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Colorful Approach


Lux Xiloscient

Half Elf


Job: Biblioplex Book Clerk

Club: Strixhaven Star [Rising Dawn]

Disquished Society of Fine Arts


Relationship points

-3 to +3

Caldoris: +1 Inching to +2

+1 scene for Caldoris complete


Drazhomir Yarnask: +1

Sakomoto Sato: +1

+1 Scene Complete Sakomoto

Grayson Wildere: +1

(+1 Scene Ready Complete)

Mina Lee: +1 inching to +2

(+1 Scene Complete Mina Lee)


Mary Ann Wu: Inching to +1

Louis: Inching to +1 Rival

Arthur: +1

+1 scene complete






Kirai Akarui

Astral Elf


Job: Performing Arts Society [Rising Dawn]

Club: Playactors Drama Guild

Show Band Association


Quentin: +1

Ethan: +3

Scene for +2 complete Ethan Complete

Rubin Larkingdale: +1 

+1 Scene Ready

Aurora Luna Wyntarstar: +1

+1 Scene Ready


Larene Arneza: +1

Himari: +1

+1 scene complete

Emilia Redcrest:


+1 Scene Emilia Complete

Reaper +1

Arthur: +1

(+1 scene complete)

Grayson Wildmere: +1 Rival point


Vampiric Descendant





Job: Biblioplex Book Clerk

Club: Dragonsguard Historical Society




Drazhomir Yarnask: Inching to +1

Rampart Bhedan: +1

Ethan: +1

Himari: +1

Evan: +1

Evan's +1 scene complete

Drazhomir: +1 Inching to +2

Quitten: +1

Louis: +2

Louis +1 scene complete

+2 Scene Ready


Sakomoto: +2

+1 Scene Complete

Arthur: +1

+1 Scene Ready


+1 Friendship (But may inch to +1 rival)

+1 Scene Ready


 Sakomoto Sato

Clubs: Strixhaven Star,Chess Club

Job: Detective 


Arthur Chevalier


Clubs: Roleplaying Guild, Weight Lifting Club

Job: N/A

Percival Chevalier [Percy]

Half Elf


Job: Firejolt Cafe

Club: Live Action Roleplaying Guild, Weight Lifting Club


Arthur: +1 or +2 (Haven't decided)


Gretta: +2

(+1 Complete)

Jarvis Claw: +1


Rosie: +1 


Mina Lee: +1


Emilia: +1


Himari: +1

Evan: +1

+1 scene complete

Reaper: +1

Ethan: +1



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Fellow Students


Aurora Luna Wynterstarrp51[–]

Neutral Dhampir First Year (Witherbloom)

Before arriving at Strixhaven, Aurora changed her name and appearance to that of her on-stage persona: Aurora Luna Wynterstarr, the brilliant singer and songwriter. Aurora was born a dhampir (a partial vampire), which she's taken as a cosmic sign that she is meant for greatness.

An accomplished musician on several instruments, Aurora is often found at Bow's End Tavern performing beautiful dirges on the hurdy-gurdy for the assembled patrons. Aurora is also a member of the Strixhaven Show Band Association, though she believes the music they play lacks the raw emotion of her original compositions.

She works as a groundskeeper at the Strixhaven Stadium, where she takes great pleasure in using magic to blight undesirable vegetation on the field.


Extracurriculars: Strixhaven Show Band Association

Job: Strixhaven Stadium groundskeeper

Bond Boon: Out of respect for Aurora, fellow campus musicians will cover your expenses for one night per week at places where live music is common.

Bond Bane: When there's live music on campus, the lyrics always include rude sentiments directed toward you.

Bhedum "Rampart" Sooviijp51[–]

Lawful Neutral Loxodon First Year (Lorehold)

Since their name is difficult to pronounce without a trunk, Bhedum has taken to referring to themself as "Rampart," the closest translation of their name in Common. They are often found poring over ancient texts detailing battles, seeking to better understand the tactical decisions that result in victory and defeat. Rampart is happy to discuss their knowledge with fellow members of the Dragonsguard Historical Society, often doing so late into the night.

