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Union of Sun and Moon (CLOSED)

By Ravanya
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YOU are the Crowned Prince of the House of the Sun amongst the Elves. The Royals that Rule over the land of Ausra. Raised to be the strongest of your family, learning much of the political alliances between all Elemental Houses and how to keep the peace between them all. You have been taught everything you will need to know for the day you become King. You have come to the age that you are now able to marry and find yourself a bride. But your parents have kept something from you all these years, only to tell you on the eve of your birthday. Since the day you were born, you were set to an arranged marriage, your bride has been chosen for you. The daughter of the House of the Moon, Nobles of the Night. Your marriage to her is to unite the two houses of the Sun and the Moon, in a show that there is still peace in the lands. Two weeks before the marriage is to take place, she is to come to the palace to meet you, and you are to spend time with one another before the wedding.


ISILME was raised to be a proper Lady of the House of Night. Her virtue was kept clean and pure, and she was taught in the ways of reading, writing, embroidery, music, and song. She is everything any man could ever wish, said to be more beautiful than the moon itself and her voice like that of grey silk on a summer wind at midnight. As per the agreement she was not told of the Arranged Marriage until she was of proper age. She knows she must go through such for her duty to her people. But can she be happily married to a man she doesn't know? Even if that man is the Crowned Prince?



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RavanyaIsilme   98d ago


It was the day to leave for the palace. Isilme was dressed in one of her deepest blue gowns with gold intricately detailed along the off the shoulder sleeves. Her silver hair was brushed back and parts were braided softly into silver ribbons to make them glimmer. Her face was covered by a long, pale, silver veil set with a gem-encrusted circlet that she was to keep over her face until she was met with her soon to be husband. Sitting in the carriage as it bobbed back and forth along the winding road, the stomping of horse hooves, and the soft talk of the bodyguards on horseback outside of the carriage were the only sounds familiar to her as they were leaving her part of Ausra to venture to the palace. 


She felt knots in her stomach and beneath her veil, her fingers would softly fidget on her lap. Her parents sat before her, proud as ever that their Noble daughter was to become the next Princess, and one day Queen of Ausra. She knew she had to do this for her people and the House of Night, but she feared that she would be marrying a man she could never love. Some were very fortunate to find love, but not all Elves married for whimsical ideas. Most were like her own, arranged at birth or made through business propositions and alliances to strengthen power between houses and families. Such was this one, an alliance between the Houses to show all of Ausra that peace was still around.


One of the men outside called to them that they were reaching near the large palace gates of the House of Sun. She peered out of the carriage window and looked to what was to be her new home. Her stomach tightened in nerves and she bit her lower lip softly, something her mother was always chiding her about. Saying it was un-ladylike and unattractive. The palace was large and gleaming in the morning sun like a gilded palace for the Gods as it gleamed in golds and reds.


It was so much different than her manor back home. Everything there was pale or deep set in colors of silver, blues, violets, indigos, and rosen mauves. Here things were rich in warmer tones. Golds, crimsons, ebony, yellows, and oranges that would cause a sunrise to turn green in jealousy. The knots in her stomach grew even tighter now and she was beginning to feel nauseous. The carriage was passed through the gates and they started the long windings of the pathway to the palace. The closer they got, the larger it would grow. This was to be her new home once she was married. She wondered if it would feel like her home, or if it was to become like a golden cage for a pretty pet.


 “Too late to run away... even if I wanted to...” she murmured to herself. Her parents didn't hear her, they were too busy beaming proudly to one another at how well they raised the new Princess and future Queen of Ausra. She glanced to them as she gave another sigh and looked back towards the rising Palace as they came to the front steps. She was to be shown inside where she would be shown to her betrothed in the throne room before the Royal family.

Mr-XMwanga   80d ago


“Father, I want a loving wife. Not a cowardly slave.” Stern words fell upon deaf ears as the Prince being dressed in the richest of colors. Black locks were tied back against his dark skin; burnt by the sun as were most of his people in the house of the Sun. Mwanga had no say in the matter of this arranged marriage. So as his maids dressed him for this special occasion his father looked upon him with a stern expression. 


“Wewe si mtoto tena. Utakuwa mfalme siku moja. Kumbuka jina lako. Wewe ndiye nuru inayoangazia ufalme wetu. Mwanga”*1 Looking down at his son, Khari softly caressed his face before putting his forehead up against his. This was a fate which was thrusted upon him on the eve of his birthday and he knew that his son would rise to the occasion. After all, his very name Mwanga, was their language for Light. Plus, the royal family needed this political marriage. Rumors of people trying to usurp the throne were whispered in hush silence. That’s why his son was given his name. Mwanga Amani; Light of peace.


Calming his nerves the prince looked into his fathers eyes. There would be no more discussion upon the subject. Afterall today was the day which the princess was to arrive and he was to greet her in the Throne room. Looking into the eyes of his loving father the young prince nodded and repeated that which was a popular saying in the House of the sun. “Matamanio yako, mikono yangu.”*2


The loudness of silence was punctured only with the sound of the Prince’s breathing. His Despite the fact that his father had asked him to dress within the finest of clothes, the stubborn nature of the boy won out. He’d wanted to dress in what he’d normally worn and so he found himself dressed within his normal gray outfit which had a hood near the back. Sitting at the base of the throne his eyes watched the doors which remained closed. 


Rumors had swirled that the Daughter of the House of moon was one of the most beautiful Elves in the world. Her skin was as pale and smooth as the lunar orb which adorned the sea of black above. Not only was she beautiful, but she was intelligent. Her parents had schooled her in all the ways which made her worthy to be married and a wife. Compared to the dark skinned and hard jaw of Prince he wondered how he could be considered beautiful? Despite being the ruling family of Asura and the soon to be King of the Lands, He knew that there was no love to be shared between them. This was a political marriage and he would treat her as such. Not as a loving wife or a servant to be commanded but as a partner to be listened to and consulted with.  

Translations*1 "You are not a child anymore. You will be king one day. Remember your name. You are the light that illuminates our kingdom. Light
Translation*2 Youre desires, my hands. 

RavanyaIsilme   79d ago


The carriage was taken to the main doors of the Palace, and guards there awaited their arrival to escort them into the Palace. Her father stepped out first, raising a hand for his wife to step down, and then Isilme would step down. She was a little short for most elves, her parents easily 6 feet in range, where Isilme was only 5'6" at her tallest, without heels. They were greeted and led inside, and she could hear the whispers of those they passed. They whispered of rumors to what she looked like. She hadn't thought it possible that elves outside of her home hadn't seen what she looked like, but then, all her life was devoted to her studies and practices. She only recently came of age to be married off and had been then told of her arranged marriage. She had thought this normal for all Houses, but maybe only for the higher Castes as it seemed. Her soon to be marriage was the gossip of the palace.

They were led through the grand foyer, and towards the Throne room where all audiences with the Royal family were held. The guards led the way, followed by a set of their own guards, her mother and father, herself, and then another set of their guards. The large ornately designed room felt as though she were being swallowed. Every step was a soft click of heels along the floor as they made their way to the stairs that led up a dais to the thrones, and the royal family. She peeked up through her veil, allowing her to see without being seen, towards the royal family, and there sat her soon to be family. Near the base of the Throne, she could only assume was her betrothed, and she felt her stomach alite in butterflies and nerves. He was all dark skin and rich colors, nearly looking like a Sun God in his features. The tightness around his eyes made her wonder if he felt the same of this surprise engagement as she did. He didn't look happy to see her for sure.

They reached a couple of feet before the stairs, the Palace guards heading up to stand behind the thrones as was their apparent place. Their own guards moved to stand to either side of her parents so that they did not block them, a sign of peace and not that they thought of the royal family as a threat. They all gave proper bows to the family as one of the guards announced them. She kept her head low as her parents began to speak up. Her father first.

“It is an honor to stand before the royal family with my own, on this joyous day, that we may finally unite the houses as one.” Her mother had her “dazzling” smile in place as she said her take.

“It has been far too long since we have come together like this. Here is hoping that we do not let time create us to be strangers.” Isilme remained quiet as she had been instructed. Her parents knew how to be polite and proper as well as political without causing insult to anyone. Such was the ways of the Elves, but Isilme always thought speaking from the heart should have been encouraged more. Her parents had wanted to make sure that she was the perfect bride to the Prince. So that she would become a regal queen at his side. Once they were permitted, her father and mother stepped aside to bring Isilme forward.

“May we proudly present to you, our only daughter, Isilme….” She had been instructed what to do here. She was to step up to the stairs on the Dais and await the Prince to come to her. There he was to lift her veil. She gave her softer bow and mad eher way to the stairs and clasped her hands before her to keep her from fidgeting in nerves. When the veil was lifted, she raised her head to meet her future husband's gaze. She was pale skinned, almost ethereal in her tones, hair as bright silver as moonlight. Her eyes were just as silver, with hints of blue and purple, nearly opal in shine. Her lips were a soft mauve, almost like a pale midnight rose. She was bathed in Lily and Lavender oils so that she was sweet smelling, hopefully a pleasant smell to appease to the Prince. Her mother's idea.

Mr-XMwanga   78d ago


Mwanga lifted his eyes from the ground as the doors opened up to reveal his fate. He didn’t know what exactly he was supposed to be expecting so he was rather relieved when his father and mother came in with the royal guards. He was almost the spitting image of his father; save for how he had gray hair and a white wooly beard. Mahogany skin also was the color of his mother as she walked poised and strong. Apparently their marriage had also been arrange like his and eventually, through the years, they had found love. Standing once more he watched as his family came closer to him before moving to either side of the throne with the guards. There was no escaping this he’d come to realize and so he hitched his breath and waited.

He hadn't expected to wait long for their arrival and sure enough the doors were open and he was absolutely stunned by the ethereal people which stood before him. The mother and father of his betrothed emanated a beauty which was stunning. Between them was a veiled woman who seemed to be much smaller than he was. Indeed, the prince stood rightly at almost 6 '3. Strong, imposing, he hoped that his wife wouldn’t be intimidated by him. Shifting from one side to another his father clicked his tongue reproach and that halted him from fidgeting. Now wasn’t the time to show any signs of weakness. As the both the father and mother spoke the king smiled warmly at them before clasping his hands.

