told them not to go for a walk. They didn’t listen to him.

KoozaGavin Rollo   51d ago

Gavin Rollo

Holy shit holy shit holy shit holy shit. Was this happening? Gavin rushed to find the phone, emotions swirling in a vortex as the very real possibility of the baby being born imminently played through his head. “Who do I call?” he was more flustered than he should have been, given that he wasn't the one with a baby in his body. 

Luckily the three women who had come to the rescue were far more level headed than he was. “Right. Keep her relaxing. Got it. What do I do if she doesn't listen?” Another very real possibility. “She's already threatening bodily harm to me.”

“Then I suggest you learn to fight really quickly,” came Kai's response.

“I didn't mean to jinx this,” he paced the room. “You're right, we aren't prepared, we have nothing. We don't even have diapers! Oh god she's going to need so many diapers. How many diapers does a baby go through in a day? Five? Is that accurate?”

Was the room spinning? It felt like the room was spinning. 3.5 centimeters dilated could be a lot for all he knew. She had to be at 10, and that felt really close to 10 in the moment. He felt sick. Keep your shit together, he scolded himself internally. “Okay so is this when we start doing the deep breathing exercises? The hee-hee-hoo breathing, right? That's what the book said when the mother-to-be goes into labor.”

The book also said a whole bunch of shit that terrified him but that was best left alone. As much as he was looking forward to holding Aurora the moment she arrived, he didn't think he was going to have the stomach to handle everything that came with her. Blood was never his strong suit. “Do you need anything? Foot rub? Back rub?”

They were going to be parents soon. It wasn't just going to be the two of them and their pets, they were going to have a whole new human to care for and protect. It should have been the most exciting time of their lives yet it was clouded by Owen's desperation to kill them. Gavin wasn't the bravest of men but he would at least put his life down on the line for their baby - and Serena - without hesitation, no matter how afraid he was. “Or if I'm annoying you and being unhelpful I can leave you with your mom and go help get the food together.”

Simply_RandomSerena   50d ago

Jim walks in with an arm full of brown oper bags. He wanted nothing more than to drop them on th ground seeing how Gavin is reacting. “What. Did. He. Do.” It sounded more threatening than a question. He rushes to find Serena only I see her sleeping. They gave him a quick breakdown of what happened. “And she managed to fall asleep with him yapping like this? Boy go help me get these shits out of my trunk before you wake her and the baby comes out.” Jim kept fidgeting trying his best not to hit Gavin he mumbles under his breath.

Jim got them more food, drinks, snacks, and their son's baby things. They officially have a stroller, car set, diapers, wipes, and a handful of clothes. Two boxes of wipes and diapers are a good start for now. They have the other gathering other things. Driving hours away to get things from different locations.

“If you don't straighten out when they baby girl is born I won't let her marry you. How on the fuck do you plan to protect them? Suicide isn't an option.” Jim angrily asks watching Serena wipe drool off her face as she shifts.

“This ain't the time dad” Kai says pointing at him with a knife.

“If not now, when? He's been training for how long and can't do shit? He's cute but that won't help.” Lynch shines in as she eats one of their snacks. “Your mom believes you can do it. Cassidy said you're a punk as bitch. And other things that are too fancy to repeat.”

“So keep it to yourself,” Serena mumbles sitting up. “We live for this. He lives for his family’s company. How we decided to proceed with life after we kill Owen is on us… with that being said I really need to pee but I twisted my ankle… help.” Serena reaches out for Gavin. Despite Jim practically running over anyone who got in his way. She only accepted Gavin’s help.

“Please ignore them. I love that you have no part in my world. Don't listen to them. Trial and error. It's not your thing and that's fine. Just know you're the first one the school better call when there's an issue with another kid… you definitely don't want me handling it.” she says smiling when they got to the bathroom. He was there to comfort her. It's her turn. “But you see. She won't be here in 24 hours. The family will be and they are getting us the things we need for her. We're covered. When things get back to normal we can properly set up her nursery.” Serena was equally freaking out. She began the hee-hee, hoo-hoo to see if it’ll help him. She’s as fine as she can be. Minor cramps but she doesn’t think she’s in full blown labor. Yet.

