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Frosted Petals (CLOSED)

By Ravanya
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FOR a time far longer than anyone could remember, Spirits of the Elements would live together in the world in a harmonious life. The world was full of various spirits of all kinds of blended elements. Stone, Water, Ice, Fire, Tree, Sand, Metal, Air, and all such elements that blend and lie between were in a peaceful time. Most of the older Spirits based more into seasonal elemental abilities would slumber through the other seasons as a way to recharge their magic for their next run at their seasons. Their way of life was an endless fruitful cycle that kept the world in a wonderous abundance for everyone.

THAT was, until a few Fire Spirits thought that they would try to expand the summer season, and caused the Winter Spirits to oversleep, waking late, and the chain reaction left the world in broken seasons in various places. This left many of the spirits confused, and even caused some of the Elder Spirits to continue to sleep, leaving the seasons out of control, and the world without its smooth running peace. Spirits have been trying to undo what was done, but there has yet been an answer found. And with each passing year, more and more of the Winter Spirits fail to wake from their seasonal sleep. Now the other Spirits are rising up to try and protect the remaining Winter Spirits that were still too Young to be led into sleep, for fear of their never waking.

ONE of the guarded Winter spirits was a young noble woman named Demetria. She wasn't as young as some of the others being protected, and was nearing her adult years, only a year off. She would normally be finishing her training in her abilities by this time, and would start her duties in running the winter seasons. But with the fear of her never waking once she was placed into a long seasonal sleep, she is now to be housed with one of the noble houses of one of the other Seasonal Elements, where she would be watched over by their Eldest son until things were deemed safer for her to return home.



You may choose what element you wish to be, so long as it is cohesive to one of the other three seasons, Spring, Summer, Autumn. Posts are a minimum 2000 characters. Pics are illustrations, no anime or real pics. Setting will start at the time of whatever your Season is chosen to be, and with Demetria's arrival to their home.

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RavanyaDemetria   98d ago


A hand to the Frost Chamber before her, Demetria watched the sleeping Elders through the frosted glass of their resting places. Some have been asleep for years now and had yet to wake. Thankfully the Frost Chamber kept those inside in a frozen state so that they did not die from lack of nourishment or time spent. They were frozen in time and building energy and power for the next Winter they would waken. Or at least that was what the plan was to be, but when they opened the chambers that first year that none of the elders had waken, those of Winter were set into a confused panic. Some thought it to be a fluke of the Elder's older ages and so the next generation took over Winter and went into a sleep to keep things going, but come the next Winter, they didn't wake either. This was becoming a horrendous issue for those of the Winter Season. The next generation was far too young and inexperienced, leaving only one Noble's daughter whom was born out of sync with the seasons that was almost old enough, a year shy of being mature enough to handle the Winter Season. It would be very difficult to run the entire Season alone, but she was their only hope for Winter to continue its turn if they were ever to restore peace and the flow of seasons.

Demetria felt her stomach tighten as her hand dropped away from the glass, turning away from those lost in the Frost. She was typical in looks of those that were born to the Snow and Ice. Many kinds of Elements are born into the Seasons, but Demetria's family was from the Noble's of Winter, the house of Ice and Snow. Her mother had been Snow, soft and light. Her father was Ice, strong and unyielding. Together they made Winter within one daughter. Pale skin, Silvery white curls that reached her waist, lips like a pale rose, and eyes such a bright icy Blue they were nearly white, with flecks of silver in them. She was no taller than five foot six, and well curved without it being overweight.

Today was the day she would be taken to the house of Water in the Autumn Seasons. She was thankful for their help, as well as thankful it wasn't one of the warmer seasons, though she would have been thankful for the help all the same. Her things had been packed the last two days and were loaded into the carriage to take her from her Winter home. She looked back to the Chambers, the man and woman before her were her parents. They had been a part of the group that had tried to help the Elders and failed to wake. She had been without her parents for over a year now, and it would fall to her in the coming year to try and free them. And she didn't know how.

“Milady, it is time….” one of their maids said from the doorway is a soft and apologetic tone. It would take all day to travel to the Autumn's House of Water, and it would be near late when they arrived. She pulled the hood of her cloak up over her head and with a heavy heart, she left the Frost Chambers and headed through her childhood home to head out to that of a stranger's home. She had heard that they were more than willing to help those of Winter, they wanted balance just as much as her people did. It was because of this that they were chosen to keep her safe until she was ready to do her part. With a last look at her home, she entered the carriage and it took off to travel the day's journey to take her to the Autumn Seasons and the House of Water.

Khythos, Spirit of Water

Balance was required for a perfect world. Summer leads into Fall, then Winter, and Spring. This cycle was to continue indefinitely, the Elemental spirits guiding the spirits of the Seasons along the way. Life would flourish; worries would be naught.

Life was not perfect. The spirits of Fire ran astray, preferring the warmth of Summer and Spring. Winter began to suffer. The cherished balance of the world was destroyed.

The Autumn spirits had been spared, mostly. Though they had not been affected directly, the lack of a complete Winter had affected all seasons. Summer burned hot, scorching the land, leaving droughts and wildfires ablaze. Spring came early – too early – affecting the growth of necessary wildflowers and trees. Autumn tried to pick up the pieces by drawing itself out as long as it could, covering for what the Winter spirits were currently unable to do, yet it was not enough. They could not fix nearly enough damage in the moons they had.