“Indeed, it has been too long since last we’ve met. With this union may the Gods blessed our country and may they bring both our houses fortunes.”

The words of his mother came out strongly and boldly. The queen was quite the skilled orator and so her way with words was one which couldn’t be denied. It was greatly commended. With such peasantries the daughter was invited to step forward and the prince moved softly to meet with her. The first thing which greeted him was the scent of oils and the smell of such beauty. Wrinkling his nose in disgusted he couldn’t help but feel as though this was nothing more but a farce. Here she was being present not as her genuinely self, but as a gift to be given away. Even the fact that she veiled her face made it seemed as though they were trying to tell him that she was one to be possessed by him.

Reaching down towards the fabric he slowly lifted the veil from her face and his paused completely stunned. Her lips, the softness of her face, those eyes, everything about her put the rumors to shame. The praises ascribe to her beauty did not do her justice. She was so much more . Taking her within her chin he looked at the family.

“This is truly a great honor. Isilme, daughter of the house of Moon, you are the most beautiful girl I’ve laid my eyes upon. Yet, you are a woman not cattle. I do not wish to offend the house of Moon. My house will always be loyal to you; our causes are one and the same. But I wish to wed you daughter because of love; not because she has been forced into this. I’d like to prove my love for your daughter by going on a hunt and preparing a feast in her honor. And by doing so; see our bonds strength and our love for both our houses grow.”

His hands dropped from her chin and he softly caressed her cheek. “You’ll always be free to speak your mind when you are my wife .. Mpenzi wangu.” my love.

Clapping his hand Khari spoke loudly. “An excellent gesture. My son has grown into a fine archer and excellent tracker. You will not be disappointed with the game he will find. What better way to bond than over food and drink?” Despite those warm words there was anger seething behind hazelnut irises. His son had spoken out of turn. A bold mood which hopefully would not hold offense. 

RavanyaIsilme   78d ago


As he stepped closer to her, her heart began to race. What if he found her repulsive? What if he denied her? She noticed as he wrinkled his nose and she had known her mother had gone too far with the oils in her bath. She loved Lilies and Lavendar; they were light scents that gave a calming feel. But her mother had added far too much to her bath to the point she had almost fallen asleep in her bath. It would take a couple washes before she had her scent back to normal. She was afraid of offending him with such a strong scent. He lifted the veil, and she met his eyes.

He seemed shocked, surprised, stunned, maybe? She didn't know how to gauge his reaction to her. She remained quiet, unsure of what to say to his silence. He rested the veil over her head and reached to cup her chin. The touch was so gentle, she felt butterflies in her stomach again. His words had her stomach in even more of a flutter. She was also confused. Her parents had raised her, taught her, to be the obedient wife. She was an asset to the kingdom, to be there at the Prince's side and to support him. He was now asking her to think and feel freely with him, in front of both of their parents. Something else that shocked her was that he wanted to prove his love for. That he wanted to marry her for love, and not because of the arrangement. This didn't make sense to her as they had never met before. She had yet to say a word to him, and he wanted to prove his love with supplying the game for a feast in her honor.

She was flattered, no doubt. But she didn't understand how one could prove their love when they didn't know someone well enough to love them. Her pale features flushed softly at his kind and endearing words. He caressed her cheek, and her flush deepened. She had no idea what to say. She glanced to her parents, but they had the idea that she should be polite and silent. More support than verbal. The King spoke up then drawing her attention back to the King and royal family. She knew the look the Prince was getting. He was in trouble. His father thought he'd said something wrong. Then let them both be in trouble.

“I am very honored to be given such a gesture, Your Highness. I am sure that anything you supply will be more than wonderful.” She then leaned up and placed a gentle kiss to the Prince's cheek. She heard the gasp her mother tried to supress and it took all she had not to smirk or smile, though her eyes might give her away. She wasn't quite sure how things would be with this man as her husband, but at least he wasn't cruel or mean. She could live with that. She had been terrified he would an awful man, but his eyes were kind, and hinted at a playfulness that she hoped to see one day.

Mr-XMwanga   77d ago


“Sijui kama wewe ni mjinga au mwerevu. Mtoto asiyetii” Khari’s voice boomed out over the empty throne room as soon as their guests had been shown to their private chambers. Pacing back and forth he was staring daggers into his son’s eyes. Never before had it been decided that an arranged marriage would be love best. In the kingdom of Ausra things were done out of necessity not for pleasure. Especially since the house of Sun was royalty. Turning upon his heel he watched as his son picked up the bow and brought his fingers to the string. His eyes held mischief in it as he licked his lips.

His dark skin was still slightly warm from the kiss which his soon to be queen had given him. Despite the fact that he had a chance to bed many women he’d chosen to not waste time on the pursuits of the flesh. No his greatest pleasure was hunting down animals and finding a way  to prove himself a skilled warrior. Once he was satisfied with his bow he turned his eyes back upon his father and he smirked lifting his eyes towards him. “Moto wa jua unapita kupitia mishipa yangu. Bila shaka matendo yangu yatajawa na tamaa.”

• • • ~ ʚĭɞ ~ • • •

His breath halted as he and the group of hunters stopped short of the animal which they’d be tracking. The elves all had different ways of hunting. For those of the Royal family they chose to hunt in the traditional manner using small dogs to help them hunt down large animals. Lifting his arrow he aimed it at the nestling doe which was sipping water. In one second he would let it fly and the next the big animal would fall sideways to its death. 

This was one of many animals which would be hunted for dinner tonight. The feast would be huge filled with not only gamey meat but also fruits, wines, and other yummy foods which many Elves enjoyed in his kingdom. Breaking out into a full sprint him and his hunters made their way towards the fallen animal and began to take rope and tie its front legs and back legs together. 

“Ujuzi wako ni mkali, Mwanga!” Aziz spoke as he lifted the fallen animal and picked him up over his shoulders. Smiling the prince simply shook his head as to not boast about such a simple kill. Such a thing was like second nature to him. Afterall, he’d been raise to be an archer so he hardly missed once he let his arrow fly. 

“Let us continue onward.” He spoke smiling as he led his men further and further away from his castle and the marriage which was soon to come. 

• • • ~ ʚĭɞ ~ • • •

Taking the knife in hand the Prince closed his eyes and prayed to the Gods for thanks. Everytime he went about cleaning an animal for food he always gave thanks to the Gods for providing the meal and for the animal for allowing itself to be sacrificed for the nourishment of those who eat it. As he worked on butchering the meat he thought back the earlier moment and how that all played out. The softness of her lips upon his cheek and how, for the briefest of moments, he’d desired to return the favor. However he wasn’t a man who’d easily give into base desires. Instead he’d step back from his emotions and hold it all in.

Looking up from his butchering he began to whistle a song to himself. It was a lullabye which his mother had sung to him when he was still nursing. The words had been forgotten but the melody still suck with him. In this silent moments he’d hold on to that one moment of his boyhood. Being a man meant shedding everything that made him a young child and a boy. As he continued to whistle his eyes blinked once and than again. In the end they had brought several large animals that would be enough to feed many. 

Unfortunately the hunting party had gone on later than expect so the feast had to be pushed back till tomorrow. After his father sought this to be use for their own advantage. Despite the fact that it was 13 days till their reading was to take place Khari had somehow manage to convinced the parents of Ismile to allow her to sleep in the bed chambers of the prince with a promise that she would remain untouched. 

So when the Prince walked into his room after his bath his eyes widen as he saw the Surprise waiting for him in his chambers. 

Translation: “I do not know whether you are stupid or shrewed.”
"The fire of the sun runs through my veins. Without a doubt, my actions will be filled with passion"
“You're skills are still sharp.”

RavanyaIsilme   77d ago


Isilme had felt her parent's eyes boring into her from behind. She had known the lecture was coming. They had been excused to rest while the Prince went to hunt, and it would allow them to settle into their rooms from their long journey. They had been led to her parents' chambers first, and there was where they had ripped her a new one for her “bold, unladylike behavior”. She had argued softly that she was trying to be affectionate to the man who would be her husband. They weren't buying her act. They knew that she and the Prince were being out of line and she had sighed and took her lecture as she so often did. She was used to listening, and not speaking up. It never did any good. No one ever listened to her, nor did they believe her when she contradicted what they thought they knew.

Once they were done disciplining their daughter, they sent her off to be taken to her room, as the King had shown up to their chambers. She wasn't sure what they were to talk about, though she was sure it would be the wedding details. She had always thought she would get to plan her wedding with her husband, making something they both would love to commemorate their love for one another. Once she had been sprung on that she was already betrothed to the Prince, all whims of planning her wedding were gone. It would be made into a fiasco of politics and publicity to the Kingdom. Nothing she would choose would be taken into consideration. She had been started towards one set of rooms, before someone came and stopped the staff member that was leading her. They whispered between one another in soft surprised whispers and then looked to Isilme before looking to one another in uncertainty. Then they both led her to a new room and said that her things would be fetched for her. 

Instead of what she had assumed was the guest wing, she was taken down a couple of hallways and led into a room that felt masculine in its decor. It was nice, looked warm and even a bit personal. She wasn't sure how they decorated here in the Palace, but it was nice all the same. While they fetched her things, she had settled in for a bath in the bathing chambers to try and wash the excess oils from her skin. Someone came and told her that the feast would be moved to the next night as the hunt had lasted longer than intended. She had thanked them and stepped out onto the balcony to settle under the rising moon for awhile. She was unaware of what the King and her parents had arranged, and so she hadn't heard someone enter the room, nor did she hear them enter the bathing room. She had braided her hair while it was damp, and dressed in her robe for the night, she moved to sit before the soft fireplace, setting it up to burn a soft glow, more so for the light than for the warmth.

