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Sometimes life is never what you expect it to be. You expect to be accepted by the people around you, you expect them not to judge you and for them to include you in everything they are doing. That's not how life was for Eveleen at all. Her father was a white man, and her mother was black. People looked down on them for their relationship, and when Eveleen was born they told them that she would get teased, and that she wouldn't live long enough to see her eighteenth birthday. The threats made the small family move out of the state of Texas, and they ended up moving to one of the busiest cities of the world New York City. Since then Eveleen grew up in the wonderful place, and she wasn't treated differently. Just what her parents wanted for their young daughter.

As the years passed, Eveleen grew into the beautiful woman she was now. She didn't have many friends and she was okay with that. She didn't want a lot of people to be around her in the first place. She had heard the whispers in the halls of school, and the way people looked at her because she didn't have the same skin color as them. That's when Your Name Here entered her life. He was a whirlwind of personality, and he had his eye on Eveleen since their senior year of High School. He would try to talk to her, but she would always have her guard up, and wouldn't let him into her small bubble. She was scared of what people would say after all.

Your Name Here on the other hand didn't care what other's would say. He would do everything he could to get her attention. He felt like they were supposed to prove the world wrong. So he made a vow to himself that he would get her to go out with him when they weren't in High School anymore. Now that time has come and gone, Eveleen had a steady job as a waitress, and Your Name Here was working in one of the many bars in town. One day he walked into the small business she worked at, and was kind of surprised to see it was filled with black people and no white people to be seen. Eveleen felt more comfortable that way. Your Name Here had every one watching his every move, but he didn't care.

Your Name Here had one thing on his mind, and that was to break the stereotype of white men couldn't date black women. He wanted to prove to Eveleen that she didn't need to fear what other's would think of her. What'll happen when Your Name Here kept showing up to her place of business? Will she finally realize that she didn't have to hide behind her people? Would they be able to make a real relationship work the way her parents had? Or will the judgement of the other people of the world break the young couple? You'll never know unless you join, Skin Deep.


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The cast of Skin Deep.

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"Eveleen my love, are you getting up? It's almost nine-thirty" came the sound of her mother's voice. Eveleen let out a small sigh as she rolled onto her side and pulled the pillow over her head. "Yes mother I'm awake" she called out. "Aright, hurry you don't want to be late for classes" came her mother's voice once more. Eveleen could careless honestly. She was getting tired of people staring at her, and making her feel like she was a bug in people's way. Living in New York City though had it's perks.


She was able to go to one of the best schools here, and there was one place that white people never entered. That was Savannah's. Her favorite waitressing job, and she felt like she was at home when she was at work. She sighed as she threw the pillow onto the ground and slid out of bed. She had showered the night before, so she wasn't going to worry about it right now. She had her clothes already laid out waiting for her. She hurried and got dressed, and then slid her shoes onto her feet.


She made sure she had her work uniform as well as everything else she would need. She was pulling a double at work today after the only class she had. She then made her way out of her room and towards the kitchen. She could hear her parents in the kitchen laughing. "Stop it" her mother giggled. Her father let out a growl and grabbed his wife, pulling her against his chest and kissed her deeply. "Gross" came the sound of their daughter's voice. Malcom set his wife down and smirked at his daughter.


"What? You don't want something like this some day?" he asked her. She pulled a chair out and sat down. "You mean a white husband? Having a mixed child? No I don't" she said. "Eveleen! That wasn't kind of you at all" said her mother. Malcom shook his head and walked over to his daughter and took her chin in his hand. "Now you listen here my love, you are special, you are important, and you have so much fire in you it's not even funny. You will do great things in life" he said kissing her nose.


"Because you are a mixed child doesn't mean anything. Your mother and I have made our marriage work, and I know you will do the same when the time comes" he said lightly. Eveleen shook her head lightly and rolled her eyes. "I'm doing just fine thank you. I love you so much daddy" she said hugging him. "I love you too baby" he said kissing the side of her head. The small family hurried and ate breakfast before going their separate ways for the day. Eveleen hugged her mother last.


She then hurried to her car and slid in behind the wheel. She started it up and pulled out of the driveway and headed towards campus. She wasn't looking forward to people judging her today. She was getting really tired of it too. She wanted nothing more than to vanish from the world, so that way she wouldn't have to deal with it. When she was in the campus parking lot she parked in her normal spot, shut the car off, grabbed her back pack and climbed out. She locked the car behind her and slid the keys into her pocket.


The only class she had today was business management, and that was it. She walked into the building and Nadie stopped her. "Really? You think you are allowed to go in before me nigger?" she hissed. The word made Eveleen want to break down into tears, but she held her ground. "I'm sorry" she said lightly letting the other's in before her. She then slipped in after them and took her seat in the back. As she had been entering the building she spotted Marco watching her.


She honestly didn't know why he was so kind to her. He had been since they had been in high school. She was surprised when she found out he was here in the same college. She shook her head lightly as she pulled out her things, and waited for the day to end. The faster this class got over, the faster she could get to Savannah's and feel better about herself.


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