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Miserable, Lonley, & Depressed {Search}

By Kuro_Rosey
Backup thread

‘Ollo everyone the name’s Kuro-chan and I’m as the title states I'm Miserable, Lonely, & Depressed and I would like someone to pretend to love me in a Dark Fluff piece, those who know me know I have friends and a therapist, but I don’t want to burden my friends with more rp’s then they can handle and well my therapist doesn’t roleplay so that leaves you random roleplayer who was bored enough to see if this actually came with a plot so I will stop rambling and give you the options I wish to try and I thank you for at least looking at this thread. 18+ WRITERS ONLY {I’m 27 I will no longer do a 1x1 with someone who is under 18 ESPECIALLY when it revolves romance.}

Option 1: Childcare Roleplay- I play a child in between the ages of 5 and 10 who has been abandoned by the world, You play the kind soul that takes them in as well as the love interest {be it a ‘sibling’, school friend, or servant idc} I will also pick up 2nd Love Interest to add some spice but all in all this is truly just meant to be a Daddy-Daughter-esc childcare roleplay. {Kinda ironic I made this thread on Father’s day} {I prefer to play fem-presenting for this but I will play a masc-presenting if you wish me to, BUT if I play a masc character even if we never hit puberty my character will be the submissive/uke}


Option 2: Puppy Love- We play school age children between the ages of 6 and 17. My character is the quiet new kid with a mysterious past {and if old enough a kid}. You play the popular kid who doesn’t understand why the new kid doesn’t give them the time of day. {Can be MxF, MxM, PeIxXPeIx or FxF, In MxF and MxM I am the Female/Uke I will only play male in a straight relationship if Mpreg is involved and if I can still be the submissive character {ie. Your FL still has to be the one to court the ML}}


Option 3: Roommates- We play characters in either high school or college and we get put together as roommates, hyjinx ensue and dark things happen leaving one or both of our characters Pregnant or Dead. {MxM, FxF, or PeIxXPeIx. PeIx stands for Perfect Intersex/Futanari where everyone can be pregnant and everyone can get others pregnant the only difference is whether you developed boobs during puberty or not.}


Option 4: First Time Parents- We play two lovers in their twenties expecting their first child{ren} they can either live together or apart, hyjinx happen and dark things ensue, but this will probably be the fluffiest option if you aren’t looking for a lot of dark, of course this one might also not last long so fair warning. {Can Be MxF, MxM, FxF, or PeIxXPeIx. I will be the one who starts off pregnant}


Option 5: We Never Asked for This- We play pregnant teens sent away to a hide-the-shame type school and similar to either Roommates or Puppy Love eventually learn each other’s pasts and become each other’s strengths. {Can be MxF, MxM, FxF, or PeIxXPeIx}


Option 6: The Harem- This one is for the overly Ambitious You play at least 3 people going after my Main hyjinx ensue, and dark shit happens and eventually we end up in 1. a unicornius polycule, 2. I end up with only one of the suitors, or 3. my Main Dies marking the end of the Harem. {Pregnancy is inevitable no matter what gender we play so warning. I will also play a few characters going after my own ass, but your characters will have priority with dates and such.}

Okay that’s all I have for now if you have something else you’d like to shoot my way you can ask the worst I’ll say is no. If you have gotten to this point and wish to do a 1x1 please title your PM “Poor Unfortunate Soul” thank you, and have a wonderful day.

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