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Bad Wolf


Long ago there was a large wolf pack known as Yasuragi. This pack was special, being blessed with a gift known as the four seasons. For the longest time, the pack seemed to live in harmony. The seasons coexisting peacefully, but all good things come to an end. The seasons started to overlaps causing an outburst of violences and bloodshed. The once harmonized pack, had now broken into four smaller packs. Keep a great distance between each other. There were some wolves that didn't agree with the segregation. They were out number and surely to be put down by their alphas. The bloodshed and hate seem to last for what seemed like centuries. 

Yuri was running through the forest enjoying her freedom. She knew better not to stray too far from the pack, but today she just wanted to be out on here own. Her lavender color eyes dance across the lush canopy, being from the spring pack meant the flowers were always in bloom, the trees flush with large leaves. It was peaceful but part of he always wondered. What happen to the forest edge? It was always so dual and lifeless. Curiosity seemed to get the best of her as she continue on her small journey. She tilted her head slowly stepping foot into the strange land. 

A shiver ran down her spine as she felt the temperature drop almost instantly. The ground was hard a the grass had a small crunch as her paw step on it. It was then she seen a small patch of snow. This was the first time she had ever seen snow, she couldn't help but to touch the cold white fluff. She was about to touch it again when sudden a large white wolf appear, growling and baring his ivory fangs. Yuri fur stood up as she her self let out a low growl herself in response. The large white wolf demanded to know what she was doing here. He could clearly smell the scent of fresh flowers on her raven colored fur. 

Yuri simply stated that she was only exploring that she just happen to step cross the line because she had gotten lost. Of course the white wolf didn't believe that lie. It didn't take the two long to get into a tussle. The white wolf seem shock that Yuri could even stand up to him. The sounds of howls could be heard in the distance. The white wolf let out a might howl which startled Yuri. She quickly ran back to the lust canopy. To her surprise the white wolf quickly followed where the two of them continued to tussle. Both exhausted for the duel, they decided to call a truce. The white wolf then reveal his name was Neve. 

Neve and Yuri often snuck out to see each other on days of the new moon. The two wished to share a full moon but being from different packs made that impossible. It was getting harder and hard to see each other as it was Neve learn that Yuri was the daughter of the Spring pack alpha. She was her father pride and joy. Neve was already the alpha of the winter pack. Depsite being from different packs, the two of them seemed to catch each other hearts. Neve could look at any she wolf  the same. Despite how many that seemed to flock to him. He knew in his heart that Yuri was his mate he didn't want anyone else. For Yuri was the same not matter how many strong future alphas her father set her up with she didn't have any interest in them. It angered her father, he snarled baring his teeth at her. She wasn't used to her father anger but instead of back down she growled back. The two wolves got into a fight, Yuri father hurt her pretty bad. 

She managed to get away from him running off into the forest. She was thankful she was a lot faster than her father and most the member of her pack. She quickly ran to her favorite spot to meet Neve. She was so happy when she seen Neve he greeted her warmly then snarled when he seen the blood. She assured him that it was nothing to worry about that she just wanted to be close to him for a while. Yuri snuggled into Neve snow colored fur. It felt nice, it was so warm and soft. She fell a sleep resting peacefully, near her him. The two of them finally decided they were going to run away and start a pack of their own just like the stories of the old days. So they made a place to meet here once again then they would depart.

It didn't take long for the plan to be carried out. The two meet like they always had and set out but it seem that Yuri father had suspected something. Catching the two trying to leave, he growl baring his fangs at Neve he demanded to know what he was doing with his daughter. Neve explained that Yuri was his mate that he loved her dearly. It was no surprise to Neve that Yuri's father didn't approve. When he looked too Yuri she said the same her father growl angrily snarling that no daughter of his will love an outsider it was against the pack laws!

Neve snarl as he stood in between the two. It didn't long for the fight to break out. The snarling and growling, the two wolves tore each other apart. Yuri was in tears watching her lover and father fight. There wasn't much she could do other than to watch from a distance. Neve told her to run, she was hesitant but she did as she was told. She waited a great distance away. Until finally Neve appeared his snow white fur was stained in crimson. She flatten her ears against her head as he limped toward her. She whimpered but was greeted with a soft nuzzled. Neve told her that had to keep going that couldn't stay here nor could they go back. With the faint howls in the distance it was only a matter of time before more wolves came running. 