It was giving Khythos a permanent migraine if he was to admit weakness.

The Winter spirits did have one shining beacon – the one Noble nearly of age. It would be a difficult task, but any good news was a blessing as of late. He only knew of her name – Demetria – and that she was a spirit of Ice and Snow. A young spirit, but if anyone was able to bring back the throes of Winter, it would be her. And he had just been tasked with the duty of keeping her safe.

 Would he be able to do it? He had no choice. He would. Even if it cost him everything.

“Sir Khythos,” a voice sounded from behind him.

The blue-skinned male turned, facing who interrupted his thoughts. His confidant, Tai’chi. “Has she arrived yet?” Khythos inquired.

Tai’chi shook his head. “Not yet, but I have received word that she’d left the Frost Chambers and is on her way.”

Khythos nodded. “Thank you. Please, let me know when she arrives.”

He nodded. “Of course.” Tai’chi’s yellow eyes flashed softly. “Are we ready?”

“I… I’m not sure. All I know is that no matter what, we have a job to do.” He picked at one of his horns – an anxious habit he picked up as a child. “Restoring order and protecting Winter is of utmost importance. Readiness does not matter.”

“Right. I’ll go wait for our guest.” He bowed to Khythos and ducked out of the room.

Khythos hated being unprepared; he preferred to know what he was doing. With this? No one knew what was going to happen. He stared out the window, the morning sun glittering off the lake that surrounded the House. He promised he would do everything in his power to help, and he had not lied.

What if everything in his power just… wasn’t enough?

RavanyaDemetria   97d ago


The ride had been long, and Demetria was more than happy to finally be able to be free from the carriage. The weather had warmed up on the journey, to the point she had debated to remove her cloak.  She had watched the estate come into view as the carriage came closer to its final destination. It wasn't like her home, but it was still beautiful. The journey being longer than she thought it had, it was late in the night, the moon hung in the stars overhead, the only light to illuminate their treck to the front of the House of Water. She was tired and hungry, and needed to stretch out from the confines of her ride.

She was greeted by staff of the House, and they were nice. If she was to be honest, a little overly nice. They were cautious with her as if she were made of glass. Or Ice. She kept the polite look to her features as she thanked them all for their help as her things were unloaded from the carriage. She was escorted to the dining hall for a meal to be prepared for her while her things were taken to the room prepared for her. She made sure the staff knew that she was allergic to peppers, so that they knew not to use such things in her food. A sad mistake as a child led them to find out about that problem, and it had almost not ended well.

Someone mentioned that she was to meet with the Noble House's son, though with the late hour she did not expect to meet anyone but the staff this late. She made mention that such could wait for in the morning, and that they shouldn't be disturbed on her account, but they were adamant that they had orders to announce her arrival to the one named Khyrhos. She had never met the man that had agreed to help her, but she was thankful for someone to step up in Winter's time of need. Their allies in Autumn had been a slight surprise, but greatly welcomed. It seemed that everyone in the warmer seasons were either too afraid, or maybe too ashamed to help. But then again, not many were willing to risk leaving Winter's only chance in the hands of warmer Seasons and the chance that she might be harmed. They were all counting on her to be the one to fix the balance between the Seasons, and though she was the next in line to run Winter, she didn't think she was all that powerful. Her own Elders were trapped in the Frost Chambers in a deep slumber, she was only just reaching her adulthood in her powers.

She heard the rumors. Being born of two of the highest and strongest Noble lines, they hoped that her bloodline would bring about the change needed for the Balance to be restored. Demetria didn't know what she would be able to do exactly to save the Seasons. She silently prayed to the Ancestors for the asnwers she needed to help save her people and the people of the other Seasons.

Khythos, Spirit of Water

Khythos hadn’t meant to doze through dinner, though the House staff was hardly surprised. If he wasn’t napping through his evening meal, he was meticulously building/fixing something, planning on ways to help the other Seasons fix the order of the world, or avoiding his extremely absent father, who only wished to drone responsibility at him when he bothered to hang around. The blue-skinned male hardly needed a lecture on responsibility when he did more work for the Fall season than his old man did.

But that was neither here nor there.

He had barely managed to sit up when Tai’chi entered his quarters, a pleasant look on his face. “Khythos, Demitria of Ice and Snow has arrived.”

“Excellent.” Khythos stretched, his spine popping loudly. “I will be right down. Where is she right now?”

“Currently in the Dining Hall,” Tai’chi responded. “The staff took no time in making sure she was catered to.”

 “I’m sure they’ve probably overwhelmed the poor girl too.” He bit back a chuckle, releasing a snort instead. “Right then.” Khythos messed with his hair a little, making sure he didn’t currently look like he just woke from an impromptu nap, and turned to his best friend. “Lead the way.”

 Wordlessly, the taller male nodded, swerving out of the room and down a long, simply decorated glass staircase. There were blue fairy lights embedded in the glass, casting a beautiful glow throughout the stairway. A fountain was situated in the middle of the double-helix staircase, Koi fish swimming within the deep fountain. Stained-glass lanterns were placed sporadically around the fountain to keep the fish visible.