No sooner had she settled on the settee before the fire, the door to the bathing room opened and the Prince himself stepped into the room. She felt her stomach drop as she quickly stood up from her seat, eyes wide and cheeks flushed in surprised embarrassment. “Y-Your Highness?! W-what are you doing here?” She bumbled in her words, her voice was like a soft night wind, but her surprise had it up an octave as she took a step back and pulled her robe closer around her. She wasn't indecent, but she had never been alone with a man before in such a state of dress. She could practically hear her Mother having a conniption over this.

Mr-XMwanga   77d ago


His guttural instincts were telling him to instantly run from the situation. After all this would’ve been a complete scandal. Nothing covered him and as he stood there for a second hearing the voice his bethroved asking what he was doing here, it was instinctive that he fired back the same question. “What are you doing here in my private chambers!?” However, this wasn’t helping at all. Realizing that he was indeed without coverage, he quickly turned and ran back into the bathroom. There was a fine purple robe made of silk hanging somewhere. Fetching it he quickly dressed himself before moving his way back towards his open bed chambers. 

It was indeed decorated in a very masculine way. A bear rug sat on the floor along with a balcony to overlook his kingdom. As he stormed towards the door he was about to open it before a palace guard came in. Looking at the two he gave them a smirk before simply speaking up. “Apologies, Mwagna, Isilme. But both of your parents agreed that since you two were insistent on making this a loving marriage that it was important that you two started sleeping together as soon as possible. Of course, Isimle parent’s agreed to it as long as two palace guards stood outside the door to make sure that her maidenhood remained intact till after the marriage. So dear Prince, you are under strict orders to-”
“Enough! You needn’t put it in such a crude manner.” The Prince snarled at the guard as he smiled before backing away and apologizing. So that was that. Sitting down upon the desk the prince slowly rested his cheek upon his fist and looked at the beauty which had been brought to him in his room. Upon expectation it was apparent that all of her belongings had been stored here, and they’ve even brought an entirely new dress and wardrobe for her to  hang her clothes in. Closing his eyes he inhale sharply before exhaling as this was not something which he’d wanted her to see like. Turning towards the girl his voice came out softly. 

“It seems as if my words have put us in this unfortunate situation. I apologize that you’re being forced to sleep within my chambers. Lucky for me the bear rug by the fire place is quite comfortable. You can have my bed and I shall sleep on the floor. Provide that you remember that I’m down there and do not step on me.” 

His voice came out cheeky as he gave her a soft smile and a wink. There was absolutely nothing he could do which could change this outcome. Once the king had given an order it was final and seeing how this was to happen it couldn’t help. Closing his eyes the male sighed before he blinked and leaned forward. 

“I understand why my parent’s our pushing so much for our political marriage. After all everyone knows the history of the House of Sun. We were not the original rulers of Asura; the great Elven house of the Wind was. My family were originally invaders that came from a land south from the country of Asura, do you know what is is called? Nyumbani. It lied south of here many many miles away.” 

“It was my ancestors that fought the rulers of Asura and eventually they came to set up a new house known as the house of Sun. That is why the royal language is different than what you or the others speak. The language we speak is Swahili, a language spoken by Elves in my home country. Elves  live long lives. If you are marrying into this family than you should know that this is because we want the rest of our country to finally see that the House of the Sun belong on the continent of Asura instead of being views as a virus. There have been rumors, talks.. Other Elven houses conspiring to attack us and reinstate the House of Wind. The house of Moon has more respect and is more beloved than the house of the Sun.”

As he finished talking he closed his eyes. He hadn’t meant for such unpleasant talk to leave his mouth but if his father was going to force this. Than his soon to be wife needed to know what she was getting into. Rising up from his couch he made his way to a cabinet which housed glasses. He always kept water in his room to quench his thirst and as he poured two glasses of water he turned towards the woman. “Apologies again for taken such a dark turn, and that all I can offer is water. Wine disagrees with me and I only drink mead during supper. But please, let us move on to happier conversations? I’d like to know more about the beautiful creature which sits before me.” 

RavanyaIsilme   76d ago


As soon as she realized how indecent they both were, she squeaked with a deep flush and she averted her eyes as she spun around to face away from him. He claimed the room was his Private Chambers and she felt herself flush in embarrassment from head to toe. She didn't know what was going on, and she could hear her parents now, squaking of her impurity, demanding retribution of how they had been scandalized. She would never hear the end of this. She sat on the couch once more, her mind a mess of what to do. The Prince began to storm to the door when someone barged into the room. She didn't like being this exposed to so many already. Though she wore a night dress and a dressing robe, she quickly grabbed a blanket to hold against herself to keep the guard from seeing her so underdressed.

The guard began explaining what their parents had done and she found she couldn't believe what she was hearing. Her parents had agreed to this? It couldn't be true, but then surely the King wouldn't have done this without their permission. So that could only mean that they had given permission. The more the guard explained, the more she flushed in embarrassment and hid her face in the blanket before the Prince called him to stop and dismissed him. The guard left and the Prince was silent awhile as she hid her features in the blanket. He then spoke up of apologies and told her to take the bed where he would sleep on the rug, so long as she didn't step on him in the morning. She peeked up over the blanket and, still flushed, she gave a soft smile. “I would not dare to step on you, Your Highness….. but I also do not feel right taking your bed from you…. I could just as easily sleep on the couch or rug. This is your room, I the intruder, and have no rights to such….. I knew my parents could be cruel, but agreeing to such a thing as a punishment….. It is not just your words that got us into this…. I am being punished as well…..” Softly she would lower the blanket more to her lap, though she kept her robe pulled tightly closed around her.

He spoke up of the beginning of his people, how the House of Sun came to be, and the language his people spoke. She made sure to remember that. After a bit he stood and went to get some water for them both, apologizing for the topic he started with and offered her one of the glasses. She gently took the glass of water and sipped it softly before speaking up again, flushed again along her pale features softly as his words. “You speak such sweet words to a woman you've only just met, Your Highness. I mean no disrespect, of course, just that I may not be an expert in love, being product of several generations of arranged marriages, but….. if I may ask such…. of what you said earlier today….. could you really prove a love you are unsure that you truly feel?” She sipped her water again as she dropped her gaze softly to the blanket at her lap, or away to the fireplace. “I… gave up on dreams of love when I was informed of being betrothed…. Not all arranged marriages grow into love, and I do not want it forced….. so please, Your Highness, there is no need to lie to me when it is just us in the room.”

Mr-XMwanga   74d ago


Considerate, docile, submissive. As much as he didn’t want to think of her in such a way her words didn’t do much to sway his opinions. He couldn’t help but almost let out a chuckle as he heard how she’d promise to not step on him before offering to sleep on the floor. No, he’d wouldn’ allow her to do such a thing. Afterall, the truly enjoyed sleeping on the floor because it had sentimental value to him. However, there was no problem with her sleeping on the couch. “That is true. This is quite the ingenious punishment. But fine I’ll relent I can sleep on the bed and you can take the couch. It doesn’t much matter to me I just want to make you as comfortable as possible.” He spoke as he gave her a soft wink. Taking a sip from the other glass he watched her move to cover herself more before speaking her piece. And as he she did he nodded more and more. 

Silence was the initial reply to her answer as he sipped his water slowly. Eyes closed as he stop to taste the flavor of the drink. It tasted like nothing and had a refreshing taste to it. As the silence continued on he finally opened his eyes back to his betrothed and exhaled briefly. While it was true that love could not grow from nothingness and he didn’t desire her in an intimate fashion he supposed it was better than the alternative. Using her to be nothing more than a play thing and living piece of jewelry to adorn his arm whenever he was in public. Setting down the glass he looked into her and spoke. “I’m not lying. While its true that love cannot exist in a vacuum, there exist many forms of love. I did not mean love in the sense of passion lovers, but lover as in friendship. As someone who you can trust in and confide in. I know that you are quite educated I can see from the way you carry yourself that you are wise as well as careful with your words. Therefore, I’d like nothing more but to have our relationship be partnership based on friendship starting off.. Or, rather, what do you expect of me?”
He asked those words softly as he closed his eyes. He was not ignorant of the face that the two of them were different in every aspect of the world. From culture, to ethnicity, to even language the two stood at opposite ends of each other. This arrange marriage was nothing more but to gain respect from the rest of the houses. His eyes watched her eyes as he was searching for how’d she’d feel about the aspect of them being partners. “Co-ruling is a thing. It would be a simple matter to name you as a co-ruler so that you can have equal say in what happens in the kingdom.. Unless you disapprove? Tell me, and be honest, what do you want from becoming royalty? You’re house would be elevated as well and the House of Moon would gain much from this marriage. So please, bare your soul to me and I’ll do the same.” 


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She watched him, the silence between them nearly deafening as she waited for his answer, and she found that she felt more relieved that he took the time to think on his answer instead of jumping to defend his earlier actions. When he spoke up again, she found she understood his actions more now. It was a show of peace between the two, as both were more or less trapped in such a situation to strangers, no less. She held her glass in her hands as she watched him, her eyes intent but filled with every emotion that passed her. If nothing more of her face would ever give away her emotoins, her eyes always betrayed her. He explained the difference in lovers he had meant, and relief flashed in her eyes. She didn't believe that anyone could love someone on only seeing them once. That was only in fairy tales.

He claimed that he could be one in the Palace that she could trust wholeheartedly. Someone to always count on to trust her, and to give the same in return. He was trying to build an alliance, a friendship, a foundation for things to grow for them both. He paused a moment and seem to think something over before asking her how she felt on the situation, asking her to be completely honest with him, no lies. No one had ever asked her for her side of things like that before and it caught her by surprise. She blinked at him a moment as if she needed to gather her thoughts. “I-I….” For once she seemed to fumble her words and taking a sip of her glass, she lowered her eyes to watch the liquid as she began to speak. “I cannot remember the last time someone wanted my opinion or emotions, honestly. Sure some ask in all politeness, but they never mean it. Elves can be rather stuck in some traditions…. like a Wife is to support her Husband, make the House a Home, be the gem of any party so that things go smoothly. Women are seen and not heard, unless spoken to directly. We're to be the ones that help keep the…. political politeness and peace. To be seen as a Co-Ruler? Yes, it is done. But its only ever used as a publicity event, because the women still are taught to support the men. Free thinking amongst the females is rather frowned upon. I do not think that you are so cruel as to give such a promise in name alone. You do not feel the type. You are…. different than most males of our kind.”

