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Dolce Anima (CLOSED)

By Ravanya
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Isabella was a simple kind of woman. She grew up with a great family, full of love and support and wonderous memories. Such memories also included baking with her Nonna (Grandmother) and her Madre (Mother). Not only had it become such a family tradition, especially for holidays and special occasions, but it had settled deep into Isabella's soul and became a fiery passion for her. She had her own family recipes, as well as recipes that her family passed down the generations. As she grew up and perfected her recipes to her souls liking, she decided that once she had enough money saved up, she would open her own bakery....





It took some serious saving, and owing on some loans, but she managed to open her bakery and kickstart her business. Anyone who tries her sweets are instantly regular customers. She'd even be called for a few wedding receptions, including decadent cakes! But word of mouth only gets her so far, no matter how well her desserts tasted. She needed better publicity, better marketing, but sadly, for all the money going into the bakery, it wasn't generating enough money to stave off the debt collectors. The bakery looks like it's doing well, and each and every pastry and pie is full of heart and love and soul. But without the proper publicity, it won't go very far, and may just leave Isabella stuck in the dough.



So, what happens when a very crazed Personal Assistant comes rushing in the door with a half-crazed offer to bake for a Charity Gala hosted by the richest (and most eligible) Man in the city?


What happens if she accepts the offer and is exposed to the rich, famous, elegant, and refined? Can her treats and sweets be enough to sway more business for her bakery?


Will she flop and lose her dreams and bakery to debt collectors barging down her doors?


Come in, grab a cupcake, and find out!



PM me to join before requesting to join. This is not a first come first serve, you will be turned away if simple protocol isn't followed. Titles your message something sweet to let me know you read everything. I will be using Italian language in the RP (Using Google Translator) and would like someone to be open to using the translator as well.

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RavanyaIsabella   96d ago


“Ci siamo! Two dozen Apple Cinnamon Cookies with 50/50 Cinnamon Cream Cheese Icing and Cinnamon Buttercream Icing for Mrs. Torezz. It was so wonderful to see you again! Say hi to the piccoli for me!  Ciao! Isabella waved to the older woman as she packed out her pastry purchases and headed off to her daycare a few blocks down the road, the bell on the door tinkling as it closed behind her. About that time, the buzzer on the ovens went off and Isabella was scurrying back into the kitchen behind the counter.

Her hand pies were done and needed to cool before they were glazed and set out in the display counter. Flour was almost everywhere, though at the end of the night, it would be cleaned spotless. There were all the telltale signs that everything was made from scratch and fresh everyday. Right down to the mini Garden in the large bay window in the kitchen. It held herbs like Mint, Lavender, Thyme, Basil, and anything else she could grow personally to add just another bit of flavor to her works.

Everything had its place, labeled, dated, rotated, she took every precaution she needed to make sure that no one could shut her down due to any kind of health code violations. Not that many would. She had her regulars and her loyal patrons that would show nearly every morning for muffins, coffee, bagels, breads and other such morning treats. It always makes Isabella happy to see the joy her treats bring others. Each day is a new adventure to try and pass along the love she gives in her sweets. The only thing that stands in her way is the debt collectors.

If she could just pay off the loans, she would be able to outright own the bakery and its property. Each day its not paid off is more she owes, and she makes a payment every week, but the collectors are beginning to demand more and more in their payments, and it makes it more and more difficult to keep up. Even though she has her steady flow and her loyal regulars, she doesn't have the funds for better marketing and advertisement. Therefore, she only has so much of a reach in this city, and word of mouth can only get her bakery so far.

As she moved her handpies from the baking sheets to their cooling racks, she glanced over to her office door, and the Notice letters there in the IN box for bills. Another collector had come in and tried to push her around the day before. She'd all but beat him with a rolling pin to get him out the door and promising payment. The thing with this city was that the debt collectors were just as ruthless as loan sharks in Vegas. She ran the bakery by herself since she didn't have the funds to hire anyone else, but she did have a customer or two that would trade work for products. Her Exterminator came around twice a month and only took a couple dozen doughnuts for his company. Her Maintenance Man was on call and got free meals when he came to fix something. Seems the only ones that would get her money was bills and where she bought her ingredients.

It wasn't such a bad life, her family supported her the best they could, and she was able to get by, but she needed something in her life that was going to help improve her chances of making her dreams finale. Placing the last of her handpies onto its cooling rack, she heard the bell of her door jangle rather harshly and this caused her slight alarm. She wiped her hands off on a towel in her apron band and made her way to the front in a quick pace as she called her usual greeting. “Ciao e Benvenuto! Welcome to Dolce Anima, How can I help you?”

