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There are two hooks/ways to start witchlight (The circus)


Each character in the adventuring party visited the Witchlight Carnival when they were a child—in fact, they snuck in without buying a ticket—and had something stolen from them. Fate brings the characters together as adults, united by the common goal of retrieving that which they've lost.


1Ability to keep secrets
2Ability to smile
3Artistic creativity
4Cherished doll or stuffed animal
6Sense of direction
7Sense of fashion
8Three inches of height


Here are examples but you can choose something physical or abstract.


A crush/love from youth/childhood.


Or personal item. 


This is a strange circus with strange rumors.




You could have worked at the circus if you prefer even ^~^


Character trait ideas below but can make up you're own!


1I'm haunted by fey laughter that only I can hear, though I know it's just my mind playing tricks on me.
2Like a nomad, I can't settle down in one place for very long.
3Good music makes me weep like a baby.
4Wherever I go, I try to bring a little of the warmth and tranquility of home with me.
5I have never lost my childlike sense of wonder.
6When I have a new idea, I get wildly excited about it until I come up with another, better idea.
7I live by my own set of weird and wonderful rules.
8I can't bring myself to trust most adults.
1Friendship. I never leave a friend behind. (Good)
2Empathy. No creature should be made to suffer. (Good)
3Wanderlust. I prefer to take the less traveled path. (Chaotic)
4Changeability. Change is good, which is why I live by an ever-changing set of rules. (Chaotic)
5Honor. A deal is a deal, and I would never break one. (Lawful)
6Rule of Three. Everything in the multiverse happens in threes. I see the "rule of three" everywhere. (Lawful)
7Obsession. I won't let go of a grudge. (Evil)
8Greed. I will do whatever it takes to get what I want, regardless of the harm it might cause. (Evil)
1I would never break my word.
2I find magic in all its forms to be compelling. The more magical a place, the more I am drawn to it.
3I do what I can to protect the natural world.
4A trusted friend is the most important thing in the multiverse to me.
5I can't bring myself to harm a Fey creature, either because I consider myself one or because I fear the repercussions.
6The Witchlight Carnival feels like home to me.
7I'm drawn to the Feywild and long to return there, if only for a short while.
8I feel indebted to Mister Witch and Mister Light for giving me a home and a purpose.
1I easily lose track of time. My poor sense of time means I'm always late.
2I think the whole multiverse is out to get me.
3I'm always operating under a tight timeline, and I'm obsessed with keeping everything on schedule.
4I'm a kleptomaniac who covets shiny, sparkling treasure.
5I'm forgetful. Sometimes I can't remember even the simplest things.
6I never give away anything for free and always expect something in return.
7I have many vices and tend to indulge them.
8I'm always changing my mind—well, almost always.
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Also as a child you could have gained a minor curse. Or make one up ^~^


 You can't light nonmagical fires.
 You can't tie or untie a nonmagical rope.
 You can't open a door without knocking on it first.
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The second hook/start is simpler to explain but still has a lot of story too it ^~^


In this preamble, an aging warlock named Madryck Roslof tells the characters (those not working at the Witchlight Carnival) about a faerie realm called Prismeer, which can be reached only by finding and using a fey crossing in the carnival. Madryck says that his archfey patron, Zybilna, rules Prismeer. He begs the characters to journey to this domain and find out what has happened to Zybilna, with whom he has lost contact.


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