“I never had dreams of becoming royalty. My parents were very good about keeping the arranged marriage hidden from me. So I always thought I would find suitors once I was old enough. I would start to attend courts and be seen finally. But the day I was old enough, I was told the truth. I love my family, and my House, and I would do anything to keep them in good graces, I've always had a very close tie with them. I just never thought it would go like this to keep it. But I would never dream of shaming my House, they are my people through and through. This marriage is to bring a peace that many thought was impossible between our Houses, and to show that we can live in peace despite the horrid rumors….” Once she was started, her words were rolling a little unchecked, as if he softly drew them from her. She was normally more careful with her words, choosing the best way to explain something without coming across as cross, rude, insulting, or stupid.

“I did not know what to expect of you, at first, Your Highness. I admit I had fears, anyone would have such thoughts when meeting their betrothed for the first time. What if we hated one another. What if we couldn't live peacefully. I never held breath for love, but to be honest, I think I did not hold breath for friendship either. I was more prepared for being the obedient wife, as I was raised to be, though it is not the kind of woman I want to be, so quiet and thought to be merely lovely and simple minded. It may not be a happy life that way, but our people would be in peace, and to me that was what mattered most. Sacrifices are to be made for the good of our people.” She licked her lower lip softly as she raised her eyes to him under pale lashes. “I think what you are offering could be a good idea, if we can manage to work it right. Some people may not be happy with it later on, depending on how things work out with us…. but…. we could change Co-Ruling to what it should be, and not what the Elders say it should be. Its risky….., though based on your earlier actions, I do not think you are shy to risks.” Now she gave a sly grin along her pale rosen lips. “I would be honored if we could create a true friendship between us, Your HIghness, I-if…. something more should actually grow, then all the better, but it cannot be forced. But as I sit and speak with you, I believe a very strong friendship could defintiely start. We simply move one day at a time.” She couldn't remember the last time she'd spoken that much and that honestly to anyone in her life, and she prayed the Gods didn't let him regret his choice for her to bare herself to him. She held her glass between both hands to keep her hands from trembling.

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“At last, I have found my equal. Someone who truly understands my mind and my heart.” The words of the prince came out slowly as he looked at the princess and finally felt a kindred spirit in the lonely world of royalty. Of course this was refreshing to finally have someone be able to tell him what was on their mind instead of always bowing and scraping before him. For the longest of times his only company were slaves that followed him around. Humans-as he understood-lived shorter lives than Elves so they were easily conquered and enslaved. One human’s lifetime lasted that of an entire Elf’s childhood. By the time Mwanga had come to age he’d outlive four or five humans. They always started off as children, grow into adults, and die of old age. All that time they never spoke out of term or Now that he had one who spoke freely what was on his heart he could actually move to get something done. 

Of course the idea of co-ruling the kingdom wouldn’t be for show. Many respect the House of Moon and by being elevated to the status of Queen then the noble bloodline would one become that of royalty. All they needed was to have an heir and the process would begin. Closing his eyes once more he downed the rest of his water before he started to speak what was on his heart and mind as well. “Thank you very much for not holding back and telling me all that was on your heart and mind. This is what I wanted. I wanted someone who could see the flaws of keeping with tradition and who wouldn’t be afraid of changing it for the better and finally creating a world of true equality. This country, Asura, is run by noble houses who only care for their own beings. I have grown up all my life around slaves and they were always too fearful to speak their mind. It drove me mad never knowing one’s true motives or beliefs. In my eyes this is a way that men raise women of noble stock to be. Subservient women whose only purpose is to produce children and satisfy the demands of their husband. Such things sicken me.”

“In my vein burns the fire of the sun. Its brilliance cannot be hidden nor denied. When the sun ascends the sky there is no place its light does not cast. Unless that place is cowardering away and hiding within the shade. I did not want a woman to hide her brilliance or wisdom within the shade of servitude. To be a true queen of the house of the sun a woman’s mind must be sharp and her tongue sharper. Your brain is the whetstone, your tongue the blade which will strike down ignorance and foolishness. Together we shall banish those rumors and continue to insure that peace is, and will always be a thing in this Nation.”

His words finished and he fell silent as he said all which was on his mind.  There was, of course, one more thing which he’d had to address. Never before, in Elven tradition, had a woman actually be given power politically or over her own house. Even if a woman of a house became widow than her oldest was granted the position of a new head He knew that they would be those who wouldn’t take lightly to this sexist tradition being spat upon. “I’m well aware that I’m asking you to take a risk on this.. Being an actual co-ruler would mean that you would share the same weight of responsibility as me when it comes to whether we succeed or fail. But the more I converse with you the more I find it hard to believe that failure is something which will be our outcome. Now, Isilme, as you stated lets us start out our friendship by moving one day at a time.”  His words came out softly as he truly felt like that was the key to making this all work.

Yawning he would’ve moved from the chair to the couch which was closest to the bed. He hadn’t meant to take be defiant and not take the bed. However as his heavy eyes dropped he couldn’t help himself. “It seems as though the entire day of hunting has tired me out..” He spoke as he slowly stirred and looked at her before letting his head drop. “Just for this one night, may i have your permission to take the couch? HIs words came out teasingly. If she would insist that he take the bed than he would have no power to fight back. Indeed he would prefer the warmth and comfort yet his eyes were drooping and he was get more and more sleepy by the minute. 

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Isilme could only stare a little surprised. Yes, he had asked her to be fully and truly honest, and she had done so, but she had slightly expected to be laughed at, or possibly even joked upon. Most females of their kind just held no true ruling powers. But instead, the Prince seemed relieved, and took a moment to settle in that feeling before speaking again. He didn't want an obedient and subservient wife. He wanted a friend, a true friend. A partner, an equal, someone to take over ruling with him and to be damned the traditions that were pulling their people down. They were both taking a risk if they were to do this, and it would take some planning and careful strategy. They would be married in less than 13 days. Coronation into King and Queen would not be for awhile yet, but that didn't mean that they had to simply wait around. It could be soft changes at first. Small ones here and there. They would start with traditions of marital roles and go from there. Like planting seeds and watching them grow.

It wouldn't be easy. There would always be weeds to try and smother out their garden of a new life and way for their people, but they would tend the garden carefully, and do so together. She would admit that it frightened her to think such a feat would be possible, but there was something about him that made her believe he meant every word he said. That it wasn't just some trick to win her over. The Prince moved to sit on the couch next to her and he looked so weary now, she wondered if he'd been this tired the whole time. Had he been hiding it from her? Even if he had, she wouldn't get mad at him for it. He didn't know her and was probably making sure on who can be trusted. One is very vulnerable when they sleep. 

He spoke up softly of his tiredness and smiled to her softly as he asked if he could take the couch. Not demanding it but offering his bed to her once more. She didn't argue this time, he seemed to truly wish to sleep on the couch tonight, so as he began to nod off once again, she stood from her seat, setting her glass to the table nearby, and she helped him to slowly lie down on the couch. The blanket she used to cover herself before now was used to drape over him as she made sure that he was comfortable. She would then stoke the fire and make sure that it would last the night for them both and turned back to look to her soon to be husband a moment as he rested. A couple of soft steps close, and she leaned down to press a light kiss to his forehead as she wished him a good night. Then she moved to the large bed and settled in the middle of it, dressing robe and all so as to keep her modesty, and pulled the blankets up as she relaxed into the pillows and soon began to drift off herself.

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As the same came filtering into the room Mwanga thought that last night was nothing but a dream. It mce sense after all He was exhausted from hunting for several hours yesterday. Hazelnut eyes blink once before rising up from the couch. Casting his eyes towards the sight of the fire he nodded his head. The flame had burnt all night and therefore was still breathing when he woked. A mysterious thing seeing as he hadn't been the one to tend it. Perhaps a servant had come in when he was slipping? Lifting his eyes towards the ceiling he muttered a curse. Yesterday had bee reality. A foreign beauty was suppose to be his wife and as he stood and made his way towards his balcony he blinked as he saw a strange figure on his bed. The feminine frame was one which was foreign to him. But it was without a doubt, a female.

So last night hadn't been a dream. He'd truly found his equal. Heading towards the bathroom he dressed himself and got ready for the day since today would be a long day. The process of smoking meat and getting all prepared would take close to half a day and by the way the sun was position it was already probably around 8 in the morning if not later. As soon as he dressed himself he exited the room. Since he was a doting husband he figure the best he could dude was bring his wife food to drink. Cured cheese and dates would be all that he would bring her for breakfast along with a small cup of honey mead. Along with a sweet drink that was made using honey water and squeezed juies from fruits gather around here. The only alternative to wine, mead, beer, or water. 

Setting down the tray on the table next to his engaged he looked at her once more before disappearing. 

The sound of his father footsteps fell heavy as he walked the Great hall to the library which contain the knowledge of the past. Here were books written about every house and he wanted to know what was the customs of the house of moon. Of course he could've just asked her, but he wanted to be proactive. Making his way towards the great hall he heard his father's voice followed with snickering. "How was your first night with your beloved?" 

Eyes rolled as the male turned upon heel. He didn't appreciate such games. Nor did he find the near awkwardness funny. Yet it went smoothly more so than Khari could've predicted. Because of him the sexist system of the queen being nothing more but someone to look at instead of holding value for her intelligence and wisdom would fall to ruin.  So he told the truth which was that everything went as planned. 

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Isilme had slept better than she thought she might have. When she woke, she gave a soft sigh before stretching out in the large bed. The sheets were smooth and crisp despite them being rumpled from her sleeping, and the scent of the fireplace was like home. Her eyes opened and she frowned slightly as she noted the color differences. She wasn't in her own home. She gave a yawn as her mind came into focus and she remembered where she was and why. A gasp as she sat up quickly in the bed and looked around the room before her silvery eyes laid to the couch at the foot of the bed. He wasn't there. Had he woken already? Another look around the room found the breakfast tray that had been left for her. She felt a flush along her features at the gesture that had been done. She had had people do things for her, but this small gesture had her heart racing in her chest. She ate her breakfast, enjoying the drink left for as well, before she went into the washroom, locking its door behind her. The last thing she needed was a surprise repeat of the night before. They needed to do this right, which meant no scandals, not that she had planned any.