StolenRelics-dolce   61d ago


Giovanni let out a small sigh as he looked at the envelope his sister had given him a few moments before. The fiery redhead had stumbled into the living room and handed it too him with a demand. “Giovanni! Ho bisogno che tu vada a prendere i dolcetti per la festa di domani! Giovanni! I need you to go and get the treats for tomorrow's party!” That's when the males heart had dropped into his stomach. He had forgotten the fact they were throwning a huge party tomorrow and his sister had put him in charge of the sweets for said party.

The male looked her up and down and shook his head lightly. “Conosco Isadora, stavo solo aspettando che tu mi dessi i soldi per farmi andare a farlo. I know Isadora, I was just waiting for you to give me the money in order for me to go and do it.” He said as he stood and walked towards her. The woman cocked her head to the side and crossed her arms over her chest. “Non mi stavi affatto aspettando Gio. Eri uno stronzo pigro e continuavi a rimandare. Ho bisogno che tu vada e ora. You weren't waiting for me at all Gio. You were being a lazy asshole and kept putting it off. I need you to go and now.” He could hear the demand in her voice as well.

The male wasn't in the mood to deal with the wrath of his sister anymore, and he kissed her cheek lightly as he escaped out of the huge mansion and to his Lamborghini. He pulled the car keys from his pocket, unlocked the door and slipped inside. He started the car and pulled out of the driveway of the mansion. He had known about the party for months and yet he had put everything off till the last minute. That's what he did best anyway. Always putting it off and not getting things done. It was no wonder that Isadora was always mad at him. He took after their father in that way. The male let out a small sigh as he headed into town trying to figure out whom could make the sweets overnight.

When he entered town he spotted the small sweet shop first and foremost, and he pulled up to the front. He shut the car off and made his way inside. The bell tinkled letting whomever was there know he was inside. He looked around the small shop and his mouth watered at the smell. He felt like he was ten years old again. Going to the sweet shops with his mother and Isadora to pick out their favorite sweets to take home to their father. He shook his head lightly when a woman came out from the back and he looked towards her and smiled lightly nodding his head.

“Ciao. Come stai oggi bella? Ciao. How are you doing today beautiful?” He might have been laying it on thick with the beautiful comment but he didn't care. She was beatiful after all. He looked around the small shop and then back towards her. “So I do have a request and I'm pretty sure it's going to be a lot for you. But are you willing to make close to a thousand sweets for a party my sister and I are hosting tomorrow night? If you need more help, I'll be willing to send some of my best bakers to help you with it.” he said lightly. He knew it was a tall order and he would do everything he could to help make it easier.

He just hoped that she wouldn't turn him away for this request. He had heard nothing but good about this shop and he wanted to make sure he got the best sweets money could buy.

RavanyaIsabella   56d ago


She had her usual sweet smile in place, though she was surprised to see a new customer. It was usually always a tourist or the regulars. When he replied to her in her family's native language, she couldn't help the spark of giddiness in her. Then her dropped a bomb on her that left her all but speechless. She gave a small nervous laugh and cleared her throat a moment before speaking. “Mi scusi? You wish me to make at least….. meaning as a baker I will need to actually make twice that, in case of emergency, by tomorrow? First, I need to know if this is true, or if you are just pulling my leg, Signore…. I mean no disrespect, but not many come in here with orders that large, nor on such short notice…..” Her accent had thickened in her surprise, a sign that it was a true accent and not one of those put on ones to try and sell more. She was trying to be professional, while her thoughts roared at her inside of her head. Part of her screamed to take the offer, it could possibly be the saving grace of a lifetime for her bakery. Another part of her was screaming not to trust it, that it was probably a scam.

She didn't know what to think, and this man was waiting for an answer. If she said no, and missed her oppurtunity, she would be kicking herself for the rest of her life. If she said yes, and it was a scam, she could lose absolutely everything. “Chiedo scusa, Signore... These are hard times…. for some… and such an offer would be foolish to pass up, but I need something to prove that you mean your words before I can agree. And if I agree, I would need at least two more - competant - bakers to help with the number needed, I would need to know what flavors are needed, any allergies to steer from, as well as a larger kitchen to make such a quantity….. my poor bakery is not made for such production.” Not that she didn't want a larger bakery, but she was barely affording this one. She hoped to one day increase her business, but there were steps to be taken first. 

She finished wiping her hands, and set her towel down on the counter to pull out a sheet of all the treats and sweets she could make, complete with pictures for those that didn't know what something might be. She would go over the different types based on any allergy issues someone might have, as well as what that would mean price wise, depending on what he chose. She also made it clear that if he wanted them by tomorrow night, they would need to work overnight to get things done in time. If it was a true offer, then she would pull an all nighter for that chance, but she wouldn't agree without some form of proof.

