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Hidden truth

By Zira
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Hidden Truths


In the dark night the only thing to be seen is the orange hue that lit up the sky. It was accompanied by the thick dark smoke from the nearby fires started by the invading army. The cries from the families that are either being separated during the chaos or the screams from the wounded are the only sounds that could be heard besides the thundering of footsteps. It wasn’t til the sun started to rise when the invaders started to round up those who were left to either be prisoners or the young to be raised as servants for the royal family. Among those gathered and placed in a barred carriage was Muse A (me). A young girl now left without a family or her own title. She was the princess of the kingdom that just fell yet no one knew besides her servant which disguised her as a peasant child. It was the only way to save her life as the rest of the former royal family was executed in their castle.


Ten years have passed since then and Muse A grew up into a fine young woman despite being a servant for the royal family. Over the years she was taught by the other servants how to carry out her tasks properly. Although she was still a bit of a cluz and occasionally would mess things up which led to frequent punishments from the head maid. Due to her mistakes she was never to work around the royal family. Although she didn’t mind as the rumors around the castle were that the prince(muse b) and his father tend to be quite cruel especially when someone messes up or speaks out of turn. Due to those rumors she did her best to always avoid the prince(muse b) or the king as she didn’t want to cause trouble for herself in some way.  Although her luck soon ran out, she was assigned to work during one of the largest celebrations. It was the prince's coronation day which meant nobles and royal from other kingdoms would be there so they would need many servants to work that night. 


That night she stood in the kitchen anxious of working at the royals table. She tried to beg the head maid to place her somewhere else but the request was denied. She ran her hands over the fresh uniform before grabbing a bottle of wine. She left the kitchen to stand at her post behind the royal table for whenever someone would need their glass filled. She bites her lip nervously as the party is now getting into full swing. Many of the guests were already drunk and chatting happily with one another. One of the other royals at the royal table calls Muse A over to fill his glass. As she filled his glass the royals hand grabbed her bottom causing her to spill the wine on him instead. “Hey! Watch what you are doing girl.” The man yells while shoving her away and using his napkin to clean up his clothing. Due to his harsh shove Muse A falls to the ground and the bottle shatters which draws in quite a bit of unwanted attention. The King looked over to his son(muse b) and nodded to him to handle the situation as after today he would be the new king of his subjects.



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