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i have difrent ideas if you want to roleplay one of these tell me please



.       the world was going on as normal, people working, kids playing. Soon all of that would come to a screaming halt. Early one moring, around 3:00 am alarms started coming from everywhere, then the screams would soon follow. Some people was able to hear why this was happening  is what the radios and TV broadcasted: everyone please stay calm. If you are in your home and have family members wake them up and pack clothing and food.. then make your way to Pennsylvania. As you enter the state borders military personnel will escort you and your family to the nearest Legion founded facility. This will be safe and protected by the military personnel. I know many of you have no clue what has occurred, so let me get one of the main scientist.] Another voice started to talk. yes, thank you for having me. Now for what had happened, many of the newer scientist was doing experiments on some fungus. They ended up combining things they was. Trying to find a way to improve Trichoderma, to be stronger to fungus Ophiocordyceps camponoti-floridani. Yes this is for ants but it can get to humans to act unlike themselves and it will cause many of them to...  it would cut off. People would run and drive trying to get out off the city's would come to a stop. Some of the test subject that escaped. Would run at them biting. The 'zombies' face had fungus all over them hair falling out the skin was rotting at a increasing speed. Some was crawling others walking then some running not a slow run but a faster than normal humans. They would attack and bite people. Chaos was all around. You would barely make in to stay but not to Pennsylvania.

                                                 Nine years later 

           You have survived, well so far anyways. You have lived day to day. Power is still up well in some city's anyways, but no TV. Nature well it has reclaimed city's and every where. Most city's now have armed forces going around checking and guarding the city's. The United States was now under Martial Law. The zombies have grown you've heard that they are other types. More people have died some not even a zombie but just by shooting. You hear that The Paragon is working on a so called cure for what they have made. The towns become full of the invaders out for the blood of whatever. The zombies  are living and breathing to some degree. It has got to the ponit that in some underground parts like the swears or just tunnels or subway gas spores have formed and well, If you like your living human life you have a gasmask. Those spore also spreed the infection. It's sad what the US has come too. Hell, you have seen young kids that will never know what it was like before this time all they will ever know is barely surviving or watching people they know change. Even the food all you have are rations you hardly ever get real food and you get very few of them. Those cards that seem to give life that is the money now almost. This world is every person for themself. You have changed with the time so far but can you change even more or become one of the dead men or the living dead? 



This is some groups not all of them. If you'd like you may make one of your own.

Paragon- The Paragon is the science facility that created the virus and is trying to find a cure for it but it isn't working.

The Legion- was working with the government when it stood but now it is the government. They are the once who pick when and where a safety building gets made. Among other things

Survivor Republic - is a group of family's that is attempting to almost rebuild a town and safety for them and there kids they invite anyone who wants even for a night.

Deviant Aliance- one of the groups who want to fight against the government and Paragon.

T.R.D(The Ration Distributor )- mostly military personnel or people that they trust to give out Rations of food who often is low on food.

The Lost Souls( Lost Soul Syndicate ) and The Walkers many know of them but they don't know what they stand for nor where they are.

Martial law is the substitution of a civil government by military authorities with unlimited powers to suspend the ordinary legal protections of civilian rights


the WLF,- nicknamed "Wolves", to fight for better living conditions for civilians in the zone.  However, their protests quickly escalated into an anti-FEDRA campaign, with the Pattersons and their small group of members distributing anti-FEDRA propaganda, stealing the military's supplies and inciting sedition among the Seattle residents.


The Seraphites - also called Scars by outsiders.. It was here a woman supposedly had a vision, from which she became inspired to live an egalitarian life and strive for humanity to live off the land again, detached from mortal pleasures and reliance on technology. She was also a fierce fighter, able to defeat numerous infected that attacked the community. Her charismatic sermons preaching that the Cordyceps brain infection was a punishment brought on by humanity's own sins and was a second chance for humanity to redeem itself inspired members in the community to do likewise, with the residents soon living independently. They fought off infected and looters and grew food on the land they lived on





In the remote forests of Northern Canada, a small group of campers was embarking on a weekend of wilderness adventure. Little did they know, they were about to encounter something far more terrifying than any wild animal or natural danger. As they set up camp in a clearing, the group started to hear strange sounds echoing through the trees that surrounded them. At first, they dismissed it as just the wind and shrugged it off.

But as the night fell and they sat around the campfire, telling stories and sharing laughs, the sounds grew more unsettling. Suddenly, they heard a low growl from the darkness, and a shadowy figure emerged from the trees. It was the Wendigo, a supernatural horror from Native American legend that feeds on human flesh.

The campers tried to flee, but the Wendigo was faster and stronger than any of them. They soon found themselves trapped in the depths of the forest, hunted by this unstoppable monster. One by one they fell, as the Wendigo picked them off, leaving a trail of terror and gore in its wake.

As the survivors huddled together in terror, they knew they had to find a way to defeat the Wendigo before it was too late. But how do you kill a creature that is already dead, animated by an ancient evil that transcends human understanding?

With each passing night, the Wendigo became more aggressive, more powerful. It seemed to possess an otherworldly intelligence, almost as though it was toying with its prey, playing some twisted game of cat and mouse. The survivors were driven to the brink of madness, as they struggled to find a way out of the forest and escape the Wendigo's clutches.

In the end, only a handful of them made it out alive, scarred for life by the supernatural horror they had witnessed. Their tales of the Wendigo would become a dark legend in their small town, passed down from generation to generation, a reminder of the inexplicable and terrifying power of the supernatural.


Now the question remains are you one of the few who survivesurvives or one who dies?



no one liners, please. i can not stand one liners give me something to go off of. i under some days we all have our off days and thats okay.

no op charter!

try to have your oc fit in the world not just you know. 


also if you have a idea just shoot me a pm!

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