StolenRelics-dolce   50d ago


Giovanni knew how the woman must be feeling. It was such a large offer and on such short notice as well. He noticed how her accent changed and it made the male smile. It was kind of nice to speak in his own language for a bit. He let the woman speak. When she was done and had placed the book on top of the counter he pulled the envelope out of his pocket and opened it. He started counting and then placed a rather large sum of money onto the counter in front of her. “Comprensibile. Proprio qui ho poco più di mille in contanti.. Understandable. Right here I have a little over a thousand in cash..”

“Will this be enough for a down payment for the time being? If so I do have three others I would be more than willing to lend you. And I also have a large kitchen you can use as well. I promise you this isn't a scam. Ti prometto che non sono qualcuno che usa nessuno… I promise you I'm not someone to use anyone. My sister is needing all of these sweets. There's no allergy's that I know of. Then again I don't know a lot of the people that'll be attending.”

“Is there anything else you need from me to prove that this isn't a scam? You get the first half of the money today, and then the rest after the party. Che dici bella? Abbiamo un accordo? What do you say beautiful? Do we have a deal?” he knew it was a lot to ask, and he knew where the woman was coming from. He just hoped that she wouldn't turn down such an amazing offer. He would be providing everything and anything she would need. He slipped the envelope back into his pocket his eyes moving towards the book on the counter. The photos of all of them were making his mouth water.

He leaned against the counter his arm brushing the stack of bills next to him. He looked up towards her and smiled warmly. He had to admit she looked adorable with the shocked look on her face. He was offering her a lot of money, and he was hoping with everything in his body that she would agree to doing it. If not he would need to get a move on, and soon. He turned his attention back to the book on the counter, letting the woman think about it for a few more moments.

RavanyaIsabella   42d ago


Isabella watched as he heard her out, and then he lifted an envelope from his pocket. She stared wide eyed as he counted out some money and slid it her way, speaking of it being a downpayment. She couldn't believe her eyes, and so she picked up the money and counted through it three times. Sure enough the money was there. He offered to lend her his three top bakers, and the use of his large kitchen. If what she had was only a downpayment, then the money she would get from a job like this she would be able to actually make a dent in her debts to be paid.

He swore that he wasn't scamming her, that this was a legit deal, and that all he said was true. She felt light-headed, like this was a dream and she feared waking up. She looked to him and then to the money in her hand and then to her profile book. The pages gleamed in their laminate like picture perfect pieces. Dolce Anima Was going to grow and get better as she had dreamed. She had to compose herself, she couldn't afford to look unprofessional now. She turned to the man with a huge smile, taking his hand in both of hers as she thanked him over and over again.

“Oh, grazie, Signore! Grazie grazie! Giuro che non rimarrai deluso!! (Oh, thank you, Sir! Thank you, thank you! I swear you will not be disappointed!!) You do not understand what this means for me! Yes, of course, I will take the job! Just tell me where to be! I can give you the list of ingredients that I'll need to make that many sweets, and we will have to start first thing this afternoon if we're to make enough in time….. What time is this party of yours? And no worries for the allergies, if this goes right, I am sure I can make enough that everyone has something to love.”

She went on to write the list of things she needed to be at the kitchen, as well as her personal cell number, the number to the bakery, and her name “Isabella Morretti”. She would then write down the address to be, the names of the bakers to help her, and they agreed that she would close the shop early to get everything baked and decorated in time for the large party. She also offered to attend the party to help to serve her treats if that was available.  This would give her a chance to speak with patrons and if they wished to ask, she could send them to her bakery. This was a huge opportunity for her. 

“And your name, Signore?”

StolenRelics-dolce   40d ago


Giovanni loved seeing the look of surprise cross the woman's face as she counted the money. He placed the envelope back into his pocket as she spoke. The tone of her voice and the excitement made the male smile. She was quite the peach so to say. He shook his head lightly as he waved off her thanks. “Non c'è bisogno di ringraziarmi. In tutta onestà, devo essere io a ringraziarti. No need to thank me. In all honesty I need to be the one thanking you.” he said as he broke out into a bigger smile. He was the type of person to help those in need.

He watched as she wrote her name down on a piece of paper. Right when she asked his name he realized he hadn't told her. “Che terribile da parte mia, mi chiamo Giovnni Rossi. How terrible of me, my name is Giovnni Rossi. Please accept my apology about that. I'm never that rude.” he said as he reached up and rubbed the back of his head. He meant it too. He didn't really think about his name. He was too worried about making sure he was able to get the woman to help him with the party. He sighed inwardly as his phone buzzed in his pocket.