When her bath was done, she donned her dressing robe and went to the wardrobe to seek out something for the day. She chose a deep midnight blue gown, with brocade that looked like Northern lights over a night sky. It was off the shoulders and draped in bell sleeves with a sweetheart neckline and a corseted bodice. Silver slippers, and she braided her hair with a matching midnight blue ribbon in a single plait down her back. She kept her accessories simple. A simple silver circlet that was intertwined vines brought to a stone of moonstone at her forehead, opal earrings, and a silver pendant necklace with a matching moonstone that rested just below her sternum and above her bust. Her mother had told her to dress her part as the upcoming Queen, but she didn't see a reason to be overdressed all the time. She checked herself in the mirror and took a deeb breath to try and calm herself.

No sooner had she stepped from the bedroom and started down the hall, her mother appeared seemingly from nowhere and demanded her back into the bedroom. Her mother was there to make sure that she was still pure, which had Isilme blushing hard and swearing to the Gods that he had not touched her. Her mother noted the rumpled bed, and Isilme explained that he had slept on the couch and gave her the bed to sleep alone in. Her mother seemed not to believe her until she seen the signs of the couch having been slept on. Isilme didn't understand why her parents would think she would have been so stupid as to have ruined the wedding by breaking her purity vows before the wedding. She felt somewhat violated as her mother demanded to look over her body to make sure there were no signs of her violating her purity. She had been in a rather wonderful mood from the Prince's kind gesture of breakfast in bed this morning, but her mother had her now feeling inferior and as if she was about to mess everything up.

When her mother finally let her be, she took a moment to try and compose herself before leaving the bedroom once more. She was trying to remember where the seamstresses were to be found, she was going to request that she have some pieces that were traditional to the House of Sun be made for her, as a surprise for her soon to be Husband. A show that she wanted to be a part of his home, and not just someone that lived there now. They seemed more than happy to do so, and took extensive measurements, even of her feet for proper matching shoes, and she wondered if she had made a mistake. When they were done with her, she decided that it might be best to try and get a better layout of the palace so that she wasn't always asking someone for directions and feeling a fool.

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Upon entering the library the male was hit with the musty order of worn leather and papyrus. These books had belonged to the former rulers and were quite old some even bordered on ancient. None of them where in his mother tongue so most of his predecessors and even his father found no use for them. However, for Mwanga there was quite a use for these books. Hidden away in this world of paper and leather were books that shared the history of foreign houses and the one which he was betrothed to. The rich history of Asura laid at his fingertips and he would be nothing more but foolish to not take advantage of such an important opportunity. 

Looking down the aisle of the ancient text he happen upon one of the servants of the house of Sun. Dressed in a yellow cloak the male bowed his head to the prince as he spoke to him softly. “Good tidings prince.” Speaking back to him the male paused before he turned upon his heel and asked for a question, but that question was soon halted when the heavy footsteps of his father approached him. Furrowing his brow the man looked at him and spoke softly. “Mwanga, I'm surprised to see that you’re not helping out with the feast which will be in your honor. It’s always been the right of the hunter to butcher the meat from the other day. Come, you need not bother yourself with these books. Half of them we can’t read anyways.” 

Khari prided himself on being illiterate for all of his wisdom was gained from years of experience and skill. The king found no meaning in wasting time pursuing knowledge gleaned from ancient texts and books when each and every day presents with itself new chances to learn and experience life first hand. So it seemed as though his chance to try and learn how to bring about chance would have to wait. Glaring at his father he nodded his head before he went to the butchers room where the meat had been hung and the blood drained. 

As he entered the room instantly he was overwhelmed by the jovial spirit of his compatriots who were thrilled to see him. Word had already spread amongst the royal guard and entourage that the prince had spent the night getting to “know” the bride to be. Despite the fact that these were just rumors and they couldn’t be farther from the truth, the men who had hunted with him were noisy and wanted to know just how much he’d gotten to know of her. Taking the knife, he plunged it into one of the animal’s stomach and began to gut and clean it taking out its entrails and proceeding to take care to search for its organs. It was always a common thing that the hunters who caught the animals always ate one or two of its raw organs from strength. The Prince decided on the liver and biting into it, he grimace before chewing and swallowing it. 

Laughing, one of his hunters smiled before grinning. “Compared to the liver, Mpendwa wako alionja vyema jana usiku.” Pausing, Mwanga place the knife down before turning upon heel and speaking softly, his eyes closing as if contemplating his next moved.

“kurudia hilo?” Nobody said anything as the prince stepped closer to the man who had made the crude jester. Looking at him and up and down Mwanga snarled. “Mfalme wako amekupa amri tu.”  Bulking up the prince waited for those lewd words to once more fill the air and when nothing came of it he stepped back. “Never disrespect my wife again.”  Turning back to the carcasses the Prince went back to doing his duties only this time with more intensity. 


Translation 1; your beloved tasted better last night
translation 2: Repeat yourself
translation 3; You're king gave you an order. 

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She wasn't sure how long she had been walking, though she had taken some precautions to avoid her parents, as well as the King and Queen. She had already been stripped searched once this morning, she didn't want to relive it. It had been a close call at one hallway as they seemed to be together and headed to one of the drawing rooms for some late morning tea. She had ducked into a room to hide from them, and as she listened for their steps to pass down the hall, she was assaulted with a musty smell of parchment. She frowned and turned to look at the room behind her and gasped softly. The room was huge, and was wall to wall, floor to ceiling books. She had found the library. The House of Moon had a beautiful library, and she had made sure to bring some of the tomes to add to the House of Sun, though she hadn't realized the extensive reach of their library. She felt her heart nearly skitter in excitement. If anything came from her extensive studies, it was her love of reading.

She slowly made her way into the library, noting there were two fireplaces on the first floor, and she could see a third on the second floor. She was sure that helped keep the damp air out during colder months. Isilme wandered around the bottom floor for a while, taking in the different books and tomes, and even the different languages used in them. There were books from all the clans, and some looked like they had been here for generations. It was beautiful. A sound caught her off guard and when she spun around there was someone dressed in a yellow cloak, they had startled her and she gave a startled yip before putting a hand to her chest. The staff member uttered apologies, looking scared. She offered an apologetic smile and waved off their apologies. She made sure they understood that she wasn't upset, she just hadn't expected to see someone there.

They spent some time speaking of books, the clans, and the many languages. It saddened her to hear that the library had become more for looks in the last several generations, as the current King, and his father before him, and his father before him all had chosen that wisdom was from life experiences and not in the parchments of the past. She promised to give the library proper respect, and she meant it. She had learned a few languages in her studies, so she was able to read most of the books they held. The ones she wouldn't be able to read would be the ones in the Royal family's mother tongue. She had heard the Prince and the King flowing in and out of their mother tongue when speaking, and she realized that their language was very much still a part of their lives. She chewed her pale lip a moment as she looked over a row of books on language and dialects.

That was when she got an idea. Something to show her husband to be she cared, but also something to show the people that she cared. She turned to the staff member and grinned brightly, requesting their help. She explained her plan to him, and he was soon beaming just as happily. She made him promise that no one else was to know what she planned. She didn't want the surprise to be ruined before the perfect timing. The idea had her feeling lightheaded and butterflies fluttered in her stomach again, but she was excited, and she didn't have much time to make it work, but she would work diligently to get this right.

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The voice of Mwanga called out softly as he entered into his own private chambers. His clothes were soaked with blood and the scent of butcher meat and sweat was heavy upon his brow. He had only one wish in this moment and that was to rid himself of the blood and sweat before the feast which was to be had to celebrate the wedding. However, he wasn’t too keen on having another awkward appearance happen. Stripping himself of the bloodied clothes he headed towards the bathing room and closed the door behind him to get to what he needed so desperately at this singular moment in time. 

The warmth of the bath warmed him and as he sink lower into the tub he heard footsteps approaching and he knew from the heavy sound of it that it was a servant. In the house of Sun all of the servants were adorn in yellow robes so that they stood out from those who were visiting and the royal family. In this case it was nothing more but his own personal servant whom had grown with him since he was a child. Her skin was fair and dark and she wore braids the same as he. Entering into the bathing room, she sat upon a distance from him and she leaned forward. Her eyes watched him as he rolled his eyes. 

“I heard you've had a temper on you lately Prince.” 

Sinking deeper into the pool of water the Prince rolled his eyes. The last thing he wanted was to be tease by his personal servant of all people. Especially when he was in the midst of enjoying a very nice bath. It would sour the mood and he wasn’t in the mood to have it being so. 
“Go away child.” His voice came out and this ruffled her feathers. Standing up she shrugged her shoulders and spoke. 
“And here I’ve come to offer you practice for your wedding night. But since you’re not in the mood than I’ll just remove myself from your presence.” 

Mwanga chuckled because he knew her words were nothing but a jest. He had, afterall, promise to remind chaste till the evening of his wedding. Nothing move him to break that vow. Not even someone as tempting as the apple which seduced Eve. It wasn’t till he was sure that she was long gone that the Prince rose from his bath and dressed himself. Now he needed to find his darling fiancee and see to it that she was prepared for the feast as well. 

Walking towards the great library the lone ebony male had a feeling that the porcelain beauty would be here. Afterall she came from a culture which valued wisdom more so than anything else. Calling out for her he came towards her and spoke softly. “I’ve taken the time to prepare a bath for you. The feast will be ready in an hour, and I cannot wait for us to discuss things over dinner.” 

RavanyaIsilme   44d ago


She had spent so much time in the library that she hadn't realized how much time had passed. The library had held wonder for her, and the staff member had been a beautiful help to her little surprise. Each time she thought of the end result and what it may bring, she felt her heart skitter. She hoped he would like it by the time she was ready to show him. They had just finished their lesson for the day, and she was returning the books to the staff member with a bright smile when the doors opened, and she heard that familiar deep voice call her name. She turned and smiled seeing the Prince coming to her.

