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Adrian Violetta Hawthorne

Adrian Violetta had been on the move for days, scavenging for supplies in the desolate wasteland that used to be her home. She had always been a quiet person, preferring to keep to herself and avoid unnecessary conflict. But in this new world, she had learned how to stand up for herself and fight back when necessary.

As she walked through the abandoned streets, Adrian heard a noise coming from a nearby convenience store. She cautiously approached the building, her hand gripping the handle of her machete tightly. She peered through the glass window and saw a group of walkers shuffling around inside, their eyes fixed on something in the back of the store.

Adrian knew that this could be her chance to find some much-needed supplies, but she didn't want to risk getting bitten by the walkers. She scanned the area for any other survivors who could help her, but the streets were eerily empty. Her red hair was blowing about in the wind. She slowly started to back away from the Walker infested store &ping not to draw any attention to herself. 


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