He pulled it out and raised a finger to the woman as he opened the message and read it. Were you able to snag something? I need to know for sure, and if you did let me know how much. You should have enough cash, if not let me know either way please. It's getting down to the wire here Gio! Hurry your ass up! The male couldn't help but smirk at his sister's message. He loved making her sweat. He then started a quick reply back.

Don't worry darling sister of mine. I'm working on it. I just did the down payment, and I'm just going over everything with the baker right now. She will be coming to use the kitchen at home along with Billy, Sadie and Romeo as well. She's going to need all the help she can get with your insane party planning. He read it a second time and then hit send. He slid his phone back into his pocket and looked back towards Isabella. She looked like a goddess in this lighting, and the fact she was willing to close early to get cracking on the sweets.

He leaned on the counter and smirked lightly. “Quindi gli aiutanti saranno Billy, Sadie e Romeo. Sono i miei migliori fornai. So the helpers are going to be Billy, Sadie and Romeo. They are my best bakers. You will have free reign to my kitchen as well. I'll be there watching to make sure everything's taken care of. You make the list and I'll get what you need. If you'd like we can head over there now” he said as he pulled his car keys out of his pocket. He wasn't about to let her drive alone either.

He cocked his head to the side and smiled a bit. “I hope you don't mind me driving, but the house is kind of hard to find. That and I tend to drive a bit fast so you following is out of the question” he said with a small teasing note in his voice. He wasn't going to take no for an answer though. He swung the keys around on his finger as he waited to see what her reply would be.

RavanyaIsabella   32d ago


Isabella couldn't help her smile as he introduced himself, looking a bit sheepish as he apologized for his rudeness. Per niente maleducato, Signor Rossi. Eri in difficoltà, capisco l'urgenza. Not rude at all, Mr. Rossi. You were in a bind; I understand the urgency.” While she wrote the list of what she needed and how much of each, he seemed to answer something on his phone. He explained that his best bakers would be helping her, and she had full range of his kitchen. He was trusting her to lead charge over his own bakers, that thought left her blushing lightly in soft pride. She truly hoped that she didn't let them down. He offered them to leave now, and she blinked in soft surprise. So early? It wasn't impossible, but she would have to make a stop first. He then lifted his keys and offered to drive her, for one his house was hard to find, and also because he drove too fast to keep up. “I don't drive, myself, can't afford a car. But if you do not mind making a stop for me on the way, then of course, we could leave in just a few moments. Oh! The pies!" She said and skittered to the back.

She checked the pies she had been leaving to cool and giving a sigh of relief, they were still fine, and the glaze had cooled and hardened as it was supposed to. She packed them up and added her touches that gave it the homier feel instead of the usual production-based feel of them. Everything she did was homemade. She came back from the back holding three neatly tied boxes smelling of fruits and sugar. “If we could make a stop, to drop these off, I can close the shop behind us. This way they do not come to the shop to pick up the order, and the shop is closed. This way I am not doing wrong by my customers.” She smiled softly. She set the packages on the counter and then went to clean up in the back. Coming back out she took off her apron and hung it on its usual hook.

Taking care of her till in her register and setting the case to a refrigerated mode to come back and clean out later, she looked up at him. “Would you like something, before we leave? No charge for this one, can be a taste test of sorts, and a thank you for giving me this chance.” She said earnestly and waited for him to make his choice. THen closing and locking everything up she took up the packages and her keys and came around the counter, ready to go, excitement and nerves in her eyes.

StolenRelics-dolce   27d ago


Giovanni smiled warmly at the woman and nodded a bit. He understood that She had other things to do and that she would need a couple minutes to get everything cleaned up and in order. “Non mi dispiace affatto. Prenditi tutto il tempo di cui hai bisogno. I don't mind at all. Take as much time as you need.” he said softly as he watched her go to the back. He knew that his sister would end up contacting him again, so he pulled his phone out of his pocket and sent her a quick message. I ended up getting the baker. Making a quick stop and will be home.

He read the message over and then hit send. Perfect! Hurry because I'm pretty sure the other's will be getting impatient with waiting for you and your slow ass. See you soon Gio. Giovanni let out a small laugh at his sister's reply and looked up when the woman came back to the front with the boxes in hand. The smell of the pies made his mouth water. That and the offer for a treat for on the way. He wasn't about to turn that down at all. He thought about it a moment and then spotted the cookies in the case.