Khythos reached into his pocket, sighing when he realized he didn’t have any fish food with him. He’d come back with some later. Turning the corner and opening a large door, he entered the kitchen and dining area, where he saw a young, beautiful girl sitting at the end of the table. A server, Jynli, was waiting nearby in case she needed anything.

Taking a deep breath, he said “Good evening, my Lady. My name is Khythos. You must be Demetria? I apologize for meeting you at such a late hour; you must be exhausted."

RavanyaDemetria   96d ago


The staff seemed to be over excited that she had arrived, the pressure of being the one chosen to save Winter feeling heavier with each hopeful smile of the staff she had seen. It took a server, name given to be Jynli, to chase the rest off so that she could eat in peace. She gave a grateful smile before starting her meal. It was wonderful, and after a long day of mostly snacking on bread and cheese, it was a welcomed change in texture and flavor. The House was beautiful, and she was used to the large house of a Noble, but it was very easy to see the differences of this House and her Home. The temperature here was a bit warmer than she was used to, and the decor was aimed to water, where her home was frigid and in decor to ice and snow and winter scenes.

She was sipping from her glass and watching how the windows-stained design looked like a waterfall when the moonlight hit it just right, when the doors to the dining hall opened and startled her. She quickly stood, wiping her mouth a moment, and giving a bow of her head in respect as the two men walked in. “N-no, no, I should be the one apologizing for the late night visiting. We would have left sooner to be here at a better hour, but I was not quite feeling well enough to travel. I'm fine now, no need to worry. But I feel that I've caused disturbance in keeping you and your home awake into the night. I can only imagine that they must be as tired as I am….” She said sheepishly as she apologized.

“Everyone has been very accommodating. O-oh, and I took the chance to make sure that the staff was alerted of my allergies….. I'm allergic to peppers…. Kind of an… ironic…. allergy.” She rolled her bright eyes softly but offered a smile anyway. Her place was cleared away when she nodded at being finished with her meal. “Arriving this late is probably not one of my smratest ideas, but the longer things were put off, the longer Winter sleeps away, and I don't know how long the Frost Chambers will keep working……” She dropped her gaze, and her newly eaten meal now turned in her stomach as her nerves and anxiety perked up. She placed a hand to her stomach as if that would settle its issues as her features betrayed her nervousness of her situation.

Khythos, Spirit of Water

Khythos smiled at her, doing his best to relieve her of any tension she may be feeling. “No, no, please. Don’t apologize on my behalf. I’m up at all odd hours of the evening; you’re hardly interrupting, my Lady.” He returned her bow, the tips of his horns glinting in the light. “I’m certainly glad you’re feeling better. And please, do not think of yourself as a disturbance. You’re a guest.”

“As such, we have prepared things for you.” Tai’chi nodded. “My name is Tai’chi, Sir Khythos’ advisor and long-time friend. It’s a pleasure to meet you.” He dipped his head respectfully. “We’re aware that here in the House of Water, the temperature may not be as comfortable as you like. The room we have prepared for you has been adjusted to meet your needs.”

“If anything else is out of place, do not hesitate to ask us, please.” Khythos sighed, picking at his horn. He had wanted to avoid the dreaded topic at hand until morning but knew it could not be avoided at all. The poor girl was living the fear he was only merely experiencing. She must be terrified and exhausted. “I have your remaining guardians back at the Frost Chambers keeping us updated with any news, good or bad.” He sighed. “I promise we will do everything in our power to fix the Seasons. No matter what it takes.”

He sat down in a chair nearby, folding his hands in front of him. “The Winter Elders… I know seeing them in such a state must be… unfathomable for someone like me, who has only heard the tales.” Khythos glanced at her. “Is there anything you can share with me now that will be helpful as we tackle this?” The last thing he wanted to do, especially this late, was bring back memories she was likely trying to suppress. This won't be easy, he reminded himself. Now or ever.

Tai’chi glanced at the door. “We keep an eye out for Fire spirits, as well as anyone from the Summer season. While we don’t have explicit reason to believe all of the Summer are out to cause harm, we cannot trust them until order is restored. If you see anyone who looks out-of-place, especially as you learn who we are, please inform me immediately.”

RavanyaDemetria   96d ago


Demetria nodded softly to each of them as they explained how things were set up here at the House of Water. When Khythos sat, she joined him, taking her place at the table once more. “I am sure things will be more than welcoming, you are all very kind.” She smiled as she was told of her room. They were very sweet to her, trying to make her feel more comfortable with the given situation. “My family has always been great allies with all Seasons, so it leaves us utterly confused as to why the Fire Spirits would do this, they know we need balance just as much as anyone. There was no warning…. When it came time to start prepping for Winter, the Elders wouldn't wake. We checked everything in the Frost Chambers…. we went through all the magic we knew…. nothing could open the chambers and wake them. We tried to give a Winter with what we had, and…. well, you seen what happened……”

It had been a horrendous Winter, the worst any had ever seen. Temperatures had been mild, plants had become sick, animals that hibernated were agitated and unable to fully commit and caused them to rise in anger and confusion. “My parents stepped up with some others to try and revive Winter, though not as strong as the Elders, it was a better Winter. Tired and strained come Spring, they rested in the Frost Chambers to recoup…. and the same happened…. they couldn't wake…. Now we've not had a proper winter in a few years…. many of my people are in the Chambers, and many are too young and uneducated to help. All that can teach them are in the Chambers, and it leaves us defenseless and weakened. I was born out of season; my parents think it is because I was born of two elements that blended into another. I have been forbidden to join the Frost Chambers, in fear that I, too, will be taken under…… I am unsure of how to fix Winter, but I would give anything to save my people…”

She gave a soft sniffle and looked away to wipe at her face. Her heart ached and her anger rose in her chest like a blizzard, but she knew better than to let her emotions run wild. She was taught better control than that, and she didn't want to come off as a child throwing a tantrum. After composing herself a moment she turned back to the two men. “Not all Fire Spirits are in on this, and in such we supposedly have allies there still that are searching for the ones truly responsible. Until alliance is truly shown, and we know for sure that we can trust those that claim to be on our side, we are being just as watchful of the warmer seasons. Its so upsetting that things have come to this.”