Rampart's opponents at the Dragonchess Club find themselves outmatched time and again by the loxodon's technique, though Rampart is a gracious winner. They attend all their classes clad in gilded, centuries-old plate armor, with an immense and similarly decorated sword strapped to their back. Rampart explains that doing so better simulates the battlefield conditions they study.


Extracurriculars: Dragonchess Club, Dragonsguard Historical Society

Job: None

Bond Boon: Rampart's commanding presence rubs off, and when you're trying to avoid campus security, your fellow students always help you lie low.

Bond Bane: Library books you need inexplicably go missing at key times, especially those about history. As a result, you can't pull all-nighters.

Cadoras Damellawarp52[–]

Chaotic Good Elf First Year (Quandrix)

Cadoras is a jolly soul, and anyone who spends time with him ends up chuckling at whatever nonsense he is currently sporting. He is a passionate member of the Live-Action Roleplaying Guild and loves playing out all sorts of fantastical adventures. He always roleplays archers, entirely because he's recently spent a lot of money on a prop-bow and can't afford anything else. He is also a member of the university's Distinguished Society of Fine Artists, where he uses magic to sculpt beautiful statuary of complex fractal patterns. The fact that he is self-taught makes the quality of his work that much more impressive.

Cadoras does have some strange eating habits; he sometimes eats an entire jar of pickled onions in a single sitting and then drinks the vinegar.


Extracurriculars: Distinguished Society of Fine Artists, Live-Action Roleplaying Guild

Job: None

Bond Boon: The esteem for Cadoras in live-action roleplaying circles extends to you. Guild members will share any information you wish to know about Aberrations, Monstrosities, and Oozes.

Bond Bane: You are a pariah in the campus roleplaying scene. The worst monsters are named after you.

Drazhomir Yarnaskp52[–]

Neutral Good Minotaur Second Year (Quandrix)

Drazhomir is so soft-spoken that many of his peers must ask him to speak up to be understood. He is over seven feet tall, yet he continuously stoops, as if trying to occupy as little space as possible. Several activities and clubs that involve feats of strength and size continuously try to recruit him—to no avail. Drazhomir prefers spending his time in the Biblioplex, where he works as a book clerk, assisting students in finding required texts and shelving returns. He moves silently through the stacks, and he has given more than one student a scare when they've turned around to suddenly find him there.

Drazhomir's greatest love is poetry. As a member of the university's Dead Languages Society, he scours ancient literature for stirring poems written in old tongues, reading them to the rest of the group in a soft, resonant voice that comes directly from his soul.


Extracurriculars: Dead Languages Society

Job: Biblioplex book clerk

Bond Boon: Drazhomir writes you poetry, and the smile it puts on your face makes you likable to everyone on campus except the most stone-hearted.

Bond Bane: Other students who work in the Biblioplex refuse to help you find any of the tomes you seek. Even the reference librarians are more cryptic.

Grayson Wildemerep53[–]

Neutral Human First Year (Silverquill)

Grayson comes from an old, moneyed, and influential family. To him, studying at Strixhaven is a means to an end. Learning business acumen is just as important to Grayson as his classes, so he has joined the Future Entrepreneurs of Strixhaven. Grayson makes a point to know as much about everyone as possible, gathering information until he finds the best circumstance to use it. Having learned to pick locks, he often accesses places where he's unauthorized, searching for secrets.

Grayson has become a writer for the Strixhaven Star, where he's responsible for the gossip column. His writing style is biting, and he uses this platform to expose bullies and mock ignorance. Many of his peers are leery of him, but some have witnessed him paying for poorer students' books and other supplies—a fact he tries to keep secret.


Extracurriculars: Future Entrepreneurs of Strixhaven, Strixhaven Star

Job: None

Bond Boon: Whenever you want to buy something on campus, a few words from Grayson get you deals. There's a 25 percent chance your purchase costs half as much.