After using the bathroom and wiping she noticed something on the napkin. It was incredibly hard not to panic. “Mom!” She shouts in a shaky tone. Everyone ended up barging in.

“Step one completed. That’s your mucus plug. It sometimes falls out before labor.” Kai says breathing heavily from running.

“How exciting. Do you need an eclectic wheelchair? To stay off your feet of course.” Lynch adds smiling ear to ear like the Joker.

Serena shook her head no. She was waiting for them to leave so she can finish up but it was obvious they were leaving. Jim was the only one to leave. She used the sink to lift herself up. She couldn’t be more thankful for a dress. It wasn’t hard to miss Lynch and Kai arguing behind her. Sounds like they are debating when she’ll pop and if Gavin will pass out.

“Stop. We don’t need the stress.” She says turning around to get ready to leave but no one moved. She leans against the counter. “Is the food ready? I’m so ready for some ribs. Are we having ribs?”

“Always.” Jim says walking back making everyone move. He had the old wheelchair. “Help her you stupid.” He says smacking Gavin’s shoulder. Serena chuckles. So much for them bonding.

KoozaGavin Rollo   42d ago

Gavin Rollo

Jesus christ, he was struggling to keep up with the variety of people giving him orders. “Food. Right. Come on you,” he assisted Serena to her feet and proceeded to the table. Everything smelled absolutely divine but he knew if he grabbed food without fixing her plate first, Jim was likely to flay him alive. “Anything you don't want, just say so.”

Once everyone had their meals in front of them, only then did he help himself to his own portion. It was just as delicious as it smelled. Gavin needed to learn how to cook properly and fast. Serena was going to be off her feet for a few weeks after Aurora came along and she'd need him to pick up the slack. They couldn't exactly live off of ramen noodles and bags of chips, no matter how much he'd be okay with it. The least he could do was learn to make real meals. 

“Does anyone want to talk?” he glanced around after a few minutes of listening to forks and knives on plates. “Seeing as we're going to be real family soon, we may as well get to know each other better.”

No ring on that finger yet, boy. Don't get ahead of yourself,” Jim grumbled.

“Right. The ring.”

Truth be told he hadn't exactly picked one out yet but that didn't mean he hadn't been looking. He just hadn't found one that screamed Serena yet. She wasn't one who needed a massive rock on her finger, it just wouldn't be functional. But still, he wanted it to be nice. Tasteful. Yet he couldn't help the growing feeling that unless he got her the biggest diamond he could afford, Jim would think he was too cheap to marry her. Should he just outright ask Serena what kind of ring she wanted? It would ultimately ruin the surprise but he also didn't want to get her something she absolutely hated because he had awful taste in jewelry. 

His head was spinning and he hadn't even planned the proposal yet. He figured they should probably survive the war with Owen before he spent precious resources on proposing to her. Can't have a wedding if either of them are dead. “How about I get you a Ring Pop for the time being, to make it almost official?” he teased Serena under his breath.

Simply_RandomSerena   40d ago


Serena laughs. Ring pops? She looks at him with a stupid grin on her face. With a shrug she replies, “Only if you can find 3 cherry flavored ring pops.” she whispers back. Two for her and one for him.

Serena is okay with the ring pops. He's in no position to get her a proper ring. Using his credit card now would be stupid. Hopefully, he knows that. He can easily be tracked once when that card is swiped or the chip is read.

“Since you want to talk. If you had to choice what to learn what would it be? Fighting or shooting?” Lynch asks stuffing her face with some Doritos.

“Is she eating I'm Doritos?” Serena asks out loud even though she was talking to Gavin. Lynch froze for a few seconds. “Say shooting… I'll teach you right now and you ain't have to worry about her blocking…” This may sound crazy… but Serena pulls a gun from under the couch cushion and takes it off safety. Oh, how everyone gasped together. It was with such harmony.