Khythos, Spirit of Water

Khythos internally scolded himself for making Demetria cry – he hadn’t meant to make the situation worse. Still, he offered a small, kind smile. “Please, don’t fret. We’re aware that not all spirits within the Summer season have bad intentions; a lot of them were just as disheartened as we were when they saw the damage that was done. Still, not knowing exactly who is on our side is the problem.”

He frowned. He truly wished he could call upon more allies – the more help, the better – but without knowing who truly an ally was, his list was short. “I know we must continue to discuss our current predicament, but perhaps the conversation can wait until you’ve had a proper rest. You must be exhausted after your travels, and I don’t wish to keep you from your routine.” Khythos then added “More than usual, anyway.”

The sound of the fountain from the grand hallway was a gentle sound as silence filled the room. He began to wonder what his father would do if he were here, then snorted to himself. His father would have likely left the poor girl to her own devices, hoping the problem would solve himself. Wil’kion, the lord of the House of Water and his father, had always been more concerned with himself and his own problems than those of others, or even his own son. His mother, Nadya, had been the opposite; kind and compassionate, always willing to offer a helping hand where she could.

It was a shame that the first awful Winter took her with a terrible illness. Wil'kion had not been around, as usual, leaving Khythos to deal with the fallout on his own. A symbol of the House of Water stood in the gardens outside, symbolizing her burial and honoring her memory. He visited her often, talking to her aloud when no one else could hear him. He didn't dare when his father was home.

He didn't want to hear how he was being too soft.

Shaking his head of the thoughts, he said “If you’re ready, I can have Tai’chi lead you to your chambers. Or if you’re more comfortable with it, I can do it myself.” Khythos rose from his seat, adjusting his robes appropriately. “No rush. Take your time.”

RavanyaDemetria   89d ago


Demetria hadn't meant to lose her composer, but the stress of everything that had occured caused her emotions to take over once more. Her parents warned her that she would one day make a blizzard out of a flurry if she didn't have better control. Khythos tried to soothe her upsets and she offered a small smile in thanks to his words. SO far the House of Water was very helpful and understanding. She hoped that she could properly thank them one day when all this madness was over. He mentioned that they needed to discuss things further, but that the hour was late and he didn't want her usual routine to be further damaged than such plans had already made it out to be. She gave a slightly dismissive wave to his worries.

“Please do not worry. As it stands, since all of this has started, I've not had many nights of real rest. Either worry or nightmares tend to keep one busy at night. I think I only ever get a few naps in as it were anymore.” She tried to smile to show that she was alright, though there were times when her lack of sleep really messed with her, and she ended up ill, or even passing out into a deeper sleep that only had her feeling exhausted when she would wake again later. He offered to have someone escort her to her temporary new home, then offered himself to do so, when she was ready. His actions had her believing that he was just as nervous of all this as she was, and it was comforting to think that someone would understand to a point of how she felt. It was often difficult to put her thoughts and emotions into a form verbally understandable.

“Either is fine with me, I would hate to put you out, but if you would rather escort me yourself, I have no objections. Everyone here so far has been very kind, and I appreciate it, Sir Khythos. I do ask, though, that in caring for me in my stay here, please do not treat me as though I am a fragile doll of ice? The last thing I need right now is to be thought of as breakable….. I need to be strong. For my people. For the Seasons. And for our Peace. Not that I think you all have done so, I merely want to make sure that I am not a cause that your people here….. what is the phrase…. walk on eggshells? I mean not to be a hinderance to the way and flow of life here.” She could tell she was tired, now. She was babbling and rambling again. She sighed mentally and rubbed at her temples softly, hoping she wasn't coming off as such a confused and frightened child as she felt. This was a chance to show and represent Winter and the House of Ice and Snow, and she was losing composure and all but falling over her own words. Not the best first impression to have with an ally that swore to protect her and help her in her mission to save the Seasons. They were going to think her incapable of such feats.

Khythos, Spirit of Water

Khythos frowned. "I understand how troubling a time like this could be; however, rest is important. Adequate rest will help us make important decisions more thoroughly." He offered a slow nod, though he hardly had room to talk. With Wil'kion gone all the time, the House of Water was constantly in his hands. He was always on guard and making decisions; was he really in a position to be telling Demetria that rest was important when it was like the pot calling the kettle black?

It wasn't the time for analogies; he'd ponder it later.

He offered a bow when she mentioned how she would like to be treated. "Of course. If I treated you otherwise before now, I would like to apologize. My intention was never to treat you as fragile." He frowned. Would he mess up like this the entire time she was here? What if his father found out?