Bond Bane: Gossip columns proclaim exaggerated versions of your worst traits.

Greta Gorunnp53[–]

Chaotic Good Dwarf First Year (Lorehold)

Greta is often heard long before she is seen, as her raucous laughter echoes through the university's halls. Enjoying a reputation as a golden-hearted troublemaker, Greta hates studying and grumbles about it at length. This has led to numerous warnings from the librarians for unnecessarily loud behavior, much to Greta's amusement.

A fervent member of the Strixhaven Iron-Lifters Society, she has already started to break long-held records in both powerlifting and weightlifting. When not training or competing (or occasionally studying), Greta spends her time in Bow's End Tavern carousing. As beer isn't free, she helps out at Strixhaven Stadium, setting up and putting away heavy equipment. Most people would begrudge the hard labor, but Greta happily does it, reasoning that she is being paid to work out.

Greta makes a point to write regularly to her older brother, Grog, whom she misses terribly.


Extracurriculars: Strixhaven Iron-Lifters Society

Job: Strixhaven Stadium equipment assistant

Bond Boon: Whenever you need anything heavy moved, members of the Iron-Lifters Society show up to help you.

Bond Bane: Heavy things show up in inconvenient places, such as in front of your dorm door.

Javenesh Stoutclawp54[–]

Neutral Good Owlin Second Year (Lorehold)

Javenesh is an imposing and powerfully built owlin who looks permanently scruffy despite his best efforts. Contributing to his dishevelment are tufts of juvenile plumage that refuse to smooth down, a handful of scars whose origin he's not sure of, and at least one hole in whatever clothing he's wearing.

Contrary to what people initially assume, Javenesh is a friendly sort. To make ends meet, he works at Bow's End Tavern, managing servers and keeping the peace, relying on his rough appearance to dissuade those intent on making trouble. When not attending classes, Javenesh is an intimidating presence at the Intramural Silkball Club, where few people want to see him barreling toward them. He wishes more people would take the effort to get to know him, rather than be put off by his size and rough exterior.


Extracurriculars: Intramural Silkball Club

Job: Bow's End Tavern assistant manager

Bond Boon: Javenesh's reputation as a tough guy follows you. If peers would be aggressive toward you, they quickly back down.

Bond Bane: The servers at Bow's End Tavern know you are no friend to Javenesh. At the slightest sign of trouble, they blame you and ask you to leave.

Larine Arnezap54[–]

Neutral Good Human First Year (Quandrix)

Some think Larine is aloof to the point of being rude, but her friends say that nothing is further from the truth. She is a delightful presence and doesn't ignore social obligations so much as get distracted easily. Larine is a member of the Intramural Water-Dancing Club, where she performs underwater balletic movements effortlessly. Despite her swimming ability, her tendency to lose focus means learning group choreography takes her more time and effort. Larine has a natural affinity with animals, especially aquatic species, and she's working on a solo synchronized swimming routine that replaces the other students with a shoal of fish. Rehearsals aren't going well. As an employee of the Strixhaven Performing Arts Society, Larine is a ticket taker, a job she's recently switched to as a result of struggling to give correct change while working at the box office.


Extracurriculars: Intramural Water-Dancing Club

Job: Strixhaven Performing Arts Society ticket taker

Bond Boon: Larine is an expert at creating stylized distractions. If you want to slip away unnoticed from anywhere on campus, Larine or her club members help you escape.

Bond Bane: You are offered the worst tickets to performances, if any at all.


Neutral Good Dryad First Year (Witherbloom)

Towering over most students, Melwythorne strikes an imposing figure, especially given the branches that grow from his head like antlers. Calm in demeanor, he's often confused by the people rushing around him, as their haste won't lengthen their brief lifespans. Melwythorne had never been away from his grove before coming to Strixhaven and has found the transition to university life difficult. However, since he joined the Intramural Silkball Club, this close-knit surrogate family has helped him deal with his homesickness.