“We can buy more and extra, other snacks…” Jim says slowly standing up.

“Mhmmm… we all know the end of the bag is the best part. All the cheese dust…” Kai steps back a few. Lynch glares at her.

“You knew better,” Kai whispers.

“You can't kill me. Who else will deliver your baby?”

“Jim can. He's done it a handful of times before.” Lynch was laughing the nervous laugh.

“Gavin. Be useful...”

“Be. Useful?” Serena sets her plate down, “The disrespect. Stop talking to him like that. He's doing the very best he can without dying in any shape or form. He is doing his motherfucking BEST.” she practically growls holding on to her lower belly feeling another contraction.

“Relax. You're having a contraction and you may pull the trigger…” Both Jim and Kai took turns speaking trying to relax her.

“Gavin, now is the time to do what we assigned you to do and relax her or else the baby is coming soon,” Kai tells him

KoozaGavin Rollo   35d ago

Gavin Rollo

Not for a single second would he ever pit Serena against her family by any means but it looked like he didn't have to. Serena was glaring at Lynch with her finger near the trigger, and it was partly because of him. “Alright let's just calm down,” Gavin approached, hands held up. “I appreciate that you're standing up for me and god is it ever attractive, but let's not jump-start Aurora's arrival with a murder. Let me have the gun, please.”

He wasn't about to take it from her. For one, he didn't fancy getting shot. Secondly, Serena needed to hand it over of her own accord or she'd be angry with him next. They needed to calm her, not make her agitation worse. “Why don't we take our dinner out to the porch and eat there?” 

Kai nodded, reaching for Serena's plate. “I think fresh air will be good.”

“You don't have to attack her for my sake, though I do appreciate the gesture. Lynch is going to run her mouth, it's what she's good at.”

“I'm sitting right here, asshole.”

“But I don't let her get to me anymore. I know I'm working hard, I don't care if she doesn't agree. She's a pain in the ass but she doesn't need to be shot for it.”

Can't believe I'm saying this but listen to the boy,” Jim even chimed in.

Joe came along and nudged at her leg, sensing her distress. If his owner wasn't going to listen to whatever everyone was saying, then he'd make sure she was okay all on his own. Gavin was grateful for the dog's encouragement but at the same time if she listened to her dog over him, it might sting a little, emotionally. “This is better,” Gavin guided her outside. “No annoying cousins, no guns. How about after dinner I go and buy you whatever kind of chips you want. Any flavour of Dorito will be yours.”

Between her love of Doritos and his sweet tooth, Aurora was going to be a snack fiend all on her own. 

Simply_RandomSerena   31d ago

Why is he siding with them? They’re always bashing him. Then Lynch is over here eating her Ranch triangle puff Doritos! They only have one because there was only one left. The. Rage.

It was weird to see them working together. Talking. But still! What got to her was Joe. He did nudge her leg but it was the whimper. He never whimpered. Maybe once because she stepped on him when she was running to the bathroom to vomit at 2 AM.

Serena removes the bullet and took the gun apart before giving it to Jim. She then allows Gavin to take her outside. The fresh air won’t do nothing. The smell of the Doritos that she won’t be having is embedded in her nostrils. 
“You can go for many reasons but the main one is that I’ll kill you if you miss the birth of your daughter. Before it would’ve been okay but now that we’re here together and she may come soon…” she shrugs.

Serena ties up her hair. All of that got her sweating. She wished she pulled the trigger. A little graze to the shoulder would’ve been okay. Part he wants to go for a walk but she’s not ready for the baby to come out just yet. For now sitting on the porch swing will do.

“I’m sorry… I guess everything I held on finally came out. Who knew I would be willing to kill someone for chips.” She says chuckling so lightly. 
Someone opened the door to let Joe out. The dog rested his head on her knee. “And I’m sorry I worried you as well.” She says leaning forward to show the dog some love.