Pfft. Khythos internally scoffed at the thought. His father would have to be present to find out anything,

"The least I could do for you after a long day's travel is offer to show you to your quarters your first night." Khythos shook his head very slightly. His internal self-loathing could wait for another time. "When you are ready, my Lady, you may follow me." He rose quietly, sauntering gently over to the large doors of the dining hall. He opened them, propping one open with a nearby door wedge. The waterfall's sounds filled the dining hall more loudly now, the bubbling echoing through the nearly empty chamber.

Khythos turned to the young girl. "I will be waiting just outside, by the fountain. Take your time gathering yourself - I'm not in any hurry." He nodded to Tai'chi, who remained standing by the doors as he guided himself over to the large fountain and sat on the edge. He placed a hand in the water, chuckling as a few of the fish swam over and nibbled gently at his fingers. He wondered silently how it was like to be one of the Koi or the Goldfish - free and thoughtless, swimming endlessly without a care in the world. Lucky, he decided. Incredibly lucky.

RavanyaDemetria   83d ago


Demeria took a moment to try and compose herself still as Khythos apologized for making her feel as if he had treated her wrongly. She tried to smile for him in accepting his apology. He offered to lead her to her chambers when she was ready. He left and left one of the doors open for her as he did so. She could hear the bubbling rumble of the fountain on the other side and it drew her attention. Fountains in Winter were like Ice and Stone statues, they didn't make sounds, nor did they house anything living. When she was ready, she softly followed him out, seeing him sitting at the fountain.

He was sitting on its edge, a finger chasing one of the fish in the water. She wanted to try as well, but she feared freezing the water, and in such harming the fish, so she contented herself to watch. “Things are much different here than back at home. The fountains here are very beautiful. We cannot have any like this, it is too cold. The water freezes, and the fish would not survive. You are very lucky to have something so beautiful here. It sounds very peaceful, to listen to the splashing of the water.” She offered to him with a smile.

She took a step closer, keeping her hands pressed closely to her stomach as she leaned over to watch the graceful fish swim like silk in the water. She had been very careful not to touch anything, let alone anyONE while she was there. She had decent control of her powers, but she had never interacted with anyone outside of Winter before today. This was the first she was seeing outside of books of the warmer side of life. She wasn't sure if she would cause any harm should she somehow lose control of her powers before she reached full maturity, and she didn't want to hurt anyone that was willing to help her recover the peace between Seasons. Especially not Khythos. He had been the first and only response to taking her in and helping to protect her until she fully matured. She still didn't know what they wanted her to do to save the Seasons, she didn't know what the Fire Elements had done to break it, and in such, she feared that she would let everyone down.

Khythos, Spirit of Water

Silently, as he watched Demetria admire the fish, he wondered what the House of Ice and Snow was like. Though the House of Water was quiet, he always had the sea creatures in and outside to keep him company. Did Demetria grow up with a large family? Wild creatures roaming about, bounding endlessly in heaps of snow? Was it cold and empty, like an endless icy wasteland?

He shook his head as she began to speak. There wasn't enough time to dwell on such things. She needed him to stay focused.

Khythos managed a smile as she eyed the Koi again. It was good to hear her talk fondly of her home, even if it was simply of what she had, and wishing she could have some of the House of Water's simple luxuries. “Ice has its beauty, too. However, without water, ice would not exist.” He used simple water magic to create a gentle flow of water around his hand. “Water is an extremely versatile creature, you know. One of the only elements that can occur in three states: solid, liquid, or gas. It's also able to change easily between these three.

“She’s both beautiful and dangerous; watching her is an incredible feat, yet you get too close, and you could get washed away.” His eyes were alight with a lighthearted mischief, thoroughly enjoying the moment. “Water is also incredibly sturdy, as are the creatures that lurks in its depths. You needn’t worry.”

Soon realizing he’d gotten carried away, he released his water magic, the liquid splashing into the fountain below. “Oh, I’m sorry.” His blue-tinged face turned three shades of red and he looked away. “I, uh, got carried away there.” Khythos’ mother always said he had a vivid imagination and brilliant mind.

 His father just said he was annoying,

Standing up and brushing himself off, he turned around and faced the hallway, trying to avoid eye contact. Stupid, he thought. You’re so stupid. Just like father said. “Shall we go?” Here he was, in front of someone he was supposed to be helping, and he was out here making himself look like a poetic fool.


A fool would be the nicest thing she could say.

RavanyaDemetria   77d ago


Demetria looked up from the fish as he began to speak of water and ice. It was rather beautiful how he expressed the softness and the power behind the water. And he was right, without Water, Ice was nothing but a dream. It was one of the most naturally versatile things in their world, and it made the world go around day by day. She smiled as she watched him play with the water, losing himself in his words and she found herself feeling better than when she had first arrived. For a moment, she didn't feel the overwhelming dread that had been baring down on her since her parents went to sleep.

He soon apologized and stood up, flushing softly as he turned his back to her. She didn't want to make him feel embarrassed. He asked if she was ready to be taken to her quarters, and she answered by moving to stand beside him, and taking his arm lightly as if he were her escort. She offered a smile up at him softly. “I rather enjoy the way you speak of water and ice. Not too many seem to see the beauty in such things. I did not wish to make you feel awkward of your words. Not many people talk with me that way.” She looked ahead as he walked her to her new temporary home to be and she found herself nervously rambling about herself, hoping that she didn't sound like a child. She rambled when she was nervous.

