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How Does A Moment Last Forever? [Closed]

By SmileBright
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SmileBright     107d ago

Laura chuckled as she watched the girl's face twist into an almost grimace at the burning sensation. She found this hilarious. Laura couldn't believe that Addie, of all people, had never had any alcohol. Almost every teenager had. However, Laura was at least glad that Addie was having her first alcohol experience in a safe environment with her, instead of out at some party with people she couldn't trust. She giggled softly, taking a rather large sip of her own drink. "Of course I'm in for the idea. Hell, I'm always here for a good time." She replied, putting a pillow behind her back as she laid against the headboard, feet propped up in front of her. She mindlessly swirled her drink in her glass. 

She smiled softly at the mention of the flavor and rimmed glass. "Only the best for my girl." She giggled. "Besides, it's not like I was going to serve you some nasty, bitter crap that would have made you vomit." she explained with a shrug before reaching for her vape on the nightstand, blowing smoke into Addie's face with a smirk. It was blue raspberry flavored. God, Addie was just...irresistible. She was so gorgeous, every time Laura looked at her. She was like a magnet, pulling Laura in. If sirens took a human form, Addie would most certainly be one. 

 Laura chuckled as Addie eagerly sipped her drink again, proposing the age-old question. She kissed back with a smile, a hand in the girl's hair before she pulled away.  "Well, I can tell what kind of drunk you're going to be." she chuckled, loving the loosening up and flirtatious behavior she was seeing from her now girlfriend. 

She hummed softly. 

"Hmm...why not start things off bold? Dare." she said, sipping her drink.

Addison Odette Jones

Addison smiled, loving the feeling of the woman’s hand tangled in her hair.  God, she was incredible and hard to resist when she did things like that.  She was gentle and kind, and the only person she felt she could be like this around.  No one but Laura knew the real her, everyone knew this fake, cookie cutter version of herself.  She wanted to tell her family and everyone who she really was and that she was in love with Laura, but she knew exactly what would happen if she did.  Her family would pack them up and move her away, never to see Laura or anyone in this town again.  And Addison would never risk that happening.  So, she would put up with whatever her parents wanted until she could go away for college and do whatever she wanted.  Which would be to be with Laura, open and publicly.  

Addison almost missed her girlfriend’s response as she was lost in her own thoughts.  Dare huh, hmm. What could she do that would be exciting enough for Laura, but not too crazy for only the beginning of the game.  “Okay, um.  I dare you to tell me when you first realized you liked me. Or I guess when you first realized you loved me.” Addison spoke, taking another healthy sip of her drink.  She knew it wasn’t anything crazy, but she was curious.  She couldn’t help it.  She had missed every sign Laura gave her, brushing it off as just simply: that's just what best friends do. Honestly, if Laura had told Addison that best friends made out all the time, she would have believed her whole heartedly. 

“I know it’s not too crazy but still…I’m curious.  And I’ll even tell you when I think I started having feelings for you.  I just think I didn’t realize it was feelings.”


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