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paѕ de deυх

By Junebug-
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Novalee has been in love with dancing her whole life. It started out as nothing but a dream, and when her parents had put her into dance, it was like her whole life had been turned upside down. She fought tooth and nail to become the dancer she is today. As the years passed she met and fell in love with her High School sweetheart. Their lives had been perfect, and she was walking on cloud nine pretty much. She couldn't dream of anything more than she had right now. She had a dancing career in front of her, and she wasn't going to let it slip away from her. That was before the abuse had started... The man she loved changed... He started hitting her, calling her names, and always putting her down.


Your Name Here has been in the dancing world since he was a junior in High School. He knew the other's would start teasing him, and he didn't care. Men could dance too, and he was going to prove it. He didn't care what other's said, he would do it the way he wanted. He wanted his career to go somewhere. So all through High School, all he focused on was dance, dance, dance. Sometimes he would go out on a date, but it wasn't that often. He didn't want a girl getting in the way of that. He was so focused on his budding career, that he didn't realize he was shutting everyone in his family out. He wasn't meaning too, he just wanted to prove to the world that dance wasn't just for women.


One night both dance studios had a recital and Novalee ended up bumping into Your Name Here. There was something there, a small spark between the two of them. She didn't know it then, but they made a connection so strong, that it scared the both of them. Your Name Here, didn't know how to really explain it, but there was something about Novalee, and he wanted to know more. Novalee told Your Name Here, that she was in a relationship and nothing would ever come of them meeting. Your Name Here at the time understood. He could tell she was hiding something from him though, but he barely knew her, and he didn't want to pry it out of her. He made a promise to her though, that he would always be there for her, just to talk too, or spend time with. Novalee knew spending time with Your Name Here would be a bad idea, but promised she would at least text him.


As the two texted back and forth, feelings were starting to form. Your Name Here told himself over and over that it wouldn't happen. It couldn't happen. She was a taken woman, but he wanted her in his life. One night Novalee had gotten into a really horrible fight with her boyfriend, and the only person she could turn too was Your Name Here. She needed the help, and when she called him in tears, and told him about what her boyfriend did to her, Your Name Here about lost his shit. He knew Muse A needed to be protected, and he was going to be the one to protect her. What'll happen when Your Name Here ends up taking Novalee away from her relationship? Will they be able to work on something more? Or will Novalee be too scared to get into another relationship, because of the abuse she was put through? You'll never know unless you join, Pas De Deux.


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The cast of Pas De Deux.


Novalee Goodman; Taken


Male; Taken


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A small sigh passed through the blondes lips as she sat at her dressing table and looked at herself in the mirror. The fading bruise was still there, and her heart ached at the sight of it. Dylan had beaten her about a week ago, and since then he's been nothing but a total sweetheart, bringing her flowers, giving her massages, and telling her how beautiful she was. The night the fight broke out, the male had been drinking and had come home drunk. Novalee had been cleaning the house, listening to Marina and the Diamonds at the time.


She had been practicing her dance routine for the recital that she was getting ready for. When Dylan walked in and saw what was going on, he lost it. He had grabbed her by the wrist nearly breaking it and told her that she wouldn't be doing dance anymore. That shattered her heart. She had done everything in her power to get where she was now. She wanted to follow her dreams, and passions, but Dylan was preventing her from doing so. She knew better than that though. She had to put on a fake smile.


The words he yelled at her that night still swam around in her mind. She felt tears stinging her eyes, as she thought about them. "You'll never be good enough Nova. You'll never get into your dream school. You'll never make a career out of it either. I will not have my future bride doing something like this her whole life. Our daughter will never follow in your footsteps either. Your dancing career is over with" he had spit out at her. That was when he had lifted his hand and slapped her, hard.


She had seen sparks fly the moment his hand hit under her eye. The bruise was slowly fading, and she wanted nothing more than to cry again. She knew better than that. That's when she heard Dylan enter the room behind her. "You look beautiful baby, I brought your favorite flowers" he said stepping into their bedroom. She looked up and met his eyes in the mirror. Sure enough, he had white roses in his hands, and her heart swelled inside of her chest. "Dylan, thank you" she breathed out as she turned around to face him.


He then placed the flowers into her arms, and kissed her temple. "Anything for you Novalee. Are you almost finished? I know you need to get there early to get dressed" he said lightly. The blonde nodded lightly. "Yes, I'm almost finished. Just need to finish my makeup" she said lightly. The male nodded and moved over to the bed and sat down. Novalee turned around in her chair, and placed the roses down beside her. She then applied the rest of her makeup. She made sure to use enough coverup for the bruise.


This was the Dylan she loved. Having him dote on her, and make her feel beautiful, and made her feel like she mattered. When she was finished, she grabbed her ballet shoes, and placed them into her bag. She zipped it up and slung the strap over her shoulder. The male grabbed her around the waist and pulled her into him. His lips found hers, and she nearly melted inside of his arms. She kissed the male back, before he pulled away and led her to the car. He opened the door, and she slipped inside.


She watched as he rounded the car and slid in behind the wheel. "Tonight's going to be amazing. I have reservations for dinner afterwards as well" he said with a smile. Nova's heart swelled even more. "You are amazing, thank you baby" she breathed out, touching his cheek lightly. "Anything for you, my love" he said smiling towards her. He then put the car into gear, and pulled out of the driveway and headed into the heart of New York. She was getting more and more nervous, as they got closer to the building.


Tonight wasn't just a recital for her either. Tonight, she would be showing her talents for Julliard. Her dream school. She had found out they had a good dance scholarship, and she wanted to go. She would be showing her talents to the coaches, and she would hopefully leave with a spot in the dance company itself. When the building was in view, Dylan dropped her off outside the front doors. "I'll see you in there" he said. Novalee nodded and slipped out. "See you soon" she said as she closed the door behind her and headed inside.


As she stepped into the hotel's doors, there was a lot of people there. The chatter was enough to make her head swim. She was excited. She was looking forward to the night's events. She went and found her dressing room. As she was walking down the halls, she bumped into the side of a male. She dropped her bag and let out a small sigh. She bent down and picked the bag up. As she stood, her eyes met his. "I'm so sorry about that. I wasn't looking where I was going" she breathed out.


The male she was speaking too wasn't much older than she was, and he was already dressed up to dance. She smiled lightly towards him. "Good luck tonight as well" she said. It was normal to see a male dancer, but something about this male seemed to spark something inside of her. She ducked her head and made her way down the hall. She found her dressing room, slipped inside and closed the door behind her. She leaned her back against the door, her heart racing. The male she had laid eyes on was handsome.


His eyes were the first thing she had seen, she wanted nothing more than to find him, get lost in those eyes, and forget everything else around her. She shoved those thoughts aside, as she walked over to the table, dropped her bag, and finished getting ready. She was one of the first one's on stage, and she didn't have much time to really spare. She couldn't get the man's face out of her head, and she hoped she would run into him again, and soon.


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