“You are very lucky to have such creatures with you. We have some that can live in our lands. The Wolves, Foxes, Hares…. Oh! Riding the Caribou through the fresh fallen snow, or when its a light flurry so its like little fluffy stars falling all around…. it can be magical without any magic. The animals have always been my companions. I was…. born out of season…. and so… I have no siblings or other family besides my parents….. So I bonded ith the animals instead…”

Khythos, Spirit of Water

Khythos continued to avoid eye contact, instead glaring intensely into the koi pond. They continued to swim around mindlessly, as if nothing were wrong in the world. Perhaps to them, nothing was. Fish had responsibility, but nothing like Khythos or the other Spirits had. 

And he’d sounded so childish and stupid. So relentlessly stupid. He was sure that she wouldn’t want to hear from him further.

And yet, when she hooked arms with him and spoke gently to him, saying that his words were beautiful rather than ridiculous, Khythos felt an overwhelming sense of relief. Perhaps Demetria was the type who enjoyed conversations like that. He wouldn’t assume – that would be rude – yet the way she continued to speak of the Caribou and the Winter animals proved that she, too, was a gentle person. He worried for nothing.

Demetria’s touch was gentle. He felt the cool tendrils of ice snake up his arm, yet they were not harmful. Instead they provided a calming feeling, one he hadn’t felt for some time. Khythos watched the nearly non-existent ice vines climb up his arm, stopping where Demetria’s arm lay. He knew the girl would cause him no harm – especially without meaning to – and his control over water would help him with that.

Shaking his head slightly as Demetria finished speaking, he urged her gently toward the stairs and began to walk. “We get a few deer in the Autumn season, but nothing extravagant. Our lands don’t grow the foliage they prefer in the other seasons.” Khythos smiled softly as they topped the staircase, and he led them down a hallway. “We mainly get wetlands creatures; toads and frogs, hippopotamus and the like, but the symphony of sounds we enjoy in the evening is nothing short of stunning. If you happen to catch a moment, you should go out and enjoy a few moments of it. I believe you’d like it.”

Khythos stopped in front of a tall mahogany door. “This is your room, my Lady. If anything is not to your liking, please don’t hesitate to tell me.” He tipped his head toward a similar door down the hallway; this one had a blue knocker on the front. “That room over there is mine. I am available at all times, no matter what. Do not feel like you cannot reach out to me, please.”

RavanyaDemetria   58d ago


He mentioned that their wildlife here wasn't as expansive, as they didn't hold the proper diets for said ecosystems, and she understood that. “Perhaps one day you can come and see my home, and I can show you the animals there.” She offered with a smile. They walked a ways until they reached what was to be her home for the next Gods knew how long. Her stomach still felt tight, but the sooner things were fixed, the better. He offered her help anytime she needed, and she smiled, feeling very grateful for all of his help. She opened the door to her room and took only a step inside. It was all she could manage before stopping to see the room they had prepared for her. They had done the room in colors of whites, pale blues, silvers, slight hints of rose here and there, and it was done in silks and lace, with slight touches of velvet to give depth. She thought she would cry, it was beautiful and reminded her immediately of home.

Since the room couldn't be chilled, they had placed a small fountain on the far side of the room by the changing wardrobe, and the bubbling waters were so soft and peaceful. She didn't realize a couple tears had fallen down her cheeks before she turned back to him smiling brightly. “The room is absolutely beautiful. I do not know how you managed, but it truly reminds me of home. You and yours have been so very kind, and you did not have to be. This is more than I had ever expected to recieve. I wish I knew how to repay you for such kindnesses…….”

She moved to hug him tightly. When she remembered herself, she jumped back and her pale features blushed a deep rose and matched the shades of rose in the room. She bit her lower lip murmuring apologies and how that hadn't been Lady-like of her. She made a promise to him, that should she need anything at all, she would be sure to let him know. She was truly grateful that she wouldn't have to wake up in what would look like unknown territory. Since she couldn't be home with her people and parents, they had brought her home here in a sense and she was blown away.

Khythos, Spirit of Water

Though it only lasted a moment, Khythos was grateful Demetria was able to act like herself. Or at least the way a young girl should act – young, gentle, and carefree. Even embarrassed when caught being  - at least what she may have considered – a bit too much. It meant what he was trying to do was working; that she was at least somewhat comfortable. He knew she would never be completely relaxed – not until she was back home, and the Seasons restored – but anything was a win.

At least, it was to him.

“There are some special ways to make the room cooler for your liking. Again, this is the best we could do, but I am extremely pleased to hear that you approve.” Khythos and Tai’chi had recruited a few others around the House and had done everything they could to prepare an appropriate chamber. Though there was nothing they could do to replicate the cold chambers within the House of Ice and Snow, he was pleased they’d done their best.

