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Aserox     96d ago

His little show hadnt quite gotten the reaction he'd hoped for but, then again these were strange people in a strange place. He chalked it up to culture and let it go. “A personal mission you say? Must be important. And I daresay all young elves such as yourself have a lot of growing to do.” Garak nodded sagely at the explanation. “After a certain age, all the growing us dwarves do is outwards.” He joked, patting his belly with a jovial laugh. 

He wasnt sure exactly what the upper shelf was, but it was probably like the inner quarter of the city. He nodded along politely regardless.Not so important, just to prove your worth?  Well, which is it? He asked laughing. “I'd feel thats fairly important, proving yourself to your peoples! Though plenty to fight in the woods I s'pose, not that anyone would see." He added, still in his joking tone.

He settled in to gently stir the stew in its now bubbling pot above the small fire, humming softly to himself. “Afraid I'm not much familiar with these particular woods, despite my wilderness experience.” Clearing his throat with the obvious lie, to him at least. The furthest he'd ever travelled before was the next town over. “Yes, the open mountain steppe, fresh air and country roads. Sounds good to me!” He added, going back to humming merrily, thinking more on a warm tavern than any cold woods or barren steppe.



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