He is also a member of the Student-Mages of Faith. He enjoys helping his fellow students celebrate their high holidays and discussing theology and spirituality. For him, the natural world and all living beings form a vast consciousness across all planes of existence, transcending the power and reach of any one deity.


Extracurriculars: Intramural Silkball Club, Student-Mages of Faith

Job: None

Bond Boon: Melwythorne's spirituality centers you. You can calm even the most frazzled of your peers and, if necessary, extract information as needed.

Bond Bane: Members of the silkball club and the Student-Mages of Faith refuse to acknowledge your presence.

Mina Leep55[–]

Lawful Good Human Second Year (Silverquill)

Mina's greatest love is the use of language; she adores how subtle differences in intonation and vocabulary can shape one's perception of reality. Her fascination with language extends to spells and verbal components. After graduation, she plans to conduct research on the variance of language in spells and how one might tweak verbal components that the greater magical community considers immutable.

Mina's love of language and nuance has led her to join the Strixhaven Star as an investigative journalist. Here, she reveals truth, corrects misconceptions, and combats injustice. She has also taken a job as a server at Firejolt Café, which not only provides some cash but also puts her in a position to overhear snippets of conversation that might provide leads for her journalistic investigations.


Extracurriculars: Strixhaven Star

Job: Firejolt Café server

Bond Boon: Mina loves sharing her vast repository of knowledge with you. If you seek obscure information that's not secret, Mina researches it and reports her findings within a week.

Bond Bane: Firejolt Café never has the ingredients in stock for the beverages you initially order, even if it's a common drink.

Nora Ann Wup56[–]

Neutral Good Human Second Year (Prismari)

Rarely without a smile on her face, Nora is a kind person who is generous with her time and attention. This has led her to gain employment within the university's dormitories, where she acts as a resident assistant. Nora offers confidential support to any student and is especially passionate about counseling other transgender students. She thoughtfully handles concerns ranging from students' homesickness to matters that require her to act as an advocate for another student.

Nora is a passionate member of the Distinguished Society of Fine Artists. As such, she spends hours on the potter's wheel throwing clay. Despite her enthusiasm, her technical skill is lacking. Her tutors, in attempts to be encouraging, often describe Nora's work as rustic or naive. Undeterred, Nora continues to produce terrible mug after terrible mug, which she gives as gifts to her friends.


Extracurriculars: Distinguished Society of Fine Artists

Job: Dormitories resident assistant

Bond Boon: The faculty's respect for Nora extends to you. You can expect straightforward answers when you ask a faculty member for basic information.

Bond Bane: Few faculty care to help you with basic requests.

Quentillius Antiphiun Melentor IIIp56[–]

Neutral Human First Year (Prismari)

Quentillius approaches all his endeavors with the utmost seriousness. He believes one should either do something correctly or not at all. Quentillius is a member of the university's Playactors Drama Guild, where his dedication to what he calls "the craft" is absolute. He looks down on other actors who are slow to memorize lines or who miss cues. Backstage crew members fare better, as Quentillius regards them as crucial and often brings them and the director flowers or notes of thanks. While Quentillius is a powerful presence on stage—especially in romantic roles—critics have called his performances histrionic. To better perform his future roles in ancient plays, Quentillius has joined the Dead Languages Society. He plans to perform his roles in the plays' original languages, regardless of whether the rest of the production is translated.


Extracurriculars: Dead Languages Society, Playactors Drama Guild

Job: None

Bond Boon: You have adopted Quentillius's authoritative voice, and in dire situations, your peers obey you when you issue commands.

Bond Bane: Whenever you perform as part of a production, a small crowd shows up and boos you specifically.