When the young girl had mentioned repaying him, he simply shook his head. “I couldn’t ask you to do that. I’m saying this not as your protector, but from one Spirit to the next – the only repayment I need is the restoration of the seasons.” The Water Spirit had a serious expression on his face, though he was still calm. “The continued disorder will do us all more harm than good. We’re doing great with what we have, but…”

 Khythos looked back at her. “…there runs the risk of another too-long Spring and Summer. An Autumn we have to stretch as long as we can to minimize the damage of the warmer Seasons.” He frowned. “And then there’s the smaller – but very real - risk of you having to permanently run the Winter alone. We can’t let that happen.” He closed his eyes. “I’m sorry for being so sullen – please tell me if I upset you."

He felt a fool. He had just praised himself moments ago for being able to bring her out of a sullen state, and here he was, going out of his way to shove truth bombs in her face. Hopefully, Khythos thought. She'll understand what I meant. He really was an idiot, sometimes.

RavanyaDemetria   43d ago


He was glad that they had been able to make her so happy, he had been afraid that it wouldn't be enough. They were all going so far out of their way to make sure that she was happy and comfortable. He said the only repayment was to do the very best she could to fix the seasons. She hoped she could do so, for everyone's sake. He mentioned that Spring and Summer were running too long, and so they tried to stretch Autumn as far as they could. But at this juncture, she was about to have to run all of winter by herself. She stepped close and cupped his face in her hands gently so he would meet her eyes.

“I will do whatever I have to do to make things right. To balance the seasons, and to bring those taken back home….. and I'm thankful to have you and yours behind me on this. I don't feel so alone this way. I truly appreciate it… and you….” She could see warring emotions in his eyes, though she couldn't quite tell what they were. “Something else is bothering you…. if its not too bold to say, you can speak with me, on anything you may need someone to speak to….. its the least I can do for such care in my stay here, until it comes time for me to do what I can….” She would lower her hands from his face to take his hands instead. She never did know when to back off from physical touch, touch was a comforting thing to her, and so she tried to share it with others. Not many she knew were big into being touched like this, and had to constatnly reprimand her on it.

When she realized what she was doing, she dropped his hands, placing hers behind her back. “I…I'm sorry. I know not many are into gestures like that….. I tend to forget sometimes. Please feel free to tell me to stop when I start becoming overbaring and too much in my actions…. I try not to let it take a forefront in my actions, but sometimes I don't catch what I'm doing until I've angered or annoyed someone….” She offered an apologetic smile as she gave an embarrassed look before chewing her lower lip softly, afraid she had gone too far once more.

Khythos, Spirit of Water

            There was a strange comfort in the woman’s touch; her fingertips were frosted, but gently so. Soft tendrils of ice traced down his face, providing a therapeutic comfort. Though he wasn’t often a ‘touchy’ kind of person, Demetria’s gentleness reminded him of the better part of home. It was a kindness he felt he could trust – not something that happened often, or this quickly.

            “I promise, I will let you know if you can assist me in any way.” Khythos’ ice-blue eyes shone in earnest as he offered her a smile. He received her hands gently. “I appreciate that you care.” It wasn’t something he was used to – other than Tai’chi, he was often left to handle himself. He’d gotten used to it at this point, but it didn’t take a genius to tell that he wouldn’t mind being thought about.

            The Water Spirit had to bite back a chuckle as Demetria became flustered, releasing his hands. He remained silent as she rambled her apologies; honestly, he was grateful that she had felt comfortable enough to express herself in such a manner, even if only for a moment. Even now, she was exposing her discomfort in front of him, a raw subject for some.

            Had he managed to finally do something adequately?

            “I do promise that I would let you know.” Khythos nodded her way. “And I also promise that you weren’t being overbearing. It would take a bit more than trying to comfort me to make me angry, I promise you.” His features were gentle as he spoke. “And I don’t think I could find it in me to punish someone for being themselves.” 

            He glanced over to her and shook his head. “I’m sorry, I’m only keeping you awake. I should take my leave. Please forgive me for taking up so much time. Is there anything you need before I go for the evening?” Khythos crossed his arms in front of him, but in such a fashion to keep himself from looking intimidating. 

RavanyaDemetria   27d ago


She bit at her lower lip still as she felt embarrassed for being too much, but once again he was calming her nerves and saying that all was fine. He promised to let her know if there was anything he needed help with, and she nodded softly. He felt it was his turn to apologize for keeping her awake longer than he had meant to. She was tired, but she hadn't wanted to merely chase him from the room when he had been making sure that she was comfortable. She couldn't help smiling with him, and her worries eased. She shook her head softly as he asked if she needed anything else.

“I appreciate everything, I think right now, I really just need sleep….. You've been wonderful, and please do thank everyone on the room for me. It's perfect. I will…. see you…. in the morning?” She said softly and followed him to the door. As they said their final goodnights, she closed the door and turned to her room. Her things had been brought in and already put away for her. Her dressings were in the armoire, her toiletries were in the washroom. Her brushes, combs, and pins were arranged neatly on the vanity. They had truly taken great care in her room. She dressed down for the night, donning one of her nightgowns and placing her robe in the chair next to her bed as she did at home.

Climbing into bed, the sheets were silk, cool to the touch and settled over her softly like winter clouds. She blew out the light on her nightstand and settled into the soft pillows of her large orantely made bed and watched out the window of her room at the stars that peeked in at her. It was here that she let the worry and fear sink into her. She was untrained, and had no idea how to run Winter on her own, but she had been studying and reading the best she could and was more or less skilled at some things. There on her own she let things spill, tears falling silently for her people, for her parents, and for the seasons. For the fear and worry that she wouldn't be enough and would let everyone down. 