Serena looks at Gavin  “You also lost your chance to call her a crazy bitch who’s self centered but it is what it is.” Now she’s genuinely smiling. “Go eat  I’ll be fine. Would it be weird for me to ask you to have a beet to drink and I can just smell it between?” She chuckles. It sounds crazybut she's craving a beer. Like a Blue Moon with an orange slice. The thought of it made her moan. Yum.

Katelyn comes out handling her a new plate. “You're insane.” she tells Serena.

“I am your daughter. You shot David for not wanting to drive you to Wendy's at four in the morning.” she reminds her mother.

“True and true. Just don't do it again. Can't have that poor baby girl doing the same to her future baby Daddy.”

“It was my one and done.” Serena says taking the plate to eat some bacon. 

It started raining again. She enjoyed the smell as it changed. Now this is relaxing. Joe lay closer to the door. Serena held the plate since its warm and she didn't want Aurora to start moving again or take it as a sign to come out. 

KoozaGavin Rollo   29d ago

Gavin Rollo

“At this point I've learned not to question the requests of a heavily pregnant woman,” Gavin teased. “I'll be back with beer for you to inhale. Weirdo.”

He pointedly avoided eye contact with Lynch while inside, though she did try to goad him into several debates in the short amount of time he was there. “Nothing? Not a peep? I thought you'd have grown a set of balls by now.”

“God forbid someone doesn't give you attention for a solid few minutes eh, Lynch? How about I set up a mirror for you to talk to, since you like the sound of your own voice so much.”

Shit. He was doing his best to behave. How was she so fucking good at getting under people's skin? “Aren't you brave, all things considered.”

“What's that supposed to mean?”

“I'm saying you're the outsider here, and the weak link. Wouldn't be much for an ‘accident’ to happen and suddenly the baby daddy is nowhere to be found.”

Bold of you to assume that Serena would be chill with me suddenly vanishing. You may have forgotten but we've got an actual kid on the way that she'd like me to be around to help raise.”

“No woman needs a man, she'd be just fine.”

“Why do I bother,” he rolled his eyes and gathered his food to eat outside, beer in hand.

“Your cousin is my arch nemesis. And yes, I say that while being fully aware that Owen is actively trying to kill us.”

Handing over his drink for her to sniff, he dug into the food. Dear god it was heaven. If there was one thing he was thankful for in this family, it was their ability to cook better than he'd ever eaten. “Hypothetically speaking, if I spontaneously disappear without reason, please interrogate Lynch before anyone else. It's hard to tell when she's being serious or not. Especially when it comes to muder.”


Simply_RandomSerena   24d ago


Gavin is taking longer than he should. Someone probably stopped him. She’s going to give them the benefit of the doubt that it’s a peaceful talk. She will go back inside and shoot someone this time. Let them try her, again.

Serena looked at Gavin when he finally appeared. Yes, with the beer in hand for her to sniff like a weirdo. What he said next was weird yet normal. “I was instantly going to assume Jim. A baby before marriage, he definitely won’t like you even if we get married right now.” She says chuckling, “Then Owen. Lynch is third.” Serena tells him truthfully. “But for you, I’ll place her at number one then.” She says looking down at her plate. When the hell did she finish her food?

After sitting down the plate on the small table she happily takes the beer to smell it. Ugh, heaven. Oh how much she misses drinking alcohol. She is going to despise water once when this baby girl is out.

Serena leans forward seeing a car heading their way. “Let's go…” Before she could finish Lynch and her mother had a bag with them. Kai looked like she was going to cry.

“Everything is fine but we need to handle some things. Don't pop until until get back in two days.” Kai rubs Serena’s belly before pulling them both in for a tight hug. “Stay safe. I'll haunt you both if you don't,” she says running towards the car one of her uncles was driving. Lynch didn't even say bye. Jim was by the door. He told them to get inside before talking away.

Serena got up. “You better find out what the hell just happened. They won't tell me because I may pop… something must have happened because Kai rarely cries.” Jim wasn't seen anywhere.