He mentioned that the feast would be in an hour and he had prepared her a bath. She felt her heart flutter at such a gesture. Something so simple, but it was something he didn't have to do. “You are spoiling me, my Prince. You slipped away without waking me, and when I did wake, you had left me breakfast in bed. Now you draw my bath for me?” She smiled sweetly, knowing he could have had any staff member do what he had been doing for her. She took his arm and let him lead her back to his room. They were met with one of the seamstresses who was smiling brightly and snuck her gown for the night behind the dressing screen so the Prince wouldn't see. She hadn't expected the gown to be finished so soon. What she also hadn't expected was the group of women that came out of the bathing room to whisk her away from him and to shoo him out the door so she could get ready. She gave a nervous smile and an apologetic look to him before they closed the doors between them.

In no time, she was bathed, a proper bath that hadn't been doused in so many oils and perfumes. Her hair was deeply combed and carefully dried. They had only been given an hour, but with the help from the ladies, she was dressed in no time. They had given her hair intricate braids entwined with golden ribbons to contrast to her hair. She was adorned in pieces of gold that held diamonds, the closest they could offer in jewelry that held both sides of her future. What truly took her breath away was the gown they had made. At the bodice, it was a beautiful deep indigo that trailed across her pale skin in an off the shoulder piece that would seem to be her usual style in gowns. The straps draped around her biceps in rich silk, leaving her arms bare this time. The corseted bodice was hand beaded in tiny crystals that glittered like stars.

The indigo faded along the bodice into a deep blue and then purple. Reaching to the skirts at her hips it began to gradient into more rose, and red, and orange. Her skirt had a sheer overlay skirt on it that matched the glittering crystals of her bodice. Her gown looked as though that perfect moment between night and day had been captured in sky colors. The gold in her accessories were to offset the silver pale colorings of her natural born features. She sat before the vanity mirror as they finished the last braid, and she couldn't believe the woman she seen in the mirror in place of herself. She thanked them all generously, and they left to give her a moment before she was to make her way to the dining hall. She was nervous, and her stomach was tight. She hoped it didn't affect her appetite, as he had worked hard to hunt and prepare for this feast, she didn't want it to go to waste. When it was her turn to join the room, she stepped in feeling every bit of her nerves, it was the first time she'd ever worn anything outside of her clan's colors and she didn't know the reaction she would get.

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As they walked slowly to his private chambers the Prince felt a heat rise from his face. He was not one to usually blush like this but being in the presence of his soon to be wife made him feel so. Afterall, he’d not even considered that he was one to spoil her. No, rather he thought he was doing what he’d ought to do. As soon as they were into his private chambers he blinked as he saw his personal servant again this time with a gaggle of women at her side. 
Before he had time to comment on this, he was shooed away from his own chambers and was led down the hall from by other men servants. “What is the meaning of this?” He asked them but none would answer him. He’d already dressed himself for the dinner but apparently his mother thought that he was too underdressed. For there she was waiting for him in her own private chambers. “Seriously Mwanga, you think that is proper attire for a Prince to wear during his first public event with his bethroved. No, this simply will not do. Now come, we haven’t long to get you ready for tonight.”

His protest fell on deaf ears as the men worked on getting him ready as per his mothers instructions. A golden hair tie was thread through his black breads. This was to tie his locks back into a ponytail and placed over the tie was a golden cuff adorn within the sun. It shimmered and caught the light gayly and gave off a jovial display. Mix with that were a silver bracelet placed upon his wrist which was to honor the color schemes of the house of the Moon. A black pants were brought up to his waist and from his pants hold silver chains which held a black a gold sun being eclipsed by a silver moon. The piece was absolutely beautiful and so was his silver shirt which was adorn first. 

Next came the vest which was black but had golden specks which mimic the stars shimmering at night. It was an awe inspiring piece with the final part being a red overcoat which had golden buttons. Red, black, silver, and gold. This colors should not have work and yet the scheme blended together beautifully representing the rising of the sun and the setting of the moon. Leaning forward his mother kissed his forehead before smiling and whispered encouragement to his son.

The sound trumpets blaring announcing for the feast to start always seemed as an annoyance to the prince. However, such things couldn’t be helped. Exhaling his breath the Mwanga slowly stepped into through the wooden doors which led to the great feast halls. Several rows of tables were lined up vertically from the main table which the two families would be sitting at. Only one horizontal table stood and that was the table for the Prince and the Princess and their families. Walking into the scene he could see all eyes turning and gasping to look at the prince. He was never displayed such opulence in public and seeing him adorn with gold and silver was a first. Many took it well and whispers could be heard asking if the Princess would outshine him in her beauty. This would be the first time many had laid eyes upon the Princess and so they was a curiosity to see her beauty. 

As Prince Mwanga made it to the head of the table he stood there alone. Of course his parents and the parents of the Princess were going to make him introduce his wife to be. They had insisted on marrying for love and now his parents were trying to do all that they can to embarrassing him and prove that such ideals were poppy cock. 

“Ladies and Gentlemen, I have the absolute honor of introducing you all to me beloved and bethroved. Please rise and welcome, formarily to the house of sun, Isilme, daughter of the House of Moon, and my beloved fiancee.” 

RavanyaIsilme   44d ago


Isilme stood outside a door, waiting for her turn to enter. Her stomach was in knots, and she was nervous as could be. This would be her first true public appearance. She had never had a true coming out ceremony as most did, because those were used to insert one who was ready to be married. She had already been promised, and therefore could not be brought out to the courts. She heard her Prince call to the room of her arrival, and the guards waiting at the door softly opened the door to let her in. She took in a deep and shaky breath and stepped into the room, every pair of eyes on her. She hoped no one noticed the falter in her steps as she seen everyone staring her way. Whispers filled the hall as she made her way slowly to her Prince's side. Her mother held a smirk to her features, whispering to her father beside her. She refused to let them get to her.

She kept her chin high and kept her eyes to Mwanga. One step at a time she crossed the grand hall, her gown glittering like stars in the sunset. In keeping her eyes to him, she noticed that Mwanga had done something similar as she had. Her eyes roamed his suit, the small pieces of Sun and Moon along his person. She felt her heart swell, her pride rise. When she met him at his side, she was smiling brightly, and felt almost emotional. She took his hand, and leaned up to kiss his cheek softly. It was a show for the room, but also a sign that she seen what he wore, and that it touched her heart in the representation. This was their way of claiming their combined fronts. They were not just the Sun and Moon anymore. They were the Sky, they were the Sun, the Moon, and the Stars. She gave a smile to the room, whispers still going.

She could hear some of them, remarks on her gown, his suit, the pairing, her features. She found herself blushing and had to force herself to stop listening as they took their seats. Toasts were made from the guests to the happy couple. Her parents gave the usual toast of a long life, a strong rule, and healthy heirs. This caused another blushing flush to her cheeks. Not even to the wedding yet, and already her parents were wishing her fertility.

She just knew that her mother would be conducting physical checks every morning to be sure that her purity stayed intact until the wedding night. And she would be the first to check the sheets for proof as well. She didn't understand her parents, if they didn't want her to be “ruined” before the wedding, why did they agree and insist that she sleep in her Prince's chambers? Before toasts were through, Isilme raised her own glass and turned to Mwanga, earning a look from her mother that she ignored. “I give a toast of thanks…. to my Betrothed. He has been the sweetest and most respectable man a woman could ask for. And has more than proven his skill with this wonderful feast brought to us tonight. I feel very blessed to be able to soon call this man my husband.” The patrons cheered and applauded the couple as they drank to her toast, causing her to blush yet again. Her mother and father had unreadable looks, though they clapped along with the others.

They didn't want her chancing the wedding being called off by being too much. She was to be silent and seen, only speaking when spoken to, like a good little wife. Her toast had not been necessary to them, and she could see it on their faces. She dropped her gaze from them and set her glass down after her drink, keeping her gaze to her plate for the moment.

Mr-XMwanga   42d ago


Mwanga's face flushed red as he heard the compliments with which his wife had paid him. He hadn't been expecting he to praise him or honor in such a way. As the servants in yellow came put bringing the food all cooked and prepared the male couldn't help but feel as though he'd did a good job. At the head table a smoked pig was brought out for them all to enjoyed. Not only that but before they had a chance to start a feast a noble man stood up and Mwanga's and his father's face dropped as they both saw who it was. 

His demeanor was calm but one could tell that his eyes were burning with something insulting. Hoisting up his cup the male spoke fluently in one of the common languages which was spoke by many. It was the tongue of the former rulers and how'd he manage to sneak into this feast before they'd officially announced the marriage proposal was something that could only mean one thing. 

“In honor of their union which is to come in twelve days, here is a special wine brewed and blessed with magic. It is golden and hue but it's taste is silver smooth, in keep with the theme of the Sun and moon coming together.”

Looking towards the male Mwanga hesitated. It was clear to both Mwanga and is father that the wine was spike. Not with poison that would've been to obvious.  Instead it had been spike with an aphrodisiac.  How simple would it be to crumple an alliance by having the marriage dissolved to such a thing. 

As the noble man walked towards the table he pour two glasses for both the princess and the Male and than a third one. 

"OH come now Prince, you look as though I've offer poison to you and your bride. I would never. Here I'll sip the wine as well." Sipping the wine he smile enjoying the sweetness of it before swallowing it whole. 

"Now, please, let everyone else pour a glass so that we can toast the royal couple." 

Grabbing hold of the cup Mwanga looked to the princess with a look in his eyes that Said something.. something that they were in danger however they couldn't refuse this drink. Especially since this noble was from the house of Sky, the former disposed ruling family. 


RavanyaIsilme   42d ago

Isilme was blown away by the meats and foods prepared being brought into the grand hall. She reached a hand to touch his arm beside her softly as she looked on in everything with a wide-eyed awe of his accomplishments. The animals were large, and they smelled wonderful as the aromas filled the air around them. Before they could announce to start eating, someone down the tables stood up. She didn't know the man, but then, she didn't know anyone outside of her home staff, parents, Mwanga and his parents, so not knowing someone didn't bother her just yet. She watched on politely as he offered a toast of a special wine to the couple. She glanced to her Prince with a smile but then paused at the look in his eyes.

