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By Replicant
Backup thread

Just a place for anyone to vent.

This isn't a chat.


Remake of TasteMyRainbow's old thread, because I used it to vent way too often.

I'll delete it if they ask me to.

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Replicant   98d ago


the days drag on now that you're gone. it feels like it's been a lifetime, but it's only been a few weeks since i found out. nearly two months since you've been gone though. in every dream i have, i'm looking for you. you're never there though. i pray to the gods that i'll see you in my dreams, because at least that would be something. but i've never been lucky enough to get what i pray for. you're somewhere i can't reach and i hate it. it hurts immensely. 

i've been going through the motions of living. i'm tired. i still break down crying, and i still can't sleep well. i wish you were still here. there's so many things i want to tell you. so many things we could've talked about. now i'm stuck writing it all down and hoping that somehow, my words can reach you. wherever you are. i can't say that i've ever believed in the afterlife, but i wish for it to be real more than i ever have before.


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