Who the hell is going to help deliver her baby now? She doesn't want her grandpa doing it. Just, ew. Serena followed the pets to the room. Her laptop was gone. Something is happening and they don't want her to know.

Jim didn't stay. He left through the back door. He didn't want to deal with their questions. He did take a few electronics with him. He left them with a tablet that now has the parental lock on.

“Be ready for anything,” she says packing a small bag.

-TS 3 Days later-

Serene is serious about not wanting the baby to be born just yet. It is the inky reason why she hasn't rebelled. Jim is never by when she's awake. But he is stopping by in the middle of the night resulting in their fridge.

Kai said she would be back in two days. I've been three. Yet she's not here. Not even a message or anything. To her knowledge of course.

Serena does her best not to panic. Aurora can't be born without her mother being there now. At least she has Gavin and he can be there for the birth of his daughter.

“I'm going to take a lap around the house. I'm about to lose my mind if we don't get an update.” She says just as the red flashes begin to blink. It was time to go. Joe was already by her side. Serena went was fast as she could to get her bag and a gun. It was time to leave through the secret tunnel in the basement. “Is it weird to think I'll be seeing David soon?” he bitch as daddy better not be fucking shit up for them. 

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Gavin Rollo

Waiting around was never fun but this was just pure agony. The family was tight-lipped about what the hell was going on and even if Gavin begged, they brushed him off. Even worse was trying to keep Serena occupied. “Just don't go too far until-” 

What the fuck were those lights? Oh fuck. FUCK. “Linus, not now," Gavin navigated around his giant dog who was currently pawing at him for attention. “Guns. We need guns, absolutely.”

His aim had improved somewhat, given the chances Kai took back home to teach him proper technique. He was still nowhere near as competent as Serena with a weapon but he was decent enough to protect his small family if it came down to it. Which looked like that time was coming, and quickly. “How far do these tunnels go, anyway? Far enough to clear the property?”

He snatched up the bags to lighten Serena's load. The last thing they needed was her going into active labor from putting too much pressure on her back with the weight of a bag. The tunnels were mildly terrifying once they entered them. Dimly lit, kind of cold, and ultimately every nightmare Gavin had ever experienced after watching horror films. “You guide the way, mighty leader of mine,” he gestured for her to go first. 

His heart was racing faster than his thoughts. They hadn't seen her father in ages it felt like, and now she would reuniting with him under the most dire of circumstances. He wasn't sure how he felt about it. He and David never got along and the fact that the man was about to be a grandfather to Gavin's child irked him. David didn't hesitate to give unsolicited advice, especially since the man thought he was an expert in everything. Given how the two of them wanted to raise Aurora in peace away from this lifestyle? David was sure to have something to say about it. Probably how Gavin was making the girls weak and robbing them of their strengths. 

“Do you know who will be waiting for us at the end? I'd like to assume we have a getaway driver.”

Christ, he didn't think he was claustrophobic but being cramped in a small space with no way out in sight was giving him chest pain. He wanted to take her hand for comfort but that would have just been pathetic. He needed to be strong, damn it. 

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Serena’s heart began to race. It was so loud it was all she could hear. *Thump, thump* “I don’t know.” She mumbles making sure Luna was in her arms. The dogs can walk. Joe doesn’t mind. It’s Linus she’s worried about. She put away the dirty dishes to make it seems like no one was there. Then there’s all food… ugh.

Whatever, they need to move. Serena began to lead the way into the secret room in the basement that lead to another secret passage to the tunnel. With a flick of a switch the lights were on and so was there long. Unless the baby is making her grand appearance and she’s just now feeling everything like annoyance and laziness as they walks. What was actually a fifteen minute walk felt like a 10 mile marathon. She was

“The fuck took you so long?” Jimmy asks rushing to them to help load their things on the boat. He was obviously in a fight. He’s dirty and bleeding. Unless it’s not his blood but someone else’s.

“I’m pregnant and probably inducing myself into labor.” She says winded.