He wasn't happy to see this man. She looked to him once more, his styles and colors suggest he was Sky House. She then glanced to her parents and Mwanga's parents and she realized something was wrong. The man came over and offered them the drink, pouring it into their glasses before pouring one for himself. He made a jest of how the Prince seemed to be afraid to drink a simple offering. She lifted her glass and looked to her Prince. His eyes conveyed that he was worried, something was definitely wrong, but she didn't understand what it was. There was something wary of the man, and so she understood that something of the drink was amiss. But they couldn't turn the drink down.

She took his hand softly, keeping her polite smile - making the Sky House male to think she had no idea what was happening. He was hoping that she and the Prince were not as closely knit as they were so soon. She gave Mwanga's hand a squeeze, he was not in this alone. They would make it work together. She lifted her glass to him in soft cheers and took a sip first of the glass, as the Sky Male had done so. Then to prove that she wasn't afraid no matter what the male had done, she downed her glass. Let them all think her sheltered and stupid for now. She would prove them all who she really was.

She turned to the male and offered a sweet smile. “That was wonderful, thank you, Sir. The sentiment and the blending in both taste, and in honor were beautiful. I thank you, greatly, for bringing us such a gift.” She kept her demeanor sweet and polite, to keep him thinking that she held no idea what was happening, where her Husband to be might have a clue. She would find a way to ask what happened without seeming rude, and once she knew what was to happen, she would figure out how to counter it. She would not take this on without a fight. They were going to make this work; they were going to rise and strive for their people.

Mr-XMwanga   39d ago


As soon as his betrothed took the drink Mwanga knew that he would need to have courage to face what was to come tonight. Sipping from the flash he closed his eyes. Indeed the flavor was sweet, one of the sweetest wine’s he’d ever tasted. As he drowned his glass he looked at the man who smiled sweetly at the pair. Before he had a chance to protest the male was already pouring them both another drink. “It is customary for the King to have a cup bearer so that his cup is never left dry during a feast. So how could I insult the future King and Queen by not refilling their cups after they’ve tasted this savory wine.”  

Mwanga’s inner face turned to stone as he heard those words spoken. Damned vile serpent. He knew just the right words to where refusing him would cause both him and his bride to look bad. Despite the fact that he was the one who had spiked the drink. Taking the glass once more he raised it towards his wife and slowly coughed as he looked around the room. He blinked as he raised his glass before he looked at his father. His father gave him a look and Mwanga spoke loudly.

“My heart is filled with words beyond gratitude and relief. As a child I did not know the history of my clan, how we came to be the royal family of Asura. As a man now I cannot look away from the past actions. It will be my job one day to keep the peace between all houses and repair the rift between Sky and Sun. Let us one day become brothers. In the truest sense of the word… For I” It was then that the Prince sure felt the effects of the aphrodisiac. For instance the word he was about to say was Love. Catching himself he spoke once more “Look forward to all houses enjoying prosperity and peace. Not just the house of Sun. May the Gods of wealth bless us all.” 

To that there was a cheer which came up from everyone and the noble men grinned as he looked at Mwanga and spoke once more. “Forgive me for my rudeness, Oh Noble Prince. You orate skills are absolutely beautiful. Might I once more, fill the cup of you and the daughter of the house of Moon’s cup one more time? In honor of such an elegant speech?” 

Mwanga nodded his head and looked at Isilme. 

He knew that she was beautiful. He'd seen her many times and had never denied that she was indeed beautiful. But thanks to the drink being spiked he felt himself yearning for her. All throughout dinner he could not stop stealing glances from her and as the night wrapped up and the guest clear away, Mwanga felt the prospect of them sharing a room together more and more eager. Despite his clear level head and the knowledge of what had been done, it was hard to fight through the fog of desire. 

He wanted her to the point where a dull ache was burning inside of him. Being led back to his room by the servants, he looked at Ismile and blinked. 


Time skip


It was by pure luck that Mwanga had remembered that steam and sweat was needed to counter the effects of the aphrodisiac. Last night had been a steamy one as they both spent time in the bath together sweating out the drink. But it had both been worth it as both pairs were untouched. As the flames of the fireplace roared Mwanga began to pant from the heat. He’d ordered the windows close and plenty of fresh water brought in as the fire roared. He reeked of sweat yet his mind was sober and nothing could stopped him from what he’d wanted to achieve. Looking to his partner he spoke softly. 

“I apologize. It seems as though we have a spy in our midst. No one outside of out two houses had been sent word of the feast. Not one person. I will set to work finding this person, personally. You needed concern yourself with this bitter task at hand.” Mwanga’s tone was dark as he reached for his own personal knife and opened the door. “Bring all the servants that were there with me the night Isilme arrived. I’ll also be needing iron pierces and fire along with a Sjambok.” 

RavanyaIsilme   39d ago


Isilme didn't back down from the drink, even knowing there was a consequence. She hadn't been expecting a second glass of the sweet wine. With another sweet smile to the Sky Male, she again took her drink once her betrothed had made his speech. She was about to set her glass down, when the Male asked for once more to fill their glasses. Everything was worded careful so that if they said no, it would be taken offensive. Nothing was trickier than Elven politics. Before she even got the third glass in, her pale features began to flush, and she was feeling warm. She didn't down this glass, she took a third of it in before setting it down, she needed to eat something. And she didn't want to look like a drunk.

As the dinner went on, she was getting warmer, and she would catch her Prince giving her heated glances which made her blush more. She had never seen him look that way at her before. They made it through the dinner and seen their guests off as were the good jobs of hosts. When they were gone, Isilme had nearly dropped, and the staff quickly took them to their rooms.



She had woken the next morning to a stuffy room, despite having reopened the windows once they were ready to pass out for the night. She bathed alone until her mother had barged into the room and demanded proof that she was still pure. Her mother checked her once again in the washroom and once she was satisfied, she left in a huff leaving Isilme feeling violated again. She dressed in one of her simpler gowns, a pale violet that had a silver shimmer to it and settled in the main room of their shared sleeping quarters. She had asked that breakfast be brought to them in their room while they took the morning hours to resettle themselves from the night before.

She had a headache from the drugged wine and was hoping it would go away soon, she couldn't even braid her hair for fear of making the headache worse. Her Prince sat on the couch with her, and he was fuming. She wanted to ask him what was wrong, but she wanted him to be able to come to her on his own. And he did so, claiming there had been a spy that had informed the Sky Male from the dinner about the goings on because the feast had been an impromptu decision. He pulled out one of his knives and she looked worried. He then called for all the servants that were there the night she arrived.

“W-what do you plan to do with them when you find the one that wronged us?” She asked in worry as the staff member was off to gather the appropriate staff after he mentioned Iron pokers, fire, and something else she was unfamiliar with. “You mean to torture them? Surely there must be a better way to get the knowledge you need?” She asked moving to his side in a pleading tone. She understood his anger, whole heartedly, but the thought of torturing anyone had her stomach roiling in knots. 

Mr-XMwanga   27d ago


"Torture?' Mwanga repeated that word as though it were completely foreign to him. Of course he had decided to inflict harm upon his servants as to find out which one had leaked the secret to their enemies. Last night would have ruined everything for them and such a heavy act of betrayl could not be forgiven. Not in his eyes. As his guard returned with the implements of torture his eyes reached for the sjambrock which was a raw hide stick that resemble a whip. 

Picking it up he spoke slowly to his beauty fiance. “It is well known that those who are guilty will not confess without pain being applied to them. My father has tortured many servants in front of me and commanded me to heal them magic. He taught me that one cannot forgiven when it comes to those closest to them. You have to understand if it was just me i would not resort to such extremes. But they also drugged you as well..”

As the first servant came in, Mwanga looked at them and soon all the other servants came in. In total they were about twelve and the last one to come was his closest friend whom had served him since he was just a child. As she looked at him and he at her he blinked once before she gave him a cheerful smile. “Soo.. is this the part where you introduce us to your lovingly bri-” 

It was almost instinctively. He hadn’t mean to do it but his body reacted. Whipping his personal servant across the face there was a gasps amongst the slaves as red welt formed across her cheek. She hardly flinched though. Her hands balled into a fist and she looked passed the prince through harden eyes before she growled. “Trying to look tough for your darling pale bitch of a wife are we?”

There was nothing but gasps from the other servants. Closing his eyes, Mwanga exhale before he inhale. “Take… of your clothes… and kneel before me..” The prince spoke as he looked at the guards and the guards paused. “Bring me the cat of nine tails… and remove Isilme from the room..” 

Walking in front of her the prince looked at his darling friend and knelt before her. Taking her chin in his he spoke out softly. “Why did you do this?” 

Because, I’d rather die than see that pale bitch as your wife..” 

As one of the guards handed Mwanga the cat of nine tails and hurried Isimle out of the room, mwanga moved behind his former friend and lifted the instrument of torture upwards and brought it down for all the servants to witness the flogging. 

RavanyaIsilme   27d ago


“M-my Prince, you cannot be serious….” She pleaded, hoping he would reconsider. He claimed that had it only been him, he wouldn't be so harsh, but they had threatened her as well. Before she could say another word, the servants were brought in, as well as a couple of guards holding implements. One of the staff began to speak as Isilme watched in disbelief. Before the woman's sentence was finished, she had been struck, causing Isilme to step back with a hard gasp, a hand to her mouth. She had started to step to her Prince, when the woman spoke up, calling Isilme a bitch. That made her stop in place and now look to the woman in confused surprise. She didn't know what she had done to this woman to make her hate her this way.

Her Prince demanded she strip and kneel at his feet. He asked for one of the implements and that Isilme be removed from the room. Now she looked at him with surprised hurt. “I am not leavi--” Her words were stopped as the guards took her by her arms and pulled her from the room. She struggled against their hold but they were stronger than she was and she was pulled from the room as the woman claimed that she didn't want to see Isilme as his wife. The doors closed and heard the sounds of the whipping through the door. She stopped struggling and they softly let her go with apologetic looks. Tears brimmed her eyes. The guards tried to explain that this was normal punishment, and that His Highness didn't want her to see it.

