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By Junebug-
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It’s the final summer before Vivienne and all of their friends move in separate directions, figuratively and literally, in pursuit of higher education, job opportunities, etc. So Vivienne and friends pool all of their money together and rent a house in the nearest seaside town to have an unforgettable last hurrah. When the group arrives at their destination, they’re a bit underwhelmed by the house.

The accommodations aren’t as pristine as the online ad claimed, but it’s on the beach and the boardwalk within walking distance offers plenty to do so it’s not a total loss. Restless and low on groceries well after midnight, Vivienne and pals stroll to a 24 hour snack stand/diner at the start of the nearby pier. When someone at the table sends a dish back to the kitchen, the cook Falcon comes to the table with a re-fire and a sincere apology.


Vivienne can’t help but have a weird feeling wash over them as the friendly cook chats with their group and offers them advice on things to do while they’re in town. There’s an eerie resemblance and particular mannerisms that [b Vivienne] recognizes as similar to their own. It takes Vivienne a few days and a little bit of lowkey stalking, but they ultimately come to a stunning realization. The kind cook is actually Vivienne’s long-lost love whom they thought had passed away because that’s what they were led to believe by the single parent who raised them.


Does Vivienne spend the rest of their summer trying to avoid Falcon and failing or actively seeking answers and pushing to create a connection? Will Falcon want to get to know Vivienne if/when the truth comes out? Have they known about Vivienne’s existence this whole time?




The cast of Remember Me.

Falcon Lawson; Taken

Angelica Lawson; Taken

Vivienne Whitlock; Taken

Knox Whitlock; Taken


We know the rules of the site. I'm not gonna type them all out. You are more than welcome to read along, just don't request into something that's not meant for you. Thank you.

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