Serena got in the boat with the help of her grandpa. Luna was now shaking because she’s surrounded by water. Luna is smart. She knows the different between a tub full of water that she’ll occasionally join her in or the lake or ocean. Whatever they’re about to travel in.

Just as they were about to pull out you can hear cars speeding towards them and the voice of no other than her father, David. Shouting for Jim asking about Serena’s whereabouts.


“Don’t. We need you. I need you.” Serena tried to hold him down but he was took quick and she ended up scratching his arm.

“Go baby girl. Take care of yourself and the baby. I love and I’m so proud of you…” Jim kicks pushes the boat. “You better take care of the girls or else I’ll kill you. Alive or dead I will find a way to kill you…” Serena began to cry.

She watches Jim unload his backpack full of weapons. She gave her one last look and she knew she had to listen. Like it or not. She turns on the boat and took off. Crying and all. Not daring to look back. The echos of their right were loud. It slowly faded. Now there was no telling if it faded because of the distance or because he… she couldn’t even fandom it. She couldn’t even think of saying it out loud or in her head.

Opening the glove department she found a tablet. It had several locations saved. One emergency stop was close by but she thought it was too close so they will keep going. “I know this is the worst time to say this but I’m starving and I need to pee.” She finally spoke and her words embarrassed her. Digging for a burner phone she sent a message out the the group chat. An encrypted one.

‘The Iron Giant sacrificed himself…’

One of the emergency locations she decided to pick stopped at a nice place. From a distance you can see a mansion like cabin. Up close it looked like the walk alone will kill her. Driving the boat to the dock was terrible. They hit it. “Sorry. It’s been years since I maneuvered a boat.” She says tying the rope to the anchor to secure the boat. Before she could go is someone approached them.

“Wrong deck love.” Serena checks the tablet to see if the location has a name. All it said was ‘Pig’. Serena looks back to see a Pig stuffy. With confusion she hands it to the guy. He looked just as confused but tore it open and there was a grenade launcher and a note. He sighs, “Is he…”

“I Don’t know but I really need to pee.” The guy looks at her face then down to her belly.

“You’re the infamous granddaughter. Nice to meet you Serena and this is the doofus, Gavin? His words. Not mines.” Serena chuckles, “I’m Frank Moses.” He says extending his arm to help her up before jumping down to help with the bags.

He leads them inside and told her where the bathroom was before leading Gavin to a spare room. “What exactly happen? How long ago?” He asks bending down to show the pets some love.

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Gavin Rollo

Jim might have threatened Gavin more often than not, and disagreed with just about everything he stood for but that didn't mean the younger man felt right about leaving him behind. The old man was forcing them to go and there was nothing they could do to stop him from making the sacrifice. All he could do was agree to watch after the girls before Serena had them steering off. If his stomach wasn't already queasy from the day's events, the rocking of the waves against the bow was going to seal the deal. “I'm so sorry,” he heaved over the side of the boat when they reached the dock.

The newcomer - Frank - quickly turned his attention to Gavin once they were alone in the spare room. What could Gavin even say to describe what they'd been through? “We barely had time to process anything before we had to make a run for it. Jim stayed behind to buy us time. I think I heard David but he didn't sound particularly friendly at the time. He actually sounded pretty pissed that he couldn't see us.”

What the fuck had that been about? As far as he knew, they were on decent terms with her dad but the tone of David's voice didn't quite say ‘warm and familial’. “For whatever reason, Jim wouldn't tell him.”

He and Serena were getting tired of being left in the dark even if the rest of the family might think it necessary. With a baby imminently on the way, it would be nice to know who was friend and who was foe. “I think the baby is going to be here any day now. We've been on the run too much and she's been too over-exerted to not be inching her labor along. Is it safe for them here? We can't exactly show up to a hospital, there are eyes everywhere and who knows exactly who we can trust these days.”

Frank wasn't one of those people on Gavin's list at the moment but seeing as he was decent enough to let them stay at his safe house, the least they could do is show gratitude. “I'm worried about Serena. She won't be upfront if she's having bad contractions, and she'll try to pretend like she's fine.”