It took some time, but she was exhausted, and finally she fell asleep with drying tears on her cheeks.

The next morning she had slept late, waking to the sun in her window showing a late morning or early afternoon, she wasn't sure. She groaned and stretched and looked around the room a moment to get her bearings. Even in the morning sun, the room kept its chill which was nice. After some time of reflection, she took her robe and headed to her washroom, bathing, then back to her room to dress for the day. A simple white gown, braids in her hair wrapped in lace ribbons. Slipping on a simple pair of matching white slippers, she stepped out of her room and looked along the hallway before closing her door behind her and wandering around looking for the kitchen.

Khythos, Spirit of Water

Khythos nodded to Demetria and bowed out, stepping out of the doorway. “In the morning, then.” He bowed to her. “Please, rest as long as you need.” He waited until she closed the door to turn toward his own chambers. Now that he knew Demetria was safe in her quarters, he could attempt to rest before focusing on what she was here for:

Fixing the seasons before it was too late.

The Water Spirit didn’t want to overwhelm the poor girl – knowing that she was the only hope for the Winter Season had to be daunting. The House of Water had been doing all they could to even things out – and he knew she was grateful. But Winter was approaching; Khythos could only stall things for so much longer. Demetria would be in charge soon, and it was his job to prepare her for that time.

 It was inevitable that the time would come someday.

Khythos entered his room, resting immediately upon the bench by the window. The moon was a deep blue, reflecting gentle light off the fountains outside. It would be a long night, he decided. Sleep would not come easy.


He hadn’t remembered falling asleep but woke in an awkward position on the window bench. It wasn’t the first time; Khythos grumbled to himself that it was not a habit as he cracked his back. It was mid-morning, the pale-yellow sun glistening off the lakes surrounding the House of Water. He was awake now. Might as well attempt to function.

Khythos grimaced as he looked at himself, realizing he hadn’t even changed out of his daytime clothing. Jumping to his feet, he grabbed a new set of clothes and went out to wash up. He came out of his dressing room in a simple navy-blue gi, a black cloak, and simple black slip-ons. I need to stop falling asleep at the bench. He thought, his back popping a strange way. I’ll learn one day

The Water Spirit made his way down to the main hall, doing his best to be quiet. He wasn’t sure if Demetria was still asleep but was not willing to wake her up. Khythos didn’t hear anything beyond the door as he walked by but didn’t spend a lot of time listening, instead passing by quickly and quietly. He made it to the dining hall without incident, where he was met with silence.

 Khythos was the first one awake, then.

 He sauntered into the kitchen; not even the chefs had arrived yet. Maybe he could make something simple for himself and his guest. No offence to his chefs; they were extremely talented, but he didn’t want to overwhelm Demetria with cuisine she was unfamiliar with all at once. It would happen, but perhaps the morning after her arrival wouldn’t be the best timing.

It had been a while since Khythos had actually cooked anything, but it wouldn’t be that hard. He knew a few simple breakfast recipes, and they had most everything on hand that they’d need.

Oh, and no peppers. Absolutely no peppers.

RavanyaDemetria   18d ago


Of course, she would go and get herself lost her first morning in. She thought she remembered the way to the dining hall from the night before, and surely the kitchen wouldn't be far from that, right? And yet, she was found wandering by a guard passing through. He had offered her help, and she embarrassingly asked for a way to the kitchen. He seemed surprised and explained to her that she was near the back of the building, the kitchen was off the east wing of their home. At least she had managed to get to the ground floor and not find herself in the basement halls. She thanked him and followed his directions, too embarrassed to let the man escort her to the kitchen, though she had thanked him, giving the excuse of she would have to learn since this would be her home for a while.

Sadly, she wasn't doing very well. She didn't manage to find the kitchen until she could start to smell someone cooking. Her stomach griped at her for taking so long and she mentally cursed at her stomach. Thankfully, though, she was able to follow the smells until she finally found the kitchen. Walking in, she took a deep breath of what was being made. It wasn't overpowering, and she only heard one person, at least she thought she did. Looking along the larger kitchen she spied the single cook from behind. She didn't want to startle them, and she didn't want to just barge in. She cried clearing her throat to get his attention politely, but that didn't seem to work.

She stepped a little closer, and that was when she noted that the cook was Khythos. She blinked surprised and stepped closer to see what he was making, momentarily forgetting that he didn't know she was there. She was alright light in her steps, and the slippers her people made only accentuated that. She could walk through snow and never would one hear the snow crunch beneath her feet, despite the footprints. Whatever he was making was something simpler bound than the meal she had the late night before. She also noted a handwritten note on the main wall that claimed her allergy to peppers. The gesture touched her, something so simple to make sure that her allergy was taken seriously. They truly were doing all they could to make sure that she felt comfortable here.

Touched by the note, and the room, and the welcome she had been given despite arriving well past dark, she felt her heart squeezing and her eyes brimmed softly with tears. It wasn't that she wasn't treated well back home, she was, but more so at her home she had become the “Savior” and “Hero” to her people and so she always felt the pressure of what she was going to have to do. Here, she still had responsibilities that she had to see to, but she didn't feel the weight of everyone counting on her, even though they were. They didn't suffocate her with it. They treated her as a person, and not just a power.


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