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By Ravanya
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NOTHING brings people together like a good party. In the Victorian Ages Masquerades and Costume Balls were the most sought-after parties and soirees to look forward to. The thrill of meeting up with anyone under the mask, and a chance to be risky and not get caught. That was exactly the thoughts of two thieves. Unknown to one another, yet they each had the same idea. Wearing their masks, they would attend all the Noble Balls and parties, they would be the most charming and coy, yet playful and mysterious, and then when no one was looking, they would steal away from sight and loot what they could from the home in terms of money, jewels, and other valuables that they could sneak out.


HE was ever simply known as Sir Prize. A devilishly handsome man, hidden behind his mask. Making every Lady swoon over him at the mere flash of a smile. He would make them feel like the most beautiful woman that ever lived, and before they knew it, their hearts and their jewels were stolen away into the night, never to be seen again.


SHE was a dark-haired beauty, pale skin, and eyes like Emeralds. She only gave the name Miss Fortune. She could draw the eyes of any man, with her hourglass figure cinched in a sweetheart corset that gave a daring view of her assets without breaking any modesty rules. She could draw a man to blush, smile and bat her eyes until he thought his heart would give out, and he would try to claim her as his own. Then all at once, she and his valuables would be gone, like a Midnight Mirage.


WHAT would happen, should these two thieves meet at the same party? Would they get each other caught? Try to steal from the other? Or would they fall under one another's mysterious spell? Only Fate can tell...…

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RavanyaJhazala Leilani   70d ago

Jhazala Leilani

“Milady, the carriage is ready and pulled to its usual spot.” Hauptman called from outside her bedroom door while she put the finishing touches to her attire for the evening. The Duchess Witershins and her husband were having a grand ball to celebrate their newly remodeled garden. Near anyone who was anyone would be there. And of course, Miss Fortune just had to make an appearance. Bright Jade eyes looked into the mirror from behind a deep Raven colored mask, a mix of deep blues, black, and purples. Even adorned with Raven feathers for flare. The colors matched that of her silken brocade ballgown. Black base, and brocade was a stencil of feathers down the skirts in the same blues and purples, just enough that when she moved, they would ripple along the skirts in the light, almost looking ethereal. Charcoal liner around the eyes with a smoky fade to her makeup, her lips a matching green to her eyes. Not much worn except around All Hallow's Eve in these parts.  Her corseted bodice was a silk bace, and embroidered with a lace design to match the skirt, and lace elbow gloves.

Midnight curls were piled up to drape from the crown of her head and down her back like a whimsical waterfall of darkness. Teardrop earrings adorned in silver, onyx, and Emeralds swung from her ears, with a matching Festoon necklace of the same materials. A few Jade hairpins to help keep her curls in place, and slipping on her black heeled slippers, she was ready. She would step from her room as she grabbed her clutch and smiled at the elderly man before her. “Going to be a grand night, Hauptman.” She smirked to the man. He had never approved of her antics; thought she should have remained how the world seen her.

To the outside world, she was Lady Jhazala Leilani, the most recent addition to the courts, having only just reached the proper age to start courting. She inherited her family's estate and wealth when they passed away. First her mother in illness when she was seven. And her father in a horrible carriage accident where the horses became spooked by a large snake in the woods when she was twelve. Because she was not yet of age for the courts, she was to keep hidden away until she was eligible as was proper. In a sense, she had, and in another sense, she had ventured out to see the city here and there, and wore a mask to conceal her in case she was caught. She had been and had been mistaken for a highwaywoman. She played along and found that she had liked the thrill of it. After a time, she had her look, her name, and her plans all figured out, and she only got better with age. Hauptman had found out soon, and tried to talk her out of it, having seen this woman grow since she was but a baby. When she refused to listen, he decided that he would at least help to keep her from getting thrown into jail.

Lady Jhazala was timid and shy, and very proper. Miss Fortune was risqué and unafraid of taking what she wanted. Lady by day, and tempting Highwaywoman by night. Lady Jhazala traveled in a white and silver ornately designed carriage with four white Arabian horses pulling the way. Miss Fortune had a deep black and silver carriage, squarer in its shape, with thick curtains in the windows, and six black Friesian horses to pull her for fast getaways that are lost in the night. No one had caught her yet. But lately there was a competition in the city. Some Highwayman named Sir Prize. She had yet to run into the man, but she knew as the parties became more and more important in the guest list, it was a matter of time before they would meet.

Following Hauptman out and to the carriage's hiding place, she was smiling nearly ear to ear. She made it a point to always arrive at the busiest time of guest arrival, so that she wasn't singled out until it was too late. Tonight she was after a special Emerald set that the Duchess herself would be wearing. But before she made the big haul, she would tease and take amongst its guests.


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