Why he was confiding in a total stranger, he didn't know. But once the words started falling from his lips, Gavin couldn't rein them back in. “I mean for fuck's sake, why would she be okay? Her family is scattered, she's nine months pregnant, and she's been fighting for her life on her own these last few months. Now a baby is going to be in the picture. Do you have kids, Frank? I don't yet but I'm scared shitless to have one while everything is so chaotic and dangerous.”

Was this a panic attack? Kind of felt like a panic attack.

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Frank was expressionless. He awkwardly played with his pocket knife. Allowing this stranger to vent. This poor guy is losing his shit. The thought of taking him out of his misery danced in his head.

“I don't have kids, but you know her. You should be able to tell when she's lying or in pain. You got this...” his heavy hand drops on his shoulder giving him a supportive squeeze before walking away. He went to make a few phone calls in his study.

Serena was lead by Joe to Gavin. She can tell by her dogs tail that he's on high alert. “I'm happy didn't have to carry Linus,” she says sitting on the bed just for Frank to tell them they're moving out in five. Serena groans. “I'm ready for a nap…” she mumbles.

Frank had an RV. He expressed how he doesn't want any of the pets on his furniture. He already has Luna in a crate. He drove for a day. Stopped a few times so the can stretch and let the dogs kit. Serena cooked while they traveled. She drove a handful of times but only for 90 minutes top. He didn't trust Gavin to drive. Frank pulled up at a bed and breakfast. Frank had them wait in the RV as he went to say hi to an old friend.

“Does he give you a weird vibe?” she asks him rubbing her belly. “Because I can't tell. I'm too cranky and my feet are swollen…” she says sitting on the driver's seat getting ready to hot wire the car just in case.

Frank came out signaling for them to enter. She sighs getting her run ready just in case. Joe was already ready. The home was amazing. There were flowers everywhere. A women entered the room smiling. “So this is his granddaughter?”


“Pregnant no less. Is the father like us?”

“Nope.” Frank and her replies.

The lady’s mouth opens as if saying ‘ah’ in silence.

“Well welcome. You can stay here for now. Frank will go check on Jimmy. I'm Victoria. Nice to finally meet you Serena and amazing job in Brazil in ‘09.” Serena smiles. “And his name?”

Serena allowed him to introduce himself as they followed her to their room. From the looks of it, they got the honeymoon suite. It's cute. They were allowed to rest while she cleaned up. Dinner is at 6:30.

“How long do you think we can stay? I feel like I'm going to give birth in the middle of a highway in traffic or shooting to stay alive at this point.”

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Gavin Rollo

“He's definitely on my radar for something being off,” Gavin rested his hand on her back. “We might be a little paranoid but I think we're justified in that.”

Once they were inside however, it was hard to maintain that suspicion. Their lodgings up until now had been glorified roughing it with more practicality than comfort but this place boasted a hotel vibe with the flowers and suite. The bed even had a pillow topper that felt like he was melting into a cloud. “If it's up to me, we can stay here for the next six months in total comfort. The sheets smell like lavender, Serena. Actual lavender.”

He waved a hand for her to join him. She'd been on her feet so much it was time to rest and prop herself up on the mountain of pillows. Once she was settled, Gavin pulled her shoes off and dug his thumbs into the arch of her foot. However long they were to stay put in Frank's safe house would be a blessing after the last seventy-two hours, and one that they both desperately needed.

“Keep your gun under your pillow,” Gavin murmured under his breath. “Or at least close by. Until we know more about this Frank person, we'll have to stay on our toes. So far he seems to be on our side but we know how quickly that can change.”

His own family was still enough to set him on edge, let alone total strangers. Despite his sister and mother attempting to make amends there would always be that history between them where things were more chaos than peace. “You look exhausted, Serena,” he sighed, feeling tired himself but not even worrying about that at the moment. “I think we're pushing it too hard with how close you are to having Aurora. This seems stable for now. Maybe this is the place we need to bunker down.”


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