She looked to each of them as they blocked the door from her. The sound of whips were going to haunt her nightmares. She put a hand to her mouth and turned from them, running nearly down the hall. She didn't know where she would go, and her running soon had her in the Gardens. She moved to sit at one of the fountains' edge. She understood punishment was to be made, but that was far too extreme, and he had broken their promise. They were to rule together, make the choices together. He not only had not heard her out, but he had her removed from the room.

Her heart ached, through her chest and up her throat as the tears fell along her cheeks. She sat there wondering if he had lied to her, then, of them ruling equally. Of making the right changes for their people. Or was she to be the obedient wife set to the side to simply look pretty. She felt foolish, had been open and honestly raw with him as he had asked of her, and now she felt that it was in jest. Perhaps she was the fool, thinking that with her marriage, she could make a change in a race that stood by thousands of years of traditions. She squeezed her eyes closed as the tears welled and fell, wrapping her arms around herself, the sounds of whippings echoing in her mind.

Mr-XMwanga   21d ago


When the final lash had fallen the back of the servant had been torn to ribbons. The bloodied raw black flesh was hanging onto what looked like pulsating meat. Tears streamed down the face of the servant as she held herself. Blood smeared all over the carpet and as the others looked upon the servant Mwanga exhaled as he looked down at her. “I will heal you now, but you will apologize to my bride. Furthermore we will place you under lock and key so that you will not be able to pull anymore of this treachery.”

Laughter. Her voice came in cruel burst of laughter before she sniffled and spoke up again. “I’m afraid you’ll have to give me another flogging.. You’re wife is a whore.. And a cunt.. And a fowl bitch.”  Turning around the male closed his eyes before he turned around and brought the whip down upon the pitiful flesh. Blood splattered across the carpet and into the face of the Prince. Letting out a yelp the female leaned forward. Lifting the whip again, he brought the tip down harder, this time the teeth of the whip sank deep into her flesh and ripped it apart. Each lash brought more and more flesh with it and soon Mwanga, in his rage, kicked her over onto the floor. “Nitakuua.” Mwanga shouted. Kicking her on her side, he rolled her over onto her back, and slammed his heel into her stomach.

“Nitakuua. Nitakuua. NITAKUUA!” Bring the whip down onto her face, he screamed the phrase over and over as the claws of the whip stripped flesh from her face. One lash gorged out her left eye, and as the socket was torn open the girl screamed out but still the beating continued. Over and over the whip fell onto her face and head till her nose was cut open, her left socket was ripped apart, flesh hung from her jaw bone, and several wounds were visiable unto her head. No one moved or breathed, it wasn’t till a servant let out a gasp and fainted that Mwanga came to his senses.

Exhaling rapidly, he grabbed her face by his palm and instantly a golden light emanate from his palm. It took minutes to restore her flesh.. Within a span of five minutes it was as though the only evidence of the beating that remained was a light scar across her cheek and faded marks on her back. Blood smeared all over the floor and his face was covered in blood. Before the eyes of the servants and gaurds the prince looked like a demon. Dropping the whip he looked at them and spoke harshly. “hili ni onyo. Mtu mwingine atakayesaliti imani yangu ... nitawakata koo zao. Now clean this blood up.”

The normally calm demeanor which the Prince had carefully tried to hold together and put on the past two days was all but gone. After he had bathed his footsteps echoed throughout the hall. He only had one instinct, to find Isilme and right the wrongs which he’d had made the previous night. After asking around he was led to the gardens were sure enough she was waiting for him. He’d change his shirt but specks of dark crimson still stained his skin and it was very clear that it was blood. 

“I… am sorry. I.. punishing servants… slaves… changes a man into something uglier.. A beast. I.. did not want you to see… or.. Hear… what i was going to do.” Falling unto his knees he reached into his pocket and pulled from it a dagger which held the crest of the sun. It was made of pure obsidian, and white bone. In the bone was etched a drawing of the sun. “This is given to every male in the kingdom of the Sun who has authority and power. The king, the prince, the royal captain of the guard.. I want to give it to you.. As an apology and as a reminder that you’re, to, will have authority and a say in what goes on.. Never again, will I do such a thing. Next time.. I will discuss what course of action to take.. I will not fail you again, Isimle..” 

*I'll kill you.
*Let this be a warning. The next person who betrays me.. I will slit their throats." 

RavanyaIsilme   20d ago


Isilme didn't know how long she sat in the gardens, but she couldn't bring herself to leave the gardens peacefulness. She had prayed her parents didn't find her here, though once her mother had conducted her usual check of her virtue, she was left alone. She covered her face in her hands and cried silently to herself over what she had witnessed, which hadn't been near as bad as what she had heard in the halls. She had heard the first crack of the whip, the scream of the woman. And on top of it all, she had been escorted out of the room like she held no say or leverage in the matter.

The more she thought on it, the sicker she felt, and she had to run to a nearby bush where she lost her stomach. It wasn't that she had weak constitutions, but more so that she didn't believe people should be treated in such a way. And the look in his eyes had terrified her. She used water from the fountain to rinse her mouth out, spitting it into the bush as well before sitting down and wrapping her arms around herself once more.  She was so lost in thought that she hadn't realized when Mwanga had joined her until he started apologizing to her, which startled her and caused her to jump and slide a bit from him as she looked to him in fear. 

He apologized, and she could see that he meant it, but she didn't immediately forgive him. He offered out a dagger to her, claiming that it was given to every Male of the Kingdom of Sun. Which confused her at first, as she was not Male nor from the Sun. He explained that his giving her this blade - beautifully crafted - was a symbol that she would not be set aside as he had done today. She looked to the blade but did not reach for it. “Before I can accept that, or your apology….. I have to speak my mind….. if you truly mean what you say…. you will hear me……” She waited to see if he would listen before she continued on.

“We made a promise as a couple…. we would work together, that we were going to change traditions to save all of our people….. to listen with one another, and to work together as one ruling unit…. not as a King and his simply arm candy Queen. I understand being angry…. I do…. and I understand that you want to protect me….. and I'm grateful for the protection, because I know that you are working with me and for me, not against me…. but….” She closed her eyes a moment, a hand to her stomach, then looked away from him. “I heard it, Mwanga…… I heard the whip…. I heard her scream….. as much as I agree that crimes deserve punishments, that punishment is too far…… I don't care of a person's caste… Royal, Noble, Citizen, Servant, Slave……. Slave…… that term I hate the most…. they are people!”

“And you were not the only betrayed here. For reasons unknown to me, that woman had us both drugged, trying to ruin the union and wedding. But we won when we didn't break our vows. We won when we made it through the night without scandal breaking the arrangement. Should there be punishment? Absolutely! But…. beating a person….. all that teaches them is fear of mistakes….fear of us…. our people should not fear us…. respect us, follow us, lean on us, and need us, but never fear us. Fear may keep some in line…. but fear can also make them turn on us. We are trying to unite our people, not cause a war….. remember that we agreed we were going to take old traditions out and start new traditions with the new lineage of our people. The old ways are what's killing our people….. You not only broke your promise to me, but you had me escorted from the room! Sent away as if I was only a child and not to become your wife…..”

“If this is to work the way we truly planned it to, we have to be a united front…. we have to agree, and compromise…. we have to be better than those that came before us…… or we fail…. if we can't unite together, then things like last night are going to tear us apart, and eventually we will lose the Kingdom to whomever it is that is trying to cause us to fail. I want us to succeed….. but we have to seriously rethink and change a lot of the way things work here. If I accept that dagger, and we move on from here….. we need to sit down and have a very long talk about how we plan to run this kingdom together….. equally…. and I pray the Gods never give me a reason to give the dagger back to you….. because if I give it back….. that's it…. I'll only be your wife in name and position…… I'll step back and become as others expect me to be…… I do not want that to happen…. but I cannot do this by myself……” She waited for him to think on everything that she had said for a while before allowing him the chance to rethink his offer of apology. If he truly meant what he said, she would take the dagger. She wanted this, wanted them, to work for the better of their people.  He had claimed this would be a marriage of love. She didn't know love firsthand, but she knew this wasn't how it started.

Mr-XMwanga   1d ago


“We made a promise as a couple…. If you truly mean what you say… you will hear me..”

Promises… Words… meanings..

All of these things echoed within the mind of the Prince the last remaining days that led up to their wedding ceremony. Not a moment went by where he did not reflect upon the actions he’s taken or the moments in life when he’d lost his anger. Ever since he’d been asked to do this, he'd not been himself. Afterall, how could he remain calm when his marriage meant that he would be look to as a ruler instead of a young Prince? During the nights when his betrothed slept in his bed, he did nothing but sit on his couch and watched her sleep. In her sleep she looked so peaceful and at rest and He’d wondered if he looked that way whenever sleep visited him.

During the day Mwanga was much more open when it came to his coming and going with Isilme. Oftentimes he would stop her and ask her opinions on the matters by which His father expected him to take over for him. Small things ranging from how to take care of the sick and poor when summer came and many were threatened with death from thirst. To the treatment of the royal servants of the house of slaves who’d he’d been taught in the past to treat as nothing more than slaves. He’d asked how things were run in the house of Moon and how being a noble was different from being royalty. 

With each question the male grew in wisdom biting his tongue and nodding in acknowledgment. Things around here had to change and it didn’t take long for him to ask her one of the more serious questions. With her answer he sat down and watch as she discuss with him what she thought about it. That was when he knew, without a doubt, that she was truly the one that the gods had put before him for his betterment and the betterment of the Kingdom of Ausra.

As the sounds of horns blaring in the castle announcing the evening of the wedding Mwanga sat upon his balcony alone For this final night both parents had agree that they were to be separate so that the Bridge could dress in peace and her dress and everything would be a surprise for the Prince. He couldn't say that he disagree with the decision afterall, they've already came close once to ruining their own purity thanks to the devious plot of the house of Sky. But this time  everything seem fine. Looking out across his kingdom he blink his eyes once before blinking them again. Tomorrow his life would change forever. 


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