Rosimyffenbip "Rosie" Wuzfeddlimsp57[–]

Chaotic Good Gnome First Year (Lorehold)

Excitable and impish, Rosimyffenbip is proud of her name; she insists you can call her "Rosie" only if you are her friend. Or a teacher. Or a student. Or any other member of the university staff. Rosie speaks quickly and with so much energy that it often takes a moment to recover from a conversation with her. She moves far faster than one would expect; it's unclear whether this is due to magic, a gnomish technological contraption, or just the laws of physics bending to Rosie's force of personality.

Rosie referees silkball and takes fair play very seriously. Woe betide any participant who feels the wrath of her whistle. Rosie is also an enthusiastic participant in Strixhaven's Live-Action Roleplaying Guild. She insists on roleplaying only "monsters" and delights in chasing down participants to "eat" them. Many a participant has heard giggling approaching them at high speed before their character's death.


Extracurriculars: Live-Action Roleplaying Guild

Job: Intramural Fields referee

Bond Boon: Rosie's energy is contagious. Whenever you travel any significant distance, you can reach your destination in half the normal time.

Bond Bane: Whenever you participate in sports on campus (except for big events, such as the Battle of Strixhaven), fouls are constantly called on you.

Rubina Larkingdalep57[–]

Lawful Neutral Human First Year (Silverquill)

When Rubina walks into a room, people take notice. A measured performer with gravitas beyond her years, Rubina is a valued member of the Playactors Drama Guild who can handle weightier roles that more melodramatic actors can't. This has caused friction within the guild as members vie for parts. Rubina's stage presence extends to delivering presentations in class. When she orates, one can almost imagine a hardened general marshaling her bloodied and exhausted troops for a final push against a far superior foe.

Rubina is part of the Strixhaven Show Band Association and has moved from playing to conducting. No previous student conductor has demanded and received such unwavering respect as Rubina. With merely a look and a raised eyebrow, she can quiet even the most raucous orchestra sections.


Extracurriculars: Playactors Drama Guild, Strixhaven Show Band Association

Job: None

Bond Boon: Rubina's gravitas has rubbed off, and you can easily command an entire room's attention. They hear your words favorably if you wish.

Bond Bane: Whenever any band performs in public, its members stop and shake their heads in disapproval when they see you.

Shuvadri Glintmantlep58[–]

Lawful Good Owlin First Year (Silverquill)

Her peers are often surprised when they learn Shuvadri is interested in joining Silverquill College, since its members sometimes earn a reputation as abrasive. Shuvadri, on the other hand, exhibits an air of absolute serenity. Anything that might frustrate or delight another student, whether it's a poor test score or success at a competition, elicits little outward response from Shuvadri. A deep thinker, Shuvadri is rarely surprised by such an outcome, and she enjoys being a centering presence for her peers.

Also a member of the Student-Mages of Faith, Shuvadri is happy to talk about her appreciation of deities who are devoted to service and community. Many of her peers think she is destined to hold high rank in a temple.

Shuvadri works on the campus grounds to erase graffiti, wearing a content smile on her face.


Extracurriculars: Student-Mages of Faith

Job: Campus Grounds graffiti eraser

Bond Boon: If you quickly need the help of your peers, they drop everything to assist you as a favor to Shuvadri.

Bond Bane: Graffiti making rude allusions to you keeps appearing on campus, and it takes days to get cleaned.

Tilana Kapulep58[–]

Neutral Good Human First Year (Quandrix)

Tilana's poised demeanor and steady gaze are remarkable. An excellent judge of character, she doesn't associate with those she deems mean-spirited. Her exacting judgment has led her to join the Dragonchess Club, and while she is still honing her skill at the game itself, she compensates by reading her opponent instead of the board. Many a foe has struggled to sit in silence as she gives them her full attention, probing for weaknesses, the pieces seemingly incidental.

Surprising to some, Tilana has also joined the Intramural Silkball Club. During matches, she focuses on trying to understand and preempt the opposing sides' strategies. More than once she has suggested new plays mid-game that have caught the opposing team off guard. The faculty at Strixhaven are convinced that, if she wished, one day Tilana would make an excellent professor.