“Do you think I could trouble you for a couple of those cookies? I've been eyeballing them this whole time. As for the stop I wouldn't mind at all. Since we still need to stop at the store as well to get what you need. I figured since you know what you need more than I would, I would let you do the shopping for it” he said lightly. He watched as she went back into the back to get what she needed done. He walked over to one of the chairs and sat down.

He scrolled through his phone as he waited. When she came back with keys in hand, he stood and walked over to the counter and took the pies from her hands. “I'll carry these for you my dear. Just lock up behind you” he said as he made his way out of the small shop. His car was the only one in the parking lot and he walked over and opened the back door. He placed the pies onto the floor and found a blanket and wrapped it around them as another form of protection.

He then stood and walked around to the passenger side door and opened it for her. He nodded lightly as he waited till she was in the car. He shut the door behind her, went around the front of the car and slipped in behind the wheel. He started up the car and followed the directions she provided.

RavanyaIsabella   20d ago


Isabella couldn't get her heart to stop fluttering in her excitement. When she had come back out with the order to be delivered, he had chosen one of her cookie options that was actually one of her favories to make. She reached into her case and pulled out the dozen on display and slipped them into one of her to-go bags. He picked up her boxes offering to carry them for her, and she blushed softly and smiled, nodding and quickly heading out with his bag of cookies and her keys. She opened the door for him and while he got the cookies settled into his car, she set the alarm and locked the doors, putting up the impromptu sign of being closed for an event and promising to return soon, written both in English and in Italian.

As she headed to the car, he opened her door for her, earning another smile from her. Grazie mille, Signore. (Thank you very much, Sir)” She slipped into the car easily, settling into its plush seats with a sigh of awe. She settled his cookies on his center console for him and buckled in. It was mostly quiet as she was giving directions through the town. Upon reaching their destination, she promised to only be a moment and slipped out to take the boxes inside.

The building was a rundown apartment complex that was single parents or elderly. They were having a potluck for the building, something they did about once a month, so thankfully the delivery was in the backyard. When she showed, there was a surprised cheer from the patrons and calls in English, Spanish, and Italian in joy. The boxes were set to one of the picnic tables while everyone else was setting things up. She told them they still had some time to cool. “Please, do make sure they are cooled off completely before the piccoli start getting into them? I know you were not supposed to pick them up until later this afternoon, but I had to close the shop early today. No, no, nothing is wrong! I've been asked to cater for an event, and I need to get started if I'm to make sure that I give them my best. The shop will open again once the event is over.” One of the elderly asked of the young man with her, asking if she hired a new delivery boy and she flushed deeply.

She went into a flurry of Italian with the older woman, respectfully correcting her, saying that he was the one whom hired her for the event, and had offered her a ride as she didn't drive herself. The older woman walked with Isabella back to the car before turning to the young man and pointed a finger to him while giving a thick Italian accent in her tones as she told him to make sure he treated her like a lady and didn't shame his mother with any bad manners. Isabella flushed deeply all the way to her ears at the old woman's boldness to scold the young man with her. “Nonna (Grandma) Elena!” she gasped at her as she made her way back to the backyard. She looked to Giovanni and stammered out apologies.

StolenRelics-dolce   18d ago


As the male took the directions that the woman offered he looked up at the run down apartment building they had pulled up too. He nodded lightly as he was about to get out to help her, but she was already out with the boxes in hand. He shrugged a bit as he pulled out his cigarette's and climbed out of the car to smoke. He never smoked unless he was really nervous and for some reason he was. He was worried about the party and what his sister was going to say when he finally arrive with Isabella in tow.

He let out a small sigh as he took a drag and looked up towards the building again. He could hear people talking out back and wondered what was going on. He was curious. He was about to push himself away from the car when he spotted Isabella following an older woman. He put the smoke out and smiled lightly at the older woman. When she started speaking about treating Isabella like a lady he nodded. “Prometto che tratterò Isabella come una signora. Mi assicurerò che sia al sicuro e che si prenda cura di lei, hai la mia parola. I promise I will treat Isabella like a lady. I'll make sure she's safe and well taken care of, you have my word.”

Credimi, non lascerò che le accada qualcosa di brutto. Trust me I won't let anything bad happen to her.” he couldn't help but wonder if the older woman was her mother, or grandmother. He clicked his tongue as the two went back around the building to the party that was behind held. A small chuckle left his lips as he leaned back against the car waiting for the woman to come back. He couldn't really do anything more anyway.

He was curious as to what was going on, but knew he wasn't invited so he wasn't about to walk into a party and ruin it. He leaned against the car and waited for the female to come back out so they could finally leave. They were on a time crunch and he knew she knew they were, but he wasn't going to be a total jack ass and rush her. Even though he wanted too he wasn't going too.


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