The two ran as far as they could finding shelter in a small cave. They slipped inside the small cave finding it was empty. The two fell asleep snuggle close to each other. After a goodnights rest the two set out moving further away from their former home. Finally they had found a place that seemed like paradise it was were most of the rough wolves be banished too for breaking the pack laws. The Blackwoods was what it was often called. It was nice to finally not have fully worry sure there was new threat to worry about bit Neve assured Yuri that with him by her side that she would be safe. The two were happy living peacefully with the other wolves that roamed here.

Neve even happen to make friends with a few wolves that were formally from the summer pack. Everything was going great. Until the winter pack attacked. For years they wanted to claim the Blackwoods but Neve knew better. It seemed like they pack really did choose his brother to lead the pack. His brother was heartless it was no surprise when the two started fighting right away. Yuri tried to help but Neve told her to run with Kira. Neve promise he would come back to her. Yuri did as she was told and ran with Kira lead her to the summer pack they was slowly letting in new pack members thanks to the kind alpha that took over.

Yuri and Kira were kindly accepted into the pack but Yuri nervously placed at the border waiting for Neve. She wanted to run back to him but the state she was in she knew she couldn't. All she could do was wait, she paced and sat there for what seemed like days but in reality it only been a few hours. Kira often came to check on her bring Yuri some food. Yuri whimper as the sunrise. Finally a sight of movement came into view. Yuri race to Neve who was badly injured. Neve stated in a soft but low growl I told you I would come back to you… Yuri whimpered and whine as she saw her lover in such a state. He told her not to cried that she had to be strong for them. Yuri snuggled into Neve for the last time staying by his side until the very end. She let out a sorrowful howl as she buried her face into his snow white fur. The pain she felt in her chest was unreal. Kira and the alpha of the summer pack came to comfort her. Telling her that she was safe her that the would give Neve a proper grave.

Yuri didn't want to move she didn't want to leave her lovers side. Yuri slow stood up following Kira and the Alpha the Alpha finally introduced herself as Natsu. Natsu felt bad for Yuri hearing about how much she had been threw how brave she was breaking pack laws. Natsu was trying her best to get rid of this segregation but it was hard because some of the member of her own pack were against her but the golden colored wolf easily put them in their place. Yuri was brought into the alpha's den. Were she was cared for and as promise they gave Neve a proper burial. Return him to the earth as they say. Yuri often laid on his grave crying and leaving beautiful spring flowers ever time a tear left her lavender colored eyes.

Before long Yuri was blessed with two pups. One being pure white just like their father the other being a mix of black and white. Yuri was so happy that her children were happy and healthy. Before long she realized they were both blessed with gift of the seasons. Of course Yuri hard to teach them to keep their gift concealed. There were still many members of the summer pack that hated her for being here. Natsu was happy that Yuri was here. Kira seem to fit in just fine see as she was once a member of the pack. Yuri often took her pups to their father's grave telling them about how handsome and strong he was. How he sacrificed everything for them. Of course the young pups didn't seem to understand but they often seen her cry. 

Now our story begins~

Yuukiji and Ameharu were always out playing somewhere half listening to their mothers advice and not to go too far into the Black woods. Of course being teenage they went out a little farther then they probably should. Ame was leaving bright pink flower after ever step she took. Of course her brother was chasing after her yelling at her not to do that. The  end up getting into a light tussle until the sounds of foot step were heard. Suddenly two other wolves appeared before them they had never seen these wolves before. Ame happily introduced herself wagging her tail happily. Yuukiji was cautious watching the two stranger closely. It appear that the two were from the Autumn pack. Of course Ame seem to have like 50 thousand questions for them until Yuukiji nip at her tail telling her to stop talking. Yuukiji snarled at his sister telling her it was time to go he could hear their mother howling for them. Ame was sad to leave her new friends but she understood when her mother called she need to return home. 

Ame said goodbye and that she hoped to see her new friends again that Summer pack was always warm and inviting for the most part. Ame followed her brother home slowly glance back over he shoulder until her two wolves were out of sight. The summer pack seemed to have turn into a small village after some time. There were wolves and then there were hybrid that were a mix of wolf and human like. Summer pack was lively but most the people didn't speak to Ame or Yuuki. It didn't bother Yuuki but it seemed to bother Ame. Ame being so friendly and wanting to be kind to everyone. It seem most people didn't feel the same. Ame and Yuki return to their home, their mother was waiting for them. Ame pink colored eyes kept dance back to the Blackwoods. 




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