Extracurriculars: Dragonchess Club, Intramural Silkball Club

Job: None

Bond Boon: Tilana loves helping analyze problems. When you go to her for advice, she suggests a helpful solution that you hadn't considered.

Bond Bane: The faculty don't trust you or help you much, for rumor has it that Tilana has found you wanting.

Urzmaktok Grojshp59[–]

Neutral Orc Second Year (Witherbloom)

First to class, last to leave, and always asking for additional homework, Urzmaktok is a meticulous student. Despite his consistently high marks, Urzmaktok makes no attempt to show off, although his studies seem rudimentary to him. Rumor has it that he is completing enough credits to earn multiple degrees when he graduates.

Urzmaktok works for the Campus Magic Labs as a specimen preparer. This additional access to the labs also allows him to run his personal experiments in peace. Unsurprisingly, he is also a member of the Fantastical Horticulture Club. There, he looks to develop new species of plants that might yield new ingredients for potions.

Urzmaktok makes it clear he wants everyone to use his full first name. Should anyone use a nickname, he won't acknowledge the address.


Extracurriculars: Fantastical Horticulture Club

Job: Campus Magic Labs specimen preparer

Bond Boon: No matter the subject, you can always find a partner to study with, whether it's Urzmaktok or a classmate doing him a favor.

Bond Bane: No one on campus who isn't another player character will study with you. If you ask, most shrug decline, saying you'll probably fail.

Zanther Bowenp59[–]

Chaotic Good Fire Genasi First Year (Prismari)

One of the most popular students on campus, Zanther is a member of the Mage Tower Cheer Squad, and his exceptional athleticism has earned him the position as the squad's primary flyer. As such, Zanther is launched into the air in elaborate cheering routines, much to the crowd's delight.

Zanther has also joined the Intramural Gymnastics Club. Here he completes at rhythmic gymnastics in both ribbon as well as hoop. To further test himself and impress the judges, Zanther conducts his routines to a vast array of different musical styles and arrangements. When traveling around campus between classes, he shouts random affirmations of school spirit to everyone at large. Despite his peppy nature, Zanther is genuinely encouraging and in no way acts superior. If anything, he seems somewhat oblivious to his own popularity at Strixhaven.


Extracurriculars: Intramural Gymnastics Club, Mage Tower Cheer Squad

Job: None

Bond Boon: You enjoy a high social rank as a result of your association with Zanther. Most of your peers fall all over themselves to do you favors.

Bond Bane: No one on campus invites you to parties or events, although your friends receive invitations.

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Fellow Students Custom

Himari: Dragonsguard,Roleplaying Guild


Louis: Dragonsguard,Dragon Chess


Ethan Walker: Band/Drama actor


Evan Walker: DragonsGuard/Weight lifting


Emilia Redcrest

Play Actor Drama Guild/Roleplaying Guild



Play Actor Drama Guild,Roleplaying Guild



Strixhaven Star

Chess Club


Roleplaying guild

Weight lifting


Jarvis Starkwing
(Javenish Stoutclaw disguise and added on weight lifting club)



Other Backstories

Salem was born to Virgil Hawthorne. A sweet vampire. Not many knew him to be a vampire though. He hid it from the world and even hid it from Salem’s mother. Virgil was a good man. The woman that ended up having Salem found out what Virgil was and held no love for her child. She ran away from the house leaving Salem behind. Salem grew up with a loving father who treated him well and taught him how to be a dhampir. Somehow the Belmonts got news of what Virgil was and they attacked the manor.

Virgil fought against them to protect the only thing precious to him. His son. As he lay dying he begged them to not harm his son… It was then they realized that the information about the vampire had been wrong. He was benevolent.


Salem was left his father’s manor and money. Salem has no hatred towards any of the Belmonts.

Salem use to be a rather happy boy. He has become quite secluded now. He hasn't drank blood for awhile.


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